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  1. Well things were looking good last week so this week will pan out.
  2. Sorry I didn't respond quickly, but it seems this Friday is for certain the bandages are done. They did one more week to ensure that everything was 100% healed and the skin was strong. After that I should be golden.
  3. I'm hoping Friday is when it's all over with, at least with the bandages. I'm really close to being 100% healed.
  4. Been better, sorting some health issues out.
  5. Seems something got some upgrading around here. What's up, all?
  6. "So that begs the question you so deftly dodged, Lucian... who are our benefactors in all of this? Someone invested in this war seems to want us to be comfortable. And hanging around." Aoi said, taking a seat. "Also, you guys, if the servants come from myth and legend that gives us one hell of an advantage. They can't scout us." She said, gesturing to the books of the library. "On the other hand we can scout them." "Books, the most powerful of weapon."
  7. Anne nodded. "Aye, I can do that... I can fly her anywhere if needed... but just so you know every moment I fly is a moment that power has to rest." She smiled at Rika before hearing Lucian's info. Then her expression turned serious again as she turned to him. "So either she's already in and she don't know it, she'd have to marry in, or we have to put a hurt on something nasty and get blooded in..." She scratched her chin. "On a side note, Lucian, do you know who our benefactor is? Is it one of the factions in this war? Perhaps they can be an angle?"
  8. "And Rika ends up with the wrong side with how we're shackled to her, we could end up doing some nasty things." She drummed her fingers on the desk. "The Ten Clans are Hands-Off as long as the public isn't messed with? Sounds like a proper operating procedure." "What is the goal of the Ten Clans?, Lucian?" She said, then quirking her eyebrow she continued. "Can't have a war without a goal other than 'dominating everyone else' 'cause... that usually ends with a spectacular fall..." "We got three orders on this tour of duty, then we're free of obligation... but Rika..." She looked over to her. "With how she's stuck in, I'm not sure if even when I've done my time I could just leave her in the lurch. Not in my nature, now that I know she's just as unwitting in this as we are." "I don't think I could leave her at all, nor these two knuckleheads either." She said pointing at Ryan and Elias. "Then again, with how this has been feeling once my time's up I got a suspicion I'd be to these mages an outsider interfering, wouldn't I?" "Or for that matter, the three of us..." She didn't like that realization... if they had to leave Rika alone... No, she couldn't think that far ahead. There's potential they couldn't even survive to be released from servitude... "Right... the Ten Clans... info. Need it."
  9. "Looks like we're drafted wither we like it or not. No use fighting it." Anne/Aoi said walking over to Rika. "After all something caused the three of us to be taken against our wills here. Not surprised you now got sucked into this clustercuss as well and now... we're stuck in." Looking at the itching sensation on the back of her hand, seeing the Starburst symbol. A gold central circle crowned with white rays of the starburst, pointing in eight directions like a compass rose. "Obviously I'd get the starburst. Lucky me." She sighed, regaining her composure. Slipping her dufflebag over her shoulders to be her backpack She turned to Lucian. "You're Lucian, correct? Now if I gather this correctly, we were selected to be this girl's guardians? And in duels, her champion?" She rested a hand on the table Rika was at as she leaned on the edge. "I think it might help if we get a run-down of the major factions in play, Lucian. To know what we're up against. We're gonna need allies if we're gonna survive... if Rika's gonna survive." Aoi was scared. But she wasn't gonna show it. Not to anyone at that table. There was no way out but through at this point.
  10. There was a tone... the buzz became a tone. No... choral... just under the sound of the school. And it was loudest when she looked toward the Library. She grabbed a bag from her moped... a large dufflebag that could double as a backpack, and ran with it on her back like it weighed nothing. She slowed up at the back door of the school and took a brisk pace to the library. The reason she made up in her head? She was looking up anything she could find about 20th century combat aces. Her history teacher did request a report about a notable soldier from the 20th century... although the report was due in a month, she could bang that out on her free time. Time Management... what a concept right? She walked through the front doors of the library. "The Gathering..." She thought. This was starting to remind her of some cheesy sci-fi fantasy action movie. She spotted Ryan, he's down... "Whatever happened it has to do with this..." "Fuhhhh...." Aoi grunted lowly, grabbing the bridge of her nose. She stumbled back to a chair and held on, crunching the muscles of her torso like she was feeling an excessive amount of G's, struggling to keep the blood to her brain going. The look of fear on Rika's face... "Stay calm..." Was all she could manage from her mouth. Not sure if she even shouted.
