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  1. Austin watched the interaction between Marius and Mercedes, and his eyes narrowed. "Oh that's not good." It was likely one of the top five understatements of the month. It almost looked like Marius was accosting a teenager, but Austin found he just couldn't think of Marius as that kind of guy. This wasn't anything like that, this was likely related to something other than simple biology. He focused on the two of them, trying to pick out anything of their conversation. Going off halfcocked wasn't his style, there were times to lead with action, and this didn't seem like one of them. Austin spoke so only the two girls could hear him. "Let's get closer and see if we can hear anything more." The idea of them pretending to be just another party couple looking for somewhere away from the eyes of others in order to get closer flit through his mind, but he didn't think Valerie would agree to that, or anyone else actually believe it if they saw, least of all Marius. Of course it could go really wrong if Yokiko saw them together like that too.
  2. Austin chuckled at Darcy's last comment. "You're right about that." He had a new respect for Darcy. She was just a normal human, and she was still standing with them against the dangers they faced. He felt a small twinge of envy towards Fisher, for having someone like Darcy, and smiled. "Just don't get in over your head. If you need backup, call us. We take care of our own." He looked at her. "Wait, Billie knows about all of this too? He can see the truth of things too?" That was news to him, and he frowned. "Well it's done now, the important thing now is that we do know now, so at least that's one less secret to be keeping from friends." He sighed. They would have to be more careful going forward, more aware of who was actually there, and who might be, or else this would involve even more people, and endanger them too. They'd already had their families directly threatened once, and that was only the beginning. He idly wondered how the others were getting on, if they were having better luck than normal tonight. He looked to Val and smiled. "So yeah, we've got some great backup too. An extra couple of sets of ears and eyes, and people to keep us grounded." He wasn't being facetious, he meant it.
  3. Austin nodded in response. "Well if he tries again just deck his stupid ass, hard enough he knows it isn't just a "love-tap."" He gave her a reassuring smile even as he shrugged lightly. "Might cause a brawl with the other Band, but there are just some boundaries you don't cross." There were likely some who'd say something about pots and kettles, and a certain dark color they share, but there was a fundamental difference between what Valerie had said Horace tried, and how Austin himself was sorta courting Yukiko. Austin would stop when asked. "I got your back." He said with a friendly grin. He didn't know how that fight would go, but he'd be damned if he didn't do all he could to win. Austin's turned to look at Darcy. She'd been around awhile now, and somehow all the crazy beings around them didn't seem to affect her. "She's kinda right you know? Though it is pretty cool too."
  4. Austin sighed, he knew he was fighting an uphill battle up a large mountain in the midst of a hurricane trying to court Yukiko. Not just her parents, or even her, but her band as well, which his own wasn't on great terms with to put lightly. Still, he wasn't ready to just give up. He'd continue on, even if romance was off the table, they could still be friends. There was no divine law against that. He looked at Yuki and bowed his head. "I'm sorry I wasn't better company." Austin had never met her before, and yet they'd danced, but he couldn't just let go and enjoy himself. She wasn't the one he wanted to do so with. "Seeya around." He said as she turned and left, and he retreated from the dance floor. He thought about her words, wondering just who she was, and what she meant in her goodbye. She knew more about the Amatsukami, hell she could have been affiliated with them, and he hadn't realized. He made a quiet resolution to put some effort into learning about the other Pantheons, It would help him relate to the others, and maybe avoid a situation like that. From the dancefloor he head outside, and to his surprise, Valerie was there. he approached her and saw that she had her earbuds, as she was nodding her head to a different beat, than the song. He walked up and took a seat next to her and smiled. "Hey Valerie. Everything okay?" Unlike her, he didn't have a drink, though that was more out of his own preference than anything else.
  5. Austin smiled. "I'm Austin, it's nice to meet you Yuki." She was very forward, and to be fair, he was somewhat concerned about Yukiko, but there was nothing here, despite how close they were dancing, at least in his mind. "As to just letting a woman have her way with me, It's a novel experience, something I've not had happen before, so I'm enjoying it." "It's refreshing to try something new, every now and then." She was easy on the eyes, he'd give her that, though her own eyes gave her away as not being a normal human. He silently lamented his lack of knowledge beyond greek mythology, and some Norse, knowing he'd need to study up on other mythos going forward.
