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Aberrant: Dead Rising - 11h: Sewer Crawl

Dawn OOC

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Fox took Dylan to the school he requested, Walker and Draygo following in their own ways. Fox watched as Dylan set up and got settled, then turned to Draygo. “Let’s go,” he ordered turning and looking at nothing. The air puckered on itself and twisted open, revealing a silver portal. He waved Draygo through and turned to Walker. “Please stay with Dylan until I get back. Shouldn’t be more than a few minutes.”

Walker nodded; it’d take Dylan time to get set up and make sense of the system. With that assurance, Fox followed Draygo to Hawaii. They were standing in the former naval base, where the rest of the team waited. Adam opened up one of his unusual warps and everyone passed through that; Fox took Kristin’s truck through himself and then darted off after a few parting words. Outside the perimeter of the camp, he spread his hands over the mass of zombies and exhaled. As his breath left his mouth, the fire left his hands, sweeping down from above to scour away the undead. There was only a few stragglers on the edge of the circle left when the fires ceased.

Fox skirted the edge of the compound and picked off a few more pockets; satisfied that he’d done what he could, he opened a warp and found himself back in DC. Dylan was still working on the system; Walker watched, an inhuman sentinel. “What have we got?” Fox asked, hunkering down next to Dylan.

Click to reveal..
Dylan, I need a Computers check.
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  • 2 weeks later...

After Fox had dropped them off Dylan went right to work. He opened the casing and began plugging things in as he booted up his laptops, all the while muttering to him self. Once everything was satisfactory he sat down and focused on one computer and began typing. Shaking his head Walker could hear him muttering about idiots and half thought out systems. Then he started typing faster, at first it just seemed like he was getting in to flow but his fingers continued increasing in speed. As Walker watched it was clear Dylan was moving faster then should be possible and seemed completely oblivious to that fact. Had it even been ten years earlier the computer would not have been able to keep up with him.

When Fox returned Dylan was still going at that same speed.

"Should be just a minute, this thing programming wise looks like a bomb went off in it, just trying to figure it out."

Click to reveal..
Computer check:3 mega 10 dice

Mega: (19:36:43) ChatBot: (Dylan) rolls 3d10 and gets 9,6,8. (4 sux)

5 int 5 comp:(19:41:31) ChatBot: (Dylan) rolls 10d10 and gets 1,2,4,7,8,4,2,2,2,3. (Whopping 2 sux)

Total: 6 sux

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"Uh, sure," Fox said, exchanging a look with Walker. Or rather not exchanging a look; Walker was watching Dylan with predatory interest. Fox turned his attention back to the screen as Dylan finished up with a grin.

"There. Took a few moments but we're in." Dylan blinked up at the two staring at him. "What?"

"You... that didn't take a few minutes. That took maybe a minute," Fox told him. "Dylan, I think you're a super."

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  • 3 weeks later...

Dylan looked at Fox for a minute. He just shook his head and looked back down at the screen.

"Sure why not, my powers are being completely awesome with computers. So I did it a little faster then I said I would, hardly super, just impressive."

Typing in a few more commands at a regular pace he analyzed what he was seeing.

"This probably will take a bit, I need to compare the power flow rates to what the schematics say they would be. Subway systems are not designed for good living by any means. Anywhere that is normally populated should have more power running to it then its standard setting. If any of their defenses are electronic based that will also require more power. They would probably need to hook up to the tracks for that so I need to find where power is still flowing to them.

Locating Jules might be a larger problem. Keeping lights on in a cell doesn't take much power, assuming they are giving her light. For that I will need to get control of their camera systems. Good thing I brought everything I needed to hack the pentagon with me, this system isn't going to give me any trouble in the way of security, but I do want to take it a bit slow. They might have someone down there a bit computer savvy who might notice what I am doing if I am too straight forward with it."

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Galahad leaned against the wall in the cell, staring at a point on the far wall. There wasn’t anything else to do; it was stare at the wall or stare at the guard who was staring at him. They had started to post a permanent guard after his last escape attempt, the one that had almost worked. Thinking about it made his eyes drop and automatically rove around the room, looking for another weakness to exploit.

