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Aberrant: Children of Quantum Fire - Combat Thread

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I need an Initiative from Darrik to know when he reaches the children and rescues them... at least where in the upcoming battle.. there are 2 who might be able to interfere, unless someone interferes with them first.

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The nova's rolled a 9 and a 14, they were the only ones who were able to be within reaching distance of the lot of you...

Maia first.. then Abyss & Cora.. followed by Butch and Darrik.. then by the Nova Hunters.. and the Baseline's go last.

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Maia's rolls

[Long6] 1:22 pm: attack-2

[Long6] 1:22 pm: first 5 mega

Long6 *rolls* 13d10: 8+8+3+5+2+1+8+1+4+3+10+4+3

Long6 *rolls* 1d10: 8: 8



Long6 *rolls* 5d10: 3+1+4+7+7

2 successes +25 auto (27 damage bashing)

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Coraline's rolls for her three-action dealie...

Click to reveal..
Okay, three things here: Bodyshift, an Attack, and a Dodge Roll

Bodyshift mega dice

3d10.hits(7)=2 (so, 4)

Bodyshift normal dice


So, 7 Successes to burn. Going for the Rapid Strike Enhancement, Tendrill with +2 Lethal Damage, two instances of Extra limbs, and Genetic sampler.

Attack to hit roll with a boost from Rapid strike and Extra limbs, mega dice first

5d10.hits(7)=1 (so, 2)

Normal dice


So, six total to hit a baseline Motherhunter

Damage of 7 potential Lethal


Three Lethal damage

Dodge Roll mega-dice

5d10.hits(7)=1 (so 2)

Dodge Roll normal dice


So 7 successes on her Dodge roll should she be targeted. 41 Quantum left in her pool.

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Butch's Roll

Click to reveal..
Action = Decay (Disintegration) nova hunter not hit by Maia

Normal Dex + Disintegration 7d10 = 2 successes

Mega Dex 1d10 = 2 successes

Total successes = 4

Damage = Quantum + Successes = 5 + 4 = 9 aggravated damage (potential)

(Just figured out what Invisible Castle I saw referenced was. Neat. Forgiveness if any of this is off. This is my first time in an online game smile )

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Maia and Cora have gone.. Abyss then Oz and Darrik.. then by the Nova Hunters.. and the Baseline's go last.

Butch's action happens after Marina (Abyss)

Still need to know what Marina is doing, and her rolls, then Oz and his rolls.. and finally darrik.. once that's done, I'll post the results of this action phase..

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Darrik is using his Shadow Step to reach the target trio. He will be showing the Medallion as evidence he is a friend.

Shadow Step:

Jeremy *rolls* 10d10: 8+5+3+4+4+5+7+4+5+9 = 3 sux.

200 km max distance, which should be more than enough to drop in.

WP 7/8, QP: 37/50

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On another note.. Wits + Rapport from everyone involved, the results of these last three seconds should be shocking, sense this is the first time you've really gone all out, unrestrained against opponents. Also, for some of you, this is the first time you've ever killed anyone, intentionally...

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Click to reveal..
Okay, Three part Action: Attack, Attack, Attack!
To hit roll one, first five mega, with Rapid Strike bonus
http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/3012394/ Seven Successes to hit
Damage Roll one
http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/3012397/ Four lethal damage if I hit
To hit roll two, first five mega with Rapid Strike bonus
http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/3012398/ Five Successes to hit
Damage Roll two
http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/3012400/ One lethal damage if I hit
To hit roll three, first five mega with Rapid Strike bonus
http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/3012403/ 12 Successes to hit
Damage roll two with five presumed over successes
http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/3012407/ Two lethal damage if I hit

Quantum pool at 34, full health levels

There, I hope that's right, lol. Took forever.
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  • 3 months later...

I now preform Thread Necromancy to prepare you folks for th nastiness that is the Wizard, Ghost, Reaper, Legion, and Demon... *winks* At least, that's the names the more powerful opponent's your about to face have as nova/code names..

In any case, please post combat rolls here.

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Warren (i.e. 'The Real Warren') (before the first clone was created or either team warped in here), activates the following:

Enhanced Movement (for scene): 3q

Lie Detector: 1q

Warp-Sword (Claws, no q cost)

Invisibility (2q)

Surfboard: (EM: Warp:Flight) (1q)

Warp Armor (EM: Warp:Shield) (1q) (+16 soak)

Unnamed Power (EM: Warp:Decrease) (1q) (Using Warp/Teleport is an opposed power roll in a radius around Warren. No one enters, no one leaves)

Warp Reflection (EM: Warp:Ripple Shield) (1q)

Hyper Time for himself (Temporal Manipulation: Accelerate Time) (1q)

14d10 → [7,9,9,5,2,6,4,9,2,1,7,9,10,7] = 11 Successes... which caps at 6. With mastery that's +12 actions. http://invisiblecast...r/view/3156605/

Temporal Fog (Temporal Manipulation: Temporal Fog) (1q) (Prevent Precognition before or after events)

14d10 → [4,8,8,2,5,6,8,1,6,4,3,5,6,4] = 3 suc, with mastery that puts a +6 diff to view this.


