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  1. The three months and change since the Mexico City quake had definitely been Active ones. Humanitarian Aid poured in like never before, and while much of the city was in ruins, and work was still being done, looking now for corpses, to give the survivors closure, still great strides had been made, and A temporary settlement had been raised to house the many who did survive. What few novas who could control weather patterns were quickly employed to do so, keeping storms at bay and providing temperatures that the many workers and military personnel could function in without great inconvenience. ,, Of Course, the DSA's novas received the lion's share of the good press, through the efforts of Telluris, Vixen, Connor, and everyone else, Things were kept running smoothely. It was Karrie however who made a more startling discovery. Studying the tectonics, and all the readings provided by Rob, as well as a testimony provided by Connor, There was mounting evidence that something might have caused this quake. The entire region was unstable yes, but the volcanoes had been lying dormant for a long time, and the crustal plates were moving far far less than others. The Factors simply didn't add up for such a quake to have occurred. Of course Horst immediately classified the information as top secret, at least until the smoking gun could be produced. In an Emergency meeting with the President and Chief's of Staff, he did lay out the preliminary reports, receiving authorization to pursue this with the full abilty of the DSA. ,, Due to Japan's own well developed studies of earthquakes, the Decision was made and authorized to enlist the aid of Department Zero, adding their expertise to the DSA's. It became something altogether different, when some similarities to the Tohoku quake of March 2011 were revealed. ,, The DSA maintained a strong presence on site, the rubble was being cleared away of the old city, and already plans were being made to rebuild, though for many the question was "Should we rebuild over the bones of the old city once again, or Relocate somewhere more tenable. At any rate it was a massive undertaking, and both local buisnesses and American ones were on-site, drawn by the promise of work, and the lure of money. Many survivors worked side by side with the relief teams, they knew the area better, and one could feel the palpable awe and gratitude when a nova was found at the center of a workparty, or descended from the sky to assist. ,, ,,
  2. "No, I suppose not, we're not constantly pranking each other, and there's never been handcuffs and "Pirate Booty" involved with us." He smiled happily, as if the sun shone down in that moment, and he sighed. "If we brought the two of them in, they might actually make real sets of the armor, and it would probably be functional." ,, He laughed. "Horst would kill me stone dead for even considering that option." ,, The attendant brought the check for them, and he paid, smirking at the look from Kitty. "My idea, my treat tonight." ,, "If you want the next one, well, provided there is one, It's yours." ,, "Can I take you back to your hotel?" ,, The ball was in her court once again, he didn't have expectations from his tone, he was back to being his usual friendly and helpful self, the man she'd known before.
  3. "Fair enough, Sean." Connor's voice preceded him from the prefab structure where he'd been resting. "You want to step up and wear the big shoes, then so be it. You will need an adult Chaperone." He looked at Kei. "Just to make sure there's no backlash, Kei, I'm dragooning you into being their chaperone, as a fully certified field agent. You will be their guardian angel, but do not interfere with them helping people." ,, He smiled to Sean. "We are all here to help, and right now, All of us are needed. I trust you can stomach this arrangement." It was a statement, more than a question, and coming from someone very very few people could say no to and make it stick... Well it carried some weight. He was giving them what they wanted, a chance to help, but saddling them with a chaperone. ,, He smiled. "Just do what you can to help these people, that's all I really ask. Don't add any further stress to their lives, or those of the others trying to help by letting little outbursts like this divide us. Me stand together, as one, to help the survivors."
  4. Damn these Sherlock fangirls.....least she didn't say David Tennant...... He nodded. "Well if he's willing to do it, we can offer him the part." He looked down and set about finishing the second plate of food. "Anything else you would like to have, or anyone else you want to involve? I was thinking we could even see if Dr. Richardson would like to be in the movie, not all AI are human-looking after all, and One of the ships we're looking at is the Yamato, a Kitsune AI makes a sort of sense there."
