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  1. Roxanne, somehow, lasted longer on her feet than Connor did - but willpower only went so far, and when Connor collapsed, Roxanne was not long after, finding a couch and half-crawling onto it before she nodded off.
  2. "Aw, thanks. I've never been cool before." She exhaled. "So where were we before all... this..." She waved at the group. "Started. Power copying, right?"
  3. "Okat, if you're sure. I'm just gonna go sit down." Wobbling slightly, Roxanne grabbed a chair and eased herself into it. She rubbed the bridge of her snout and sighed. "I made an ass of myself just there, didn't I?"
  4. "Okay. Okay. Yeah. This is totally normal." Roxanne nodded. "I can do this." ,, She touched Mech, and then... things got strange. ,, In a flash, Vixen was covered in metal plating, following roughly the same coloration as her fur, but now stylized as powered armor, much like Mech's. A large power pack grew from her back, and with the sound of compressed air, small capsules were ejected from them. The capsules unfolded, filling out... into exact duplicates of Mecha-Vixen, eight in total. ,, Vixen looked at her own hands, and then at the duplicates of herself. "Okay. Existentialist crisis later. Portals now. Girls!" ,, In sync, they pointed, opening portals to the predetermined dropoff points. "Everyone, please proceed in an orderly fashion." Seven of the Mecha-Vixens turned to the eighth, whose portal appeared to be pointing at a patch of desert. "Six," they chorused. "You're off by two thousand miles." ,, "I am not a number! I am a free woman!" Six replied. ,, "You are a free woman who needs to suck less and try again," they replied.
  5. "I know. I know. Dammit. I just want to get movie already. Are we all here? Whenever they're ready to go - " ,, Roxanne stopped, going over her plan. What would she do, being the first one through? Wag her tail at the rubble? She knew why she was here. She was working as a force multiplier. The more novas they had, the more material she had to work with.So they had to wait. Logically, she had to wait. ,, "You're right. I know. I'm not good at accepting this sort of thing." She sniffed. "Thanks, though. Just... have to wait until we're ready."
  6. "You sure?" Roxanne looked hurt. "I mean, yeah, I'm all, you know, but I have a really long tou - " ,, She blinked at Kei's interjection. "Ah. Ah, the kids took off? I think they'll be fine, I - " She caught herself. "You're right. Sorry. Yes, if you want to, we can see if I can track them."
  7. "All those people..." Vixen shook her head. "I hate waiting. I can't help but think of all the people dying from lack of water, or, or being pinned under half a building right now." She sighed. "Hate waiting. Hate it."
  8. Roxanne was already there, her eyes wide in shellshock as she watched the news. ,, One of the upsides of Roxanne's eruption is that she found it far easier to empathize with people, and with a wider sphere of people. Dunbar's Number, for her, was unmeasured and potentially immeasurable. She could empathize with just about anyone, including people she only knew a few details about. Most days it was a blessing. ,, Today, as Roxanne sat with a device in her pocket that could access the entire wealth of human knowledge, including the details of every single person who was dead or dying right now? Today, it wasn't a blessing at all. ,, She waited, trying to keep herself together. She'd packed water, protein bars for her metabolism, changes of tail-friendly clothing... everything she'd need for her stay, which would be a long one. At 44, Roxanne had learnt to be patient. As she fidgeted, all that she'd learned about patience was draining away by the second.
  9. At Muse's question, Vixen laughed. "A better translation would be 'clever like a fox.'" She switched to Spanish. "<We can converse in Spanish if you'd be more comfortable - >" ,, And then, Coyote entered. Vixen's gaze unfocused, as she sniffed the air. "Oh. Oh." Her eyes drifted over to the newcomer, and for the first time since her eruption, Roxanne was beside herself. ,, She is radiant. She smells like - like - I can't even place it but - she smells great. She looks amazing. Why is - Before she'd even realized it, Roxanne had taken three steps in Coyote's direction. She blinked and whipped around, facing Muse again. "<Sorry! Sorry. I was distracted. My goodness, I haven't been in a room with this many novas before. It's intense.>"
  10. "How do you do, Ms. Muse." Roxanne shook her hand. "Always pleased to meet people. I don't think I've read up on you. What do you do for a living, DSA work or independent?"
  11. "Hoo. Okay. I stepped right in the middle of something, didn't I." Roxanne stayed well back from the groups that were forming, observing them at a distance - though cordial and gregarious to anyone who approached.
  12. Vixen/Roxanne is a meta-quantum manipulator, able to shut down powers as well as copy them and impart them. She erupted when trying to understand an unexplainable case of quantum phenomena: a two-tailed fox. She now understands the phenomena, but it's become a permanent imprint upon her quantum signature.
  13. "How do you do, Miss Muse." Roxanne shook her hand. Part of her mind focused on the strange behaviour of Kitty, but she didn't know her and chalked it up to just the way she was. "I'm the Fox Xerox, as they call me. Well, when I'm not around, anyways."
  14. "Ah, well, hasn't hurt anyone yet, but... it's the sort of thing where it's probably best if you're older, just in case." She scratched the back of her head. "I've never done it on anyone still going through puberty, you see."
  15. Hoo. Kids. Roxanne reacted fast nowadays, and processed shocks quickly; nonetheless, it had stung a bit, the last three kids she'd talked to. One had just stared, one called her "the doggie lady" and a third just screamed and didn't stop until her father took her away. ,, Still, she didn't show it. "Welcome, everyone! Help yourself. Ask me or Connor or Kei if you need anything." Roxanne flipped a carrot into her mouth like a piece of popcorn. "Connor and Kei and I were just about to find out what each other's powers are like."
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