  6. Austin had been content to mingle, not really getting too involved, and even as he was about to get a breather outside, someone, a very lovely someone, grabbed his arm and turned him around, practically commanding him to dance. He'd seen enough already tonight that he couldn't unsee, and the young woman was a breath of fresh air on her own comparatively. He didn't recognize her, though that was something he could say for many in attendance. She was beckoning him along, and his thoughts turned to Yokiko, who he'd not actually seen yet, but knew she was here because he'd seen others from the Donner Band. He shrugged his shoulders imperceptibly, this was just some dancing, surely it would be fine. "Alright, then, lead on." He smiled back her, wondering silently what exactly he was getting himself into. He allowed her to lead him out to the dancefloor without further comment. He didn't know her name, and something made him reluctant to give his at the start. Besides, she'd not given hers either.
  7. Austin looked to Val and smiled, at least outwardly. This was definitely throwing her in the deep-end. He wasn't so sure about just cutting their newest bandmate loose in here, though if he was honest, she was probably far more at home at a party than he was. She'd just come up and they'd accepted her, it didn't seem right to not at least make sure she could get ahold of someone if she needed any help. "You still have my number right, in case something comes up?" His tone was anything but patronizing, he knew enough to know if things did go south here, they'd go hard, fast and in a hurry.
  8. Laurie dressed as Mary Poppins had Austin laughing inside, and grinning outside. "I see we all went for something on the nose." He was curious as to why she couldn't stay, but from what he knew of her, she had a good reason. He was about to question her when his gaze was drawn by someone else approaching them. He'd expected it to be Adrianna, but that was defnitely not the case. It was Valerie Vaskr, his lab partner from Biology last year. They'd happened to be seated next to each other, and ended up partners in several labs. It wasn't a bad experience, and while not exactly friends, he at least knew some about her likes and such. Thus her costume was quite surprising, though with the accents giving it a very "Val" flavor, looked great on her. "Goddamn Val, I almost didn't recognize you." He'd fist-bumped her in greeting, and was pretty sure the rest of the band was wondering just who the hell walked up on them, and how in the world she and Austin knew each other. When she made her formal introduction, and the announcement that she was "like" them, he chuckled. "Damn, Archie can't even come himself to introduce another new bandmate." He couldn't detect any lie in her words, and welcomed her. He was wondering who her divine parent was, but that was rude to just blatantly ask. Besides, he was certain someone else probably would. Austin grinned at her, and shook his head. "Not at first, first we gotta stop whatever evil occult bs that's planned for tonight from happening, then we can really party. Archie told you to come, I've heard of throwing people in the deep end, but this is abit much." He looked to Grim for confirmation. "At least I beliive that's the plan our Witchfinder has laid out for tonight's festivities." He couldn't help but circle back to her attire. "You look great. I admit, I never, ever expected you to have that much pink on."
  9. Nadya's costume choice wasn't surprising at all, and the back and forth between her and Dane made him chuckle. "That nickname..." "Will never ever be used again..." Nadya looked at him with a deathly glare. "Right. Never use it in front of you without an exit strategy." Austin teased lightly. Nadya's death-gaze remained fixed on him, though he could tell she knew he was just teasing. With the addition of Darcy to the group, he nodded in welcome. After deducing who she was going as he smiled. "Well, most of us aren't, but we certainly don't fit in any of the regular groups fully though. We're more our own thing. Any bets on who or what the others show up as?" "I think my family was worse, Darcy. The whole family dressed up as Star Wars Characters, going around our neighborhood Trick-or-treating. They're going to the mall now, for the usual festivities."
  10. Austin beheld Grim's getup, and nodded. "I gotta agree with Dane on this one, Grim, still, not bad." He looked at Fisher, and it took him a second or two to place who Fisher was there as and then he chuckled. "Seriously, man, Samurai Jack? That's hitting it on the head too, isn't it?" He just smiled. "There's no way they're aware of what's going on, and just who they're partying with. There's gorgons here already according to Dane, and I've definitely seen others who aren't really human either." He spoke quietly. "As for it all being preordained, I don't know that I buy that either. I think that'll be a discussion for another night." Austin looked down then back up to Fisher. "How uncomfortable are those Geta?"