  11. This month was an annoyance. Plopped literally out of nowhere, wandering about lost until however her identity was created and vetted was set up, not to mention free-ride room and board was a comfort. But this wasn't her life. She is reminded of it watching aircraft take off and land from a nearby military base to where she lived. The commute to and from school was easy enough, a old moped she got back up to running condition made matters simpler. But something was off. She would take her mind off after classes by using the resources the Gym had to offer, running laps, sometimes lifting weights (which now never seemed to provide a challenge), or whatever she would be allowed to do. At least she could burn off the calories and have something to do. She had thought of talking to a mechanic next to where she lived to get hired on for odds-and-ends help, but he wouldn't hire a student on. He didn't want to disrupt "her studies". Unfortunately since this was something she's already done her classes were easy. Considering she also knew how to avoid high-school drama still, she was able to at least get some respect, even as a "transfer student". Today though the buzzing in her head was a bit stronger and it would come and go whenever she left the school or returned to it. If there was something about this school she hoped she would find out about it soon, maybe her ticket home could be right around the corner... Although she couldn't just take it herself, the others needed to get home too. She just hoped it wasn't a trip for one. Everyone deserved to go home. And she knew she would have to do what she could to do just that. She had put the name of Anne Mistral aside for now, taking on Aoi Aokaze as her new name to match up with her identity. Thankfully her Japanese classes she took to help get into college are paying off now.
  12. Anne Mistral A.K.A: “Graviton”, Aiko Aokaze Age: 22 Height: 5'7" / 170cm Weight: 140lb / 63.5 kg Life was interesting in Empire City. When it came to the Multiverse, the universe Empire City called home was a far cry from what could be seen elsewhere in the multitude. There people called "superheroes" fought evil and protected the innocent, providing an example for children to meet. Including a young Anne Mistral. Hearing of the adventures of older-era heroes, barnstorming and exploring mysterious lands with their wonderous (and regularly shot down) aircraft got her interested in becoming a pilot herself. Of course she fell into a paradox: Born too late to explore the world, and too soon to explore the stars. But she had a talent, and after getting her pilot's licence and getting flight time in, an aeronautics firm picked her up to become a test pilot. On a routine flight to test a high-performance military-grade airframe's stall capabability, a mad scientist was testing a new weapon he was making to hold hostage Empire City's data infrastructure. A weapon that could destroy computers from the inside. He decided to test it on Anne's aircraft... When Anne's world filled with greenish-blue light she was torn from the universe she was in, and ended up where she is now. Thing is pulling someone from one network of universes to another doesn't happen without consequence, activating latent genes in Anne's DNA, causing her to develop the ability to control and channel Gravity, as well as lift prodigious weight. Also it caused other weirdness, inside her a power was starting to awaken, something she couldn't quite put her finger on... When she arrived, everything changed. Now she has to masquerade as a Student at a local high school, with two others pulled to this universe. It seems whoever was their unknown benefactor felt it necessary to give them room and board. Lucky for Anne, it's a hassle taking her flight kit from her universe with her to school. Although at night she adopted the idea of patrolling her streets as "Graviton" with her kit as her costume... although for now she's only helped cats out of trees or getting lost balloons for crying kids. Better to be a superhero with kids who love you than actually breaking the law. Then again, for whatever reason she was brought here, sooner or later she felt that would no longer be a luxury her and her sudden classmates could afford. (14) Body - 7 (12) Mind - 6 (16) Soul - 8 ACV/DCV - 10 Health - 95 Energy - 90 Armour - 0/35 Damage Multiplier x8 (97) Attributes (3) Attack Mastery 3 (+3 ACV) (3) Combat Technique (Lightning Reflexes 2, Judge Opponent) (3) Defence Mastery 3 (+3 ACV) (2) Energized 2 (+20 Energy) (9) Flight (2)3 (100 KPH, Recovery 1) (8) Item (MK 4 Flight Suit) (2) Item (MK 4 Pilot’s Vest) (6) Massive Damage (2)3 (+3 DM, Focused Damage 1: Graviton Beam) (9) Super Strength (3)4 (2 Tonnes, Concentration 1) (2) Tough 2 (+20 Health) (22) Skill Groups (2) Academic 2 (5) Occupation: Pilot 5 (2) Street 1 (4) Technical 2 (6) Adventuring 2 (3) Scientific 1 (40) Weapons/Attacks (40) Graviton Beam (20)14 (112 Damage, Incapacitating 4, Range 4, Deplete 2 (20 Energy a Use)) (-1) Defects -1 Social Fault: Overconfident Item List (8) MK 4 Flight Suit (3) Features (Basic Life Support Systems, Communication Suite, Direction Sense) (14) Armour 7 (35 Armour) (2) MK 4 Pilot’s Vest (4) Features (Life Preserver, Parachute, Light, First Aid Kit) 42 Stats + 47 Attributes + 22 Skills + 40 Weapons – 1 Defects = 150 Points
