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Anne Mistral
A.K.A: “Graviton”, Aiko Aokaze
Age: 22
Height: 5'7" / 170cm
Weight: 140lb / 63.5 kg

Life was interesting in Empire City. When it came to the Multiverse, the universe Empire City called home was a far cry from what could be seen elsewhere in the multitude. There people called "superheroes" fought evil and protected the innocent, providing an example for children to meet. Including a young Anne Mistral. Hearing of the adventures of older-era heroes, barnstorming and exploring mysterious lands with their wonderous (and regularly shot down) aircraft got her interested in becoming a pilot herself. Of course she fell into a paradox: Born too late to explore the world, and too soon to explore the stars. But she had a talent, and after getting her pilot's licence and getting flight time in, an aeronautics firm picked her up to become a test pilot.

On a routine flight to test a high-performance military-grade airframe's stall capabability, a mad scientist was testing a new weapon he was making to hold hostage Empire City's data infrastructure. A weapon that could destroy computers from the inside. He decided to test it on Anne's aircraft... When Anne's world filled with greenish-blue light she was torn from the universe she was in, and ended up where she is now. Thing is pulling someone from one network of universes to another doesn't happen without consequence, activating latent genes in Anne's DNA, causing her to develop the ability to control and channel Gravity, as well as lift prodigious weight.

Also it caused other weirdness, inside her a power was starting to awaken, something she couldn't quite put her finger on...

When she arrived, everything changed. Now she has to masquerade as a Student at a local high school, with two others pulled to this universe. It seems whoever was their unknown benefactor felt it necessary to give them room and board. Lucky for Anne, it's a hassle taking her flight kit from her universe with her to school. Although at night she adopted the idea of patrolling her streets as "Graviton" with her kit as her costume... although for now she's only helped cats out of trees or getting lost balloons for crying kids. Better to be a superhero with kids who love you than actually breaking the law.

Then again, for whatever reason she was brought here, sooner or later she felt that would no longer be a luxury her and her sudden classmates could afford.

(14) Body - 7
(12) Mind - 6
(16) Soul - 8
ACV/DCV - 10
Health - 95
Energy - 90
Armour - 0/35
Damage Multiplier x8

(97) Attributes

  • (3) Attack Mastery 3 (+3 ACV)
  • (3) Combat Technique (Lightning Reflexes 2, Judge Opponent)
  • (3) Defence Mastery 3 (+3 ACV)
  • (2) Energized 2 (+20 Energy)
  • (9) Flight (2)3 (100 KPH, Recovery 1)
  • (8) Item (MK 4 Flight Suit)
  • (2) Item (MK 4 Pilot’s Vest)
  • (6) Massive Damage (2)3 (+3 DM, Focused Damage 1: Graviton Beam)
  • (9) Super Strength (3)4 (2 Tonnes, Concentration 1)
  • (2) Tough 2 (+20 Health)

(22) Skill Groups

  • (2) Academic 2
  • (5) Occupation: Pilot 5
  • (2) Street 1
  • (4) Technical 2
  • (6) Adventuring 2
  • (3) Scientific 1

(40) Weapons/Attacks

  • (40) Graviton Beam (20)14 
  • (112 Damage, Incapacitating 4, Range 4, Deplete 2 (20 Energy a Use))

(-1) Defects

  • -1 Social Fault: Overconfident

Item List
(8) MK 4 Flight Suit

  • (3) Features (Basic Life Support Systems, Communication Suite, Direction Sense)
  • (14) Armour 7 (35 Armour)

(2) MK 4 Pilot’s Vest

  • (4) Features (Life Preserver, Parachute, Light, First Aid Kit)

42 Stats + 47 Attributes + 22 Skills + 40 Weapons – 1 Defects = 150 Points

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Elios Apollon
A.K.A:  Elias Appleton
Age: 17
Height: 6'0" / 183cm
Weight: 220 / 100kg

 For many years, the Kingdom of Helios had been thriving and many believed it was due to the arrival of the Children of Apollon. The Children of Apollon were called such due to a surge in the birthrate of children able to be Light Clerics, defenders of Helios, and servants of Apollon. These children had an affinity towards magics derived from light, and were able to summon favor from Apollon. Elios was one of these children. 

