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Aberrant: Dead Rising - Dead Rising Rumor Mill

Dawn OOC

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Here is how the Rumor Thread will work. There are two types of rumors: General, which everyone can know, and Hidden, which only certain people know. The Hidden rumors are those which are anti-establishment, so are not likely to be anyone who is associated with Fox and his men. Everyone can hear the General rumors, as they filter through the population at large. Only those who are definitely listed as having access to the Hidden rumors do. I've also added a list of people who can still have access to the Hidden rumors, if they want to make the effort to befriend the people whispering them (as you see Bond has already done).

Hidden: Bond

Undetermined: Ira, Walker, Albright, Wesson, Gabrielle

I expect a strict OOC info barrier to be maintained on this guys. I'm posting the rumors here in one place for ease. This doesn't make them accessible to your character. Having your character know a rumor he can't know is cheating and will be treated as such. If you want access to the Hidden rumors, talk to me and we can RP your entrance into that circle of people.

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General Rumors

James is an evil man who is *forcing* Jill, Jo, Jen, and (especially) Violet to stay with him. Any or all of them would welcome a 'real' man (as opposed to a freak) who could "save" them.

Jen isn’t seen much because she’s been locked up in the club by Violet. There is no idea what she’s subjected to.

The Supers are eating far more than their "fair share".

Violet and Fox are lovers, and Violet is manipulating things behind the scenes with her power over him. This is why she has one of the few buildings that is powered and has running water.

Violet convinced Fox to take in Jules, so that she can have threesomes with Fox.

Jules seduced Fox, and rules the compound through him.

Priest is sleeping with all his women (though not his daughter. clearly), and that’s why he and his guard them so zealously. The reason the other men guard them is because Priest shares his pussy.

The new red-headed doctor can alter the weather, and create earthquakes.

If the z-virus cure is found, it will cure the supers, too.

Fox’s raiding is to find more women for growing a harem, something which he plans to do for all the male supers.

“Bond” is actually Daniel Craig, who went mad from the virus.

Bond is here to help restore the United States, on orders of the Queen.

Fox has found a way to attract supers, making the Refuge safe. Some say that’s actually Violet’s power, and that’s why Fox is so lenient with her.

There are ways that a super can “infect” others with super-powers, too. There are rumors that these powers are transmitted through sex, which may be why that woman of Fox’s has powers, as well as one of Priest’s women.

Priest is here to take what he can get from the Refuge; then he'll move on.

Click to reveal.. (Hidden Rumors)
Dan is alone because he flipped out on his family and killed them all in a blood rage.

There is a group of people in the compound who are going to take it over and show the supers how to do things right. They’re getting organized, and they have a plan.

People are angry that there is time and resources for a bar, but not a school. No one’s brave enough to tell off Fox about it – yet.

Gabrielle was killed by Violet while they were gone on-mission. Why else would Violet have gone?

Violet can control emotions and make a man have sex with her. Several men in camp are her victims.

Fox brought a bitten woman into the compound, violating his own rules. He then moved that same woman into his personal quarters, effectively denying anyone else a chance at her.

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Violet has a less-pretty sister who is retarded. Her caregiver is a weird guy in an ugly orange car. Violet's sister and her boyfriend/minder were driven off by James after Violet tried to seduce him.

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"Hey Joe, did you hear that James showed up at the gate naked this morning?"

"Yeah, and get this, after that he didn't go directly back to Violet's."

"No way. Violet would welcome him naked with open..." :Hack: :Spit:

"No, that's the thing. They kicked him out."

"What! You gotta be kidding me."

"Truth. I got that direct from John, who got it from a guy who actually spoke to James himself on the wall. James is seriously broken up about losing his women."

"Serves the bastard right if you ask me."

"Hell yeah. I don't know what he did, or more likely, 'who' he did. The important thing is..."

"I can see the important thing. Violet, Jill, Jo, and Jennifer are all up for grabs."

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"Hey, Joe, I heard why Violet left James."

"Yeah, yeah, I know. She's with Dan now."

"You're forgetting. James came in the gate naked that morning."

"So? Wasn't the first time, won't be the last. Dude is invulnerable but his clothes aren't. Whenever he gets in a serious fight... oh."

"You see it now?

"Yeah. Violet said she'd go with the winner. James showed up naked because he lost a fight, so Dan must have taken him. James is stronger but speed wins."

"Right. And that raises the question of..."

"I see it. Who can beat Dan. Or maybe that's, if the deck were stacked enough, could any of us do it?"

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"Hey, did you hear? Titzilla is pregnant."

sarcastically "That's a shock. I'm only surprised it took this long."

"Apparently, she did magic to get knocked up."

"She needed magic? What, did her boobs crowd out her ovaries?"

"I think it's just that James is throwing blanks; Dan's pistol was loaded."

"It'd be hilarious if that muscle-bound ass was sterile."

"You mean it'd be a blessing. Though... he's not so bad. He works on the walls and goes on raids."

"When you pay him."

"Not about the walls, he's done that for a while."

"No, man, that was punishment for keeping that Jennifer chick locked up against her will. Fox made him work the wall for that."

voices drift away, still talking

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There is a new super-girl up for grabs. The hot Indian chick is fair game again.

Violet's already cheating on Dan. She slept with those visitors that stopped by while Dan was gone. She also tried to snag James again.

Why are only the super women pregnant?

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(Olympus Only)

All mortal women have been sterile since Z-day. Nashwa, who is pregnant with Ares' child, wasn't an exception. Venus can undo the sterility curse for others as part of being a fertility goddess. She gave Ares a child out of remorse for not carrying his. She considers this a minor favor.

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