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  1. I'm thinking about jumping in, whether I bring in Troy, Lina, or Leon is beyond me at this point. I might just make someone new. I love making characters.
  2. Lina closed her eyes, and the situation was getting tedious. He told her not to be around, but he just chased her out of the club. He wants her to turn herself in to a list of crimes as long as her leg. She was sixteen and a nova. More so, she'd grown accustomed to not having papers written about her. She was no longer something that people stopped and stared at. She had disappeared off of the radar of the media and the people. Lina stopped and looked at him. It was a long and sad look. People were walking around them, but were staring at the same time. Her hands wrapped around the collar of his shirt and she pulled him close. Her eyes were full of tears. It looked like she wanted to speak, but her mouth wouldn't let her. She let go of him, closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Than she stepped away from him and began running down the street, disappearing within a few seconds.
  3. Lina kept dancing, staring at him. She was expecting for him to say more, much more. The words were a shot in the dark, and Lina was realizing she had just been hit. Her body slowly came to a stop, like it had to work out its momentum. Her eyes were a combination of fear and anger, like a wounded animal. When she had come to a stop, she was staring into his eyes. She still couldn't believe it. What did he want? Did he want her to go to jail? Did he want her to change into herself? Lina felt the pressure in her face building, and she knew she was going to cry. Her brother disappeared and her boyfriend didn't want to be with her. "You sure know how to ruin a moment, Daniel." Her voice was wounded, and barely cut over the music. "I'm going to go disappear now. Goodbye." She stepped past him and towards the door. She back towards him, still moving. She bumped into a pew people, but paid no mind to it. "Goodbye for good." She turned and once she made it to the door, she turned down the street. Vegas was standing in the doorway and watched her go. He took a long stare at Ravenshire, than followed Lina.
  4. She had to smirk, both in and out of this character she was playing. It was a devious smirk, one that only the most convoluted of plans could ever bring about. Here she was, a different her, acting a part that she'd been attempting to perfect. It was a blunt form, which she was beginning to become. Lina was slowly becoming the illegal documentation of a fake name. It didn't bother her in the least. "A nova asking a mere baseline to dance?!" She gave a loud guffaw, as if drawing more attention. It was a good way for others to not expect it was her. She looked around the room with her arms held spread out. "I apparently need to give lip to every guy I think is hot." She looked around and spotted at least three woman who were prettier than her, but his invitation was a valid one. So far, everything has been done safely, so long as Ravenshire was still performing his normal routine, and she knew he wasn't stupid enough to go against his routine at a time like this. "I'll grant you your wish. Maybe you'll be good at dancing." She smirked and walked onto the dance floor. She drew him close, but not immediately making contact. She infused jumping with the rhythmic dancing that was average, giving her a unique and energetic way to move about while still staying in character. It was only a short minute later after checking his moves that he allowed her to move in to contact her. The feeling was what she had spent her time looking forward to since she last saw him. Her other senses were numb in comparison, and each touch echoed pleasure through her nervous system.
  5. Lina had waited for his words. They landed in her ears sweet like honey, and they were welcome. He could have been telling her to clear out of the way, but it was simply enough. She had to make a decision. Play it cool as her instincts told her or act star-struck. Well, it took her this long, she might as well act. She looked around, as if suddenly noticing that all the members of the band surrounded her. She looks timidly at him as if asking if she was in his way, but got a silent reply from him as if it said 'yes, I was talking to you.' "To be honest, I was expecting more. I came all the way out from my hole on the West Side to see this." She blushed mildly as she took his gently. Her eyes explored the room, finding that many women were staring at her, green with envy. 'And if they only knew.' She heard. It was Vegas. She ignored him. Lina moved to the other side of Ravenshire, avoiding his hand. "I don't mean to disrespect a nova.. " she went to walk away but turned back to him. ".. In fact.. what makes you so special? Ooh! You're a nova?! What the fuck can you do thats so special that makes all these people want to come here and see you?" She paused than got in his face. The urge to kiss him was stronger than she expected, and she was starting to create a scene. "I know its not play guitar."
