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New aberrant Character


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Hello to all and happy new year .

I have just been invited to a going on Aberrant campaign.  

Guys in it have been playing for a long time.

Dm said I had to create a powerful hero with 161 xp. 

But thing is I am totally lost.

Could anyone help me, please ?

Don't know where to start.

Have a nice day. 

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3 hours ago, Matt said:

Do you have the book to create your character?

Any general ideas for what type of character you want to make?

Can you provide any information about the type of campaign that you are joining?

All of this. :)
The more information we have about the type of game you're joining, what kinds of characters are allowed (and what kind you're interested in playing), what resources they're using in terms of rule sets and books, and so on, the better we can help you.

A lot of the books for the different versions of Trinity are available online, for example, if you don't have them- and almost all the people who read/post here regularly are familiar with both systems.

Also, welcome!

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Hello and thank you. It's a high level campaign.  They just beat a guy called Sextus pax (?) ( sorry if I mispell the name) and there is a full fledged war between terragen and another group.

So far, there are at least two powerful melee fighters, one mental blasting guy and a stealth one.

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They beat Caestus Pax? Whew. That's a very high-level campaign, yeah. He's the leader of one of the major Nova groups, Team Tomorrow.

To repeat Matt's question, do you have the books you need? (Secondary question: Do you know which version of the system you're using?)
Also, what kind of character do you want to play? Aberrant allows for a considerable amount of flexibility, but it's easier to help create a character and work up power sets if you know what kind of niche you want your Nova to fill. :)

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161XP and they dropped ol' Caestus, eh?

With two melee, a mental blaster and a stealth character, have you considered a speedster?  Someone in line with movement as their primary mode of both defense and offence?  Hypermovement, Teleportation, Warp are all good powers, especially when you have the Mega-Dexterity and Mega-Perception attributes to back them up.  All of those powers are found in the core book so you won't have to do much digging.  the reason I recommend this route is, as a new player, you might find yourself in a pickle as you get a grip on the rules and the powers above will allow you to get out of trouble a lot easier than most if you feel you need retreat and reassess the situation.

Also, consider things like Force Field or Armor to increase your soak.

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Healing as per the main rulebook is pretty limited - there's 1 power, it's called Healing, and it lets you heal Bashing or Lethal (not Aggravated) damage levels for quite a high quantum cost.  You can also help others with disease or toxin resistance rolls.  It's touch range and limited in scope, but within that limited scope quite powerful and reliable (no roll to activate the power), so you'd definitely have a niche.

Consider as Dave suggested picking up some mobility powers to supplement that.  Your dude (or dudette) could be the transport/medevac person, especially since to have Healing you'd need a high Quantum score, so could pick up Warp too, letting you open doorways through space.  Take a high level of the Node background so you've got plenty of quantum points to throw around per turn and can regen them pretty fast. That would give you the solid support role you were talking about.

Oh, and get some soak powers.  Nova on nova combat features punches that can shatter tanks and level city blocks, especially at the sort of level where Cestus Pax was.  Dude could cause seismic activity with a punch.  Forcefield and/or Armor.  We're not kidding. :D


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