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  1. hahaha I forgot all about this place. I have no idea what's going on anymore.
  2. Now that just might be the funniest thing I have read in a long time.
  3. There was a bit to much "snogging" for my taste, but I did enjoy it. After beeing so disapointed with Order of the Phoenix, I was relieved.
  4. Damn, and I thought I was doing good by reading 200 pages so far...
  5. Doom shouldn't have a wussy voice. When he talks he should be DOOM. Horribly miscast there. But Dooms shortcomings aside, it was a lot better than I thought it would be.
  6. aw Pigeon, has it been that long? Stop sounding so ridiculously needy and perhaps I'll visit.
  7. Or perhaps it just gets dreadfully boring from time to time. At least that is why I do not spend the time here that I used too.
  8. Oh No!!! If you need a ride or anything, give us a call.
  9. Well if that is all you want, I don't see why any toxins have to be involved.
  10. At this moment, I wear only my scales. But if I am to wear clothes, I am comfortable in dark silks and very fond of gold. Shoes are a nuisance.
  11. Quote:Originally posted by Walker: Apep Like Xeno I was wondering at the biopharmecutical properties. Well sort of, of course what I was really wondering was whether a suitable Nova could get really, really high off your venom. I am sure that in some lab in some place my venom has been analyzed and cross analyzed and whatever else those bastards do with their time has been done to it. The only use for it is what I've always used it for. Quote:Originally posted by David 'Dr. Troll' Smith: You didn’t erupt as you are now. I strongly suspect you are a product of your own creation, your own decisions. That's so funny. I really am laughing. But anyways, as far as I know my claws and poison have always been a part of me. So I gave a crack at this stone carving thing...turns out my artistic ability just doesn't translate to such a medium. Violence for some of us is at the core of what we are and you cannot deny it.
  12. No, but I have had my fair share of elites who accepted contracts to apprehend me.
  13. Yes, I suppose I could make cute little stone carvings with my claws and er..teeth. Climbing though, sure I guess so... My venom though, I am not coming up with any peacable uses for it.
  14. Quote:Originally posted by Totem: I think I need to talk to her about that. Confused are we Pidge? What possibly would you need to discuss with me? Violence is an art, unfortunately not everyone can be an artist. Can you say that what we have done together is not art? You certainly cannot deny the violence involved. I realize this conversation is about the ending of lives but violence is usually a part of killing. I do not kill for money nor illness, yet I do it frequently. For many different reasons. Each one is precise and intended. To many, myself included, killing a human is in no way different from the animals you hunt. It seems to me you may be doubting those morals you try so hard to balance upon.
  15. Quote:Originally posted by Lemmy Chillmeister: Hey man, you have my Dark Princess officially more than interested. Get yer weenie ass to the Blackburn some night and she'll show you how much of a prude Apep really is. me prude? Now you're just being silly.
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