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  1. He laughs bitterly at those last words. "I didn't flee Vegas to find help," he all but spits. "I ran. I knew I was out of power and couldn't keep protecting everyone, so I tried to get my sister and niece and girlfriend out. The only one I was able to save was Julia." He shakes his head, staring back towards the sun. "I don't know what I'd be doing right now if you guys hadn't been visiting Hawaii. Probably getting involved in the civil war we saw starting on the beach."
  2. Originally Posted By: Dawn, OOCAlright, I'll unlock the Box Man, the stuff I miss when I hit the snooze alarm in the morning.
  3. I've seen it done two ways: 1) Buying the body mod allows for any number of extra limbs (defined at purchase) and a single bonus. 2) Buying the body mod allows an extra limb or pair of limbs, and the bonus, and can be bought up to 5 times (as though it were a power). While #2 is better from a mechanics standpoint, it never really caught on, probably because most people don't picture their PC as a giant spider.
  4. Adam stares down at the pile of bodies for a moment, their lives ended before the zombie infection could turn them into a threat ... he thought. Still, better safe than sorry. Another bomb-shaped light formed in his hand, and an instant later, twelve more bodies floated away on the morning breeze. Turning back to Dan, he extends a hand slowly. "Thank you," he says quietly, "you didn't have to do this. They were my people, and I failed them."
  5. Once V has gone outside, and Adam's attention span is back to normal (well, mostly), he looks past Galahad to Myfwany. "Thanks, we'll stop by once you've cleared Dave and Wei through quarantine. Are all the rest of the super women here so, ah, tall?" He's still shaking the stars from his eyes when V comes back inside. "My kingdom for a video camera," he mutters under his breath.
  6. Tara smiles broadly. "I think we might have found a niche," she says, mostly to herself. "Dylan, do you have a magnifying glass, or something like it, that I could show them and possibly trade? Or you, Doctor?" Switching back to Ancient, she addresses Prollen again. "Glass is clear, and hard. You get it by heating and melting certain kinds of sand, and you can make different kinds of containers and lenses with it. If you don't have much metal, do you use pottery? Or do you form everything from wood?"
  7. The next morning, fifteen minutes before dawn With the sky starting to lighten in the east, the infected walk out of the encampment, moving slowly as the zombie disease wracks them with pain, leaning on each other for support. They cover a few hundred yards, just enough to put them over a small hill and out of direct view of the Refuge. As the sun crests over the horizon, they slowly split off into three groups, Chris leading two others off to one side, Gerald leading all the rest but Dean, trembling and gray-faced as he stood next to Sarah. They all stare into the sun as it rises, changing the sky from deep purple, through reds and orange to the bright blue of a new day. When it finally clears the horizon completely, hanging a finger's height above the ground, Gerald snaps to attention, and executes a parade-perfect right face towards Dan. "It's been an honor, son," he says, saluting crisply, eyes forward. Adam faces Chris and the other two. "Are you ready?" They nod, and Adam raises his hand. Golden light bursts forth, forming itself into a shape much like a 40's era bomb, and he hesitates only a moment longer, enough to stare each of them in the eyes. Then his hand flings forward. The last sight to greet his eyes is Chris grabbing the other woman in an embrace, before all three are obliterated in a burst of nuclear fire, their ashes scattering on the morning breeze.
  8. Chris stares at Adam for a few more seconds. "I want to die in fire. It's the only way I know I won't come back." "I think you're nuts, but it's your death," Sylvie says. "I'll take a bullet. I saw some of your shooting at the end, so I know you're not going to mess it up. Would," she hesitates for a moment, then tries again. "Is just after dawn too long to wait?" she asks wistfully.
  9. one thing: Is Dan not including the rescuees from Paradise in his estimate? Because if there's only 470 people, counting the 500 rescued, then this Refuge has a serious problem.
  10. Originally Posted By: Dan HawkinsDan nodded to Adam. "About four hundred and seventy though i could be off a few either way." "Heh, funny, the place looks a lot bigger from in here." Quote:He looked to Galahad, "I've looked around and we just haven't had the capability to move them or they were in horrible condition. I can make them run, but getting them here's been the issue." Adam waves a hand in dismissal. "I used to be a tow truck driver and auto mechanic. If we have to, I can take them apart and air lift them back for reassembly." As Violet appears, his eyes (and other parts of his anatomy) instantly give her their full attention. Not until Sarah breaks his line of sight with her exit is he able to pull his gaze away. He turns to whisper something to Julia, only to find her as enraptured as he in. Frowning, he puts a hand over her eyes. "Earth to Julia, come in Julia," he says quietly to her. "Huh? Um, sorry, uncle Adam." She makes an effort to look at his face, though her eyes keep darting off to the side. "Just because I'm not the only super person around," he teases her wryly, "doesn't mean you can ignore me."
