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  1. (apologies again Justin, wife discovered Blood Bowl and I couldnt go near the PC) Gosha watches as the man is pinned into place and the signal for an all out attack is called. His eyes adjusted to the movements and he noticed now that with the man pinned the golden spot signalling the critical attack point was growing larger by the moment. He takes an initial swing at it, testing to see whether he can strike it well or not. Then he brings his sword back for another strike and grabs it with two hands. As he brings it in he lets out an almighty grunt as he puts as much effort as he can into the attack. He then pulls back for a moment and his eyes trail the golden dot as its grown even larger, then with pinpoint accuracy he rushes in with a lunge, driving his sword straight into the middle of the dot floating in front of his eyes. Sweat flows into his eyes with the effort he has exerted, but he digs in deep and unleashes a final attack before trying to drop just out of range. Click to reveal.. Attack 1: regular Azeroth *rolls* 2d6: 2+2+16: 20 +3 accurate for 23 Damage 337 Attack 2: Passion Azeroth *rolls* 2d6: 2+2+16: 20 +3 accurate for 23 Damage 674 Attack 3: Last Resort Auto Hit Damage 674 Attack 4: Zeal Azeroth *rolls* 2d6: 6+4+19: 29 Damage 337
  2. Their instructions had been simple. Find the King, bring him back, dont let him die. But, that is of course where the trouble starts from. Noone could tell them where the King was since all the Kings for the Kingdom of Grey are born outside of the Kingdom itself. Until he hits his 18th birthday their location is a complete secret. The Upper Echelons dont disclose how they know the wearabouts once they hit 18, but it is always the case. This time they had been pointed to a place deep within the Kingdom of Rokugan. A map was made from the information the UE had gathered and a guide was hired. The four chosen headed into territory they had not been too often, knowing full well they were not liked by those of the Clans and seen as outsiders, even though it was almost impossible to tell them apart. The trip had been uneventful but now they had arrived at the location marked on their map. It was a good week since the information had been given to them and they could not be sure how good it was anymore. The only other things they had to go on were what they looked like, with each of the Kings being exactly like their father. They had been shown a photo of the previous King. Below them, right where the map pointed, was a large single storey building spreading out for quite a size. It was built like a square with the middle opening onto a massive courtyard. The closest town was a good three days away and the closest buildings were farmers houses that were at least two hours walk away.
  3. Gosha is confused by all that is happening and dismisses the idea of gods being beings able to directly control things to that creature fighting out their in the place where the screens showed as just an out of control sorcerer. Those were a fickle bunch who could not really be trusted. Mind you, he had only had dealings with the remnants of said sorcerers, their bodies having decayed long ago in the prison they were kept in. Their magical energy sustained their souls though, and the two had melded into a strange being. But all this was beside the point. He had been given a direction, his mind was focused. Attack the one called Takashi. Not that he really knew who Takashi was or why they were attacking him, but he waited for Francis to fire a shot to understand exactly who they were fighting with. He swirled his blade around in the shark and watched as it changed. It lengthened, thinned out, and became very much lijke a giant spear. It even had flowing tassels on it, though he didnt remember putting them into the creation. He shrugged. One thing was causing him to struggle, and that was he was told to avoid getting hit, which usually meant attack from a range. But ranged wasnt his forte and he proved it with his next attack. He flicked his sword in the direction of Takashi and the spear sped off like an arrow. He backflipped as he did so and landed on the sand below him. He then had time to watch as his spear was easily avoided. He flicked his wrist and directed the spear into the ocean of water beyond. "I'm not a ranged fighter. So I guess I'll just follow behind and do what little I can..." he calls over to Kai who was leading the way in pushing Takashi away from the other fight.
  4. Yamata just nods to the guard as he enters the room. Then he shuts the door. He ignores anyone in the room and thinks for a moment. "Quick! Problems!" he calls out, hoping the guard will react by running into the room. As he yells he positions himself behind the door so that when its opened and the guard rushes in his back will be to Yamata. All at once Yamata will try to push the door shut while swinging his right leg into the side of the right knee of the guard as he goes to put weight on it. If successful this should drop the guard to the side after which Yamata will try and grab the head/hair of his victim with his right hand and bring his left elbow down onto his victims head near the ear. Not trying to kill him, but just knock him out. If this still doesnt drop him he will pull the head down onto his knee, twisting it as he does so his knee smashes into his face. If the guard failed to barge in he would need to reconsider his plan. It looked perfect in the blankness of his mind but people reacted in different ways to different things. Click to reveal.. Attempting to lure the guard inside - Subterfuge pool 2 1 suc If the guard rushes into the room to help... Attempting to Surprise the guard - Stealth pool 7 4 sucs Attempting to flank by attacking from rear Attempting to Kick at knee - MA pool 9 -3 for actions +1 for combinations = 7 + bonuses 4 sucs Damage 5 sucs Attempting to Elbow in head - MA pool 9 -3 for actions +1 for combinations -1 for 2nd attack = 6 + bonuses 2 sucs Damage 3 sucs Attempting to Knee in head - MA pool 9 -3 for actions +1 for combinations -2 for 3rd attack = 5 + bonuses 2 sucs Damage 3 sucs Will withold the final attack if he slumps after the first 2. Your input required for all parts of this. Rolls done. I didnt add any bonuses from the stealth because I was told in the chat it is usually an opposed roll, if you can tell me what you want me to do about the stealth and flanking I'll do any extra rolls required.