  6. Lina smiled as he seemed to noticed her. More of his attention was diverted to the crowd and when she heard him begin to play she knew he was singing to her. She hid her excitement, though, as hiding her emotions had become standard. She enjoyed the song, as it felt personal. Everyone around seemed to think that the song was sung personally to them, and maybe thats how he sung it that made that feeling. Lina knew that he knew who she was, and that the song was to her. The words, the way he sung it, everything. It was like he was talking to her. She closed her eyed and let his words flow into her, stealing her emotions away from the place they hid. She knew she had to get away. She smiled at Ravenshire quickly as he looked her way and took off back towards the bar. Her mood had lightened, and fortunately no one had seen the exchange of a smile. It was so very dangerous for her to be here, with Ravenshire. She'd have to come up with something where she could be alone with him. But now, she hoped he would come speak to her at the bar. She ordered another water and handed the bartender the empty way. He took it with a nod and turned away. She looked to her left and than to her right. Two empty stools with drunkards on the far sides of each. Everyone focused on the band, she felt alone. She knew that Vegas was still watching her from far away through her mind, but that was little comfort. She could still see Ravenshire on stage, and was happy to be around him once more. She heard a voice to her right, but it was immediately surreal. She ignored it for a time, than it spoke again. "Hey!" Lina looked, and found that it was one of the eyes that had seen her move to the stage. It was just some guy. Lina half smiled and grabbed her bottle of water. "Enjoying the band?" He said, looking back and forth between the band and her, smiling like an idiot. "Mildly. I wanted to check out the Nova." She said harshy, trying to be uninviting. "Oh yeah? His name is Daniel. I can introduce you to him, if you like." He was still grinning like an idiot. Lina looked at him suspiciously. If he did actually know Ravenshire, it could be a great public reason for her to be around him. Either way, it was going to be funny for her. "The names Jake." He held out a hand to her. She looked away from him, smiling. She took a sip of the water. "Come back when the band is done." Her attention was focused on Ravenshire. The man named Jake turned to look at the band, waiting where he was for the band to stop playing.
  7. Lina's throat became dry as she saw the band enter stage. Ravenshire had changed his appearance, not much, but he certainly had. Her eyes fixated on him and she must've gotten a foreign look on her, as she heard a voice in her head and knew it was a warning. What it said didn't matter, but Lina knew it was Vegas. She looked at him cautiously and he was looking away from her. She followed his eyes to a group on onlookers. Their stare was at her and Vegas. One of them was entirely too familiar, but Lina couldn't place a name or situation. Vegas filled it in for her. "He was one of the guys at the cabin." Vegas mentally said to her. He stood up and walked away. "It's me they are curious about. I'll keep my mind on you, don't make this like Chicago." Lina was nervous. She'd made it all this way to New York City, and she was almost never away from Vegas. She'd gotten used to his company, and the looming presence he had upon people who might have attempted to talk to her. Vegas had this aura of bad feeling which kept most people away, and she was fine with that. The band introduced themselves and Lina tried not to stare intently. They didn't take long to start playing, and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Most people were dancing, but Lina could do nothing but watch Ravenshire. She was still hoping he would notice her, but she acknowledged she was just a face in the crowd. She took a swig of the water and stood up. The music wasn't really her thing. She had found that most New York City local bands didn't really do it for her. She caught a few eyes from a guy or three who all seemed to be standing around, taking inventory of tonights 'meat'. Lina fluidly moved up through the crowd, trying to get to the front. There weren't many people but the considerable concentration seemed to be around the Nova, Ravenshire. Most were women, and Lina wondered if Ravenshire had his own set of groupies. Futhermore, she wondered if Dark Spiral knew about Ravenshire's band, and had been to any of his performances. Lina blended in with the group of girls, mostly. Not many of them looked like they had a punk attitude, as the SoHo crowd tonight was very glam. Lina would be perfect for it when she lived in the area, but that was a time passed. Lina fixated on Ravenshire once more, dancing and jumping with the tightly-packed crowd which she had taken temporary residence in. She knew that the entire situation would be different if they had any idea that she was a Nova. She was two people back from Ravenshire, but could see him like she was standing right next to him.
