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  1. "I'll volunteer to go with Amber. I'll protect her in the event her pheromones don't work." She nodded to the other nova.
  2. "Okay, Dragonstorm." Magnum Opus tugged her cape into place, having recently changed into her newer-looking eufiber suit. "I'll follow your lead. Where to first?"
  3. "I hope so too! So far everyone here seems pretty all right." MO returned the smile. "So if these alligators are still alligators, then they need external sources of heat to regulate their body temperature, and a brief burst of winter might put them down for the count without killing them. Assuming they didn't acquire internal heat regulating metabolisms with the super-whatever they've been hit with, but: worth a shot."
  4. "Hopefully we can get her around to our way of thinking without doxxing or blackmailing her. It wasn't fun when it happened to me." MO nodded to Beth. "Okay, Beth. Obviously: if it's people or critters, I'll pick people. This won't be a problem."
  5. Magnum Opus was filling up a notepad with notes as the meeting progressed. She was dressed casually (for her) in the red, black and white sweats and belt that she had habitually worn until recently. "Hopefully they won't attack us unless we provoke them somehow. A lot of animals won't. If that's not an option..." She shrugged. "Well, I don't like dumping a few hundred pounds of bricks on anyone or anything, but at least it'll slow them down if our powers don't have a direct effect. That leaves the Witchqueen, and - well, hopefully we can reason with her. Maybe there's something provoking them all that we haven't figured out yet. I'm sure there's got to be some way to stop these attacks that doesn't have us wiping out an entirely new form of life."
  6. Personal Information: Birth Name: Daniel Winters (no longer in use) Current Name: Danielle Winters Nova Handle: Magnum Opus Occupation: Activist and folk hero Legal Status: Canadian citizen, one notable minor arrest Marital Status: Single Known Relatives: Paul Winters (father,) Michelle Winters (mother.) Eruption: March 11th, 2014 Physical Traits: Height: 6 ft, 1 inch Weight: 175 lbs D.O.B: July 28th, 1993 Gender: Female Ethnic Background: Caucasian Eye Color: Green Hair Color: White Handedness: Right What is Known... ... At A Glance: Danielle is a very notably attractive woman, standing over six feet and with a well-built figure. Until recently she was typically found in casual-wear in her signature red, white and black colors, but recently - after acquiring a eufiber costume - she seems to have shifted to a more traditional superheroic outfit. She carries herself with restraint and care, as if mindful of the power at her command. Despite this restraint, she's very pleasant to talk to, always ready to shake a hand or give a hug and a reassuring smile. ... With Some Research: Danielle Winters erupted last year in between the stress of exams, realizing she was a transgender woman, and - the final straw - seeing her friends attacked with pepper spray and tasers at a rally demanding justice for a woman shot in the street. There is notable footage on the Internet with her at the rally, grabbing tear gas canisters out of the air, shattering batons in her fingers, deflating the tires of police vehicles and shrugging off multiple taser darts without a pause in her step. Less noted is when she willingly gave herself up to the authorities after the rallies dragged on for several days and the police escalated their presense, to the point of making noise about calling in a mercenary nova to take the activist down. The condition of her arrest, agreed upon by her and the chief of police, was that she be the only one to be arrested, and so she wound up an impromptu negotiator from her cell, eventually persuading the chief of police that there needed to at least be some sort of indictment of the officer who did the shooting. During this time, details of her life came out and she was outted as the first transgender nova, circumstances she described as "not exactly how I wanted to come out to my parents." The charges against her were eventually dropped, and Danielle became something of a populist hero, showing up at rallies