The fencing was made of chain links, bound around the former posts that had held up the stall walls in the former subway bathroom. Each ‘cell’ was about as big as the former stalls. The walls and toilets had been taken out; boards now covered the holes in the floors. Galahad was sitting on his board; his weight helped to keep the stench locked out of the room. Since that hole was also his toilet, as well as the toilet of whomever had been here before, keeping out the smell a losing battle.

He didn’t smell too good himself, not after a few weeks in here. No one in the other cells looked particularly clean so he guessed they’d bring the hose out soon and give everyone another ‘shower’. Galahad glanced over at the stall next to his cell to his, peering through the chain links to see Verity stretched out of the floor, trying to sleep. Unlike him, his mate had to share his tiny cell with another man, a skinny former Naval officer named Parks. Parks saw Galahad’s glance and gave him a nod; Parks had been sprung on the last attempt; though he’d been beaten for trying, he was still grateful that Galahad and Verity had included him.

Heavy footsteps brought Galahad’s attention back to the door. He was scowling before he saw the owner of those steps; he knew who caused that heavy tread. Taylor had been the giant who had caught Galahad. He hated that massive blond fucker.

But Taylor wasn’t alone; he had Quint with him, who was completely the opposite of Taylor. Where Taylor was huge, Quint was barely over five and a half feet. Taylor was a ruggedly handsome man; Quint was nondescript. And where Taylor was an asshole who always talked big, Quint was quiet, only occasionally throwing out a sharp verbal barb. Galahad didn’t like him either; they were part of a duo and both had played a hand in their capture.

They had another prisoner; Galahad perked up, eyeing her. At first, all he saw was a fall of think, dark hair and a tight body; when Quint put her down in the cell across from Galahad’s, her hair fell back from her face. She was Native American, with all of the classic features of that ethinicity, all arrayed as pleasingly as possible. In fact, she was too pretty to be a normal; the dirt across her face didn’t mar her looks.

They seemed to think she was physically capable; they had wound chain around her torso and up her arms several times and secured it with three padlocks. Galahad sported a similar chain around his ankle and he watched without surprise as they locked her to the pipes in the ceiling like they’d done to him. Unlike him, they’d bound her with her arms over her head so that she couldn’t even sit down; she sagged in them, her feet just touching the floor.

“Watch out for this one,” Taylor told the guard. “If she starts to look like she’s wiggling out, shoot her. She’ll heal like a fuckin’ cartoon, so don’t worry about permanent damage. Just don’t let her out or you’re probably dead.”

The guard nodded nervously as the two men left, but not before Quint reached out and gently touched her cheek. The guard closed her cell after they’d left and took his chair again, his eyes jumping from Galahad to the new woman.

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Galahad ran a hand threw his hair, the grime from it refusing to stick to the strands as they floated slightly from his head. He hadnt been able to keep his hair down anymore, everything refused to stick. Since that day they had been attacked he had even tried dying it to no effect, and pouring a bucker of engine oil over his head had only managed to turn his face and shoulders a blackish brown. Right now it was the only bit of him that was still clean.

He shock his head to clear his thoughts. He started counting, starting with 2 and doubling it every time, and in a matter of moments he was at 73786976294838206464. It was no use. He used to use this method to calm himself down, but ever since that attack by the almost-dead it was all too simple, his mind just wanted to work faster and faster with the numbers. He had to come up with something more complex to calm himself down in the future, but right now was not the time to think about that.

He still wasnt sure what exactly was going on. It was only a few days before they were captured that the attack had happened. After that his hair had changed colour while he muttered in a fever state close to death. Maybe he should be calling himself the almost-dead too, he had been on the brink of death just before his eyes opened and everything came back into focus. He shuddered. Came into focus in time to see his grandpa ripping the head off his friend Charity. Verity was about to attack him but Galahad reacted quicker and dropped the creature that was once his grandpa in one swift motion.

Then he and Verity had gotten on the bikes and left as quickly as they could.

It wasnt long after they crossed the border into DC that the ambush had come. Shouting out that their fathers were in the military didnt really seem like it helped much either. The world had gone black again and when he had awoken he was in the cell.

The escape attempts had all seemed foolproof, but then again, he might very well be the fool who proves this theory wrong. He hadnt accounted for Taylor and Quinn. There was no way he could have. He couldnt even account for what was happening to himself. They seemed to have it under control though. He didnt even know what he could do, let alone how to make it do it.

