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The table didn't look that bad. The main thing was that the text for the gender, weight and heights wrapped, which I didn't want. Also, I just thought it was too much test to be crunched up in the message. The amount of info on Orchestra is brief compared to some of the other entries, and I don't want people making themselves crazy trying to read 3 columns.

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Revisions on the Grand Prize are taking a bit longer than I expected, so I thought I would go ahead and post the majority of the entries here. The winner is included in this list, but I am not saying who that is. Congrats to everyone that entered a character that made it into this list.









Great Monster C






All the characters are listed in alphabetical order, which has no bearing on how they ranked in the contest.

There are several characters from the OpNet Board, which I think people will enjoy reading about.

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Yes it does. And yes, that is part of the surprise I mentioned earlier, with the other part of the surprise being the new forum setup. That's why it took us so long to get to this point, because Matador was nice enough to do a few characters.

Are you trying to sublminally ask if Endeavor will get a pic? If so, good job. If not, then be careful, because Endeavor is already bouncing off the walls with a suger rush and doesn't need any more excitement.

I am going to wait a week or 2 before I post the next pic to give Cruel enough time to shine.

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I dunno if I want to know about the honorable mentions. I didn't expect to win by any stretch, hell, after reading the entries, I didn't expect to rank in the top three. But, outright knowing I didn't even make honorable mention would just be more than my little heart could bear.

Aw hell, bring em on!

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Nope, not even close to what Sandy looks like.I would put a picture of what she looks like up but the only real site I have apicture of her is on oen that is a bit mature.Not wholely a site full of porn, but it is has pictures that are not suited for all ages.Even if Sandy's picture is a face shot,well the one I use right now.

I would free give the link out to the site,and to the pisture I use right now. Just ,I would do so in private, in the understannding that no 13 year old gets a hold of it.(for some slight;y legal reasons).Ask in either in this oo a PM,I will Pm you with it asap.

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Naga. What a well... endowed... woman.

(Endeavor stares at me with jealouus eyes.)

Erm, E-Chan...

("Baka." *Mallet hit*)


[sorry, caffeine overdose. I'll be back to sane soon. Question though: Would Matador mind if I made a wallpaper using his pic of Endeavor? And would he mind if I posted it here for the gang at N! Prime to enjoy on their desktops?]

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