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  1. Actually I think that might be a good idea. I think I might pull June from Greeks and probably from A&A. Having KO join the group would be a good replacement for her. I will keep the pm thread going, and I will let you in.
  2. You may have been let in on this plan as the powers that be on our side when they came up with their plan that we are to about endeavor on needed a few "in reserve" either to assist or to fill in in case not all of their original choices for our team were not availiable. You did get a call more than likely to report to where we are, of course with the raid showing up early, you'll probably see us scrambling out of the main building (in luftwaffe uniforms some of us), but you are generally aware of most of us at least on the mission profile you were given. Of course it isn't the complete plan and were probably told for the time being to defer to Colnel Hawk.
  3. June had full memory of what a Luftwaffe pilot's flight suit looked like. Her Aetherfiber outfit changed form into something that June took much distaste in wearing. "Well... at the very least I get alot of practice in on the way." June said with a grin. "Old Winston had better enjoy the scrap." She put her trenchcoat on tightly. "I really... REALLY hate German uniforms. So... cold looking." "So who needs the express flight to a Bomber?" June said, pulling a pair of goggles out of a pocket on her coat. "Oh and once we set off our fireworks at the Kraut airbase, and we get home, I am NEVER wearing this again." As she started out somoene stopped her, dressed in uniform from the nearby RAF airbase. "Miss O'Gara? We just recieved a message from the ministry of defense... they pulled you from the mission. Seems something to do with what happened a few weeks ago and..." June looked cross. "What?" "Look they need you at London right away." June sighed. "You'd better have someone to replace me." She shifted her suit back to what she originally had it set up as and loosened her trenchcoat. "Okay I'll get there shortly." What she didn't know is that her leaving also draws off a German Dynamic from the raid. They will battle in London, and she will die with her hands around the throat of a dead german Dynamic... as she always wanted. note I really can't work with June anymore. I just can't work up anything. So... that is that.
  4. Who are we waiting for in the thread? It's been almost a week, and I'm hearing no chatter about which direction we're going.
  5. "Well, love..." She said to her asian teammate, "...see, there is one thing ya must remember about dem German garbage scows. For instance... their wings like to snap when you compromise their integrity... also... you flyin' around in of itself won't take much of yer stamina in the overall scheme of things... it's only when you really bring the pain that things start runnin' close to empty. Ya want my advice, ya let me smash up the tin cans, while you give them one nice bright light to distract them. That's a bloody huge bright light to be spitting out." "Sometimes I underestimate myself, but somethin' we'll need to get clear before we decide to play trojan horse is who is coming along and who is stayin' behind."
  6. I am with the consensus on this, with what is proposed from Mala. I also agree Form Manipulation is in the realm of the bad guys or a secretive worker behind the scenes on the Allied side that is a NPC.
  7. I'm starting to think this plan is unraveling. We're going to burn almost all our quantum just taking the bird, and it's looking more like we'll have to actually go same night. No refuel or support... ,, I don't think this was what was being planned and it might be out of our reach. We're gonna be burned out on quantum well before we even get to our attack point, or just after getting the job done. ,, I reviewed the rules... seems I've been doing it wrong for... since the game came out.
  8. "Well if anything I can take care of having some ruckus. I'll take care of any radios, which means once we select an aircraft the squadron around it is dead meat." ,, She sighed... "I can get someone up to help you out, Ryan. Thing is and I know this for a fact I am fully capable of matching speed with these aircraft." ,, "Depending though on how much work I'll have to do, I might be staying behind once I've delivered the packages."
  9. June adjusted her beret. "Oh I don't intend to trash the aircraft, love. Just toss overboard whoever gets all rustled over our shenanigans, right?" She smiled. "Of course I'll let them bail out voluntarily unless I see something my size... I'd rather not keep anyone aboard that isn't becessary to be aboard. Most we'll have to patch hopefully is a few mauser shots and a couple dents from our punches. We'll just have to make sure it's close to the channel so any krauts we leave alive are picked up by our men as POWs... better than what our boys get but we're not the savages they are. No secrets will get out. I'd rather not have it happen over land, as the aircraft would be dropping it's payload." "To be honest... I'd rather not have a bomber's worth of hell raining on London." June said, suddenly looking and sounding forlorn.
  10. "Well, where to start..." She scratched her chin. "As we will be taking a German aircraft, we might want to hide the aircraft in a way that the aircraft was assumed lost in the raid. Is that part of the plan? Hijacking a bomber might cause the targetted plane to scream to it's wingmates what is going on." "If we make it look like we got on to take her down, and sell that sham to the Krauts, we won't have to worry much about tipping our hand." "Then the next night we quietly slip into a formation as the bombers return home like a rabid stray cat looking to claw some kraut bollocks off." She smiled looking over the group. "If you want my opinion... If a kraut is your size... gaffle them for their threads and gear and chuck them overboard. Little Blackpool alley justice, right?" To be honest she just wanted to throw some trash into the English Channel.
