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Aberrant: Ba'alt - Help Wanted


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As some of you might know, I run a separate NON canon game loosely based on Aberrant. (At least it is now laugh )

Recently I have come to a conclusion that the game might flow a bit more if I had a full time helper or assistant. I can handle it but at times it gets a bit draining to keep up with as we approach our second year of posting.

I am in need of a person who knows how to run a game and can devote perhaps 20 minutes a day to the game. As I mentioned, the game is NON CANON and the characters are all between 50-70 nova points for the most part. We have 8 great players that post regularly and with well thought posts.

Email me at narrator AT aberrantprime dot com for further discussion or post questions here and I will reply in as much haste as I can.

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Just thought I'd update this topics with a friendly bump and say I am also looking for new players to add to the fray.

We recently kinda changed the mechanics(The way the dice are rolled and what your character sheet looks like) but with this style of game its nearly a moot point.

Drop me a line if you are interested in playing a Nova in an alternate setting or if you have other ideas for disrupting the reality therein. laugh

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{{pardon typos in the following; I am not in my home computer and have no spellcheck capabilty and this old laptop wont allow the forums built-in spellcheck to work either...I really can spell but my typing is lacking.}}

Reading some of the posts here in the introductions section and some of the fiction as well has inpspirered me to post again here.

I know the lot of you play Aberrant here and likely prefer a canon game over some home-brewed world, but it is also apparent that quite a few also have played and know several other systems. Really, in a Play-By-Post game where a Storyteller (read: DM, Narrator, GM, etc..) runs the rule lawyering behind the scenes and rolls dice or whatever, the system really is not as important as the story. I have found in my own Table top games that as long as the players have a relative point where they know their character stands in ability, there is no need for them to know how damage is done or how powers are resolved, etc. This playstyle is easiest reflected on a forum like this or in a PBP style game.

Now to my point.

My game I am running at aberrantprime.com/Baalt involves Nova's. It also involves humanity and many other civilizations not remotely akin to humanity. The game is not so much about power but more about influence and leaving a mark on reality before you go. It is about adapting to the status quo or changing it to reflect right and wrong.

Currently the players are all Nova and come from Earth, the only place that Nova's can originate from. They are in a place removed from their old world and are fighting for a spot in this new one where Nova's are not understood and to some extent are even hunted. Alliances are being considered as is their stand against the status quo.

Most of the players would be the equivalnet of a 50-60 NP character.

I am using DC MEGS rules behind the scenes and have adapted the characters to it from Aberrant. I have converted mega stats and their enhancements as well as the various powers Nova's have. Quantum is still considered as a limit for the nova's but their pools are effectively tripled in this reality. (the reason unknown at the moment.)

I am looking for both players and persons to assist with storytelling or plot direction.

IN the player department, anything is possible. Nova, human, alien, psiad, etc are all welcome with a good story behind it. I am not so worried about keeping the players equal in power but more interested in story. I dont say this to encourage twinking but more to state that with a good storyu or reason behind it, I will consider allowing characters from old games, whatever the system. Break out your favorite character form whatever setting or world and lets talk.

In the ST or plot direction department, I am open to full time Directors to people who just want to submit ideas for plot direction and help with unbiased resolution.

If any of this sounds remotely interesting and you can post 1-2 times a day on average, lets chat. You can email me at narrator at aberrantprime dot com or PM me here. I also welcome ridicule and questions here in this topic.

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