This new prisoner was interesting though. They almost seemed scared of her. Maybe she was the factor he needed to counteract Taylor and Quinn. But as he was he couldnt do much. He needed to wait for her to do something. Or maybe Verity and Parks would be able to do something from where they were. But with this chain attached to his ankle he was at their mercy.

Then, once they were out all he needed to do was get her alone and let the magic happen, maybe find a nice spa or something that was still working so they could clean all the grime off each other.

He shook his head and started counting again.

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The woman hung limply for only a few moments before she started to twitch. Her eyes snapped open suddenly; she looked around wildly for a moment, her eyes darting. “No,” she said, her voice rasping through her throat. Then she jerked against the chains hard enough to make them hum and shouted, “No! Let me go!” With a whine that was both pitiful and alarming, she pulled on the chains. All it did was lift her feet off the ground, a maneuver that was impressive with the ease and speed which she did it.

“Calm down- Hey!” The guard’s attempt to soothe her was abandoned when she lashed out at the wall of the cage, kicking with both feet. Her attack bowed out the wall of the cage, making her neighbors press themselves against their far wall. “Calm down, no one’s going to hurt you if you cooperate!”

“Ha! The last time a man told me that, he used my son as a hostage against me!” the woman snarled, kicking at the wall again. The two prisoners were shouting at her to stop, mostly out of self-preservation than any desire to see her desist.

“Fine, we’ll do this the hard way!” the guard snapped and raised his rifle. “Stop or I will shoot!”

“Nice,” the woman snarled, her feet dropping to the floor. “Shooting an unarmed woman.”

“You might be a woman, but you’re an enhanced human, too,” the guard said, his voice shaking and a little too high. “I’d be a fool to treat you like everyone else.”

“You’re a fool for taking me,” the woman hissed. “My friends will come, and they’ll kill every one of you.”

“They’re welcome to try,” the guard said, “but in the meantime, I’ll shoot you if you keep trying to get loose.”

“Shooting me is just going to piss me off,” she warned, working her arms against her chains.

“Then you’re going to be really mad at me if you keep that up,” he warned in return.

The woman stopped and stared at him. “Alright. Have it your way,” she said, her dark eyes glinting with malicious intent. “Shoot me.” With that, her arm started to flex in the middle of her forearm. Her hard smile made her look like an Indian savage of old stories.

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Wow, fiesty one...

Galahad watched the relay of conversation and smiled an evil smile. He wouldnt have to include her in any plans he could make, she seemed to have ideas of her own. Wether it be her friends coming to get her, or something crazy she plans on doing herself, it looked like all he would have to do is jump on the wave and go with the flow.

He looked across at Parks and motioned him to get Verity up. Looking at the woman flex like that makes him think something might be in the works.

Galahad stands up on the board, looking across at the woman and waiting. He winks to let her know he's ready.

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The rifle shot was all too loud in the room. Bright red blood, the woman's blood, splattered across the interior of her cell and her neighbors'. She sagged in her chain, choking and coughing as blood poured out of her chest. "Dear God," the guard breathed, looking sick. "I hope they were right about you, lady."

"Ffff-Fffffu-," she gurgled around the fist-sized hole. Amazingly, she was still alive.

"And you guys," the guard snapped, turning to look at them. "You simmer down, or I'll get my .22 and start using it on you. I think you guys can survive a smaller hole."


"Aaaaannnnnnnd... we're on the air!" Dylan cackled. "I'll need a few minutes to scroll through their system... wow, they have a lot of cameras but not all of them are online. Odd." He snapped his fingers. "I bet they're cannibalizing them... okay, Jules, Jules, Jules... where are you Jules? You're not Jules... neither are you... and... shit!"

Behind him, Walker tensed. Dylan wasn't sure how he knew this, since Walker didn't change even slightly in position, but he felt it. "Where is that?" the predatory super asked in a harsh, raspy voice.

"I'll find out," Dylan vowed, ripping his eyes away from the image of the bleeding woman. "Here, take this radio. The entrance is right over there.... I'll guide you from there."

The still super finally moved, taking the radio from Dylan in a movement akin to a mantis striking. Without a word, he faded from view.

