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  1. "Yeah I am. The smell is pretty damn awful though." He grunted, and tried not to breathe deeply. the smell of death mixed with the sea, and it was rather unpleasant. "I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for, something that is just out of place. The fact these three things are supposedly equidistant means they're setting up some sort of ritual, and this is one of the two points we actually knew. I'd been hoping for Fisher to get here since he's got abit more feel for that sort of thing." Austin sighed. "Got way too many things I need to actually start learning it seems, and far too little time to do so." He looked over to the water. "Something tells me there won't be anything in the water, they can't guarantee it'd stay there. I figure it's some sort of carving, or maybe a group of carvings, but I could be wrong."
  2. With the Sheriff's office on the scene, along with the gaggle of onlookers, Austin really couldn't do too much, he didn't want to make MORE work for Sheriff Farrow. When the man himself came up to him and started talking he listened intently, and winced slightly inwardly. He'd been there when the witches escaped and hadn't been able to stop them, not that he'd even known how, or does even now. "You're probably right, Sheriff. We dropped the ball, and we're all spread out to check out different things. " Sheriff Farrow was someone well-known, and generally respected in the community, even the Scion community. "Fisher's supposed to meet me here after he takes care of a private matter, and we're going to see if there's anything we can find out here." "Grim and Laurie went to the Cunningham's to check it out, and Rachel and Nadya are looking for whatever the third thing is." "Son, what third thing?" The Sheriff gave him a look, and Austin sighed. "Bad things come in threes, three witches, so there's probably a third thing that happened, and They're out looking for it. " "That is the most ass-backwards thing I've heard today." Sheriff Farrow looked at him, and the young Scion of Poseidon met his gaze and held it. "Maybe so, but we're going to make this right."
  3. Austin shrugged, finished his drink and paid for everyone's tab, leaving a generous tip for Darcy because of how they all piled on, as a means of apology, before leaving. Nadya made sense in her assessment, and he head out for his jeep after tapping a text to Fisher. "Want some backup for the Pier? Rachel and Nadya are going to another spot, you were the only one who went alone. I can pick you up." It took a few moments for Fisher to text him back saying he wanted to handle this alone, and that he'd meet him at the Pier. Austin sighed and headed for the Pier on his own. It wasn't like he had never been there before.
  4. Austin looked at Rachel, who was still there, and then took a seat in the vacated booth. Rachel sat down, They'd piled a workload on Darcy, and even if no one else did, they were going to sit and at least drink their drinks. He looked at Fisher and Dale and sighed. "Okay, so that could have gone better all around. Stuff didn't get done that probably should have, and things got said that shouldn't have. It's over and past, we learn from our mistakes and do our damnedest to not repeat them. Fisher, I do think you need to pay Archie a visit, explain what happened just be honest with him. He'll probably be mad, but we can still make this right." He smiled. "We will make this right." Rachel looked over to Austin, wondering what had gotten into him. "She must have got to you.." Austin's features darkened. 'Yeah. She did. I expect to catch some manner of lecture, or something when all this gets back to him. Her father and mine aren't exactly what you'd call close.and this situation is not going to help that." He looked at Dale. "We're all probably going to be roaming the town tonight in teams. To explain why she acted like that, Fisher admitted we screwed up, pretty big, and while reaching out to her was a seemingly good idea, it's going to bite us in the ass now, and cause problems for Archie as well. I don't know what she's going to do with the information, but the fact she has it does put us on a clock. Now we have to scramble to clean this up, to mitigate any lasting effects." "I can already see us going all Scooby-gang and splitting up, but we need to be smart about how we do it."
  5. Austin had wisely remained silent. He butt heads with his step-dad, but his mom and siblings were great, and he had a home life he couldn't complain about. In fact he fought very hard to keep his family safe. It wasn't for him to get into that whole conversation. When Maurice mentioned that a piece of the Heart was missing he looked to Nadya who'd been the one to gather it up. It wasn't an accusation of holding back, in his own way he didn't believe she'd do that with them on something like this. "Are you sure you got them all?" His tone was polite, it was just after a big battle, and to be fair, she'd been the only one to even think to pick up the pieces. " I mean it's been abit, but I'll go back and see if I can find it, but that's gonna be like lookin for a needle in a big nasty haystack." He definitely wasn't the best equipped to try that, unless it was underwater, but it'd still be really difficult to find.
