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Here ya go people. These are three teleport extras I came up with. I'm placing them here because I would like to submit them to use on N!Prime for all players to enjoy. However, before we do that we need to make sure that we are all in agreement on how these should work so that we can all enjoy them.

That said, these are opened up or critique. Please debate (with me and amongst yourselves) so that we can balance these to the best of our ability for optimal enjoyment. Once you are all satisfied, I will submit them for use on N!Prime.

One thing you will notice is that all of them reward players for achieving high dot scores in their relevant powers. I'm aware that no other extras permit this sort of twist on a power and it is unique to my style (as far as I know) of game play. Hopefully you all will approve of this little tweak of customization.

So, here we go...

Flicker inspired this extra. Thanks Flicker!

When I thought of how she does her blinking thing (her aberration) it got me to thinking one day. I designed this extra as a way to make a person who is primarily a teleporter a bit more fun without draining every QP they had away.

Jaunt (Teleport Extra)

The nova is permitted to make ‘jaunts’ at no quantum cost. Their node channels ambient quantum energies a lot more efficiently and burns them off instead of the nova’s own internal reserves.

System: For each dot in Teleport the nova may ‘jaunt’ up to 3 meters (10 feet is the base we used). This use of the power is free (no quantum cost) but has a few drawbacks. The nova may teleport to only familiar places (to the kitchen, back to their room, to the tool shed out back). Any situation that requires the nova to do anything but casual action negates the use of this extra (e.g. any action requiring a die roll, like combat, or catching a forward pass). Aside from that, the nova may ‘blink’ in and out of places as often as she likes.

At Teleport ●●●● – The jaunt distance increases to ½ mile per dot in Teleport, also the nova has mastered his ability enough to use ‘teleport’ normally as if the extra was not there (the power remains level three, but the nova only spends 2 quantum points to activate it).

At Teleport ●●●●● – The jaunt distance increases to 1 mile per dot in Teleport, also the nova has complete mastery over his abilities at this point, the cost for normal teleporting is reduced to 1 quantum point per activation.


This extra, I’ll admit, was inspired by the scene in X-Men 2 when Nightcrawler wipes the floor with the agents in the white house. I was truly in awe of how cool that scene was, in my opinion that is how a teleporter fights, and fighting one would be damn difficult. While watching two telporters in combat would be nothing but a blur of teleportations and combat maneuvers as each attempted to out ‘bampf’ the other looking for a weak spot.

Flicker (Teleport Extra)

The nova may teleport in rapid succession. These extra teleports are rarely accurate and require intense concentration, but novas that have taken the time to master this ability are truly awe inspiring to watch. This extra is also called “Army of One” or “From The Shadows” for more combat oriented novas. This Extra must be added to the power when its first dot is purchased (your node either allows you to manipulate quantum this way or it doesn’t). Even with this extra, the nova is permitted to use Teleport normally if they choose too. This extra is not compatible with the ‘Multitasking’ enhncement, the node is already stressed by performing multiple teleports that the nova must focus on destinations and accuracy, forgoing his ability to effortlessly shrug off dice penalties.

System: This extra may be used as an offensive version of combat teleport. For each dot he character posses in Teleport they may spend one additional QP and take an extra action that turn. This differs from quickness in that each extra action suffers a cumulative –2 dice penalty (-2 for the first action, -4 for the second, -6 for the third, etc.) as well as a –2 initiative penalty. For each dot in Perception (not Mega-Perception) the nova possesses, the dice penalty is reduced by one, this cannot result in bonus dice. The fist opponent attacked is considered ‘Off-Balance’ (blind sided) and the nova receives a +2 to bonus to their dice rolls for that action. After this first attack the element of surprise is gone and most opponents know that the teleporter coming out from somewhere, so are more alert. Each action must be taken separately and the destination must be at least 3 meters (per dot in Teleport, the better you are, the farther people can be) from the point of origin of the previous action.

Example: Jack Flack uses ‘Flicker’ to attack some thugs who are assaulting Lady Ace. He has Teleport 2 and Perception 3. He spends 4 Quantum Points (2 for Teleport, 2 for extra actions). His first attack is at -/+0 and his second attack suffers a –1 dice penalty (-2 +3 = 0, -4 +3 = -1). His first target is completely blind sided so Jack Flack gains a +2 bonus to attack rolls against him.

Example 2: Five skeet are launched into the air and Jack Flack wants to show off by plucking each of them from the sky. He now has Teleport 5, Perception 5, Mega-Perception 2 (see below). He spends 5 Quantum Points (1 for each action, see below). His dice pools are now +0, +0, +0, +0, -2. He succeeds in all his ‘catch the skeet’ rolls and in five incredibly rapid blinks is now holding the five skeet and has large grin on his face. Since objects cannot be caught blind sided, the +2 bonus for his fist roll did not apply to this example.

