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Found 3 results

  1. Name: June O'Gara Codename: Whirlwind Birthplace: Liverpool, England Birthdate: January 8, 1920 Age: 21 Early Background June O'Gara was born to a World War One veteran and a Military Nurse in a neighborhood in the dock districts of Liverpool, England. June throughout her childhood had a Tomboy streak, and that was further fueled by her use of a Ætherlabe. She was known to get into fights to protect her friends from being bullied, and in sticking up for people. To channel her energy, Her father taught her how to hunt, starting her off with a small pistol since he wagered that she couldn't handle a rifle. She proved him wrong by showing him she was a crack shot. She also learned a few things about first aid from her Mother, who had plenty of experience during the great war patching up injured soldiers. In fact she spent most of her time putting bandages and other sundry medical implements on her brother, a reckless thrill seeker. She loved her brother dearly, and it is believed this was the trigger for her powers to manifest. Her brother enlisted in the Royal Navy right on graduation. He served admirably, but without any distinction that made him stand out. But on July 5 1940, the destroyer he was stationed on, the HMS WHIRLWIND was sunk by a U-boat torpedo, Southwest of Ireland. No one could find him during the rescue effort, and was pronounced dead. When the news got back, June was devastated. Then her Dynamic powers manifested in a pair of glowing wings of light. After the funeral, She decided to start bettering herself, although the call to action would grab her when the Blitz came to England. Her home town of Liverpool was ransacked and her family moved to Cardiff with other family members to avoid the bombs and air raids. June stayed when Winston Churchill heard of her other powers. It was known to Ministry of Defense that she was a flier, and they considered tapping her to join the WAAF, but Churchill had other plans. Now June acts as a agent of rescue, answering to the Minsitry of Defense under direct supervision of Winston Churchill himself. Answering the call however she can to rescue downed pilots and injured soldiers behind enemy lines. Some see her as a inspiration, others an annoyance as war is a gentleman's job. But none can question her heart, her patriotic sense of duty, and her conviction. She bears the code name Whirlwind, a request from June herself so that she can bear witness and give honor to the men lost on the HMS Whirlwind, including her dear brother. Appearance and Personality June off duty is a kind, humble woman. Always willing to lend an ear and sometimes give advice. On duty though, she is by the book and driven. Although she won't sacrifice others to complete a mission. Some see this as a weakness, but so far, her casualty rates on her support teams has been quite low. June off duty wears whatever she can off of her ration cards, while on duty she wears a navy-blue, sailor collared one-piece jumpsuit with a red beret. She's made sure that her outfit on duty doesn't match any sailor's uniform she works with, and it has a sort of pin-up quality to it, although it is rather modest and tasteful. She's also not above to wearing any important gear she may need on her missions. She has ginger red hair, piercing green eyes, and freckles over the bridge of her nose. She bears a scar on her right arm after a nasty fall in her youth into a lake that nearly drowned her.