  5. He nodded once and answered back. "True enough, but most anyone we use will have that sort of of dissonance. Unless we go with someone relatively unknown, which is an option." ,, He nodded. "The battle would be real enough, an actual combat scene. Mark Hamil just came to mind because he has the characteristics we'd look for, he's very animated when he works, even for his voice over work." ,, He looked at her. "You have someone in mind you'd like to have as your Arch Enemy?"
  6. He smiled, "You know we could each take a camera with us, film our daily lives, and put it on the screen as a documentary, and it would still class as a blockbuster." ,, "As far as Kevin Bacon, if he wants to Produce, that's fine. Maybe even a speaking roll in the show, A captain of one of the Starships, perhaps. I never meant to be the only show in town, or at least I don't want it to be that only movies with novas get watched. I've set up funding for several indie films myself, keeping my real name out of it, just so that it's not the Tarantino effect." ,, "What?" ,, "You know, If Tarantino has anything to do with any movie, people will go see it...Not as director, actor or anything, just some involvement, people go see those movies. They already do that with you and I." ,, He finished off the first plate of his food and smiled. Kieth David and Richard Epcar approached me about doing voice work together. I was thinking we could have them voice the Sangheli antagonists." ,, "Word got out fast that we'd both be involved, and we could make this a mega ensemble cast if we wanted. Warner Brothers has essentially given us the greenlight, on whatever we choose, and funding shouldn't be an issue since alot of the special effects work is cut out." ,, "One thing that I did see in some of the scripts, is them wanting an AI duel. If we go that route, with you as the AI, they're going to make the enemy one fully rampant and insane. I was thinking that we could Tap Mark Hamil to provide the voice and motion capture, since you know, his version of the Joker is by far my favorite..."
  7. He nodded. "Alright Kitty." He was abit shaken by it, but resolved that it would be alright in time. He knew he would just have to wait. "The meeting for the charity went pretty well.."
  8. "no one is, We're human Kitty." He looked at her and gave her an innocent smile. "For all our amazing powers and abilities, at the end of the day, we are fundamentally human, it's how we grew up." Helooked at the waitress coming to them. "Now, I will wait for you, as long as it takes, I'm very sorry I hurt you." ,, He nodded. "Would you like to get something to eat now?" ,, His smile changed slightly. "As for not being perfect, I think perfection is somewhat boring. It's the imperfections that make life interesting in my opinion. I think Wonderful and amazing better describe you."
  9. He looked at her. "I don't know. I do know that she had no concept of holding back her abilities, and was she actively trying to seduce me, I'd have to say yes on that. Did Quantum influence it? I want to tell you yes definitely, but I won't lie."" ,, He looked at her, and sighed. "I'm so sorry that I hurt you Kitty, I truly am." There was a great sadness in his voice, something no one had heard in a very long time. ,, He looked impossibly disappointed with himself, and he knew that it was well within his power to turn this around, that all it would take would be the application of his gifts. He looked at her and smiled. "I was excited to see you too., I always have been. I was told my heart actually skips a beat when I first see you, or would speak about you." ,, "There is nothing I can say to you to fix this, to mend our relationship easily. I know that, but more than anything I want you in my life. It may be hard to believe at the moment, and I know you're disappointed with me. I don't deserve it, but please give me another chance. " ,, He wanted this to go better than it had. it was true he'd enjoyed his time with Sasha, it was also true she had of her own decided to do more than she was, and that up till now as it potentially cost him the relationship with the woman he loved, he had held no regrets. ,, It wasn't the first time he used the L-word, but he'd not said it to her, and the moment didn't seem the time.