  6. Austin was pulling up as he saw the others go inside, and got out of his jeep and head inside. Darcy was still there with Fisher, even as he came inside, and he offered her a warm smile. "I take it I'm not too late." When Fisher pointed on to Where Grim had gone on ahead, he smiled "Thanks. Darcy, can you bring me a coke?" The look she gave him was polite, but he could read the exasperation in her eyes. Austin wasn't a coffee person by any stretch. In truth, if he was going to drink it, it was essentially sweetened coffee milk by the time he was ready to drink it, and he didn't feel like hearing it from his friends. Still, it was hard to say no to the young scion of Poseidon, and she nodded once. "Sure, Austin." With that be followed along to where Grim and Nadya were meeting with the older scion, and found himself wondering if there was something he could do to repay Dane for this. It had definitely seemed to have been something he wasn't happy about, which was quite out of character for Dane.
  7. Austin considered the question for a moment. "Would it be safe to say that making a single item will be ensure the item itself is more powerful? Whereas making many would spread the effect, but likely weaken how powerful it is individually?" It seemed logical to him. "I think making a single relic is a better idea." He looked to Nadya and smiled. "You had the presence of mind to gather the shards, so this one should be yours." It was true at least Rachel and Austin had been busy but all the same, they'd have nothing if Nadya hand't gathered them.
  8. Austin was silently in awe of Maurice's home. The guy was living the dream it seemed, and he was perfectly happy and at home. He had been about to say something regarding Spearfinger, but others beat him to it. When Maurice spoke of balance, and doing this as a favor to Archie, well it was nice, since he didn't really see what they could offer to him to pay themselves. He was inwardly annoyed by that, their continued reliance on others. Still they were young, inexperienced, and he surmised this was why Archie was here. Not so much to pave the way, but to help them make these connections, to offer advice since their parents couldn't get too involved. When Grim asked about the story of Spearfinger, he nodded. "I confess my own ignorance there as well. I'd like to hear the story too, if you have time and don't mind."
  9. "That sounds good Dane." Austin knew some about Hades, or at least the myths concerning him. A Scion of his would probably be of help in dealing with the witches' ghosts, and he sighed. He knew that according to the myths, Hades was pissed with his younger brothers, Poseidon and Zeus, for giving him the least prestigious domain, and he wondered just how true that was. He hoped that it wouldn't be an issue here, he certainly had no issues with this other scion, hell he didn't even know her. "Better someone at least one of us knows for this sort of thing."
  10. Austin gave a bemused chuckle at the two of them, and sighed. "Sure. Anyone who wants to ride along with me is welcome to." His jeep had plenty of room, and while he wasn't the only one with a vehicle, he knew he had more comfortable room than others. Austin didn't doubt Archie's assessment of Maurice, but at the same time, the way he spoke of him, well that led him to wonder. Not so much Maurice's competency, but his personality. He was no stranger to eccentrics, but at the same time, Archie didn't really react quite like that when he spoke of the others. "This oughta be good."
  11. "You've got Nadya, and the rest of us, to show you the ropes, and you're a quick learner right? What could possibly go wrong?" Rachel looked at Austin and socked him, lightly for her, on the arm. "Hey now.." The hit wouldn't have been so gentle for a normal person. He looked at their erstwhile leader. "You know better than to tempt fate by saying stuff like that Austin." Austin shrugged. "Seriously, though, We're all going, and I'll be more concerned by the presence of so many like us. At least we'll all be there to deal with anything that might happen. I mean our interactions with the other band aren't the greatest at times, and if the witches are possessing students, we might need their help to subdue them all." Rachel was quick to point out. "You and Yokiko seem to be getting along well." Austin gave her a charming yet somewhat smug grin. "Well we do have a fair bit in common." "What are you going to the party as?" Austin shrugged. "I don't really know, I hadn't put alot of thought into it yet."