  11. June smiled. "Yeah, let's. I've still to learn how to make my Aetherfiber more insulative. I know a few fliers and mountaineers who have, I'll have to figure it out. We can use briefing room #4." She brushed off her coat with her free hand, leading everyone to briefing room 4. It was a bit of a walk so the group had a little time for more talk. "I'm just glad after a little romp a couple weeks ago I'm not sitting out of what I was signed on for... I... got a little pissed after seeing some people hit by a random bomb so I... sorta... well increased our scrap supply by bringing down a couple bombers. Wasn't supposed to, but I sort of flipped." "The thing that got me out of trouble was the fact I inspired old Winston himself for a little idea. Of course that guy didn't tell me what he had in mind instead he had orders whipped up by the Ministry of War and the Ministry of Defense. Although your connections to those agencies probably sent you here too."
  12. "Well, I'm sure we'll know soon enough. We still got UXB to wait for." She adjusted her blue jumpsuit under her coat. "Of course, the majority of us have just arrived it seems." She sighed. "I'll give UXB a minute or so then we should head inside. Then we can see what's in this envelope. After all I don't wanna read this bad boy until I know there ain't any kraut eavesdroppers in the trees somewhere." She looked around, she's learned to keep her eyes open.
  13. "I would hope so, at least in the bein' prepared department. I've been practicin' with diff'rent firearms." She smiled, pulling back her coat revealing a damn nasty pistol in a holster under her arm. "Don't worry, guv', I got the papers for my bodyguard. Then again, we might get issued far more... nastier pieces of work." She remembers the time she used a Bren... it was a joy. "Then again as is, most of us are nasty pieces of work, right?"
  14. Thanks on that. Now, get your character done. There's more kraut jaws than I got fists to use to punch!!!
  15. Strength is only measured by the strongest weakling. the weakest person that will match you. Fortitude is far more important. Moral and Ethical. You can be a brute but if you have no morals or ethics, you might as well be pond scum. Because that is all you're worth. But yes, that is a very valid point. Although, Silvestru, you are notoriously mean to your characters. Just saying.
  16. I am unfortunately tied up. Not by krauts... like hell June would allow that to happen. I'm just busy with June.
  17. Could wear it in front of you. I forget wings can be annoying. The choice of having a blaze-orange aetherfiber suit is pretty funny... but a reasonible precaution.
  18. "Oh my... let me guess, all we need is UXB to complete the set." June grinned. "Orange... I've never tried that." She takes her arms behind her head, stretching out. "Now... I know I and Jian here can fly, and Ryan is a hell of a pilot... so what is the plan these guys are gonna spring on us..." She smiled at Ryan. "And we actually got some business to attend to soon... some mission down from the Ministry of Defense itself." She pulls out a envelope. "Can't read it out loud until UXB shows up. Since we all have the clearances for this mission." She grinned. "Can't wait personally... it means I get to..." June armored up over her clothing, and her clenched fist slammed into a open hand with a clang. "...play wrecking crew on some krauts." "Bloody barbarians... first chance I get..." She de-armors, remembering she really shouldn't be wasting power right now. She may need it.
  19. Also I am going to introduce a bit of Aethertech for us. Namely a communications pack worn like a backpack, with a headset. It'll allow communications with anyone using a pack or a radio.
  20. June's a nice enough girl, she's even giving Claire cocoa! So, we're all meeting outside before our little mission brief. Any details we need to hammer? Just so that our NPCs know their script.
  21. June had no use for her usual surroundings. Most of the time she had been spending reducing the number of condolence letters being sent from the government to mothers about their flying sons. It was what little she could do. The sting of losing her little brother no more than a year prior still effected her in ways that she was yet to discover. Usually she spent her nights either on SAR duty or getting her rest. Occasionally, getting to help Slither as she was quite strong and durable, as well as a capable high-story rescuer was an added bonus. But it was her guilty pleasure smashing German bombers that really kept her morale up. The home effort gets her down, she'd smash in a couple wings on some bombers and enjoy the fireworks show. She was wearing her tan trenchcoat she earned on a couple missions, covering up the odd blue jumpsuit she liked wearing. She would wear the blue overalls that Claire wore as part of her duties, but June just would have her jumpsuit change form. Aetherfiber tended to do that pretty easily. Then again it was her stark-red beret that got the attention of everyone. She wasn't a member of any organization per-se, in fact her actual disposition had more classification marks on it from the Ministry of Defense than anything.That and she was smarting a little from a recent dressing down from Churchill himself for being "too dilligent" in her efforts. She knew that the boys were itching to shoot some Germans down. She just can't help herself that whenever she sees a damn kraut, she has to punch it! But... old winston was right, after all... Then again she wanted to score some German loot as a trophy for her efforts at some point. Seeing Miss Kinkaid was a nice little bonus. They had become fast friends, although June couldn't talk much about her own work. "Oi! Miss Kinkaid! Nice seein' ya again! I'm hearin' that there's some sorta meetin' of the minds shortly." She grinned, handing Slither a warm cocoa. "I find this helps when our duty is standin' and waitin'."
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