At Teleport ●●● - The nova no longer pays for teleportation, only the extra actions. This only applies when using the Teleport power with the ‘Flicker’ extra.

At Teleport ●●●● – The nova may now add their Mega-Perception score to assist in removing the dice penalty. So at Perception 5, Mega-Perception 5 the nova suffers no dice penalties for extra actions.

At Telport ●●●●● – For each attack the nova makes on an opponent, that opponent is considered blindsided. Also each action may now be against the same opponent/object with only a –1 initiative penalty. The nova is now that fast and that accurate!


Something that has always bothered me is not being able to teleport enough weight. I’ve always thought that Attunement, while balanced, didn’t permit enough glory to the whole teleporter lifestyle. This was my solution. It allows a nova to stress their abilities and, often times, look like the hero.

Hauler (Teleport Extra)
(I'm looking for a different name, unless you all think this one works okay.)

Perquisite: Minimum Attunement ●

This rare extra allows a nova to expand on his powers of attuning his quantum signature to objects permitting the nova to carry items or people along with him/her while he/she teleports. This process is taxing however and places most nova’s in a state of exhaustion since most novas can only handle bout 100kg before there is stressed beyond it’s limits.

System:The nova may spend one quantum point as well as suffer one unsoakable bashing health level of damage to attune additional 10kg. This additional weight is cumulative to any weight the nova is already permitted via their attunement background. The nova may not spend any more nova points than what is permitted by their node rating. The nova may not spend several turns ‘charging’ a massive object, if they cannot carry the entire attuned load in a single use of attunement then they cannot carry the weight.

The nova has the option (if their node rating is high enough) of spending all of their bashing health, and carrying the damage into their lethal health level as well, the damage is not suffered until after the teleportation is made. Yes, if necessary, the nova may kill themselves if they attune something too large for their bodies to handle.

Example: Flicker has Attunement ●●●●●. We all know this. This permits her to attune 100kg. She has a node rating of ●●● (I’m guessing for sake of the example.). She finds herself trapped in a crumbling building with a class of eight small children (est. @ about 20kgs each for a total of 160kg). She flares her node as the children gather around her. Flicker spends three quantum points to activate teleport plus spends additional 7 quantum points (1 to attune 100kg, and 6 to attune an additional 60kg). Her and the children teleport to safety but when they arrive at their destination Flicker collapses to the ground with a throbbing headache as waves of weariness wash over her as she suffers 6 unsoakable bashing health levels, but it was worth it. The children are safe.

At Teleport ●●●● – The nova may now transport up to 25kg per quantum point spent.

At Teleport ●●●●● – The nova is now at a level of skill where they are able to shrug off the fatigue of pushing their node a lot faster than others with this extra. The nova may now soak the damage with their Stamina (Mega-Stamina may be used as well). No other factors (Armor (worn or the power), Invulnerability, or any other excuse the player comes up with.) may assist with this soak. Stamina enhancements (like resiliency) are considered part of ‘Stamina only Soak’.

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Gets the nod from me, but I think the significant decrease in multiple action penalties for Flicker could be blunted a bit. It just strikes me as a bit much in its current incarnation. Otherwise, I like them all a lot.

Oh, one minor nit to pick:

Originally Posted By: Primal
This extra may be used as an offensive version of combat teleport.

Yes. As opposed to Combat Teleport, which is in no way offensive. That's why 'COMBAT' is in the name. =P

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Originally Posted By: Seph OOC
Gets the nod from me, but I think the significant decrease in multiple action penalties for Flicker could be blunted a bit. It just strikes me as a bit much in its current incarnation.

This was actually difficult for me to balance. However the "Quickness" enhancement permits someone to take as many actions at he or she has "Quickness" with no penalty. As we all know if you have Quickness 4 than you get 5 actions at no dice penalty, if you choose.

Now since "Quickness" is an enhancement and "Flicker" is a Power Extra I wanted it to come out a bit stronger in the end (which is why at Teleport 5 every action you take on an opponents gets +2 dice on the attack). As it stands now however "Flicker" starts a bit weaker than "Quickness" but ends up better.

If someone has an idea of how to alter this, I’m all for it.

As it stands now, an incredibly perceptive and skilled nova may use this in the same manner as they would "Quickness", however until they hit Teleport 5, they are required to strike seperate opponents.

Yes. As opposed to Combat Teleport, which is in no way offensive. That's why 'COMBAT' is in the name. =P

Apparently because you can TP and flank someone one it's a combat maneuver. It's always bugged the hell out of me too.
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