  10. He was rarely at a loss for something witty to say, and he kept his mouth under tight supervision after earlier. "The long and short Kitty, Because\because in her I saw a sort of kindred spirit. Not in the sleeps with everyone way, but in the way that we can get whatever and whoever we could want almost without fail. That's a special kind of isolation. I deal with it by keeping things constantly in check, as I am now. Her way was different and would have proven destructive, moreso than it had. But she wanted to step back, and she did. She wants to responsible, to do real good. That's a quality, the willingness to admit mistakes and then try to rectify them, that I admire." ,, Now I want to say something." He looked at her. "I did plan to wait for you, as long as it took, I still do. I have always held out hope about being with you again, not even sexually, though that's a bonus. But just knowing that when I got home, I would be sleeping next to you that night. Not that you'd stay there and wait for me, or I you. Simply that we'd have a place together that we'd call our home." ,, He look seemed quite sad, but there was a hope in his eyes still. "I want that future more than anything, and I'll do whatever it takes to make it happen." ,, It was a gambit, but there was no lie in his voice, or eye. He screwed up, and made a questionable call, it wasn't the best decision to sleep with Sasha, but he had, and it was done. She wanted him, but couldn't fathom why he'd chosen to share a bed and beyond with someone like Sasha, and he had only half answers for her. He'd felt drawn to her. It wasn't something that happened to him anymore, aside from when he was with Kitty.
  11. Okay, so, "Make an ass of yourself in an epic way" check. explain this lapse.... Even Inner Connor was silent on exactly how to pull that one off. ,, He looked at her, Recovering abit, and shaking his head. "I'm sorry I was an ass there." ,, Of course, there was nothing but sincerity in his apology, He didn't lie to Kitty, ever. ,, "When She joined the DSA, when she was recruited, she put that behind her. She'd seen what she'd become, what damage she could do, and it terrified her, it woke her up to the reality of what she'd wrought." He looked at Kitty and nodded. "If she was still that person she was before, then she wouldn't be in the DSA." ,, He slept with her, nothing would change that. They had to move past that now, if they could. ,, The waitress came back at that moment, taking their drink orders, and appetizers before departing, as Connor turned his attention back to Kitty, fully.
  12. They zeroed in on the heart of the matter, or at least their disagreement, so quickly. "The truth of the matter, I was lonely." ,, He looked at her intently. "I'd been single since August, and even then, Karrie and I had one real date." He held her gaze. "The last time I'd been with someone was with you on the yacht, and yes, even I do have needs I can only ignore so long. My first choice didn't seem to want me." ,, It was about as crass a thing she'd ever heard him say anywhere near anyone else, and he at least was looking her in the eye as he said it. Sometimes he really could be an ass about things, and his mouth could outrun his brain and common sense.
  13. "I've been helping out here and there. Nothing too major, just drawing attention to issues to help them get solved." He shrugged. "I rejected two scripts so far for the Halo movie, they didn't want to pay the writers I like to do it, going for something with less plot than a Michael Bay movie, which just isn't what I want to do." ,, He looked at her. "I did send you copies though, in case you wanted to read them, and weigh in as well." ,, That they'd gotten past her, likely because it was Mid December when he'd done so, was evident enough to her, but to him not so much. ,, "I've been proceeding there off the talks we last had, trying to find us something that we'd both enjoy." ,, He took a sip of his water. "Went home for my birthday and my parents' anniversary, saw all the family, That was fun." ,, There was something in his tone that suggested something had been very missing from all of that.
  14. Connor chuckled, catching everyone's attention when he walked in as she had. He smiled, and much as she had, he made a circuit of the room, signing autographs, and even taking a picture here and there. "Now, I don't normally ask, but if all of you would, don't mention that we're here. Even novas like Kitty and I would like to sit and enjoy a meal in peace." ,, The men gave him a knowing nod, They'd all been young too, and the women, remembering fonder times from their youth, many in this very diner, also nodded, and the unspoken reply was an affirmative. ,, He finally slid into an empty booth with Kitty, though he sat across from her. "Thanks for coming." ,, The waitress came, bringing them both glasses of water, and menus and leaving. ,, He smiled, something he always did more around her. "How have you been?"
  15. "Wait." He reached out to her, his large han coming to rest genlt on her shoulder. "i'm not dating anyone Kitty. Whatever what was between Sasha and I has been done since the end of the year." ,, He moved in closer to her. "We really need to talk I can see, and just that, talk." He let go of her shoulder. "That way we can both clear the air, like you just did, and not give the tabloids anymore than they already have." ,, he nodded. "There's a little Restauraunt on the north side of town. I'll be waiting for you at Seven, tonight. It's something that's very appropriate." ,, "Please come, Kitty, I really don't want to lose you."
