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Aberrant: Infinite Earth - Character - [A&A] June "Whirlwind" O'Gara

June O'Gara

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Name: June O'Gara
Codename: Whirlwind
Birthplace: Liverpool, England
Birthdate: January 8, 1920
Age: 21

Early Background
June O'Gara was born to a World War One veteran and a Military Nurse in a neighborhood in the dock districts of Liverpool, England. June throughout her childhood had a Tomboy streak, and that was further fueled by her use of a Ætherlabe. She was known to get into fights to protect her friends from being bullied, and in sticking up for people. To channel her energy, Her father taught her how to hunt, starting her off with a small pistol since he wagered that she couldn't handle a rifle. She proved him wrong by showing him she was a crack shot. She also learned a few things about first aid from her Mother, who had plenty of experience during the great war patching up injured soldiers.

In fact she spent most of her time putting bandages and other sundry medical implements on her brother, a reckless thrill seeker. She loved her brother dearly, and it is believed this was the trigger for her powers to manifest. Her brother enlisted in the Royal Navy right on graduation. He served admirably, but without any distinction that made him stand out. But on July 5 1940, the destroyer he was stationed on, the HMS WHIRLWIND was sunk by a U-boat torpedo, Southwest of Ireland. No one could find him during the rescue effort, and was pronounced dead.

When the news got back, June was devastated. Then her Dynamic powers manifested in a pair of glowing wings of light.

After the funeral, She decided to start bettering herself, although the call to action would grab her when the Blitz came to England. Her home town of Liverpool was ransacked and her family moved to Cardiff with other family members to avoid the bombs and air raids. June stayed when Winston Churchill heard of her other powers. It was known to Ministry of Defense that she was a flier, and they considered tapping her to join the WAAF, but Churchill had other plans. Now June acts as a agent of rescue, answering to the Minsitry of Defense under direct supervision of Winston Churchill himself. Answering the call however she can to rescue downed pilots and injured soldiers behind enemy lines. Some see her as a inspiration, others an annoyance as war is a gentleman's job. But none can question her heart, her patriotic sense of duty, and her conviction.

She bears the code name Whirlwind, a request from June herself so that she can bear witness and give honor to the men lost on the HMS Whirlwind, including her dear brother.

Appearance and Personality
June off duty is a kind, humble woman. Always willing to lend an ear and sometimes give advice. On duty though, she is by the book and driven. Although she won't sacrifice others to complete a mission. Some see this as a weakness, but so far, her casualty rates on her support teams has been quite low. June off duty wears whatever she can off of her ration cards, while on duty she wears a navy-blue, sailor collared one-piece jumpsuit with a red beret. She's made sure that her outfit on duty doesn't match any sailor's uniform she works with, and it has a sort of pin-up quality to it, although it is rather modest and tasteful. She's also not above to wearing any important gear she may need on her missions.

She has ginger red hair, piercing green eyes, and freckles over the bridge of her nose. She bears a scar on her right arm after a nasty fall in her youth into a lake that nearly drowned her.
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Name:June O'Gara

Codename: Whirlwind

Concept Rescuer

Reuption: Loss of her little brother in war

Nature: Caregiver

Allegiance: United Kingdom

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 150 pds

Hair: Ginger/Fire Engine Red

Eyes: Green

Age: 21

Attributes & Abilities


STR: 5

Brawl: 3

DEX: 5

Athletics (Swim): 3, Drive: 3, Firearms (Pistols): 5, Melee: 2, Pilot: 3, Stealth: 3

STA: 5

Endurance: 5, Resistance: 5


PER: 5

Awareness: 3

INT: 5

Academics: 2, Medicine (First Aid): 5, Survival (Oceanic), 3


Rapport: 1


APP: 5

Intimidation: 2

MAN: 3

Interrogation: 1, Streetwise: 1

CHA: 5

Command: 2, Etiquette: 1


Resources: 3

Mentor (WWI Veteran Dad): 3

Mentor (WWI Nurse Mother): 2

Allies (Winston Churchill): 4

Backing (Ministry of Defense): 3

Aetherfiber (Eufiber): 5

Node: 2

Attunement: 5

Mega Attributes

Mega Stamina: 1 - Resiliency

Mega Strength: 1 - Shockwave


Armor 2

+6 Bashing, +6 Lethal

Flight 1

200 kph/44 m per action

Invulneribility (To Physical Damage)

+5 Bashing, +5 Lethal

Hypermovement: Flight 1

500 kph out of combat, 50m In Combat

Merits and Flaws

Iron Will

Intolerance - Germans

Phobia - Lightning

Dependent - Disabled Uncle

Final Statistics

Quantum: 3

Willpower: 7

Quantum Pool: 46

Walk: 7

Run: 17

Sprint: 35

Initiative: 10

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Build Notes

Human Phase

Attribute Dots (7, 5, 3)

Primary: Physical

STR: 3, DEX: 4, STA: 3

Secondary: Mental

PER: 3, INT: 2, WIT: 3

Tertiary: Social

APP: 2, MAN: 2, CHA: 2

Ability Dots (23)

Brawl 3

Athletics 3

Drive 1

Firearms 3

Stealth 1

Awareness 3

Academics 2

Medicine 2

Rapport 1

Intimidation 2

Interrogation 1

Streetwise 1

Backgrounds (7)

Resources 2

Mentor 3 (Dad; James O'Gara - WWI Veteran)

Mentor 2 (Mom; Anne O'Gara - WWI Nurse)

Bonus Points (15)

Specialties (3 BP): Fist Aid (Medicine), Swimming (Athletics), Firearms (Pistols)

+2 Initiative (2 BP)

+1 Appearance, +1 Charisma (10 BP)

Merits (7)

Iron Will (6) - She is a headstrong tomboy.

1 BP - Specialty - Survival: Oceanic

Flaws (7)

Intolerance (1) - Germany

Phobia (2) - Lightning

Dependent (4) - Disabled Uncle

Nova Phase (40 Points)

5 NP - 15 Attribute Dots: +3 App, + 3 Cha, +2 Per, +1 Dex, +2 Sta, +2 Str, +2 int

4 NP - 20 Background Dots: Resources +1, Allies 4 (Winston Churchill), Backing 3 (Ministry of Defense), Aetherfiber (Eufiber) 5, Node 2, Attunement 5

4 NP - 24 Ability Dots: +2 Firearms, +2 Drive, +2 Stealth, Pilot 3, Melee 2, Endurance +2, Resistance +2, Survival 3, Medicine +3, Command 2, Etiquette 1

3 NP Mega Stamina 1 with Resilency

3 NP Mega Stamina Enhancement - Regeneration Hyperflight 1

3 NP Mega Strength 1 with Shockwave

6 NP Armor 2

3 NP Flight 1

5 NP Invulneribility 1

4 NP +4 Willpower

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