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  1. Happy that whatever issues had come to a head and probably sparked this meeting were now seemingly resolved, Austin smiled. "An Avengers reference Laurie. I would never have guessed." it was some light teasing, but his smile told the truth about a lack of malice in it. "I also happen to trust our Mentor, he has been there to help when we needed, and After all the craziness we've gone through, we are all still here, so clearly something's gone right there." Rachel's words struck a sour note with him. "Rachel, your leadership may not have been the best at times, but I don't think any of us could have done any better. you've not lost anyone, and no one's suffered an injury we couldn't recover from. You're not some Tyrant who demands obedience, you value all of us, and If I might be presumptious for everyone save our new bandmate, you've eared our trust in you." He paused for a moment, knowing his next words weren't as positive. "The truth as you see it, Isn't the same truth that I see. I don't see us all as strays, though. If we really were, then we'd not be here together like this. I especially don't think of us as spares. Donner's Band does their own thing, and we do ours. There's nothing saying their activities are any more important in the grand scheme of things than ours, or vice versa. Hell there's probably other bands out there besides us and them. We're all trying to fight back against the machinations of the Titanspawn and those allied with them. None of us is unimportant. I wouldn't call any of us Spares."
  2. It wasn't long before he nodded. "But I do like you. Not in some weird way, but because your different than other girls and not because we are blooded, more in spite of that. I won't deny that I feel a sense of calmness around you, and that with our unique common ground, things just feel comfortable." He smiled abit, and nodded. " Maybe that's not the best way to say it all, but it's true. You may have said it was unacceptable, but it doesn't make how I feel less true. I do like you, and I genuinely would like to get to know you better. Around you, I don't feel like I have to keep anything hidden, and it's my hope that you might feel the same." There it was, as he laid out how he truly felt.
  3. Austin was enjoying a restive Saturday at home following the dance, and hadn't really planned anything for the entire day, mostly it was just going to be lazy. He looked as his phone chirped out a text alert, and snatched it up. It was from Fisher, of all people, which was pretty odd. He figured it could be about what happened so he read it, noting that Fisher was relaying that Rachel had called a meeting, and he thought it strange. They'd met Grimsley earlier this morning too, and he recognized a kid with issues, but he was godblooded like them, so he didn't really have anything negative to say. The more the merrier in the band was his outlook, simply because more help wasn't a bad thing. He chose to see it positively, not that he was a stray, or that they were so weak their elders thought they needed help. Besides, just from the first meeting, he knew Grimsley was far better suited for their band than Donner's. Texting back that he'd be there, he got up, took a quick shower and got dressed as normal for a band meeting, Jeans and a plain T-shirt he didn't care about. It wasn't so much he didn't have better, but with their training, it was best to not wear clothing he cared about too much, as it could and had ended up torn before. He made his way to the barn to find he wasn't even close to the first, With Fisher, Grimsley, and Nadya already there. He checked his watch and while he was early, it wasn't so much. He'd honestly expected Rachel to be here, and honestly it seemed the trio were getting along well enough. Wolf's ears perked up when she caught his scent, and she came over to greet him. Kneeling down, Austin scratched her ears and jaw as he'd found she liked, and smiled. "Playing nice with everyone today? That's good to see." His voice was calm and soothing, and the young Nemean Wolf almost looked like a dog the way she behaved with Austin. He'd always been good with animals, and At least with wolf this seemed to hold true too. After a moment he stood and Wolf returned to where she was and the son of Poseidon smiled at his bandmates. "So, I guess we're waiting for a few others then? Any Ideas on why she called for the meeting Fisher, did anyone turn up more information about what happened last night?" He'd not heard any of the previous conversation, there was concern in his voice. He and Fisher had endured alot more than they bargained for last night, and he definitely wanted to stay abreast of anything regarding it.
  4. Nodding his understanding to Darcy before Horace accosted Yokiko, Austin had been making his way to the booth he normally sat in. For his part, Austin said nothing to Horace, choosing to not lower himself to his level, besides Yokiko had it well in hand, and didn't need him to defend her. He took his seat in the booth she chose with an understanding smile. "No need for you to apologize for him, I'm abit used to how some of your bandmates view my bandmates and I. I choose to not pay it much thought because I know what we've done, and the value of it. Some vulgar words aren't going to change that." While it was true his band didn't all see eye to eye on things, nobody really caused trouble for each other intentionally, or went out of their way to irritate each other. Austin wasn't in the mood to cause a scene here, and grinned back at her. "That said, I think Fisher's the only one who wouldn't qualify as being a "handful" at times. He's pretty laid back, though no one beats Dane in that department. Do you mind me asking if that's normal though, him grabbing you like that?" In truth, the words annoyed him, but him just grabbing her like that actually bothered him. His tone showed his concern, but he was also more than willing to let things go at that, if she asked him to.