"Hurry," Fox said, his green eyes filled with helplessness and rage.

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Dylan plugged in his headset and turned to the other laptop. As he directed Walker he started working on his promise to the RUS. Now that he was in it was time to map the power network and find out where it was coming from. It took people to keep a power plant running and the RUS most likely kept an eye on them to make sure this group wasn't at any of them. That meant they had to use an alternative means. Where ever the power was coming from Dylan would be able to locate the source pretty quickly. As soon as he had it on the maps he could just overlay a D.C. map to locate the source. If all went as planned he should have a location about the time Walker had Jules.

While he was doing that he would reach over every once and awhile and click to the next camera view to make sure there was nothing else important.

"Once they get out I would suggest a portal back to the pentagon. I'll trade the info on their power grid for the satellite codes and then we can get the hell out of here. You are going to want to take a left there.

From what little I have heard it sounds like you guys have some good reasons for not trusting the RUS. Guard coming around, give it a ten count then keep moving. But based off today it is possible your experience was an exception. I am not saying to trust them or anything, but with the satellites under our control we can have some open communication. See what happens."

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Galahad raises his hands signing that he wasnt thinking about anything.

"But, I mean, seriously guys, thats foul. Your gonna make us all sick," truth be told though Galahad has seen far worse when out hunting with his grandpa, but seeing it on a human was a little disgusting, "we have some sort of rights in here dont we, you guys could at least clean up any mess you make. Hygeine in here is bad enough without half the cell block being covered in blood."

Galahad was currently hoping three things:

1 - that they wouldnt shoot him, he didnt know if he could do whatever it was she was doing

2 - that she could heal as fast as they said, because this sight was just gruesome

3 - that her backup arrived soon, because he didnt want to see such a pretty body go through all that again

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"Not my fault I have to shoot her to keep her from escaping," the guard protested, looking a little sick himself.

"Yeah..." the woman rasped. "Blame... the... victim..." Her chest was slowly closing, just fast enough that the process could be seen. It was like watching a trainwreck; gross enough that you didn't want to, but unable to tear yourself away.

"Hey. Ass. Yeah, you," Verity said to the guard. "When I get out of here, I'm coming for your punk ass."


Walker eased along in his smaller form, unseen and unnoticed. It was almost too easy - though that would change on the course out. Even as he moved ahead with eager patience, he made note of those things he'd have to be wary of on the return visit. The trip wire connected to a grenade at the third corner. The blind spot hiding two guards, one of which had a flamethrower. The pit trap, where someone had cunningly made use of an access to a lower level. These traps were all good, well made. They only had two problems. First, they were all designed to stop someone coming in. Second, they were toys to someone with Walker's talents.

Dylan's voice whispered in his ear, telling him where to turn. The predator of predators silently continued his unseen intrusion, working his way to the cells and his friend.


"I'm not opposed to trying," Fox said to Dylan. He was intently watching the same screens as the boy genius, making sure that Dylan didn't miss anything. So far he hadn't, so Fox just watched. "Our future relationship is up to them," Fox added. "So far this has gone well. They've helped us, so we'll see where that goes."

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"Well then, I suppose we blame the ones who captured her then. I like blaming them for things..." Galahad's hand went to his mouth as he started to gag. He may be used to the bloody wound, but there was no way he was used to watching it close. He fell to his knees.

"Hey, Ver," Gaz called across the way, "I doubt your going to get the chance. If she doesn't do it herself, I'll be counting on her friends to do it."

When the gun is pointed at him more forcebly, "Fine fine. I'll chut up."

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Jules wasn’t afraid. Walker was here and these guys were dead. The worst they could do was rape her, and they wouldn’t be given the time to treat her worse than she’d received in Paradise. Which technically meant the worst they could do was kill her, but the thought didn’t bother her. She’d be with Ben again; maybe Sami and Dan would be there too. Or if there was no afterlife, she’d at least be at peace.

So she was content to wait, watching the guard and making plans. She kept her muscles loose and flexible, waiting for the chance to strike. Of definite interest was the man in the cell across from her. His hair marked him as a super immediately, which made him interesting even aside from the fact that he made Morgan look like Joe Average in the looks department.

“Hey, buddy,” she called across the aisle. “I’m Jules. What’s your name?”