  8. The city streets of New York City were something at Lina had once held on high. They were more than she could ever hope to have in her life, something that she wondered if she would ever see. Years have passed since than, and she was part of some elite group of humans if they could even be called that. She felt like she was larger than any city now and more people knew her name than she cared to think about. A lot of people were very, very angry with her, but she lost her sense of empathy towards others. Others feelings didn't seem to matter and she always put herself first. Right now was no exception. It was broad daylight, and she was hiding in plain sight. She knew that she couldn't do something as foolish as go to her home, if it was even her home anymore. Going near Ravenshire would be an obvious move for someone trying to anticipate her moves, but it was something she wanted to risk. Besides, she had two new weapons. She'd frequented a few cities on her way to New York, like Chicago, Detroit, Montreal, Buffalo, and Albany. Each time she strolled down the busy streets or through the busy malls, no one paid her any mind for anything other than some little punk kid. One of her new weapons came in the form of a power. It happened in the first city, Chicago. As she walked into the mall, covered with layers and layers of make-up and clothes, she looked like a doll. It was almost as suspicious as a white-faced girl. As she walked, everyone watched her with curiosity and disgust. She felt embarrassed for such a faulty attempt to blend in. She walked into a store to escape from sight of the masses and the employees were obviously suspicious. She wore sunglasses, obvious layers of make-up, and a dorky looking hat. An alerted security guard requested her presence and escorted her back to his office. After demanding she remove the glasses and hat, it appeared her skin had changed back to its normal, fleshy color. Her aberration had been masked, and she looked just like any other girl. The other weapon was her traveling companion and bodyguard, Vegas. Lina fast-talked her way out of the office and as the guard realized she fast-talked him and went to give chase. He became immobile and now has no recollection of the encounter. She dyed her hair and bought new clothes. She found that she occasionally needed to refresh her ability that hid her aberrations, but she was very, very thankful that she could. Nobody really saw her, but they just saw some random, average looking girl. And Vegas was a normal looking guy anyway. When she arrived in New York, Vegas used his contacts to obtain fake I.D.'s for both him and Lina. Lina was satisfied with her picture and her new age of twenty two, so she decided that she would somehow get a hold of Ravenshire. Vegas didn't want her to but he knew it wasn't his decision. They found out, almost immediately, that Ravenshire had been hanging around a club called The Stay, performing with a band. And on the night she braved showing up, she wore a new favorite shirt of hers, a black tight shirt with white skeleton bones printed on the front. They requested her ID, and she passed in for the age of twenty two from a combination of the valid ID and that she was a girl, and girls brought in crowds. "The Simple Truth.. " Lina said out loud, knowing that Vegas would hear her. "..The bands." "Don't be harking on The bands." Vegas said. "Besides, would you prefer Simple Truth?" "No, but I would prefer A Simple Truth." They were closing in on an open table. "Like A Simple Plan?" Vegas said smiling. He was wearing an open leather jacket with a tight brown shirt underneath it. His hair was messy, and he looked high. "I see your point." Lina responded, sounding embarrassed and defeated. She sat down at the small, two chaired table and Vegas walked off towards the bar. She looked around, wondering if she would be able to find Ravenshire, looking for the long blond hair. The club was beginning to fill out with spectators looking to see a good band, but the band was yet to be seen. Lina wondered if they had a backstage, but decided she better not wander. There were a few faces in the crowd who just seemed to be looking for other people. "They look like undercover cops." Lina said as Vegas showed back up with an open bottle of beer and a water bottle. He passed the bottle to Lina and looked around. "Maybe looking for underage drinkers." He gave Lina a look. She looked away from him, and wiped some of the white and black hair from her face, her thoughts on if Ravenshire would recognize her or not.