  11. It was Halloween, and true to form, Austin had started with some early Trick or treating with his family. Dressing up in a Family set of costumes no less, The theme by majority vote was Star Wars. Randy, his Stepdad, was Darth Vader, while his mother was dressed as Padme. Sarah and Billy, his younger siblings were dressed as Leia and Luke. Austin was dressed like Han Solo. It was funny to him, given how among the family, he was the "odd one out" there too, and in a way it seemed fitting. They did some trick or treating in the neighborhood, Austin doing his best to not look mortified being seen doing this still at sixteen, but still wanting to be a good brother for his siblings. They'd gone through the neighborhood as far back as Austin could remember, and he smiled, remembering the first time each of his siblings have come along. He knew to treasure moments like this. There would come a time where they'd be farther and farther between, with the heritage he now knew that he had. Thinking that, he steeled himself, knowing that at least once already, without his Real Father's intervention, they'd have been killed. He knew the day was also coming when he'd have to leave them behind. Sarah looked up at him, noticing he was lost in thought, "Something on your mind?" "Nothing for you to worry about Sarah, just remembering all the times we've done this." He spoke quietly, his voice reassuring, even if not quite as warm as normal. "We'll do it next year, and the ones after too." She looked happy about that, and Austin nodded. "We'll see. Still, you two and Mom and Dad will have fun at the Mall tonight." "Yeah, but you're going to a party." She looked at him. "You're gonna get into trouble." "Don't jinx me like that Squirt, it isn't nice." He retorted playfully. "Don't call me Squirt, Austin, I hate that nickname." Her blue eyes, so like his own, seemed to darken and flash in annoyance, and he laughed. His mother chuckled. "don't tease your sister." Randy, who had his helmet off, said with a grin "It means abit more when you're not laughing too dear." Even Sarah laughed at this, and all the while, Five year old Billy sat and rummaged through his candy finding every reeses he'd gotten and eating them without interruption. After they finished in the Neighborhood, they head home for a bathroom break. It was better to do that at home before going to the Mall, which was normally crowded since many of the stores did special promotions and trick or treating and giveaways for Halloween. "Now son, don't get to crazy tonight." Randy said to him, as he and his step-father were in the kitchen waiting on the kids and their mother to come back. "Relax Dad, I know my limits, and this is strictly about having fun." Randy looked at Austin, and couldn't help but wonder. "If you need us to come get you..." "I know to expect every manner of lecture should that happen, so I'll do my best to avoid it." Austin replied dryly. "Seriously, Austin. I won't promise no lectures, but if you do need us..." "It's okay, really. All my friends are going to be there. If anything, I'm going to make sure they don't get into any trouble. We'll be just fine." Austin said confidently. Not completely mollified, Randy looked to say something more, but that was when Austin's mother and siblings came into the kitchen. "Ready to go?" Randy nodded. "Yeah, let's all go have some fun." Austin saw them off, then got what he needed to bring to the party. Kyma Spestires was collapsed down and in a pouch on his belt, along with the holster for the prop gun he'd painted to be authentic-looking. Ready for the night, or at least as ready as he was going to be, he locked up and got in his jeep and head to the party. He found a parking spot, and looked at the gates. He'd never been here before, just completely different social circles, but tonight, it seemed like everyone was invited, because the place was already looking crowded. He made his way up the lawn, and he could hear the music even from outside, and took note of the fog that crept along the ground, the constantly changing lights, and the usual decorations that came with Halloween. They'd all agreed to meet up before entering, and to his surprise, Dane was actually already there, dressed exactly as he said he'd be, a Giant Burrito. He noticed that not everyone coming was human, but those who were seemed utterly unaware of this, and he cringed inwardly. It was certainly cool, but when something went down, they were likely to be caught in the crossfire in a big way. He smiled as he reached where Dane was, and called out to him. "Hey Dane, how's it goin' so far?" Dane was alway so calm and chill, it was hard to forget he was a scion sometimes.
