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Mutants & Masterminds: The Unlikely Prophets - The Headquarters Discussion Thread

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So, since it's worth discussing as a group... here we should talk about the headquarters that cometh to fruition.

Key questions:

  • Where do we want it?
  • What do we want in it?
  • How do we hide it, if we do?

Some of this is as simple as putting up the Feature expenditures and then giving IC flavor later. We do have 35 HQ EP combined.

So I will start by listing what I consider essentials:

Communications, Computer, Defense System, Laboratory, Library, Living Space, Power System, Security System. This does not include the proper size and Toughness increases too, but I fling the hot potato to another person now. smile.gif

The Prophets HQ

Cost so far: 18 EP

Size: Large

Toughness: 20

Features: Infirmary, Concealed 2, Laboratory, Gym, Communications, Computer, Library, Workshop 2 (Tech & Magic), Power System, Power: Teleport 10 (Portal +2, Medium: Doors -1, Long Range -1), Defense System

--People's Point Contributions

Bodhie: Gym, Size 1, Toughness 3

Necronaut: Size 1, Concealed 2, Laboratory, Infirmary

Glitch: Communications, Computer, Library, Workshop, Power System

Hex: Workshop, Power: Teleport, Defense System

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Oops... Re-post from OOC thread!

I'm thinking we should go for Size at least Large and Toughness 15. That's 2 points in toughness and two or three in size. Maybe everyone could toss in a point toward one of these among the other features? It looks to me like 'Isolated' is also a good idea. If we want to be extra cool, we could add a Power: Teleport feature and say that Hex set us up with a permanent tele-portal!

I think Necronaut will go: Size, Infirmary, Double-Concealed and Laboratory.

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Hmm.What about the illusion totem? That seems like Concealed to me, and Hex made it...

A teleportal is possible, perhaps. And she'll need another Workshop for the Arcana skill, since Glitch's won't work for her. :)

Similary, Hex can contribute to the Library with a collection of occult books.

Anything else folks want? Force field, perhaps? :)

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Moved over from the OOC thread.

The HQ can buy powers, with the GM's approval. However, what you're talking about would be kind of complex. The HQ would have to be able to find you with an Accurate sense (which would be a cost), then have a Teleport with sufficient range and the Affects Others (Only others) mod. And even then, I'd say the system would need an operator...either an NPC who stays in it, or an "AI" built into the HQ and bought with points.

I'm not trying to shoot down the idea, bear in mind. These are design challenges to be overcome, not obstacles that make it unworkable. :)

In fact, I have an idea for how it could work.

The HQ could have a ritual array with some element of each of us. A vial of blood, perhaps, or effigies. A magical item (built into the HQ, not bought separately) can use those elements to locate us anywhere (via an accurate, extended Mental sense) and allows a person using that item to commuicate (mental Communication) or, in a pinch, the element can be consumed in a magical reaction that yanks the person back to the ritual circle (the teleport effect). This inflicts an Affliction as a Side Effect, and it requires a replacement for the ritual element to be obtained, so it's a hassle and not done lightly. The recall only works if the character allows it to.

I can tell you all that we actually need Living Space as a feature... and possibly an AI feature, someone can put some of their EP towards that... I am investigating if we can put the Reversible feat on our Teleport power already in the HQ thread, so an AI can warp back those who went through the portal if need be. :)

Furthermore, there are always things like ESP or other Powers that we could built in as specialized tech or spells that could prove useful from a HQ position, like summon-able guardians?

Lets not go too crazy at first. Decide what we NEED, get that, then we can tack on cool stuff later. :)

Gloom would want a gun range and armory. How many PP is that? 2?

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