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Mutants & Masterminds: Mecha Mayhem - Character Profiles

Justin OOC

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Post your approved character Profiles here.

You do not need to post stats for your mecha, merely post which mecha you pilot.

There are 3 Valkyrie Squadrons each with six teams. you may command a team, and as such customize your colorscheme, though I ask that you keep it reasonable and clearly state which one it is. The commanders each lead the first team listed as that is the command team for the squadron.

Skull Squadron Lead by Valkyrie Commader Ozma Lee

Black, Gold, Silver, Vermillion, Indigo, Blue

Raptor Squadron Commander Ryan Archer

Eagle, Shrike, Peregrine, Osprey, Falcon, Talon

Caballero Squadron Commander Diana Comacho

Cowboy, Comanche, Apache, Navajo, Santa Fe, Whiskey


ATAC Commander Klaus Harger

1st battallion "Gespent Jaeger" Commanded by Harger

2nd Battallion "Roughriders" Commanded by Kylie Morris

3rd Battallion "LongToms" Commanded by William Pratchet

4th Battallion "Sideshow Sam's" Commanded by Sam McAllen

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Lt. Commander Gordan Peter Smythe

Commander of Falcon Team of Raptor Squadron

Callsign Falcon One or Flash

Age 25

Height 5'10" (178cm)

Weight 150lbs (68kg)

Hair Blonde

Eyes Blue

Hand Right


Gordan is of the average/athletic build common amongst the fighter pilots, clean shaven with short cropped hair and a fair complexion.


Gordan's parent are now both dead and he was their only son. His Mother, Angelica, was on the design team for the Valkyrie mecha involved in the transformation mechanics. She was killed eight years ago, when he was 17, during a botched attempt to snatch her by the Eurasian Dominion. His father was a test pilot for the program, and although he held it together for his son until a couple of years ago when his on again, off again, depression was thought to have contributed to his death during a flight test.

Despite, or perhaps because of this, Gordan signed up for combat duty as soon as he finished his degree in Engineering, and he has shown a reasonable aptitude for it.


Although fairly laid back most of the time he bears a hatred for the Dominion, and also becomes more animated when discussing/involved in Mecha mecanics.

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Engineering Lt. Josh Johnson

Team Leader - 1st Attack & Salvage ATAC Squadron

"CeBees" (CB's - Construction Batallion) - Yellow & Black Stripes

Callsign: Breaker

Highly Customized ATAC Mecha: "George"

Age: 35

Height: 5’ 10”

Weight: 160lbs

Sex: Male

Eye: Blue

Hair: Black

Skin: Caucasian


Josh is a fairly non-descript person. He has a mustauche, but us otherwise clean shaven. His hair is perpetually 1/8 of an inch longer than regs allow, and he always has some sort of mechanical fluid stain or welding burn somewhere on his clothes (good thing dress uniforms are dark). His fingers are also look perpetually dirty, no matter how many times he washes them; they've been in so much grease and oil in their time that they're just stained dark.


In high-school, Josh's parents never liked that he took shop class and did so poorly in english and math, but when he excelled in shop and science to the point that they actually started creating classes for him, they finally realized how technologically inclined he was

He just barely got into engineering school, but once he did he flourished like none other; finding that he had a particular affinity for Mechas.

After graduation he was immediately hired by the American Alliance, and put into their R&D. After that, he got shipped out to the front lines... along with the mechs and facilities that he'd helped design. He excelled there, working hands on with the Mechas and their support structure, earning the respect of the squadron commander of the post where he was stationed at, and got accepeted to piloting school.

After that, Pantheon Enterprises offered him a package that AA couldn't/wouldn't compete with, and so he took the position, and he eventually made his way up to being stationed on the ARK.


Josh has a very easy going personality... until it comes to Mechas, Construction, or Technology. These three things are Josh's life, and it's easy to see why. He can talk for hours on what types of bolts are best suited to which kind of Mecha, and once he sinks his teeth into a problem, task or repair, he doesn't eat, sleep, or hardly even blink until it's solved, finished or back in mint condition.

As might be expected, Josh isn't always the most personable of people, often preferring the company of machines, schematics and AI's to actual people. But he does have his moments...

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Lt. Commander Roxanne 'Fate' Devereaux

Chief Engineer Seraphine Devereaux

What is Known...
... at first sight:The Devereaux twins are a pair of exceedingly beautiful and buxom, young women, with the looks and figures that usually only come with genetic engineering - it is nigh impossible for those attracted to them to not start drooling in their presence. Their dramatic figures may give some the assumption that they're dumb or dimwitted and cause others to think of them poorly, but even those that don't like them can't deny that the twins are something special. It's really difficult to dislike them - even if you want to.