  12. Austin walked along with her, "We find something she wants, and offer a trade. Now what that is I don't know, and if the reality is anything like mythology, I'm probably the worst of us to actually propose anything to her, given who our fathers are. We'd need to know more about her to hazard a guess as to what could make acceptable collateral for such a loan." He looked back at Dane who knew her. "If you can think of anything on that front, it'd probably be more helpful than the rest of us guessing." He turned his attention back to Laurie. "As for the rest, Grim did a great job keeping us out of a fight I'm not at all sure we could win. He got them to talk, got us information we didn't have, and I think we've all got a pretty good hunch on who the possessed are, at least one of them. Now it occurs to me that that could have been part of the plan, to get us there, because it could also just be a trap, despite her essentially saying she was just a mercenary in this, and that it was no skin off her nose what actually happened. That at least hints at a certain level of loyalty, perhaps to a contract of some sort." "There's alot about all of this, they mythical side of everything going on that I'm ignorant of. That's something I'd actually like to remedy sooner rather than later." his voice was quiet as he acknowledged an area of weakness. He'd already resolved to see if Archie could make some time to help him, to teach him more about things.
  13. "Because he always looked out for himself first Dane, and when he realized what was about to happen he hid as opposed to standing there. That or maybe he had it in his contract he could only get "Slimed" once in a movie." Austin answered and shrugged. "I'd say even odds of both." Austin had let Grimm do the talking, indeed, most of them had, and things had worked out well enough. They knew What was going on, where, and when, and he'd outlined a good start to a plan. "So who's going as what to the party?"
  14. Austin was apprehensive about Darcy being there with them, especially since they really didn't know how bad this was going to get. Still the others had spoken, and like Fisher, he went along. In response to Grim's question regarding Laurel's suggested course of action, he replied. "I think that's the right call too. Despite the truth that we could certainly cover more ground splitting up, I think we all know that's a bad idea if we spread out all across the cemetery. We've already seen how destructive these witches can be, so let's all stay on guard, and play this abit safer than we normally do things." The young scion of Poseidon was abit more cautious than normal. Seeing all the death beneath the pier had him worried, he knew they'd caused all that death for a reason, perhaps harvesting life force or something, and he was not looking forward to finding out what exactly they could do with it. He looked at Grim and Fisher. "I'm not well-versed in runes or magic, but do you think they could have done that beneath the pier to harvest all that lifeforce for something bigger? I mean I was just thinking that's a lot of power, even if it was only animals that were affected, it killed alot of fish and birds."
  15. "Yeah I guess, though I gotta admit I've got alot more stress in my life now." The young scion shrugged. "I mean there's just so much going on, all happening so fast. We're still butting heads with Eric and his band, which is abit more complicated for me, since well, I'm going to the dance with Yokiko." His tone certainly indicated he was hoping for this to be more than a one-time thing. All the signs were there. "We've got new bandmates that just joined us, and I think things will be alright, but it's all been pretty crazy and there's a fair amount of friction. There's just so much we don't know, and I think we all still take things for granted. I know we're demigods, that things are only gonna get worse, but I'm not ready to just live for all that. My family's already been threatened once, all of ours were. I don't want to keep endangering them, but short of just leaving, I can't see a way forward that might do that." "So I'm just gonna move forward, do the best I can, and swallow my pride and ask for help when I need it, because right now, there's alot I can't do on my own." He looked around, at all the dead birds, and shook his head. "Damn this smell is pretty damn awful though." He grunted, and tried not to breathe deeply. the smell of death mixed with the sea, and it was rather unpleasant. "I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for, something that is just out of place. The fact these three things are supposedly equidistant means they're setting up some sort of ritual, and this is one of the two points we actually knew. I'd been hoping for Fisher to get here since he's got abit more feel for that sort of thing." Austin sighed. "Got way too many things I need to actually start learning it seems, and far too little time to do so." He looked over to the water. "Something tells me there won't be anything in the water, they can't guarantee it'd stay there. I figure it's some sort of carving, or maybe a group of carvings, but I could be wrong."
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