  16. "Well maybe I wanted to talk, and perhaps see if you wanted to go to dinner?" His words wouldn't be innocent coming from anyone else, but to know him was to understand that when he wanted to imply other things, he did. ,, This wasn't one of those times, and he looked at her hopefully. ,, "it's been a couple months, I wanted to see how you're doing."
  17. Connor of course didn't miss Kitty's departure. Anyone else, he'd have let her go. This was Kitty though, and Connor had resolved to not screw this reunion up as well. Half the reason he'd come out to this meeting was due to her being there. ,, He was quite fleet of foot even when not running, and quickly managed to catch up to her, at least to where he didn't have to actually yell. ,, "Hey. Kitty, wait up abit, will ya?" ,, He hadn't seen her face, only her from behind, and was rapidly closing the distance. Not quite smiling, but clearly something was on his mind, and hers from the look of things..
  18. Working with Vixen, Connor and their various copies were able to make massive headway speeding the transportation of the American Soldiers and Emergency response Teams. Still it was a drop in the bucket compared to what actually would be needed, but it gave them a start, and let them establish a staging area as well as field hospital. ,, Though useful, Connor and Vixen both soon found that keeping the gates open, let alone generating so many, took massive amounts of energy to fuel, and after the last of that first group of soldiers and emergency responders were brought in, Connor had slumped into a chair in the newly established Ops, and was soon fast asleep. Director Horst who knew Connor's limits better than most, and he'd used a good bit to save President Lorenzo and Mariposa already. ,, President Lorenzo stood with him, overlooking a map of the city, marked with all the hazards they'd found, and looked over to the sleeping nova icon. "When he wakes, he will go out again?" ,, "Yes."
  19. "Because I don't have one, Kitty." He looked at her, his uniquely yellow eyes showing the truth that he was "Looking." "I broke things off at the Convention." There was more there of course, the "Why " of it, and he seemed to want to talk about it, but not completely. ,, He nodded. "How about you, any lucky men in your life?" He'd not seen or heard anything in the tabloids, but one never really knew without asking.
  20. "If Lawrence Kasdan is free I'd love to have him do it, though Greg Bear is really good too. I tend to let the studio handle that aspect, and I've only requested three changes in the last six years, on all the scripts I've read." He shrugged and looked at her. "I'll probably do most of the aliens that we don't CG, and in truth it will be fun." ,, He looked at her lashing tail and smiled. "You don't "Have" to be Cortana, we can do something different, since the Master Chief's story is well known, we can walk another path." ,, He nodded. "Working with you will be very fun, regardless of what they turn out. The Idea of you in Mjolnir Armor will send the nerd community into apoplexy, both in rage, since you don't "Do" action movies, and of course, the woman they dream of donning the most awesome armor ever and killing alien badguys." ,, He chuckled. "I could show you Red Vs. Blue, you'd get a kick out of it. Some fans took the old Games, and literally made videos and a story for the whole thing, using the games and mission and camera angles. Soon enough Bungie studios got wind, and they loved it, providing great support to continue and expand the web series. Microsoft has continued this even into the modern times, and we're all waiting for season eleven..." ,, "And believe me, two of the most badass characters in the show are women."