  11. Adam looks up at Kristin from his seat on the floor. "Oh, thank goodness. There's a few people here that need it, and some are waiting to take a shower because they don't have clothes." Glancing at the shy Olivia, he gives a small wave. "It'll be nice to have two doctors. Best we had in Vegas was one paramedic and a couple of boy scouts." Frowning, he turns back to Dan. "How many people are here then? I mean, I know you said it was bigger, but I don't think I heard how much bigger." As Myf arrives, he nods respectfully to her as well. "Hello, Doctor Myf. Whenever you get the time, Dave and I had some questions about those teleporting zombies. You seemed to figure out more about them than I ever did."
  12. Adam nods amiably. "No rush or anything, I just want to lay out what we knew about and didn't get, because I'm not entirely clear on what you guys have and need." He glances over his shoulder at his niece. "Like rock salt and sugar, apparently."
  13. The building stretched into the sky, poised on the rim of the caldera. The small party pulled their carts up the hill, the long trail of switchbacks starting to become overgrown with blackberry vines. Two teens swung machete blades, kicking chopped greenery down the hill. At a broad spot, they paused, taking a short lunch of meat pies and water before continuing. There were no beasts of burden to help them, only the eight men and women, pulling and pushing their way to the top of the volcano. At last they reached the tower, stone and steel gleaming darkly in the afternoon sunlight. They stopped there, disrobing and using the rest of their water to clean the sweat and grime from their bodies before pulling clean robes from one cart and dressing again. Suitably attired, the teens set the blades atop their regular clothes, and moved forward to open the doors while the adults pushed the two carts inside. The antechamber was wide, lit on one side from daylight coming in the doors, and on the other by the angry crimson glare of a pool of lava, hissing fitfully. The adults picked through the cart, arguing in fierce whispers, eventually deciding on a decorated blade, an embroidered silk shirt, and a bottle of wine. Bearing their gifts, they started up the stairs. They passed numerous doors, all closed, their way lit by a narrow groove filled with lava. Occasional whiffs of incense could be detected, where the servants had cast something into the lava to placate their Lord. Reaching the top, they paused, all of them grasping hands and whispering a brief prayer before kneeling, and crawling through the archway into the throne room. “Great God of Fire and Heat, we have brought to you the best of our offerings.” The three members held out their chosen gifts in the direction of the obsidian throne. For several minutes they hold that tableau, until their arms and backs are trembling from the strain. Finally, the Lord rises from his throne, moving forward, shadows dancing in the light cast off from His skin. “These are good,” His voice rumbles out. One hand reaches out, taking the bottle, the woman holding it barely restraining herself from yelping at a brush from his skin. The popping of the cork echoes loudly, and the first mouthful of liquid steams out around the top of the bottle. “Quite tasty. Ten years old, is it?” “e-e-e-elev-ven, Fire Lord,” she stammers out. He nods, they think, but none are daring enough to gaze upon His face; the old sorcerer Jaks went blind from such a risk not twenty years ago, didn’t he? “Very good.” The Lord walks around their group, examining each one in turn, before He reaches down and places a hand on the shoulder of each of the two teenagers, their robes blackening under His grip. “The rest of you may leave.” The six adults exit as quickly as they can, only one man glancing back at the two, barely more than children, now chosen to serve the Fire Lord. His whims are unpredictable, and though He chose two last season why should He not pick two more now? Still, the old man can only be glad that when it comes time to bring the next offering, at the Winter Solstice, it will not be his task, nor anyone else from his family, though he will miss his youngest son desperately. Once they are gone, the Lord knots his fingers in their clothes, burning the fabric off without more than a faint red sheen on their bodies. “Go with my other servants, and learn from them your tasks.” He departs then, leaving them kneeling and shivering on the stone floor. After a moment, they hear other footsteps, and look up. Two of the other servants have joined them in the throne room, both covered with skin regrown after horrible burns. “Don’t worry,” the woman says, self-consciously running one finger down a set of lines that resembles an arm reaching around her from behind. “No matter how bad it looks, it feels glorious when He comes to you. And after He touches you once, the hold of the Dead can never enter your body.” With much trepidation and fear, the two youths rise, allowing themselves to be led from the room to their new life of serving the God of Flames who protects their people from the Lord of Death, whose horde lies just past the volcano He raised to halt their progress. All for the low, low cost of a few youths put into the service of the flames.
