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The Quantum Continuum is redesigned and thanks to CHILL just for being there

(when things went wrong) so I could cry on his shoulder. ::biggrin

Special thanks to Chris Chase "Quest" in the W.W. Forums for his work on the Probe E-Book. ::withbeer

Have a look and let me know your comments!

Quantum Continuum

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Thanks! ::biggrin

I apretiate (english never was my favorite subject in school) your comments and would like to know if you think there is anything missing (besides no content on the main page, but I am changing that as I type this) or something I could add.

Most of the images are going to go from the main page tho, it looks too cluttered.

Again thanks for your comments and I hope to be done shortly on the Probe E-book so that I can put out the call to all you fine EONites for artwork. ::beer

EONites rule!

yes it was a shameless plug wasn't it? ::devil

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the Probe Tech and Probe Personel pages didn't work when i clicked on them....

I havn't finished with them yet and I forgot to put a "DOH I'm stupid and I havn't uploaded the pages yet" page in there.

Thanks for letting me know though ::biggrin

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