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Galahad smiles at her, then winks at Verity. He sits himself down on the board and turns away to face the back wall. Waving a finger in the air he knows Verity and Jules were watching him, but both for different reasons.

He starts making shapes on the wall, not ones that can actually be seen, just shadow drawing. Circles, crosses, arrows, to the untrained eye pure gibberish but Galahad knows that Verity understands everything.

Two plans:

1 - If the girls backup show up, come break me out, then we follow them. I get the girl.

2 - We wait too long then you break out, charge the nearest guard, then try to get the girl free by any means neccessary, shes our way out. You can have first try at her.

While he draws on the wall he talks to the girl.

"Jules eh? My name is Galahad. You looked at me sort of like you know me? But I'm sure we've never met before. Maybe you were just staring at my hair, seems a common reaction lately. Wasn't always like this you know. Not that the guards here really care. Only happened a week or so before we checked in to this luxurious 5 star spa resort. One of those... things, those near-dead, they bit and scratched at me. It was... painful beyond anything I can ever remember. Though what just happened to you might rate pretty highly on the scale."

He stops his scribbling on the wall and turns back around, leaning on the wall. Giving a quick glance to Verity to make sure he understood, and the signs were good.

"I tried to keep it flat the first few days. Was pretty useless. Nothing sticks to it anymore. Might need something stronger. Though I did try to change its colour with engine grease. Dont really know what would be stronger than that."

"How long?" He hoped she would understand what he was asking. How long before the backup arrived. Or more importantly, how long they had to stay in this dump.

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Jules tried to shrug; her arms just twisted around a little. "Don't know," she admitted. "I'm expecting them any time but I'm not sure how long I've been out."

With the guard's warnings to be quiet, they let the conversation lapse. Their rescuer came without warning. One moment the guard was watching them by the door; the next he was rising into the air, his gun clattering to the floor while he made strangling noises. A second later his head twisted around in one violet crunch and his body dropped to the floor.

Where there had been nothing, a man stood. He was unremarkable at first. Average height, black hair, slim build. Then Gaz saw that he had four arms, each tipped with black claws, and his eyes were a flat black. Those eyes didn't seem to move over him, but Gaz was sure he'd been seen and measured.

"Walker!" Jules said happily. "What took so long?"

"RUS gave some aid," Walker replied. His voice came out with a painful rasping whisper and he swallowed hard after. "Took time."

Jules was already wiggling out of her chains, her body bending in impossibly flexible ways. "Those bastards? Didn't we hate them?"

"Not now," Walker replied, ripping her door open.

Jules stepped out and did the same to Galahad's door. "They're coming with us."

Walker had been still and frozen as she'd moved, his body seeming to be carved out of flesh-colored stone. In response to Jules' statement, he said, "Okay." Nothing in his expression gave away his feelings on the matter. "Have ta fight."

Jules grinned viciously as she pulled open Verity's cell. "And here I thought you were going to tell me something I didn't like."

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Galahad watches as her body is 'bending in impossibly flexible way' and his mind starts racing, then he glances at the big guy who just stands there and comes to a simple conclusion.

Not right now!

Jules rips his chain off and goes help Verity,

"Well, I suppose if we are fighting our way out you wouldnt mind getting our things that were taken off us would you? Theres my grandfather sniper rifle, a couple of hunting rifles and pistols, some hunting knives, and a couple of bikes we picked up along the way here. We might sort of need them if we dont want the statue here doing all the work. And I assume he has some way of finding it for us too."

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"Hold please."

Dylan's fingers flew across both computers as he looked over camera feeds and blue prints and was busy downloading the power grid read out he had on to a jump drive for the RUS.

"As it happens I might know where they are. Storage area near you guys I will direct you...

You know Walker, sitting up here and giving directions, I am definitely having a voice of god moment here. Oh, you have a patrol coming that way, might want to start heading down the hallway to your left. I bought you guys maybe a minute before they figure out what happened. Cameras were updated with digital after 9-11 so their cameras are showing a three second loop of the guard standing there. It won't fool them for long but should give you guys time to get armed. Take a right at the next intersection. When you guys are ready to move I am going to blow out the entire security system, I have the lay out memorized from camera feeds so I can direct you guys to a man hole where you can get up on to the street."