  12. Austin was relatively happy. Things had been going well enough, despite the escape of the witches, and them dancing to Marius' tune. When he thought Okay, so maybe not so good, but none of us are dead, Nadya's back to herself and we've got something to show for our efforts. That counts as a win in my book. He was the third of the Band to show up at Archie's, coming in slightly after Grim, and caught the tail-end of his and Nadya's back and forth. "Dane would probably put on the gorrilla suit." He looked to the others, and nodded Rachel's not that bad." When he got a look from the other two, Austin shrugged. "Okay, so she can be abit intense, and yeah, that's not always a good thing. She comes around eventually. i say the more the merrier, because Each of us brings something unique to the table." Austin was surprised by yet another new scion, but smiled amiably to Dale. "It's nice to meet you. I'm Austin Lange."
  13. Happy that whatever issues had come to a head and probably sparked this meeting were now seemingly resolved, Austin smiled. "An Avengers reference Laurie. I would never have guessed." it was some light teasing, but his smile told the truth about a lack of malice in it. "I also happen to trust our Mentor, he has been there to help when we needed, and After all the craziness we've gone through, we are all still here, so clearly something's gone right there." Rachel's words struck a sour note with him. "Rachel, your leadership may not have been the best at times, but I don't think any of us could have done any better. you've not lost anyone, and no one's suffered an injury we couldn't recover from. You're not some Tyrant who demands obedience, you value all of us, and If I might be presumptious for everyone save our new bandmate, you've eared our trust in you." He paused for a moment, knowing his next words weren't as positive. "The truth as you see it, Isn't the same truth that I see. I don't see us all as strays, though. If we really were, then we'd not be here together like this. I especially don't think of us as spares. Donner's Band does their own thing, and we do ours. There's nothing saying their activities are any more important in the grand scheme of things than ours, or vice versa. Hell there's probably other bands out there besides us and them. We're all trying to fight back against the machinations of the Titanspawn and those allied with them. None of us is unimportant. I wouldn't call any of us Spares."
  14. It wasn't long before he nodded. "But I do like you. Not in some weird way, but because your different than other girls and not because we are blooded, more in spite of that. I won't deny that I feel a sense of calmness around you, and that with our unique common ground, things just feel comfortable." He smiled abit, and nodded. " Maybe that's not the best way to say it all, but it's true. You may have said it was unacceptable, but it doesn't make how I feel less true. I do like you, and I genuinely would like to get to know you better. Around you, I don't feel like I have to keep anything hidden, and it's my hope that you might feel the same." There it was, as he laid out how he truly felt.
  15. Austin was enjoying a restive Saturday at home following the dance, and hadn't really planned anything for the entire day, mostly it was just going to be lazy. He looked as his phone chirped out a text alert, and snatched it up. It was from Fisher, of all people, which was pretty odd. He figured it could be about what happened so he read it, noting that Fisher was relaying that Rachel had called a meeting, and he thought it strange. They'd met Grimsley earlier this morning too, and he recognized a kid with issues, but he was godblooded like them, so he didn't really have anything negative to say. The more the merrier in the band was his outlook, simply because more help wasn't a bad thing. He chose to see it positively, not that he was a stray, or that they were so weak their elders thought they needed help. Besides, just from the first meeting, he knew Grimsley was far better suited for their band than Donner's. Texting back that he'd be there, he got up, took a quick shower and got dressed as normal for a band meeting, Jeans and a plain T-shirt he didn't care about. It wasn't so much he didn't have better, but with their training, it was best to not wear clothing he cared about too much, as it could and had ended up torn before. He made his way to the barn to find he wasn't even close to the first, With Fisher, Grimsley, and Nadya already there. He checked his watch and while he was early, it wasn't so much. He'd honestly expected Rachel to be here, and honestly it seemed the trio were getting along well enough. Wolf's ears perked up when she caught his scent, and she came over to greet him. Kneeling down, Austin scratched her ears and jaw as he'd found she liked, and smiled. "Playing nice with everyone today? That's good to see." His voice was calm and soothing, and the young Nemean Wolf almost looked like a dog the way she behaved with Austin. He'd always been good with animals, and At least with wolf this seemed to hold true too. After a moment he stood and Wolf returned to where she was and the son of Poseidon smiled at his bandmates. "So, I guess we're waiting for a few others then? Any Ideas on why she called for the meeting Fisher, did anyone turn up more information about what happened last night?" He'd not heard any of the previous conversation, there was concern in his voice. He and Fisher had endured alot more than they bargained for last night, and he definitely wanted to stay abreast of anything regarding it.
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