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  1. Ahh, OK. I was intrigued by the description. I am always interested in a new way to play with all power levels on one system. I was interested by what they called "Scale.'
  2. I noticed the downloads are about a year old. Has anything more come of this?
  3. To those of you in my game at Baalt.

    We will be back in a day or 2 at most. Sorry

  4. Starting up a new game shortly, Abby style.

    1. Jeremy


      You mean here? :)

    2. Asche


      Hmmm. Likely on my own site. rebuilding it presently and getting details ready. Sometime before this week ends I will stealthily make an announcement. I dont want to make it look like I am trying to steal from Matt on any level, but running a game here does not allow me all the options I need to run a game as efficiently as I would like.

    3. Asche



  5. Casper looks with disgust at Fiona. "No offense babe, but you can come back and get me last. I aint never bugged out of a scrap. If your out, have a nice life." He peeks up off the tower from behind cover and analyzes spots for cover and for possible fortification. He then barks into the coms; "I can handle my own. If I need ta evade and escape I am not leaving this area without something of a trophy to study." He looks at the approaching destruction analytically and then down at the surrounding buildings. "Worse case, you all scurry off and then come back in a few minutes and shoot at the crowd cuz most likely they'll be comin' after me." Casper slings his assault rifle with rapid precisions betraying his quantum powered dexterity and then hefts his Heavy MG in one hand and his duffle full of gear over his other shoulder.
  6. " We've got three large beasties coming in from the east maybe a mile out. About 2-3 minutes the way they're moving." "I ain't got line of sight for longer than about a half a second the way their weavin through the trees out there." Casper takes a hidden position from the direction that he thinks they're coming from so as to remain out of line of sight out of even the best perceptive beastie. He will use his other senses to do his best to try to find out if there's anything else other than a large creatures coming this way. As soon as he is relatively sure that they have decreased the range between him and them he will pop up and fire his assault rifle in burst shots. He will be aiming to slow or disable the Rex's.. He will commit to this plan unless some other targets present themselves.
  7. I wasn't in the tower. I did not even notice that the tower was NOT a separate structure in the first read. It appeared to me a separate building. The only post saying the tower is ON top of a building is what Abigail posted after I posted. I am confused. Do ALL of us have artistic liberties that can add to the Storytellers post? As far as hearing you, you did say you said it out loud to everyone. If he was within a football field length Mega hearing would surely let him hear you.
  8. Casper finds a spot inside the tower and begins his vigil He offers no comments on seeming like an idiot approaching the building and his subsequent entry into the tower. He notches the mistake to being sidetracked by all the estrogen in the air. At the mention of radios he leans toward Fiona and whispers; " Are we not all tied in to Temples mental wifi? I been on a few runs where we all formed a report or whatever you call it."
  9. <Ah, crap. Control yourself. She could be your daughter.> <…And Sonja would probably hurt me..but it might be worth it.> <..Here I am with beautiful women all around me, like the damn set of a cheap movie. > <FOCUS!> “I am game for whatever it takes to make us more effective as a team. I gotta pile stuff in my head that may or may not be classified, but most of the governments it’s about are gone or too weak to care.” Casper clears his throat. “There also might be some, uh, embarrassing things in my head too. I never been surrounded by beautiful women. A lesser man might find it hard to focus on the job at hand.” Casper adjusts his gloves then readies his Heavy assault rifle. “I’ll flank the tower from the left side of the door. You take right Fiona, no more than 30-40 feet from each other.” Casper begins walking toward the tower. When within about 50m he slows a bit with as much stealth as he can muster, keeping an eye, and all other senses focuses on anything non-human.
  10. "The sooner we stop talking, the sooner I can make something bleed." Casper sling the HMG meant for a tripod over his shoulder and secures the assault rifle and 2 pistols in easily accessible positions. A grin crosses his face. "Lead the way"
  11. Casper grabs his firearms and ammo greedily and without bias; he is like the kid in the proverbial candy store. He comments the quartermaster on the well kept armory and will compliment his team on their choice of weaponry, usually with a short story of his particular experience with a given weapon. It is not hard to detect the minor level of bullshit thrown in here and there. He doesn’t do it to impress anyone, he just seems like a wannabe storyteller. On the flight over, Casper will reveal to the surprise of everyone, that he is “pretty damn good” with guns and hand to hand. He doesn’t call himself a sniper but he can provide that role if he has to. “I’d much rather be in the mix of it all, little bit of head crushing and neck snapping with some long range cranial evacuations thrown in here and there.” Once we all land at the forward base, He will attentively listen to everyone’s input then offer his words of wisdom. “ I would like to see the site of the most recent attack as well. I might be able to pick up a scent or something. It would be nice if one us could track the beasts. “
  12. Casper shakes his head in disgust. Then he slightly smiles slightly. "Dontcha date put me in front of media unless you want the Triad, Mr Jones, or any other third world government unless you want to turn this whole op into a circus." He stands and looks at all the team. "If it has a trigger, I can shoot it. If I can put my hands on it, I can crush it. I am not overly fast on my feet but I mostly don't haveta be if ya know what mean." He winks silly at Fiona. "Hell. You get me a big gun like my Vicky and have someone cover my back, you won't need another team."
  13. Casper seems amused, if only for a moment, at the entrance of the Glamazon beauty. "Well, I certainly ain't a beauty here. And I don't know why the hell I am even here. This better be a target rich mission or I am outta here."
