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Aberrant: Dead Rising - Write the Ending of DR

Dawn OOC

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No, not really. But Forge just did something like this as a joke. Because I've been lax about posting due to school, picking up roomies at airports, trouble writing 'heavy' posts and building a new rabbit cage, I want to put this out for some fun - and experience.

Yeah. I thought I might catch your attention.

1) Write where your DR character and the DR world is in twenty years; it doesn't have to be long. Just be imaginative; do the unexpected. Go crazy. Go wild. But go write.

2) Post it here.

3) Watch me award xp (probably only 1, but I'll never give out a 1 xp award for a fiction this short, so get in on the minimal effort chance I'm offering here!). You can do this a max of 3 times for xp, to a total 3 xp. So if you write 4 of them, cool, I'll appreciate it. But you'll only likely get 3 xp. smile

*waits to see what people give her*

Oh, and a finally note: I may steal the clever ideas that will work with the meta-arc of DR. You are warned.

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