Elios was allowed to live on his family farm until the age of 6 when he was taken into the temple. For the next 12 years, Elios was to learn the ways of Apollon. In temple, Elios was taught all the skills to make it through life as a Light Cleric of Apollon. Before too long he was formidable with his axe, and able to commune with Apollon to bestow his blessings. His link to Apollon was powerful enough many blessings were effortless and without limit, only the most powerful of them draining him of his own light. Due to Elios' excellance, he was granted his Tunic early, and allowed to set out into the field with the full fledged Light Clerics of Apollon. 

In the field, the Clerics were responsible for keeping Darkness at bay, the uncivilized beasts around Helios. Field duty was rough, and brutal, but rewarding. It granted many abilities to learn from his fellow clerics, many of them academics in the art of war. 

Life was good...until it wasn't. Elios didn't know how the Darkness made it past the posted sentries, but he knew things were amiss. The hordes simply did not sneak up on an encampment of Clerics. It was at that point considered an impossibility due to the Clerics heightened senses, magical awareness, and tactics. However here he was, at 2 in the morning, axe in hand, and nothing on but his tunic. He was standing over one of his fellow clerics, bloodied, protecting him from a Fiend, with his healing abilities not yet refreshed from the previous days battle. He was ready to make his final stand when a light that was unknown to him surrounded him. He reached out for his companion as he was pulled away from this realm, grabbing him by the hand, but it wasn't enough. His companion had slipped to death, and the gauntlet Elios was grasping had slipped off his hand and was carried away with him.

Elios awoke in a large green field like the one he remembered from him childhood. It didn't take long for him to realize he was a student, yet again. A position he was familiar with, but this one was very different. It wasn't a temple, there were no clerics teaching. He had his own residence instead of a bunkhouse. He didn't even know how he knew this, but he had a life that he seemed to belong in, even though he didn't belong to it. For now he thought it best to embrace that life, and commune with Apollon to figure out his best method of getting home and saving his fellow Clerics.  

Fortunately he was still blessed with Apollon's insight and it didn't take long for him to learn he wasn't the only outsider here. He was drawn to these others as much as he was drawn to this school. Maybe together the three of them could find their ways home.

(16) Body - 8
(14) Mind - 7
(16) Soul - 8
ACV/DCV - 9/7 or (17/15 with Axe)
Health - 130
Energy - 90
Armour - 25
Force Field -  0/40
Damage Multiplier x5

(91) Attributes

  • (2) Attack Mastery 2 (+2 ACV)
  • (5) Defence Mastery 6
    • Ammo 2, Target 1
  • (2) Energised 2
  • (1) Features - Low Light Vision
  • (16) Force Field 4 (Armour Rating 60)
    • Ammo 2, Target 1, Range 1
  • (5) Healing 6 
    • Ammo 1
  • (4) Heightened Senses 5
    • Ammo 1
  • (3) Projection 4
    • Activation 1, Ammo 3, Deplete 1, Duration 2
  • (3) Immunity 5 - Heat/Fire 
    • Activation 1, Ammo 3, Deplete 2, Targets 2
  • (6) Item (Apollon Tunic)
  • (13) Item (Holy Axe)
  • (12) Item (Holy Shot)
  • (4) Melee Attack 4 (Axes)
  • (4) Melee Defense 4 (Axes
  • (1) Mind Shield 1
  • (2) Ranged Attack 6 
    • Ammo 2, Imbue 3
  • (2) Supersense 4, Vision (10km) 
    • Ammo 2
  • (1) Supersense 2 Magic (100m)
    • Ammo 1
  • (6) Tough x 6 (+60 hp)

(14) Skill Groups

  • (6) Adventuring 2
  • (1) Domestic 1
  • (3) Military 1
  • (2) Social 1
  • (2) Street 1

Item List

(6) Apollon Tunic

  • (10) Armour 5
  • (3) Superstrength 1

(26) Holy Axe

  • (26) Weapon 8
    • Light Aura, Selective, Multidimensional, Penetrating x2

(24) Holy Shot - Slides on like a gauntlet where it vanishes into the skin. The blase manifests as an energy blast from the open palm of hand

  • (24) Weapon 6
    • Accurate 1, Charges 2, Inconspicuous, Piercing 2, Range 4

46 Stats +  91 Attributes + 14 Skills +  = 150 Points


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