  21. Horst came in with a great deal more alacrity than he normally moved. "Alright, some of you are aware, some aren't, but this morning, Mexico City was wiped off the map by an earthquake that measured9.0 on the Richter scale. This quake was felt up to a hundred miles away, making it it much more localized than one of this magnitude is expected to be. We had a small delegation there on a diplomatic visit, and he was caught in the quake." He looked around, notably absent was the Assistant Director of Public Relations, Connor. "Agent Fontenot survived, and was able to save the lives of five near him as the hospital he was inside collapsed on them. One of those saved was the Mexican President, who has using perhaps the only satellite phone in the area, called and requested immediate emergency aid from our government, and the DSA in particular. The President has authorized for full mobilization, and already SaR, Emergency Response, and EMT's are being prepared and gathered up. A full Regiment of the Army is to be deployed as peacekeepers and to assist with basic needs. We also will have a battalion from the Army Corps of Engineers going in. Sadly it's going to take twelve hours to get them there." He had brought up maps of Mexico City in all its sprawl, "The Air is toxic, and all basic services are offline. Connor's initial Report stated no building larger than a house intact, and everything was severely damaged. Fires are Ravaging sections of the city, and spreading. Those of you who can extinguish the flames are the priority, Get them under control, while we begin search and rescue operations. I will be taking several of you with me to setup a temporary command post onsite..." It was in that moment that space Tore to his left, and Connor and the Mexican President stepped through. The gate closed behind him, and he was still metal, looking like a miniature gundam. "Connor, President Lorenzo.." "Director, I will be brief, time is lives. " The Mexican President turned to the gathered novas and Psiads of the DSA. "Please do all you can for my people. Connor has a plan that may help us, but it will not function without each and every one of you." "The fires.." "I covered that, I have several who can be very handy with putting them out. " "Thank you." He looked to Connor. "You know your people best.." Connor stepped up, and nodded. "My plan is a simple one, as you have just seen, I can open gateways bypassing great distances. I'm going to use that, and my ability to copy myself to move the military and response groups to Mexico city rapidly. Even with them, Mexico City has over twenty eight million inhabitants, and it will fall to us to get to them, and then bring them to safety. Once I get the Military there, They'll establish a Triage area so we can save as many as we can. " He looked to where Anastasia and Shae, Sean, and Rebecca were. "Director Horst, I don't think..." "Nor do I, The four of you will not be going on this mission. You will remain here, awaiting further orders, on Call. If there is something you can do, then you will be called, to the command post, but not to the city proper. You are to return to class." Once he was satisfied, he nodded. "Alright, I'm going to open a gate, and everyone going go through. Once there, you'll find Ming, three security guards, and Dr. Mariposa Esposita, they're going through the hospital looking for other survivors." That he'd left obviously caused pain, but he needed to get here to get them in. "Director Horst, Which Unit is going to be deployed.?" "The 6th Infantry, and 2nd battalion from the 5th, They're at Fort Bliss, Texas." Connor nodded. "That's some heavy firepower." "It's all that's remotely close, and able to respond." "It will do, just dunno if I can accommodate all the gear." He nodded once, and the President looked at him. "It's time to get back." Connor opened a gate, and for nearly everyone there it was their first time traveling in this manner, taking a step and then ending up in the once capital of another nation. The city was ruin, smoke and fire, and those who possessed advanced senses could hear the dying, and smell those there already. Those that could went into action to fight the flames, producing results quickly. "No one is to go off alone, everyone buddy up, and remember there are no communications towers yet, Stay in earshot." He looked to a few. Those of you who can sense, separate and process all the sensations, keep an ear out for calls for help from our people, until the military is here, you are our comms." As the groups began to form, Mariposa and Ming came up, looking like hell.. "we found no one. The three guards trailed them, dirty but alright. "So much lost..." Connor nodded. "We are here to help, and more will come soon." He found who he needed, and strode over to Vixen. "Doctor Richardson, I need your help.."