  5. Austin smiled back at her. He was dressed in black slacks and a dark grey button-down shirt, the sort someone might wear to church. The light drizzle in the breeze felt good to him, but he was glad he'd drove, so that if it did rain, it wouldn't be a reason to cut their afternoon short. "You're welcome. Thank you for saying yes. I had a great time at the dance with you, Yokiko, and trust me had it not been something as serious as it was, I wouldn't have left you there alone for any length of time." That was the absolute truth in his mind. He was abit curious as to how she heard about everything that happened. "I didn't know what happened to Nadya had gotten around already. As far as what I did, I'd do it for any of my bandmates, or friends. I just hate that I missed what was happening, that we all missed what was happening, and Nadya had to suffer that for so long. I am just glad she's back to herself now, and that no one was injured." There was a tinge of bitterness in his tone as he spoke about Nadya, which gave way to relief near the end. "As far as a small social circle, It's not how many friends you have that speaks to you character, but the strength of those friendships. If you'd like to expand your social circle some, You could always come hang out with us. Not the whole going on quests thing, Your band would probably get really mad over that, just hanging out. There's no rules against that, that I know of." His honest smile firmly in place, he meant it. They were on the same side, and at least with other Scions, she wouldn't have to be so mindful of what she said, and could relax some. Once they were in his jeep and driving away, without taking his eyes from the road, he asked. "So where would you like to eat lunch?" There was always the Drip, but it was likely to be crowded, and there were other places to eat, he just didn't know what she was in the mood for.
  6. With the dance over, it was back to their regularly scheduled lives. The band meeting had taken place on Saturday, if only to bring everyone up to speed without further adding to the drama of the dance. It had been later in the afternoon when Austin called up Yokiko to see if she'd like to get lunch and then catch a movie on Sunday, to which she agreed. There was alot going on in Salem right now, and with two full bands of Scions in town, he'd got to thinking. He really didn't know much about what Yokiko and her band did. Seldom had they really interacted, and he figured there was really no harm if in the course of the date, he asked what they'd been up to. He'd have to answer the same if she asked, but he was fine with that. It wasn't like it was a secret, or Donner couldn't probably beat the truth out of one of them if he really wanted to know it. They'd arranged for him to pick her up at noon, where they'd go get Dinner at a place of her choice, and then go see a movie he'd pick. All in all he was looking forward to this. It was no secret to anyone now that he liked her. As he pulled up into her driveway, Austin did his best to calm himself. She was the child of a Sea God, in a different band, who, thus far he'd gotten to spend some time with, and gone to one dance with. There was nothing at all to be nervous about... He shook his head to get that line of thought out of his mind, and then got out of his jeep and went to the door and knocked.
  7. Having left Todd and Niles to their Fates, Austin made his way back to Yokiko. The quiet Japanese girl had gone to check on her own Bandmates. For Austin to leave was obviously something major, it was clear to her he absolutely hadn't wanted to leave her. The scene with Bridgette and Rachel had everyone talking, the murmuring could even be heard with the music blaring. Though the dance continued, it seemed most were still reliving that moment. She withdrew from the midst of the crowd, back to the edge, where it was easier to keep watch over things, and saw Austin's return. The young scion of Poseidon saw her, and smiled. He made his way to her, not on some crowd parting straight line, but as close to it as could be done. Austin was still aching from stopping the ritual, but hey, they'd mostly won, right? The idiots were alive for the moment, and could possibly learn from this, So that was a win. Sure, he knew something had happened to Fisher, and he'd got zapped, but they both endured, and were able to come back to the dance. As he moved to stand beside her, he smiled again, though his eyes seemed to show a hint of pain, and his happiness to be back. "I trust your "Band Business" is done?" She asked quietly. "My part in it for tonight is, as far as I'm concerned." Her hand slid into his, and Austin too her hand gently. "Good, you promised to make this a night to remember, and I will hold you to that." She smiled up to him. "There's still plenty of time to dance the night away together, shall we pick up where we left off?" Her own smile in place, she nodded, and allowed him to lead her back out to the dance floor. That warm touch of her hand in his enough to make him forget about the pain from earlier, and it was evident he was happy to be back there with her, and that she was happy that he'd returned to her.
  8. Austin grunted in both annoyance and pain, Marius had duped them all again, and it didn't sit well with him. He looked to Todd. "You're welcome Todd. I'll be alright, it's nothing for you to worry about now. Like fisher said, Turn over all the notes, walk away tonight, and later you're going to apologize. With any luck, you'll survive." Austin's smile was far more believable, and unlike his fellows, was very him. He meant every word, right now he wanted to get back to the dance, and Yokiko. The rest could wait.
  9. "Like Fisher said, we might be cool, but now you gotta square this with Nadya. Good luck with that. I'm sure Rachel will want a word if you survive that." he shrugged, still in alot of Pain. "Todd, you get to face Rachel, admit what you tried to do, and accept whatever consequences she levies. Catch her in a good mood, and she might let you live." The Salem Witches Revelation was still rattling around in his mind, the pain making things abit more difficult for him, but he knew them being loosed was bad, and grumbled softly "Big Fuckin "Oops."" He looked to the other boys. "We find Mr. Syracuse so you can give him that book, and then we can all go face the music. Maybe all the aftermath will wait until tomorrow."