Dylan looked at Fox. "I think its time for us to pack up and get ready."

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"I'm armed." Jules had bent down and grabbed the rifle the guard dropped. She rolled and flipped him effortlessly to find and pilfer the extra rounds off his body. With the same ease, the raven-haired woman slid open the bolt and checked rounds. "Oo, I'm very nicely armed," she added with a grin.

She scanned the other ten or so prisoners - did her eyes linger on Galahad? Was he imagining that? "We'll need to arm you guys, too, so let's get to that storage area."

Walker disappeared from view; a moment later his disembodied voice from the doorway whispered, "All clear, move!" They followed his ghostly whispers as he led them through their former prison.

"And right there," Dylan relayed from above, a note of triumph in his voice. Even the tinniness of the radio couldn't hide that. "Wheels and guns - am I awesome or what?"

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Galahad looked around at everything that was there and discovered what he was after.

The two bikes were standing over to the side. They may not have bought the bikes, but they still felt possession over them. The black suzuki Hayabusa and the green kawasaki Ninja.

How long were we down here?, he thinks to himself as he wipes some dust off his Hayabusa.

After giving it a quick once over he gets down to the important business, finding his grandfathers weapons. This wasnt too hard, they were marked so they were easily recognisable. He grabs one of the hunting rifles and knives and tosses then to Verity. He straps his knife to his waist, sets the rifle to the side and slings his grandfathers old sniper rifle to his back. It was a relic from his grandafthers old army days, but had a few more recent modifications to bring it up to current age. Galahad just felt that since his illness he could use it more comfortably than he could before.

He picked the hunting rifle back up and hopped on the bike.

"Now what oh Goddess Athena?"

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"Don't call me that," Jules said, grimacing. "First, I'm not Greek. Second... you were joking, right?" The last was said with a sigh as she realized that she was overreacting.

"Yeah," Galahad replied.

"Sorry, I'll explain later," Jules sighed, pushing a dirty hand through her hair. Why was she bothering to explain at all? Because he's smoking hot, in spite of the weird hair. It's your libido talking. Don't worry too much, once he sees Violet he won't give you a second thought. "Escape first."

"Yes, ma'am," Verity replied with a grin.

"Dylan, give me an escape route," Jules said into Walker's radio.

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"I gave you one," Dylan grumped, "but since you insist on taking some bikes..." He was quiet for a moment before he said, "Do you guys know which way is north."

"Yes," Jules and Walker said at the same time. Jules grinned at Walker; the statue-like multi-armed man just looked at her.

"Ok, then bust through the brick wall just to your north; there's a tunnel that goes to the next subway station. They don't use it, but you're likely to find zombies in it."

"Understood." Jules said, turning to the wall in question. She and Walker stood side by side at the wall and began to work on it. Between their super-human strengths, they soon had a hole in the rubble big enough for the bikes, one at a time.

"Let's go," Walker rasped. "Jules go first. I'll scout ahead." With that, he was gone, invisible to their eyes.

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Galahad blinks back his surprise at the quick retort to what he thought was a harmless jibe. But if she didn't want him to call her that, then who was he to disagree, especially after watching her smash through a wall with her bare hands.

"I guess I'll have to a little careful with that," he mumbles under his breath.

When the big guy with an abnormal number of arms vanishes as easily as he originally appeared Galahad decides that nothing can really amaze him anymore. An idea does spring to mind though. And he spies exactly what he's looking for.

He jumps off the bike, rushes to a can of thick black motor oil, leans forward, and tips it over his hair. He tries to scrub it in. Finding something with a little bit of reflection he is unimpressed when he notices that his newly silver floating hair is still silver and floating rather than black and flat. He grabs a rag and cleans his hands and face quickly, then jumps back on the bike and starts it up.

He shrugs when everyone looks at him, "Was worth a shot."

"Well then, with a way out I suppose we can get started then? Lead the way... Jules."

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The group moved out cautiously. Jules organized them, making sure everyone had something to fight with as well as handing out instructions. "Everyone, we're going to stay close. No one falls behind or splits off from the rest. Don't shoot each other. Let's go."

They started walking, people nervously holding their weapons and peering into the darkness. After a short time, Jules asked, "Can you guys kill those bikes? I'd like to hear the zombies coming up on us before they get here."