  5. Yeah, well I wasnt referencing the nose. More the part where he just regrows his teeth.
  6. I really hated the way they tried to break it. And thought they would have done a lot better than they did if they tried it properly Ever watched One Piece? What I really think of from your earlier post was the first Merman they face off against. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRMANKPPt_Y&feature=related specifically 0:50 - 1:30 and 2:30 - 3:00
  7. I would just like to point Anatoly to this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3o7Iwd-Fmk and suggest he watch the whole thing, then decide about biting cable...
  8. Anatoly wins Avatar of the Week in my books. I think the only improvement on it could have been using the muppets swedish chef.
  9. am waiting for thing to move forward, nothing really exciting happening my way. upon rereading and reading Amber's post I will make a post a little later as I have come up with a thought on what I could do.
  10. Just waiting on Kash then we should be good to go. Last call if anyone else wants to play.
  11. When Ayato vanishes and appears on the screen Gosha is just a little dissappointed. "At least you are fine for the moment Lady Skye," he calls out to the two on the beach. He lowers the point of the sword until it is just in the water. Then he draws it in a very slow and delibrate arc under him and around to his back. As he does the water starts receding from the beach, much as it would if a big wave was coming. Guessing roughly where the others might be he grabs his sword in a two handed grip and, as if lifting something heavy, he drags the tip from the water and flicks it in an arc. Water sprays behind him. Further back a giant shark appears to be surfacing from the water. It flies from the water and as it gets closer its possible to see that it is water. And not just that, but also the size of a whale if not bigger. Gosha leaps and lands on the top of the shark towards the front. Quickly he touches the point into the forehead of the creature. He then rides it over the beach, the shark getting higher and higher with each passing moment, swimming through the sky. He heads in the direction he thinks the others might be.
  12. "Non stop I'd say it'd take us about a day, but trying to avoid infected and unwanted encounters with people I'd take my time travelling and probably get there after three days. I think thats a pretty safe estimate. Only problem really would be fuel. One tank wont cover it. As to why, thats pretty simple. Once we came down from my Grandfathers place we recieved messages from our fathers telling us to head for the Pentagon. I dont know what to expect when we get there, I am at least hoping to find out news about our fathers, whether they live or died, or whether they became infected. Its there that we'll find the answer most likely." Galahad felt he could trust the marine, if you couldnt even trust the military then he would have to stop trusting his father.
  13. "Ah, degrees. See, when you go to a doctors usually you see some form of qualification on the walls or it is easily at hand. This is the first time I've met you. And from what I understand the first time you've been here. You dont have any degrees hanging on the wall, and I am not one to pry about them. I was just using it as a point. In this day people could be anything. We were captured by humans before, specifically because our fathers work for the defense force. I dont mind saying that here, because those here seem to be the opposite. We are just trying not to leave anything that can be traced behind just incase someone finds it and figures out some way to use it against us. The world now seems to be brother against brother. Even moreso than it was before the infected came along. I was working on my own degree before coming here. And already we've left enough nformation leak out that our pasts and families could be traced by those diligent enough too. I was a bit careless around the children and such. Since that woman was here though I have actually cleared my mind a bit." When she left Galahad had a moment or so to think then made his way out searching for Dan. "Excuse me sir," Galahad says, considering both Dan's position within the military and his age compared to him, "But me and my friend think we will be leaving sooner rather than later unless something else comes up. What I have been wondering though is about this teleporting stuff. We need to make our way to DC as per instructions our fathers gave us. But," he looks and points to the mountains to the east, "We seem to be further away than when we started. We were wondering if we could be teleported back closer. I dont mind riding there again, but if teleporting is available then that would make things easier on us. We are also wondering if you knew of anyone who might be willing to travel with us. Last time we were unawares and were captured. This time we know what we are facing, but extra hands always make light work."
  14. My apologies, I didnt mean for the post to be offensive, I was just a little annoyed at another site where they had complained about me changing the name of an item to something that was shaped similarly but I still used the original items stat block. Going on about how they wouldnt allow it, righteous bastards. All I was doing was calling a shortsword a wakizashi so I didnt use anything not in the SRD. What you asked me to change to will remove 3/4 of my post on edit as it changes the request completely and will most likely get you an "Ask Verity" answer. What might work better for me, while still keeping along the same lines is... "Verity seemed reluctant to talk about specific times, especially when you were infected, could you elaborate on it?" Is that suitable?
  15. "I was always taught never to divulge too much information to people I dont really know. I cant even be really sure your a doctor of any sort, though you do seem to have medical training. I'm in a place I dont know with people I've never met before. Telling people my first name allows me to interact with them on a more personal level. Saying what our parents do and what we were doing before allows people to have an understanding of who we are, allowing them to come to their own conclusions. But the deliberate exclusion of our last names does allow us a modicum of privacy in this world. And, I was unaware of it. But Verity did point it out to me before. I do suppose if I was to make some conscious effort in that direction I might be able to have a similar affect as that woman had before. But right now I dont really want to attract that much attention. Maybe I might test it out another time, but right now I am more worried about some things." Galahad has a silent chuckle when she went to examine him. He takes his new shirt off and stands so she can see better. "I dont feel sore anywhere at all. And I dont remember where I got injured, everything happened so fast. I dont even know if I have a scar anywhere. I remember taking a few cuts and scrapes when were apprehended in DC but they seemed to close themselves over pretty much straight away."
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