to defend protestors, diving headlong into disaster areas and Surge Zones to rescue people, and slugging it out with the occasional monster or recalitrant nova. In one of the question-and-answer sessions she fielded on YouTube, she described the new post-transition her as "trying, and sometimes succeeding, at being the best individual I can make myself. Making myself anew into the best thing I'll ever create; my very own magnum opus." The name stuck. Recently, Magnum Opus - resistant to joining any one large organization - has surprisingly given thought to joining NovaStorm. The events last month in Tokyo may have had something to do with it. ... To Her Closest Friends: In addition to being "out," Danielle has a third active identity as Zoe Larke, an everyday woman who works as a social worker, helping prepare people for legal counsel and helping people navigate bureacratic institutions. She keeps this identity to have a place where she can be the normal, everyday woman she never got a chance to be. Powers and Abilities: In many ways, a true rennaisance woman, excelling in no clear area but not decifient in many areas either. Magnum Opus has been clocked at easily lifting 25 tons and at times lifting far more than that. She's built things in minutes that would take others hours, survived ascending into low Earth orbit, and has enhanced visual senses. She is able to fly at approximately 500 KPH and has shrugged off attacks ranging from an assault rifle to an antitank grenade. She is also naturally empathic, able to sense what is troubling people and help them find emotional equilibrium. Unknown to all but a few, Danielle can make herself look like a normal, non-superhuman individual with little to no resemblance to either her pre-transition self or with the way she looks to most everyone. OOC Name: Danielle Winters Alias: Magnum Opus Other Aliases: Daniel Winters, Zoe Larke Nature: Caregiver Allegiance: NovaStorm Physical (Tertiary) STR ●●●●●/●●● (Well-Built) DEX ●●/● STA ●●●●●/● (Tenacious) Mental (Primary) PER ●●●/● INT ●●●/● WIT ●●●●/● (Creative) Social (Secondary) APP ●●●●●/● (Stacked) MAN ●● CHA ●●●●●/● (Likeable) Abilities (23): Drive: ● Martial Arts: ●●● Endurance: ●●● Resistance: ●●● Awareness: ●● Navigation: ●● Academics: ●●● - Law Bureacracy: ●● Computer: ● Engineering: ● Linguistics: ●● - English, French Medicine: ●● - First Aid Art ● Rapport: ●●● Willpower: 7 Bashing Soak: 15 (20 w/eufiber) Lethal Soak: 12 (17 w/Eufiber) Bonus Points: 15 Will +4: 8 Background +5: 5 Speciality (Law): 1 Speciality (First Aid): 1 Backgrounds Backing (NovaStorm) ●●● Cipher ●● (Since the outting, Danielle Winters is more or less an open book; however, Zoe Larke - her 'stealth' identity - is, as yet, still secret.) Eufiber ●●●●● (Magnum Opus is currently still rocking modified street clothes as her costume, but upon joining NovaStorm will shortly be presented with a eufiber suit.) Influence ●●● (Magnum Opus is a popular folk hero of a sort with a younger, less mainstream crowd. However, authority figures tend to distrust her since she in turn tends to insert herself between police batons and protestors.) Resources ●● (As Zoe, she brings in a modest salary; Magnum Opus gets gifts of charity regularly.) Powers: Quantum: 3 Quantum Pool: 50 Nova Points: 50 Mega-Strength ●●● - Precision, Lifter Mega-Dexterity ● - Fast Tasks Mega-Stamina ● - Adaptability Mega-Perception ● - Electromagnetic Vision Mega-Intelligence ● - Self-Analysis Mega-Wits ● - Natural Empath Mega-Appearance ● - Miss Nobody Mega-Charisma ● - Soothe Armor ●●● Flight ● Hyperflight ● Psi-Shield ●● Mega-Strength ●●●: 9 Mega-Dexterity ●: 3 Mega-Stamina ●: 3 Mega-Perception ●: 3 Mega-Intelligence ●: 3 Mega-Wits ●: 3 Mega-Appearance ●: 3 Mega-Charisma ●: 3 Armor ●●●: 9 Flight ●: 3 Hyperflight ●: 3 9 * Attribute dots: 3 Psi-Shield ●●: 2
  7. In, as Magnum Opus. Debating either the classical Paragon powerset, or shifting her focus to gravity manipulation. What do you all think?
  8. Hi all. How well do you think a character like myself would fit in around here?
  9. Hopefully one day we'll all fly again. But if not: we had fun, and that's the important thing, but not as important as your real life. We'll see you out there.