  22. March 5th, 2013 ,, Connor had had a good weekend. God knows he needed it. It had been nonstop since the new year, as he ran around the world on DSA errands and State Department PR ops. he had seen scarce little of any of his comrades at the office, considering his highly irregular hours. He'd had the first and second of March off, for the gand opening of the new podbay in Houston something he didn't want to miss. ,, It was back to work though afterwards, as he was now In Mexico City, a guest of the President, who was seeking to improve US-Mexican relations. He'd been a real reformer so far rooting out corruption and on the whole truly helping redeem the Mexican central government's reputation in the eyes of the world. Of course, he made some enemies in this, but for the most part, his economic reforms had helped the nation, and the people were behind him. ,, Mexico boasted only three publicly known novas, Ming, Mariposa Esposita, and Juan Carlos Camacho, The man working for the Department of Agriculture. It was his work that had helped bring in record crops this past year, the old Ranch owner and vaquero was blessed with a gifted mind, but simple dreams. He had been offered far more money by the US in the early days of the DSA, but had remained in Mexico, much as Mariposa had. "I can do the most good for my people here." ,, He was in the Northwest, working there, and Ming and Mariposa were at the next stop on this goodwill tour. The Centro Medico Dalinde Hospital was the place where the petite Mariposa worked tirelessly to help diagnose treat an heal the sick in Mexico City, and She met the President and Connor's Entourage at the door. She shook hands with President Lorenzo, who kissed her knuckles lightly. When she came to Connor she seemed torn, and he extended a hand to her, which she took and then embraced him fondly. "I hear the two of you are well acquainted." ,, Connor smiled. "We are old friends on excellent terms." Mariposa blushed abit and regained her composure. "Gentlemen, please, I have many who would like to meet you, and much I wish to show you." She led them through the hospital into the non secure areas and the President shook hands with those patients they passed. It had all been cleared, and many were more impressed to see him there than Connor, until they came to the children's ward. There were two dozen beds in the largest wardroom, and the curtains were drawn back, they'd been told to expect a special visitor, not two, and certainly not Connor. ,, The eyes of two dozen children lit up upon seeing their guests, and They were ablaze with excitement. Both President Lorenzo and Connor spent time with each of them, and towards the end of the visit Connor even put on a miniature show for the them between two miniature copies of himself. ,, They lef and were outside the ward room when Connor felt the first tremble. He moved fast, faster than anyone there, to Shield the President and Mariposa, and then the main force of the quake shook the city to its foundations. There was a thunderous roar as the earth shook, and a high pitch Ringing that cased him actual pain. He went metal out of reflex even as the building was beginning to crumble. The ground shook and pitched, and For a moment his mind almost blanked. The hospital was already falling around him, and soon he and everyone there would be buried in thousands of tons of debris. ,, Across the city this was replayed. The military base, the refineries, every major building, all succumbed to the force of the 8.9 earthquake as monitoring stations all across the southwest detected the massive quake. most homes suffered great damage if not destruction, and fires raged across the slums and shantytowns of the city.The police were overwhelmed communications were knocked out, and what Emergency Response services that were on the streets at the time were largely all that remained in the city. The Death Toll in that first minute was over a hundred thousand, and would climb much higher by the time things were done. ,, Beneath 80 tons of stone Connor lay braced on the ground, covering three of Lorenzo's guards, the President, and Mariposa. They had all been knocked out in the fall, and Connor woke them with his tail in his minature Black lion form. "Connor?" ,, "There was an Earthquake a bad one, The hospital is around us, in shambles. The whole city was hit. Mariposa, we have a huge problem on our hands." ,, President Lorenzo awoke with a start.."Connor?" ,, "Yes sir. " ,, "My people?" ,, "I only see the five of you..." There was no hiding his sadness. ,, "More than we have any right to have hoped for. I've never felt one like that." Connor Nodded. "This building was one of the newest, and it was flattened. Sir, I recomend you appeal for immediate international Aid. There are people dying out there, and we have to help them." ,, The passion with which Connor spoke would have brought a lesser man to tears, he had no idea what brought out this nova's earnest desire to help strangers in a country not his own, but he was thankful to God for it, and He would do exactly as he said. "Your government?" ,, "Would need a Direct appeal from you