  2. NAME: Rachel Fiore (aka Red Fury) ORIGIN: Biochemical Accident POWERS: Superstrength, Supertoughness and fast Metabolism THEME: Unstoppable Force of Nature. Physical Prowess TITLE: none yet. GENDER: Female AGE: 28 (Age indeterminable as Red Fury, but probably a very healthy mid-twenties PERSONALITY: Rachel has a somewhat dual nature ever since the accident. Her unpowered side remains the curious scientists mind and she abides by the rules and oaths she has taken. She can be even considered mousy at times, when she is deeply involved with her work. As Red Fury she is far more outgoing and direct. She revels in her powers and likes to show it off. The strength she possess makes her prone to powertrips and she has difficulties holding back when is is wiser to remain calm. POWER LEVEL: 8 APPEARANCE: Rachel is a dark-brownhaired attractive woman of half italian and half irish heritage. She has the good looks of her mother and a somewhat shrewd and sarcastic sense of humor inherited by her father. She seems to be somewhat oblivious of her looks, though. She seldom wears clothes that go beyond her usual business or work attire and her last date was when she was at college... Background: Rachel is the daughter of District Attorney Giovanni Fiore and Detective Siobhan Fiore. Both her parents have a strong sense of Justice and could be considered as good people as far as their personal backgrounds and taxpaying history is concerned. DA Fiore has the questionable reputation of being a hot-headed and stubborn DA who literally hunts down organised crime as if he was on a personal vendetta. His wife is a faithful Detective and while not as hot-headed at least as stubborn as her husband. Rachel could be considered the perfect combination of both their good traits but deep inside she also faces her inner demons which she very rarely is confronted with. Her dedication to her work and also the very passive nature of being a medical doctor who mostly deals with corpses is rather beneficial for staying out of trouble. At least the trouble of the physical/aggresive kind. This all changed a few months ago when Rachel had a rather lifechanging episode of the biochemically-induced accident kind. She was doing her old College Professor a favor who was no longer at University but following a project for the government which he could not speak of to her, but she could help him with some experiments without risking giving away what he was working on. As things turn out with these kinds of stories those experiments weren't as harmless as presumed and Rachel found herself exposed to a variety of chemical substances that altered her bodychemistry down to the DNA-level. Instead of dying (which all the rodents and rats did in their cages), the chemical compound changed Rachel, rebuilding her DNA and making some extreme alterations to her genetic code. The result was Red Fury - a hulking two and a half meters tall female juggernaut packed with muscles and bright red skin with fiendish looking yellowish glowing eyes. As Red Fury Rachel was capable of incredible feats of strength and could withstand all kinds of weapons up to Assault Rifle Calibre without even flinching. Fortunately she retained her intelligence and didn't devolve to a mad monster but the change still had an considerable effect on her personality. Soon Rachel found herself attracted to danger. She got more active in her research and tried to accompany her colleagues to the sites of crime, hoping to get another chance of unleashing the Red Fury and have a more active role in stopping crime. This had to draw some attention sooner or later and she was quickly contacted by the superhuman division to join their special forces Squad. At first reluctant, Rachel agreed to join the team, waiting for her first real encounter with criminals or villains who would challenge her unbelievable prowess and might.
  3. This thread, which will be pined, is going to contain the various changes to society brought on by nova's and their activities, if you have an idea or thought that you want to suggest or a write up you have for some of them, feel free.. here's a few examples. Barsoom Rules: The extreme popularity of the Princess of Mars series, really due to the exceptionally beauty and charisma of Bombshell has actually cause communities to come into existence that follow the Barsoom rules of dress, though only in areas that the weather permits, this means jewelry and loincloths only, or nothing, optionally. (this is really a cult of personality revolving around Bombshell's most famous acting career, and mostly are sort of exotic nudist colonies). Living Treasure: Any nova with Mega-Appearance 7 or higher is considered a living treasure in most nations, their state of dress (or lack there of - At this level of beauty, whatever they want to wear is considered appropriate) is never considered indecent, and they are often considered 'citizens' while in whatever nation they are in, they are usually asked to stay. Kill on Site: By contrast, most nova's with Mega-Ugly 4 or more, have a kill on sight order, and are officially considered assaults on moral and mental stability simply by their presence, most places consider their public appearance unlawful (their existence isn't, just appearing in public). Two-Faced Nova's sort of deal with both of these society shifts. Living God: Any nova with Mega-Charisma 6 or more has worshipers, if they desire them or not, many folks actually believe their are living gods or avatars, or saints/devils, depending on their background, this various depending on the amount of time and presence they have had in the world. Their words are often considered as those from the mouth of a god, and they often have to be careful of they can find themselves causing a lot of trouble with a single misstated or inappropriate public word. This has caused all sorts of cults to spring up around the world and are something of a concern by governments and groups like the Directive (it's not uncommon for the Directive to send out kill teams for the more troublesome of these novas) Privacy Laws: Nova's with extremely high levels of mega-perception can perceive things that others can't even dream of, but the laws still require proof of crimes, and a nova discovered using their powers to observe certain events can be charged with invasion of privacy in some parts of the world. This extends to such powers as telepathy and hypnosis, if one can prove they were used, laws are more extensive and limiting in some parts of the world then others. More to Come
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