Roxanne is several inches taller than her sister, with a more athletic build. When off-duty, she keeps to her idol image, with blue-black hair, elaborate cosmetics, and chic clothing.

Seraphine prefers much more casual clothing, though it always subtly - or not so subtly - emphasizes her figure - which, though not as athletic as Roxanne's, is still svelte and every bit as voluptuous. She keeps her hair its natural deep brown streaked with blonde and shares her twin's electric blue eyes. She only glams up for the stage - then her hair and eyes are a vibrant red.

The Devereaux twins are very well known within the Pantheon as the front-liners for the Idol band Electric Dreams, though there are those who say it's not their musical talents that made them popular. Despite their appearance, the twins somehow manage not to seem out of place in the Pantheon Expeditionary Force (PEF).

... over time:The twins are the daughters of Victoria Devereaux - a former Idol Singer and Model - and Samuel Devereaux - a Pantheon Hero and former commander of the PEF. Both of the girls inherited in full the beauty and musical talent of their mother. From their Father, the twins inherited different skills, though both gained a drive to excel and a sense of duty.

Roxanne is an amazing pilot with a good understanding of tactics and in instructing people - making her ideal for her position as the Top Gun flight instructor. She's good and knows it, and expects nothing less than the best from her students. Her need for excellence inspires them (just as her looks inspire them in other ways).

Roxy is less inclined to take advantage of her good looks, trying to prove that her abilities in the PEF excel her talents as an idol singer (which is kind of hard to achieve because people generally assume she's being a pilot 'just for fun').

Seraphine on the other hand understands very well how attractive she is and she's not above using her looks to help her get ahead. She's not a bitch, but, at times, she can be bitchy.

Sera inherited her father's phenomenal intellect and engineering aptitude, and with her own people skills, she's been made Chief Engineer at a remarkably young age.

... with a little digging:Even if the twins sometimes appear to be fighting over everything, they really do love each other and are a shining example that family bonds are stronger than anything else in the world.

Since the Accident*, though, things have changed. It's like a dark cloud hangs constantly over the twins whenever the people talk about it.

Seraphine blames herself for the failure of the Prototype Mech, and is secretly afraid that in her need to compete with her sister, she subconsciously sabotaged the Prototype Mech herself. She's developed a bit of a drinking habit - if it's not a problem yet, she's still a connoisseur of hard liquor and fine spirits.

Roxanne has nightmares from the traumatic shock and phantom pains in her cyberlimbs. Very few people actually know how close to death Roxanne was and that she is actually a cripple and had her limbs replaced by state of the art cybernetics. The new cyberware also brought some physical changes making the twins appear less identical than before the accident (although it's hard to tell when they are apart - it gets more evident when they're standing next to each other).

Seraphine is more than a little envious of Roxanne's extra few inches of height and greater physical capabilities. She's also annoyed by Roxy's general assumption that as the older sister, she needs to take on more responsibility and 'protect' her younger sister.

*Nothing is publicly known about the accident - not even within the company!!!
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Lt. Commander Juliana Iris Daylena

Call Sign: Archangel

Mecha: Super Robot - Grungust

Age: 21


Juliana began her life, with considerable talent, at a young age, she became a very good acrobatic. In fact, by the time she reached 9, she was one of the worlds best, but that was also the time she decided she wanted to become a mecha pilot.

Hard work and perseverance increased considerable natural talent, and she loved learning to be a pilot. She also spent a good bit of time exploring the mechanics of mecha, as she loved the giant machines, and become a capable mechanic as well as a pilot, though never quite as good as she was a pilot and acrobat.

Once she began piloting mecha, she proved to have an amazing gift for it, more so then even she had realized, and she could make a mecha do things that few others could manage. Barrel roll, high speed maneuvers, regardless of what it was, she could almost manage it with her eyes closed. Inside a mecha, she was amazing as she was amazing as she was outside with her acrobatic skills. She's also studied a bit of history, just because she finds it interesting.

She joined the Pantheon to be part of the cutting edge, the best pilots, with the most remarkable equipment. Her skill and capabilities got her promoted in record time, and it was soon recognized that she was crack shoot as well as a ace pilot. At first her call sign was Angel, but in time, her fellow pilots gave her a new one, that she took on willingly. Archangel.

Recently she's become the test pilot of the Grungust, though she was knocked unconsious during the accident.

She's an attractive young woman, which has gotten her a few interesting proposals in the past.


Cheerful, optimistic, confident to the point of being almost overconfident in things she does well. Work hard, play hard, whatever she does, she tends to put her all into it. She loves to try new things as well, especially with regards to piloting. That said, she can be careful when the situation calls for it, and is very patient at times when she needs to be.

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