sir." ,, "Do you have a phone?" ,, "No, it was destroyed in the fall.." ,, One of the guards held his up. "Sattelite, For emergencies." ,, "Now, sir, I will be honest. When I break us out of here, We may very well cause casualties. I will be careful, but I wish to state this now." ,, President Lorenzo shook his head. "There is nothing to be done. If the damage was this bad, then I may be the only one able to make this call and make it stick." Even Mariposa could only Nod. "I can feel Ming. after you free us help me get to her, she'll help." ,, Connor Nodded, and soon metal began to flow off of him as he shifted forms again. The metal encased them looking almost spherical for a moment but soon became a hand. Then, Amidst the rubble and ruin of the Sprawling Capital, an utterly massive Gundam Strike Freedom in it's gleaming black white blue and golden glory, two hundred and thirteen feet tall towering above everything else that remained.It held up it's hand its fingers uncurling. There was not much smoke around them, only due to the wind blowing it east. "Call quickly from my platform." The call was made, and Connor gave the right number and code to signify it was from him. It went first to Director Horst, The situation was explained, and he then used his clout to pass it directly to the President. ,, "President Carlson, I respectfully request Emergency Aid for my people. Thousands lay dead, and assuredly your people detected the quake that has ravaged my capital and nearly destroyed it. Please send all that you can, to help stave off any further loss of life. I know these aren't the proper channels, but innocent lives are in grave danger, and pride an bueracracy matter very little balanced against that." ,, Connor motioned for the phone to be directed to him. "Mr. President this is assistant Director Fontenot, I request immediate preparations to mobilize what personnel we can from the DSA to come down here and help these people. I'm already standing astride a ruined hospital, every building over the size of a house is in rubble, sir, these people need us." ,, President David Carlson looked to his Cabinet and the Secretary of Defense nodded. "I can have a Regiment in the air in 3 hours." ,, The Secretary of State nodded. "It will take time to get the red cross involved, and send our own Medical teams in." ,, "President Lorenzo, I will issue an order for a regiment of troops and Army Engineers to aid you, they'll be there in roughly 12 hours. What medical personnel and supplies I can muster, as well as Fire fighting crews, I will send as well." ,, Lorenzo shook his head. Twelve hours was a miracle but far too long. "Thank you President Carlson, for your prompt reply. God bless you and the American People." ,, He closed the phone and looked crestfallen. ,, "twelve hours, there's no telling how many of us will be dead by then." ,, Connor looked at him. "Dial the first number again, ask for Director Horst, I may have a sollution.: ,, He did so. "I can't hurry them any more Connor, even with such a tragedy..." ,, "I can." ,, "What?" "Get together all our people, Make Sure Dr. Richardson is there above everyone else. She's going to be the key in this." ,, It had been thirty minutes now since the quake and the news was starting to get out Everyone wanted to know what was happening, and after Connor's first Call, the Director had already recalled all DSA nova operatives to meet in one of the auditoriums in the compound. "Alright Connor, we'll do it your way I'm having everyone in the auditorium in ten minutes I'll see you then." ,, Horst Hung up and the Mexican president looked up at him. "What are you playing at?" ,, "I will save as many as I can, even if it costs me my job." He began shrinking down setting them on the ground safely, as he took a more manageable 8m tall form without the large wings. "Now, Mariposa, lead me to Ming."..... ,, ,,
  23. Connor smiled seeing them together About damn time... then Karrie spoke, insulting Sasha, and his smile faded. "The kids ate, put in their Horst Mandated appearance, and then left. He didn't mention watching them today, he just wanted to make sure they showed." ,, He felt even his cheerful good spirit waning fast, and sighed. "He left with Kitty again not that long ago."
  24. Connor did smile. Sasha knew how to console him well enough. He wasn't sure it would be alright, but he'd work hard to make it so. ,, He smiled leaning into her. "Wearing mistletoe? that's not too uncomfortable?" ,, "It can be deadly if you eat it you know."
  25. Connor smiled. "There are Female Spartans, Kitty." He nodded, finishing off his food. "Why can't you play more than a single role? I certainly will." ,, "In many ways, she's his conscience too, she's more human than he is. Besides, There's tons of empty space in between established events, we could be other Spartans, and more. It isn't just the Spartans. I think you might make a good Dr. Hallsey, argueably one of the most pivotal characters." ,, He smiled. "IF you want to be a badass Female lead who hands the badguys their butts on a platter, that can easily be arranged."
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