  10. I'm fine either way, but I do want to continue with this game, as I do enjoy being in it. (It and Numenera are the only games I'm in, mind.)
  11. Instead of the thump of drums and the squeal of synthesizers, the club's speakers rang out with the sound of a piano. Magnum Opus held the microphone in her hand as she sang. "♫♪ I've paid my dues ♪♫ Time after time ♪♫ "♫♪ I've done my sentence ♫♪ But committed no crime ♪♫ "♪♫ And bad mistakes - " Magnum Opus shrugged. "♫♪ I've made a few ♫♪ "♫♪ I've had my SHARE of SAND, KICKED in my FACE ♫♪ But I've come through! ♪♫" As the guitar strains of Queen rocked out from the club's overtuned speakers, Magnum Opus played them out on an imaginary air guitar. "♪♫ Weeeeeee are the Champions, my frie-ends - ♪♫" She drummed with her fingers. "♫♪ And weeeeeeee'll keep on fighting, to the end... ♫♪ (c'mon, sing with me)" The superhero crooned out the rest of the chorus, oblivious to a few arched eyebrows and a few people singing along. As the downtempo hit, she caught a white and gold jacket tossed at her from the audience, and donned it in a blur. "♫♪ I've taken my bows ♪♫ And my curtain calls ♫♪ "♫♪ You brought me fame, and fortuneandeverythingthatgoeswithit ♫♪ I thank you all ♪♫" "♫♪ But it's been no bed of roses ♫♪ No puh-leishah cruise ♫♪ "♫♪ I consider it a CHALLENGE before the WHOLE HUMAN RACE ♫♪ And I ain't gonna looooose! ♫♪" She leaned into the chorus hard, singing until her voice nearly cracked. She lifted off the floor, continuing to wail in perfect time on an invisible electric guitar, waggling an imaginary whammy bar that could not possibly have cause the unexpected vibrato in John Deacon's guitar licks from thirty-seven years prior. "♫♪ Weeeeee arrrrre the Cham-pions ♫♪ WEEEEEE ARRRRE the CHAM-PIONS ♫♪ Nooooooo time for loooosers ♪♫ 'Cause weeeee arrrrre the CHAM-PIONS ♫♪ (dun nun nuh) ♫♪ Of the woooooorld...♫♪" She landed on her knees, skidding along the floor, hair in her face. Fireworks exploded behind the DJ booth. A trio of dancers in the crowd did backflips fifteen feet in the air. The song ended. Magnum Opus stood, fixing her hair. She tossed the white and gold jacket back into the crowd. "Thanks!" "Any time," shouted someone from far away. "Woo." She turned back to Slither and Fulcrum. "Freddie Mercury, huh? Hell of a singer."
  12. "Yep! I'll be in in just a second. Then we'll find you a - " Magnum Opus paused, realizing that Slither wasn't next to her any more. She turned, and stared for a long moment, downing the last of her drink as she watched Fulcrum drag Slither onto the floor. She was smiling behind her drink. Fulcrum, Slither, you silly billies. Why didn't you tell me you were into ladies? The bubble of self-doubt about whether she was a lady rose from within her stomach and she dumped alcohol on it, as she waited for the song to end. You know, this is a nice song, but I get it, you're up all night to get lucky, did we need to hear that thirty times...?
  13. "Just feels like such a waste. We came all the way out here and we're turning around and going back." Still, Magnum Opus didn't argue further. She followed Andrey, ready to fly him on her shoulders once out of sight of the settlement.
  14. Magnum Opus nodded. "Do you think something with agency brought us here, then? Something deliberately did it? If so, we may want to actually do something about it. I think Jael and Gabriel can keep a good enough eye on the others, but just in case..." She raised her voice. "Hey Gabriel, if you can hear this, remember to signal us somehow if you run into anything that needs our help or attention. We'll come running. I'll keep an eye on the building." She then checked comms to see if they were working.
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