  10. Still wracked with pain, Austin rose shakily and slowly to his feet. Every nerve in his body was screaming, and he stumbled, catching himself on a nearby desk. "Ow." The monosyllabic response underlined the pain he'd suffered, and he looked down to the Incoherent Todd, and then over to Fisher and Niles. "Well we're all alive, so that's one for us." He went silent for a moment, listening to Todd, and some pieces of the puzzle dropped into place. "Well shit." With that, he lashed out a couple times slapping Todd's cheeks before the others could stop him. His voice became hard as he put the full force of his ichor behind his words. "Snap the hell out of it Todd." He looked back to Fisher. "Someone whammy'd him pretty good. He was likely put up to this by someone like us, or at least convinced actually doing this was a good idea." He drew back from Todd, just in case he decided to come back at him. He wasn't in the mood for that, and they had promised to bring him back in one piece.
  11. Even beholding the spectacle unfolding before him with a certain aprehension, Austin steeled himself and focused. He'd seen this in a game before, where the cracks formed, and a Demon had come out, but improperly summoned, it didn't come to do the bidding of the summoner, but to devour them. Drawing on the Ichor in his veins he issued an undeniable order to Todd, hoping to silence him before he finished the full incantation. "Don't say another word!" [Austin uses Overt Order on Todd] Even as he issued this edict, he sprung into action, barreling towards Todd as fast as he could trying to get to him and get him away from the wisps. His arms held out he slammed into Todd, his arms encircling him and diving away from the Ritual circle and the wisps, trying to minimize the injury to the mortal teenager even as they were falling away. He held faith that Fisher could help Niles stop the spell, before the cracks grew bigger, and that hopefully nothing would actually be summoned to try to feast on the idiot he'd just tackled to the ground.
  12. He'd about had enough of Niles, but saving Nadya and preventing Todd from trying to cast the spell came first. Austin just nodded. It was going to be more fun to watch whatever Nadya did to him, and really she should get first crack at him. "Come on Niles, we're wasting time. Take us to where you first cast the spell, and if we can, we'll help you undo it." He was hoping Fisher had a plan for that, because his was far less likely to work well for anyone. As one they took a position just behind Niles, easily within arm's reach, and Austin silently prayed they be in time to prevent even more chaos. One sex crazed bandmate is more than enough. God help us all if we end up with two... A moment later a thought came unbidden into his mind. What a way to go though, Death by Snu-Snu.... He silently hoped that as she'd likely not been there for the casting, Nadya's presence wouldn't be required to reverse the spell.
  13. Austin wasn't mad. He was well beyond that. Still this involved a bandmate, and her safety came first, if the others left anything of Niles, well then he'd deal with him in his own way. While he didn't run, that would draw way too much attention, he moved first to get Fisher, as going straight for Rachel would likely cause a real scene. "Fisher." He said from behind his bandmate. "I know you're having a great night, I was too. I need your help, I know what's wrong with Nadya." Fisher nodded, the answer to that mystery important enough to draw him from the post-kiss glow. "Sorry, Darci. Just give us a few minutes, please." Once they moved away abit Austin explained "Niles cast some sort of spell on Nadya, he thinks Todd Swaine stole his notes and is going to cast the spell for himself, on Rachel. For a moment, Austin could swear he saw Fisher's pupils become skulls. "Oh, I see. So where's Todd, and where did they get those spells in the first place?" "Niles has a magic Tome, and we don't know where Todd is. I came to you because we need to gather the others, including Rachel, find him, and help Niles reverse the spell before it gets any worse, then we can deal with him."
  14. Dancing with Yokiko was one of the more pleasant experiences in Austin's life. The Song Nadia sang was beautiful, and he thought to himself it would be alright, that nothing could possibly ruin this moment, this night. Then Niles stammered out a question, bringing him down from his revierie. He almost didn't turn around, not that willing to abandon Yokiko, but she nodded. "Please excuse me, this won't take long." With that he let his arms drop and turned to face Niles, his eyes narrowed in annoyance, and Austin seemed to not be as calm as before. "What do you need, Niles?" The words came out without hinting at his annoyance, though he couldn't keep it from his eyes. "I'm sure it's very important, to interrupt us." It was a tone of voice Niles had never heard Austin use.
  15. Austin watched the spectcle, and got a real sense of just wrongness. He'd never seen Nadya act this way before she started going out with Niles, and he was growing concerned. The look on Rachel's face said it all. Yokiko chose that moment to speak up and nodded. "I don't think it's necessary. It doesn't seem that my band will be the one causing a scene tonight." Austin's eyes narrowed, and outwardly he laughed. "Yeah, I think we've got that covered, but the night is young, plenty of time for both groups to be winners there." Inside he was abit embarrassed, but he wasn't going to let whatever was going on with Nadya ruin his night. "Would you like to dance then?" he asked with a smile. "Not like she does." "She" clearly indicating Nadya. "No, definitely not like that." Austin answered, silently wondering how much more they'd all have to deal with tonight. Please don't ruin everyone's good time.
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