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Aberrant: 200X - I sense a change coming.


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Recently I've been noticing the organization I've been with moving me away from the active duty roster to a more public relations role. I'm starting to think it's based on how I can utilize my Nova talents. After all, I can't tug any of their gear over open water at 1000 kph. Just not good for structural integrity, particularly since most of the gear we use is inflated rubber. Sucks being a lifeboat operator I know, but before I erupted I joined for all the right reasons. It's either that or there's liability issues. One or the two.

I just don't know if being on the sidelines helps anymore.

Hell if I had the money I'd hire some nova engineer to build some gear around my particular skill set.

Unless someone is looking for a volunteer... I'm more than open to test out new nautical equipment.

Drop me a line. My time with the RNLI is almost up and I'm getting jumpy.

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True. Then again all coding has to be run by me before it's approved for use in any technical devices. I'm no slouch as an engineer either.

Whoever you work for, DW, I would imagine our builds operate beyond original parameters outlined by your organization?

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