  9. Lina brought in the unexpected words with a smile as he softly caresses her ear with his mouth. The suggestion made her more anxious than she wanted, and she had wanted it to the point of insanity before. Her hands reached to his shirt, than slid up the back of it. “Here is fine.” She said to him, than softly bit his neck while her hands scratched his back roughly. She pushed forward onto him, both crashing onto the ugly couch. Lina straddled him and pulled his shirt to his head, but not enough to actually make it over. It blinded him, but Lina knew that Ravenshire knew what she was doing. Her mouth found his shoulders, than chest. Her left arm held the shirt in place while the other felt his arm.
  10. "No, the company went for a walk. Our cabin is abandoned, save us." She smiled at him. The kiss was wonderful. The kiss was fantastic. The kiss was extraordinary. She'd been waiting for that since he left the last time, and now she was angry with herself for letting him leave before. "But i'm sure he will be back in a few hours, so you'll meet him eventually." She wanted him so badly. She led him inside by the hand, thinking to herself. It was nice to have privacy again. "What is the situation with Robert?" She had other thoughts, but it might be nice to act concerned.
  11. Lina stared at the ceiling for a minute, hearing the voice after the knock. Its him. She thought that to herself, than thought come in. There was no response, than she remembered she had to speak. "Come in." She yelled from the other room, than waited for a noise. There was a shaking of a door knob, and than Lina thought Kyle probably locked it on his way out. She opened the door to her bedroom, than swiftly moved across the living area to the door. "Hold on.. " She said softly, but loud enough for him to hear easily. She acted as if she was fiddling with locks, while taking a deep breath and preparing herself. She opened the door, and caught herself looking into his chest. She forgot his head height, and realized it'd been too long since she'd seen him while in a clear frame of mind. She looked to his head, where his mid-length blond hair resided, and she decided to wrap her arms around him immediately. She didn't speak, as her actions did that for her. Her head was nuzzled into his chest, and she kept thinking I love you but forgot that she needed to speak. "I missed you so much.. "
  12. Lina stood up from her laying position, leaving the laptop abandoned on her bed. She was wearing a pair of black sweat pants and a red hooded sweatshirt that came to her down to her mid-thigh. As she reached her arms above her head, and arched her back, she seemed to crack with a moan. There was a knock on the door, and Lina ignored it. Suddenly the door opened, and there stood the Nova who had once taken her captive. “Sitting here is driving me crazy!” He yelled at her, looking anxious and angry. She just looked at him, annoyed. “I’ll barge in where ever I damn well please.” He told her. She went to a mirror and began inspecting herself. “No! I don’t want to go for a damn walk. I want to go to a fucking city! I want to get wasted and kick the ass of another nova.” She just continued to keep quiet and he left the room. She kept him, and only him as a guard. Everyone else she made leave. After another moment, he came back and slammed the door shut. Lina giggled to herself and the front door slammed shut. It was quiet as she sat upon her bed, feeling lethargic but excited. She didn’t expect him for a few hours at least so she closed her eyes and thought of his touch. She had missed it all to much, but now the wait was over, or at least it would be soon. It seemed like only minutes later when she heard a knock.
  13. But Coyote isn't forcing Kara into her way of thought, she is just objecting and mildly insulting. You can't make the distinction of totalitarian until someone does something totalitarian, otherwise you are just wrong. Not all assholes are totalitarian, but all totalitarians are assholes.
  14. Kara, I'm happy for you! I wish I could help out, but I'm currently unavailable. Good luck though!
  15. So, I was looking over at the White Wolf wiki site, and I decided to read all about Divis and his fantastical escapades. At the end of the artical, it says that there are a group of people out there who think that when Divis leaves Earth, he uses the "Create Universe" power, and creates World of Darkness with himself as Caine. There is also Exalted, which places Mal as The Unconquered Sun. The best one is where people think that Exalted is the precurser to WoD, and Divis placed himself as the most powerful character in both. I got a kick out of this, and decided that other people needed to hate me more. Because, really. If bringing this up doesn't make you hate me, than nothing short of Professer X jumping up out of his wheelchair, clad in camo and a AK-47, while yelling "The time for talk is over! Now is the time for action!" will inspire such feelings of hate.
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