Spatial Manipulation: Flat Form (1q) (+5 to stealth or dodge rolls)

Spatial Manipulation: Warp Body (1q) (Gain Flexibility, +9 dice to grapple or dodge)

13d10 → [8,7,7,3,9,10,3,9,9,1,2,8,2] = (9 suc) http://invisiblecast...r/view/3156627/

Luck (no q cost, no activation, held in reserve for countering powers such as Domination)

8d10 → [5,5,2,9,6,2,9,2] = (2 succ) http://invisiblecast...r/view/3156614/

After all that is done: 1 Clone + 2 Warps (7q) (to put the teams where the need to be)

The Clone deactivates EM:Warp (Decrease)

Q-Pool: 54/75

Both Warrens will put Hypertime on all party members (I think there are 7 not counting himself)

Q-Pool: 47/75 (Everyone has +12 Actions for each of the first 14 rounds of combat)

The Real Warren activates: Electromagnetic Vision (1q) at the start of the strike team's entrance and clones himself 8 more times (8q)

Q-Pool: 38/75

Obviously there's NO WAY for Warren to sustain this mess. This is a one time bonus for the start of combat... which will probably be brief and brutal with hypertime giving everyone this many actions. On a side note he's a lot better defensively than offensively.

Oh, and init Roll. He got a "4" so that's 33. http://invisiblecast...r/view/3156632/

EDIT: To remove clones and that last 'post combat' action.

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Okay... So here's my precombat set-up from before...

Prebattle set up. Activating Flight, Hypermovement (Flight), Ms. Nobody, and Enhanced Movement scene length. Triggering Bodyshift.

[envoy] 7:12 am: so, witness a roll for me? it's for QF. Bodyshift.

[Jeremy] 7:13 am: sure

[envoy] 7:14 am: 18 dice, last five mega.

envoy *rolls* 18d10: 8+10+7+1+3+10+1+2+2+8+2+4+1+7+6+4+10+9: 95

[envoy] 7:15 am: I see twelve successes.

[Jeremy] 7:17 am: agreed

[Jeremy] 7:17 am: go wild

Okay, so... Hmmm, spend two successes on Nueral Acceleration, two on Soft Fist, one on Nematacyst, two to get level two Wings, one on Tendril for +2 Lethal, and three on Extra limbs to round it out. That'll do. Quantum Clock: 69...

Followed by my iniative roll since Krul is asking for those...

http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/3157080/ 48. Although I Will hold my action for after Warren and Alex go.

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Whoa... Thank you Darrik.

I'm reposting his post here in the interest of putting everything in one spot.

Quantum Intensification on Butch before we go:

Jeremy *rolls* 18d10: 4+9+6+10+7+1+6+8+10+5+2+9+9+5+2+2+6+8

13 sux = 26 converted dots

Butch gets Mega Appearance 1 (Identity Shield), +4 dots of Mega-Strength, +4 dots of Mega-Dexterity, +4 dots of Armor, +3 dots of Disintegration, and Invisibility 5 and Density Decrease 5.

To save time: Krul lets me give 12 sux on each roll. 24 dots per person. :D

Maia: Mega Wits 3 (Multitasking, Quickness), Durability Enhancement, Hardbody Enhancement, Resiliency Enhancement x1, Bruised Health Levels x16, Identity Shield Enhancement

Cora: Identity Shield Enhancement, Armor 5 (Impervious), Immobilize 10 (Intangible, Area), Invulnerability 4 (Broad- Energy Attacks)

Warren: Mega-Appearance 1 (Identity Shield), +4 dots of M-Strength, Armor 5 (Impervious), +2 Psychic Shield, Quantum Leech 5 (Siphon), Disrupt 5

Marina: Identity Shield Enhancement, Bodymorph +2 dots, Elemental Mastery +1 dot, Weather Control +3 dots, Mega-Stamina +2 dots, Mega-Wits 4 (Enhanced Initiative), Force Field 5 (Impervious), Quantum Vampire: Health Levels 4 (Ranged)

Alex: Disrupt 10 (Reduced Quantum Cost), Identity Shield Enhancement, Strobe 10 (Sensory Deprivation Wave)

Assault Team: Coraline, Maia, Marina, Warren, Alexandra,

Stealth: Butch, Warren, Darrik, Epiphany

I think everyone has posted. And if Alex (or someone) has a way to thin out the baselines I'll skip making more clones. Too much of a good thing.

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