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Wreckin' Crew (Discussion)

Warren Verona

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The Directive is using codenames, obviously. For those not familiar with Norse mythology and would like help with a few of the terms here they are. These are loose definitions by the way I see no reason to list every factoid.

Asgard - The home of the gods. (Heaven, so to speak)

Aesir - The gods in Norse mythology that favored war over peace.

Heimdall - The guardian of Asgard, he protected the Bifrost bridge, the only means to enter Asgard.

Bifrost - A mystical bridge that could take one from the Earth to Heaven. Heimdall guarded it.

Mjolnir - Every geek should know this. It's the name of Thor's hammer. Appropriate considering the name of the cannon.

Einherjar - The souls of the greatest warriors on earth. Mortals promoted to minor-gods. (Novas, so to speak.)

Oh, after the Aesir post I'll be stopping to wait for CeCe to post. I want to make sure he doesn't get left behind.

Cosmic Comet - The Directive will be sending a few novas to deal with CC and Revenant. A warp gate will open and CeCe will be attacked from behind. Aside from that, have fun with it bro! Blow some shit up.

To Everyone Else - Revenant has already tapped that little button on his WCK decoder ring that means "If this light is flashing, tell Velvet I loved her, and I did this for her."

Note - I don't want this to turn into WW3. But it's been said the Directive crossed the line and I see no reason why a few novas would not take the fight to their doorstep, or at least stand up in defense of what they feel is the right thing to do. You do not fire a Deathstar at a minority race and expect no reprisals.

So a few novas get into fights, the Directive has to fend them off with a stick, their reps have to deal with the UN or whomever the Directive chats with. For the next few weeks (months) it seems to me like there would be a lot of fecal matter hitting the oscillator. We can all have fun kicking the crap out of each other and waging our personal wars, then the heat dies down, the Directive pretty much'll get away with it, and life will move on.

In the mean time, it's war.

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She's welcome, I'm not very familiar with her I certainly think it will be cool see the works of a 'new' character.

One point of note however please ladies and gentleman, if there are those who are going to get in on the action in space, please no one involve their character in any combat until CC has had the opportunity to post his 2 cents.

In gameish terms, not matter how fast you think you can move, everyone will be acting on turns after Revenant and CC have already gone. I personally do not mind so much, but CC can only post at work so he's slower to post than some of us. I'd like for us to take that into consideration and give him a chance to keep up.

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Alright. It's now open court. As more and more novas arrive the Directive will send more opposition (to a max of 6).

No need for stastics, just assume that they would be able to hold their own against your character. If you wanna win, then win, if you wanna lose for drama, then lose.

Your call.

Have fun people.

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Originally Posted By: The White Rat
It seems that an organization like the Directive would have a self-destruct contigency in place for this exact sort of thing. The satellite would probably overload and explode, if it was tampered with in any way.

Originally Posted By: Michael McGee
If I was a Directive spook designing such a thing, I'd have it fire eclipdisol at any human-shaped target that touches it without specific maintenance access.

Or both! grin
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