  14. Casper quietly observed the arrivals as he say with his chair positioned to rest his feet on an adjacent chair. When Abigail arrived and it appeared the team was rounding out he stands up and shakes her HAND when offered. Eyeballing her insignia he says; "I was assigned to some rangers few years back. Well trained group." Then he says to Gaalf; "Sir, I hope we got more legs'n this, save for G.I. Jane here, I ain't got hopes for this swaree yet." "And where'r my guns dammit, I need some time to prep."
  15. "Call me CJ." Casper looks around the room passively and then finds a seat where he can face the doorway(s). Quietly he then begins fiddling with his gear eventually settling for spinning his battle knife between his fingers.
  16. Casper stood a full head over the jack-hole who was presently blowing propaganda at him at how important this new job was. Then small man, from Caspers perspective who stood over 6,9”, had a very high opinion of himself and had obviously been fed enough smiles and rainbows to brainwash most people. Casper didn’t care about much; not the money he was getting, not the people he might be saving, and absolutely not the scientific discoveries that might be had with this new species prowling around. What he did care about was that he was going to be able to track something down and kill it with prejudice. Yeah, he cared about that a lot, and the waif of a redhead he just watched beat the hell out of some poor fools from the corner of his eye. *I bet she hasn’t had a real man in awhile.* *Ah, crap, come to think of it she’s prolly a dike.* Casper quietly gave up on his pornographic fantasy before it got started. Besides, the blowhard just gave him a room number to head to for mission debriefing. *Finally, people who know talent* he thought as he walked away, and admired from afar the lithe movements of the redhead. He sighed as he thought of the last few days. This trip had cost him his plane; he and Lilly had been all over the world together and now she’s brought down by some crazy mistake of evolution. Or maybe Earth was getting back at him for all his days working for the lumber mills. He entered the room strategically behind the redhead. *at least she’s good eye-candy. * He cast a grin at her and shamelessly stood several paces back keeping eye contact with her ass. “Casper Juliens. Reporting in.”
  17. If he does, it's coincidental. Never have I watched SoA. I was just looking for an unattractive badass.
  18. submitted. Casper Juliens. A no-nonsense man of few words. Likes fly small aircraft and kill things for no other reason than to say he has killed something. He does listen to orders and will generally be a 'good soldier' if directed.
  19. i would not mind giving this a go. I usually RUN the game, let me see if I can recall how to be a player.
  20. I have never left. Been stalking here from days of old. Just getting itchy and missing the old group here. I don't like any of the D20 systems out there and sadly on many sites (sorry to say I trolled some other sites) only D20 or DnD are the only games out there.
  21. I am talking old school non-D20 version? I know it had its faults and blaring loopholes but it's still a great game in my mind.
  22. Bummer... was looking forward to jumping on...
  23. I am such a superhero geek, its hard to do a bad movie for me...with the exception of late 80's and early 90's hero flicks. This looks awesome however. I cannot wait!!
  24. It only took another ten minutes of waiting. A black sedan motored up and took a parallel parking spot on the street adjacent to the park. The vehicle ran a bit low to the ground, likely armored. A man stepped out of the passenger side followed by the two backseat passengers. One of the passengers held a device in hand, probably a form of radar and simply set it down on the roof of the car. It began to send out ultra frequencies and Asche could sense the disturbances it was causing in surrounding frequencies, in particular microwave channels that most satellites used. This whole area was now under a blanket of secrecy. Observing the other three men here now he began to follow a new path of logic; everyone here now was security for the package. The delivery was probably waiting in the sedan but there was no way to be sure. From here Asche tuned his vision to peer through the vehicle and look at everything out of the ordinary. Cycling his vision through various frequencies and looking for various energy signatures he concluded there was simply nothing to tell from the contents of the vehicle. Even the men were of no real interest, none save one emanated a quantum pattern. This team here was practiced and definitely professional so Asche simply stayed himself and observed. From this distance he listened in. The nova from the car walked toward a park bench on the edge of the park. He was alone but not too far from the spotter in the dark looking over the water. The man removed an op-phone from his coat and pressed a few buttons then placed it back in his coat. A moment later, not ten feet away from him, three men appeared out of nowhere; They teleported in from somewhere prepared for the worst. One of the three was surging the quantum energies about him into a dome of energy around the three men while the second stood ready for an offense; his yellow glowing hands gave the tell he too was a nova. The third man, probably the teleporter, looked around the arrival area intently for a few seconds. Being satisfied with what he did not see, he signaled the man from the car to come over. “I assume you have the package ready.” Teleporter stated. “Yes but the silver man has a chair against the door. Dorothy is back from Kansas and not very happy.” “Is the baby-sitter with her boyfriend as usual?” “No. Called in the monkeys. Their swimming near the dock and are impatiently awaiting relief.” “Ok. Tell your people we owe them.” The teleporter appeared to concentrate a moment and then the three that arrived thirty seconds ago were gone. Asche was not happy at their exchange. The fact that they had an information manipulator spoke volumes. He remained still and memorized the pattern of the single man from the car who spoke in riddles. He and Asche were going to have a meeting later.
  25. I liked it over all... I did feel however that some of it took away from the feel of Aberrant and made it campy. But as mentioned already, I simply don't need to use those parts . Overall however, I am very appreciative. It was of no cost although the quality and workmanship was on par with other books I've paid for. My thanks..
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