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Aberrant: 2011 - Charter - Basic Draft


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(This is what I've compiled for the charter so far - much of it comes from the polls, discussions, the original intent of the proposal, and the "gap filling" and "executive decisions" I made while writing this up. As for the moderation staff I'm currently getting that sorted out, hence please don't worry about that at the moment; I will be starting a thread dedicated to that later)

Preamble – We the undersigned participants present and adopt this charter in the interest to create and maintain a consistent, fair, and enjoyable shared online reality for all participants.

Article 1 – Setting and Mechanics

Section 1, Clause 1 – The OpNet – 2008 Board and Fiction area shall take place in the collective “Aeonverse” timeline as found within the published White Wolf product lines of Adventure!, Aberrant, and Trinity.

Section 1, Clause 2 – The published Aberrant books as well as the publicly distributed supplement “Brainwaves” shall be the approved materials to be used in the OpNet – 2008 Board and Fiction areas.

Section 1, Clause 3 – Events in the OpNet – 2008 Board and Fiction areas shall not contradict events found within the “Aeonverse” timeline as presented within the approved materials as well as the events found within the Adventure! and Trinity books published only by White Wolf.

Section 2 – Dates within the OpNet – 2008 Board and Fiction areas shall be two years ahead of the current year, ignoring the offset of days during leap years.

Article 2 – Characters

Section 1, Clause 1 – Characters shall start as novas who have erupted within two months of the character’s introduction to the OpNet – 2008 Board and Fiction areas.

Section 1, Clause 2 – Characters shall be created using the standard character creation rules found within the Aberrant core book and in accordance to any options and restrictions provided in this charter.

Section 1, Clause 3 – Powers, Abilities, and Backgrounds found within all approved materials are available during character creation.

Section 1, Clause 4 – Characters shall be limited to no more than ten (10) points in flaws.

Section 1, Clause 5 – Characters shall begin with no more than five (5) permanent dots of Taint.

Section 1, Clause 6 – Characters shall not be direct copies nor substantial copies of characters already found within other sections of the N!Prime site.

Section 2, Clause 1 – Characters shall be distributed four (4) experience points on the first (1st) day of the month following an active month in the OpNet – 2008 Board and Fiction areas.

Section 2, Clause 2 – Characters shall not be able to purchase a Quantum trait greater than five (5) until the real date of January 1, 2010.

Article 3 – Posting and Interactions

Section 1 – Posts made within the OpNet – 2008 Board and the OpNet – 2008 Fiction areas shall be a part of the same continuity.

Section 2, Clause 1 – Arbitration in a character interaction within the OpNet – 2008 Fiction area shall be initiated if an absolute majority of the player/writers participating in the character interaction agree to use arbitration.

Section 2, Clause 2 – Arbitrators shall be selected by only the player/writers participating in the character interaction.

Section 2, Clause 3 – Arbitrators shall not have any in-character or any out-of-character interest in the results of the character interaction in which they arbitrate. If no other arbitrator can be agreed upon or found, the arbitrator shall review the character interaction with a detached and disinterested point of view.

Section 2, Clause 4 – Participants shall be able to leave an arbitrated character interactions if the arbitrator has found that there are mitigating circumstances.

Article 4 – Moderation

Section 1, Clause 1 – Three (3) moderators shall be selected for the OpNet – 2008 Board and Fiction areas.

Section 1, Clause 2 – The identities of the moderators shall remain private unless a unanimous decision has been made by the moderators to reveal a moderator’s identity.

Section 1, Clause 3 – Moderators of the OpNet – 2016 area shall not be moderators of the OpNet – 2008 Board and Fiction areas.

Section 1, Clause 4 – New moderators shall be selected by current moderators. Departing moderator(s) shall be apart of the selection process as if they are current moderators if possible.

Section 2, Clause 1 – Moderators shall be responsible for maintaining the balance, continuity, and integrity of the OpNet – 2008 Board and Fiction areas, including but not limited to the setting and timeline.

Section 2, Clause 2 – Moderators shall be able to add further restrictions to the character creation process and elements available to all characters.

Section 2, Clause 3 – Moderators shall make the determination whether a character may purchase a Quantum trait higher than six (6).

Section 2, Clause 4 – Moderators shall review and approve of proposed expansion Powers, Backgrounds, and Rules that have been submitted by a player/writer who is not a moderator and supported by at least three (3) other player/writers who are not moderators.

Section 2, Clause 5 – Moderators shall be able to review and modify decisions by arbitrators within character interactions, giving deference to the decisions made by the arbitrator and only overturning a decision that is clearly erroneous or is found to be inequitable.

Section 2, Clause 6 – Individual moderators who act as an arbitrator in a character interaction shall excuse themselves from a review stemming from their actions as an arbitrator.

Section 2, Clause 7 – Moderators shall determine which players/writers are participants within a character interaction solely for the purpose of determining whether an arbitration shall be used within said character interaction.

Article 5 – Authority, Amendments, and Approval

Section 1 – This charter shall be the supreme rule of the OpNet – 2008 Board and Fiction areas. Rulings made by moderators and decisions made by arbitrators and actions made by characters and players/writers that contravene this charter shall not have any power.

Section 2, Clause 1 – This charter may be amended by the players/writers of the OpNet – 2008 Board and Fiction areas.

Section 2, Clause 2 – Proposed amendments shall first be submitted to the moderators for approval. Moderators shall be able to modify the proposed amendments.

Section 2, Clause 3 – Proposed amendments that have received moderator approval shall be presented publicly to the players/writers of the OpNet – 2008 Board and Fiction areas. A publicly presented amendment shall be adopted if three-fourths (3/4) of the active and non-moderator players/writers approve of the amendment.

Section 3 – All players/writers shall post a statement with each and every of their characters in the appropriate thread stating they agree and will follow the entirety of this charter and the rules made pursuant to it before their characters can participate in the OpNet – 2008 Board and Fiction areas.

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