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"Fine fine," Galahad cuts the engine and hops off so he can push, "I really dont want to hear these Zombies at all you know, whether I'm about to be decapitated or not, it isnt a really pleasant sound. But I do understand where you coming from. I have survived this long, I dont really wanna die now."

Galahad just allows Jules and the big scary guy to lead the way. He has no knowledge of where they are or where they are headed to. All he could do was trust the other two to lead them to safety and hopefully eventually explain exactly whats going on.

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They didn't see the big scary guy, but they saw his handwork. Here and there were the corpses of zombies, their corpses still leaking various fluids. Their heads had been removed with force or with claws, it seemed to vary. It also made for a safe passage. He only seemed to have missed a few, and they were quickly taken care of with Jules’ rifle or someone’s else weapon. The shots were deafening, but Galahad was able to hear Jules when she asked, “So, do you always use motor oils as a hair product?”

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"Does it look like a hair product to you?" He tilts his head in her direction as he picks his way through the bodies with the bike, "I was sure hair products were actually supposed to stay in your hair. This happened a few weeks ago, and I've been trying to fix it ever since. Nothing sticks to it, I've tried almost everything. I cant change its colour and i cant keep it down, it just floats there. The benefit is that dirt doesnt stick to it, and it doesnt get greasy, so I havent had to wash it since. Some weird stuff has happened since I was bitten."

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"Weird stuff has happened to all of us since we were bitten," Jules replied in a soft voice. She had dealt with changes to her appearance, but the worst had been the actual events. She thought briefly about telling him about shooting her common-law husband after he ate their daughter, but that might be a downer. "I didn't change that much and I still look like a stranger to myself sometimes."

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Galahad could feel the tension in her voice, things she wasnt going to say.

"I think we missed most of what happened. We were up in the mountains the four of us. And when we came down things had already gotten pretty bad."

He notices Jules turns and count, most likely counting three, including Quint in the count.

"Myself and Verity is all thats left, Quint was already here when we got here. It was Verity, Chivalry, my grandfather and myself. We were spending our break from University there, hunting up in the mountains. Out of range for the phones too. We came down to get some supplies and found it all strange. We headed back for a while, but got some SMS's when we were in town. My father told me to head to the Pentagon. Since we were low on supplies it was what we decided to do. We had made it quite far before we had a serious encounter with them. The road was blocked and we tried to ram through, but a few held onto the truck. We knocked them off but not before my grandfather and I were bitten. Chiv and Ver managed to get us to somewhere safe, but the disease or whatever it is starting taking affect. It was quite scary but I cant remember too much. The next thing that is really clear in my mind is..." he shuddered visibly and the colour drained from his face, "... my grandfather ripping off Charity's head as he was making some crack about side-characters and protagonists. Then," now a tear dripped down his cheek, "before I could even think I grabbed a piece of wood laying near and repeatadly smashed it into my grandfathers head. I didnt even think, it just happened. I was a wreck after that, Ver and I sat in opposite corners curled into the fetal position. He had kept looking at me strangely, I thought I was turning into what my grandfather had."

From just behind Verity piped in, "What did you expect me to do with that strange hair of yours?"

Galahad shrugged.

"I realised after a while I wasnt turning and finally looked in a mirror and saw this horrible stuff. We decided then that we should continue on. Our fathers had both told us to head to the Pentagon, so thats what we were should do. We buried them both where they were, took some bikes from a dealership, and kept making our way here. Then ran into the goon squad."

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Walker appeared ahead of them. "We're there," he rasped before turning and leading them into the glorious sunlight. Jules tilted her head back, enjoying the light.

"Thanks, Walker," Jules said softly, putting an hand on the monstrous Walker's upper right arm.

"No problem," Walker said with the briefest of smiles; it was gone a moment later as he began to arrange a pick-up with Fox.

Twenty minutes later, Fox opened a warp to the Refuge, right into the quarantine compound. “Jules – get them sorted. I need to go get the others from Vegas. Dylan, I know you wanted to talk to the general more, and I’ll get you back there with a proper escort soon. Right now, I just want everyone home safe. I’ll be back soon.”

His warp opened and closed again, and Fox was gone.

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