  14. Sylvia laughs, her voice on the edge of hysteria. "Headshots kill them too, just not as easily as regular zombies. You have to be good enough," "Or lucky enough," Gerald interrupts her. "Yeah, to hit them two or three times before they can vanish again." She upends her bottle, downing the beer in large gulps, setting it down on the floor with a firm clink. Dean does likewise with his beer. "Every time they showed up, even if we managed to kill them, someone died. Hell, that casino run Adam went on two weeks ago, how many did they kill when they ambushed you?" "Two." Adam pauses to take another sip from his beer. "Brandon and Karen." He sighs, and rolls the bottle between his hands for a moment. "The doctor here, Myfwany, seemed to know what the deal was with them. Maybe enough to kill them more easily in case there are more of the bastards." Chris finishes his beer, then with over-emphasized cautiousness, sets it down. "I realize what needs to happen, Captain Dan, but," he takes a deep breath, and looks at Adam, "I'd much prefer cremation." "Aw fuck," Adam eloquently responds.
  15. Originally Posted By: Envoy"I think I know what you mean, Adam, a low tingle that doesn't hurt and leaves you feeling better than before you felt it. At least that's what it was like when I gained the need to keep an eye out for Big and Talls back on Z-day and just now after we finished up shifting your people here. I'm going to want to run through some drills just to see what I got this time." Adam blinks, and then sits quietly for a minute, ignoring the conversation while he turns it over in his mind. "No tingle here, actually. More like ... you ever pulled a muscle, dislocated a joint, something like that? It feels like I did that to ... whatever helps me throw giant balls of flame around. It still hurts, and I've hardly brushed my powers since yesterday." He looks up, only now noticing Dan. "Oh, hey Dan. Can you let me know when a good time is to talk to Fox? There's still lots of supplies in Vegas that we never got to. Including clothing," he says with a not-quite-pointed glance at the various gore-splattered people. Julia is sitting wide-eyed, arms clasped around her legs, staring at Galahad. "You have ice cream?" she whispers.
  16. Adam nods respectfully. "She's teaching Wei how to use the ammo press, which was amazingly undamaged." He pauses to take another pull from his bottle, then stares at his feet. "How bad did it get after I ... vanished?" The infected all grow quiet, sitting still and staring inward at their own memories. "At first, we didn't notice. Your last blast cleared the area just inside the wall, enough for Rod to drive a truck into it, and we cleared out the few inside pretty quick. Then ... those teleporting zombies showed up." Gerald closes his eyes, knuckles white around the top of the bottle. Chris nods. "Like they were waiting for you to leave before showing up en masse. Soon as you left, they popped inside, grabbed a half dozen of the younger adults, and popped them out to the top of the wall, dropping them into the horde outside." "That's how the fire started," Mariah chimes in, "a couple of the teens were working on making molotovs, then three of them are suddenly gone, and something sparked off the spilled fuel, and suddenly half our homes were on fire." Adam listens to it all, gaze locked on his beat-up steel toe boots, apparently unresponsive.
  17. Tara listens to the conversation, and observes the woman's reaction. In English, she says, "I'm going to guess, from appearances, they don't use metal tools the way we do, and possibly neither do their training partners. Everything they use is probably shaped wood of some kind." Switching back to Ancient, she adresses Merelle. "We use many different kinds of tools, but most of our work is done with metals and glass." Turning to observe Goro and Inoae, she watches the Doctor, and the girl's reaction. Click to reveal.. Per + Empathy -> 7d10 -> 6,9,2,4,10,3,2 -> 3 successesI think the best advice to give would be that Goro needs to be less comforting and more firm, but I'll leave that up to Inoae to put words in my mouth.
  18. "Wouldn't we all like the answer to that question," Adam says, joining the edge of the group. "Hey, everyone." He sits down slowly, his fingers trembling a bit. "Hey, Adam. I'm Priss Morgan," she says to Dan, "I was the night manager for the buffet at Sunset Station." She takes a beer, taps the bottle against Chris' bottle with a musical clink, and downs half of it. "Hell of a lot better than that swill you raided from Costco," she teases Adam. "As for impossible or not, it only sucks that life didn't turn into a comic book when people gained comic book powers, able to solve problems with a snap of their fingers." "Amen to that," Chris adds. He holds up his bottle, mock dramatically, in the direction of the three supers. "A toast to impossible super-powers, who were at least able to save a few."
