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  1. I feel much more confident with a Healer or a support class. Or a nova that alters probabilities. We can only use the core rulebook.
  2. Hello and thank you. It's a high level campaign. They just beat a guy called Sextus pax (?) ( sorry if I mispell the name) and there is a full fledged war between terragen and another group. So far, there are at least two powerful melee fighters, one mental blasting guy and a stealth one.
  3. Hello to all and happy new year . I have just been invited to a going on Aberrant campaign. Guys in it have been playing for a long time. Dm said I had to create a powerful hero with 161 xp. But thing is I am totally lost. Could anyone help me, please ? Don't know where to start. Have a nice day.
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