  13. I'll have Anne with her background posted in the characters section shortly.
  14. Disregard, seems the stars didn't allign, again. (didn't want to hold up anyone here, and I'm not familiar enough with the system yet.)
  15. Just here. Watching... waiting...

  16. I'd say it would have to be within the context of that universe. Having access to high-test real-world weapons like fighter jets or tanks is about as powerful as having super-powers or magic in the proper worlds. Anything that makes you stand out technically is a "power" Even in mundane settings having a bicycle or car gives you an edge (and if it's a car the rest of the group will want rides...) It's all about context. Does that make things more fun? Also depends. Some universes those advantages are high-maintenance or come with requirements. Even in mundane settings. Sometimes the cost is way more than the value of the advantage.
  17. On the social-mental thing, it is rather crap for selections of defenses of the mind or protection vs. social attack, but there are some that are practically (as long as willpower holds out) 100% effective. But then if everyone gets them, then really you're at square one. That and you have points being sucked out from where people want to place them into an issue I call the "1000 contingencies" build concept where every possible crisis that could come up is covered but you end up with a rather useless character.
  18. Usually characters like this have exploitable weaknesses created by their point management techniques. In a mid-point level most tanks have several glaring holes in their defenses, psychology, or tolerances where the character can be easily brought low. At high-levels though, and I wager that is the power level we're dealing with, what Justin and Jeremy have noted is the best options. The best way to deal with a power-gamed character isn't to allow it, unless it has enough of a concept where it works. And in high-power Aberrant (or other superpowered games for that matter) that sort of thing is to be expected to be honest. The question is how the GM/ST will handle things. As for equalizing a group, I wager your blasters are great at range, dead-eye shots. Ever thought of setting up scenarios where your zappers can support your up-close and personal characters? Sometimes the best way to make things a challenge is to toss tactics into the works. Throw in a crisis where indescriminate fire is a very bad idea. If the group is mostly murderhobos though, that might not work out as they'll just destroy that orphanage anyways and walk away from that explosion saying "tactical necessity."
  19. It does help to, at least in a Soft Sci-Fi setting to consider the fiddly details to be taken care of by some form of technology that's behind the scenes. Something that becomes important when the plot demands (as it broke down).
  20. Yeah, 2g in space wouldn't need a full g-suit for protection. Although I'd see for more efficient ship-to-ship combat, using magnetic coil/rail weaponry which would be far more efficient in space. Things like particle beam weapons would require a good amount of power, but have lesser recoil. Lasers are nifty but you need them "painting" the target for more than a moment just to start doing damage. Nukes while effective close-up are pretty expensive in terms of upkeep and in manufacturing, if the amount of uranium and plutonium is as rare and scattered as it is on earth, it would be far more efficient to switch to mass driver weapons.
  21. That's what I'm getting at. The maneuvering thruster causing you to turn.
  22. On the 180 degree turn, that isn't exactly instantaneous. Or more you don't want to turn too fast. If your design doesn't have your control seat dead center on the center of mass, you're gonna feel the centrifugal force of the turn. And even WITH that sort of setup you'll still have issues with such G-forces acting on your body when you turn. Or maybe not. Not exactly sure on it. I do know if the design has your control seat/cockpit outside the center of mass you will feel the acceleration, limiting how fast you can do turns. Dead-center you might have forces acting on your arms/legs depending on how you're seated.
  23. So any post "eruption" aberrations and tainted powers could be explained by the monster-type mutations?
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