  19. Adam smiles as Jules departs before he can do more than open his mouth - and despite his own interest in women, even he's having trouble not staring at the silver-haired man who could put any bodice-ripper book cover to shame. "This is my niece, Julia." "Julia Angela Moore," the nine-year old intones solemnly, then holds out both hands to Sarah to shake one of hers. "Thanks for the help back there," Adam tells her. "It was ... well, by the time you got there, that was the end of a twelve hour fight." He shakes his head. "I'm hoping that was the end of those teleporting zombies. They never seemed to teleport more than line of sight, but -" "You're cute," Julia interrupts, staring at Galahad. As other people start chuckling, she pulls her legs up, curling up on the cot. Adam shrugs, giving a little "Kids, what can you do?" roll of the eyes. "Anyway, I think I'll be taking it easy for a few days - taking out that last zombie, the leader-one, makes me feel like I was doing jello shots of bleach and battery acid." He holds up a hand, and after a moment a faint, vaguely threatening golden light envelops his hand. "Has a benefit though."
  20. Adam runs out of towels as the new couple on the motorcycles come out, and he stands up, stretching. "We should probably introduce ourselves to the lady there," he gestures towards Jules, "and meet the giantess who helped kill the zombies in Vegas." Gesturing, he extends a hand until Wei picks up the ammo press, and with Julia right behind him, walks stiffly over to join the small collection of supers. "Nice to meet you," he says to Jules, holding out a hand. "I'm Adam. I talked some with James and Dan and Doctor Myfwany before they helped rescue what was left of our encampment in Vegas." As she takes his hand, he bows over it (without kissing her knuckles) in an almost courtly gesture. Turning to Sarah, he extends his hand again. "I don't think I caught your name earlier, when you were helping us against the incredible vanishing zombies. Thank you." He bows over her hand as well. "Are you American Indian, or just Mexican?" Julia blurts out, looking up at WhiteElk. With an eloquent expression of Dear God, I'm sorry for that, Adam turns back to face them, and also gently flicks his niece on the back of her head. "Ow! What was that for?" "Remember the conversation we had about rudeness?" he pointedly asks her. "Yeah," the girl sulks. "Sorry," she insincerely says, looking up at the darker-skinned woman. Sighing, Adam shrugs his shoulders. "Other than myself and your Captain Fox, are there any supers who can teleport? There's a whole lot of places inside Vegas city limits that we never got a chance to raid for supplies. Especially construction supplies. I overheard a bit of the conversation, and we," he gestures to Dave and Wei, "have some small experience setting up simple buildings for shelter."
  21. Just inside the door to the showers, Adam sits, holding a stack of fraying towels, handing them out. "So, this could be worse," he says. "Could be better," Black Dave responds. "But yeah, could be a lot worse." They both fall silent as one of the injured women from their encampment (Priss? Trish? Adam twitches his head, trying to remember) comes past, taking a towel and a hotel bottle of shampoo and soap. "We've got almost all the food, the building materials, and loads of info on supplies that no one else can access." Their conversation is paused by the sound of the ammo press, and Wei tosses the bullet into the air before catching it. "Two boxes of nine mil," he brags, flexing his skinny arms dramatically. "Nice," Adam deadpans, "and the way you shoot, you could take down a whole five zombies with that." Dave and Julia join in the chuckling as the teenager reddens. "It is good work. Certainly help you earn your keep when you're out of quarantine." "Uncle Adam, what are you going to do tomorrow?" Julia asks him, taking the last bullet and putting it into the box before closing it. He reaches over to ruffle her hair, shifting the last three towels to his knee. "I'm not going to leave you alone in here for long, sweetie. I do need to talk to some of the other super people, like that guy Fox who runs this camp, and work out what is going to get done with my powers and our knowledge." The nine year old sits there for a moment, then sighs. "You should go back to fixing cars, uncle Adam. It's simpler." The two adults laugh before going back to idle chit-chat.
  22. Adam's Neutral Good, leaning towards Chaotic. If we're going Greek, then his father is either Hephaestus or Prometheus
  23. Keep in mind, the enclave here only had about 100 or so survivors at best. There's no saying how many of them were taken away by teleporting zombies. There's one big building (now with a hole in the roof). That's where the food supplies and the infirmary are. Some of the medication should still be good. There's a couple of sheds (barely more than roof and walls) with construction material, clothing, and other non-food, non-perishable goods. Some of those are probably on fire. There used to be a good dozen RVs, including Adams. If the fire on them is put out, there might still be salvagable goods. There's also at least a half-dozen working vehicles, including the APC. Adam's pickup will be one of these (to reflect the dot of Resources I just purchased). I'll let Dawn decide how many still functional weapons and ammunition are still around. They did have a manual ammo press, which may or may not still be functional, but Adam can build another one later. Depending on the need for more supplies, Adam can (after a looong nap) map out some of the other places in Vegas that they were unable to loot completely.
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