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Aberrant RPG - Worst Aberrant Villains


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In the long running campaign I was in, there were a few who come to mind.

The Mad Bomber, a nova with almost entirely mega-atts and heavy on the mental taint. In the campaign, he was the one who designed the anti-matter bomb that destroyed that city in Brazil (Sao Paolo?), and was basically a nova-for-hire. He even let himself be hired out by a group connected to CoMA. Our party took him down (eventually) and sent his second anti-matter bomb on a one-way trip to Alpha Centauri. (Which would have earned my PC a nice $50mil or so from a reputable novas-only gambling site.) But along the way, we suffered damage from his traps and ambushes at least six times.

We ran into "Merlin", a centuries-old nova who (thanks to a creative mix of Spatial Manip and CTT) was imprisoned in an alternate dimension. In a mirror prison was a more demon-thing nova. I suppose our party was the worst villains in this case, because we accidentally set Merlin loose on the world when we killed the demon. (I talked Geryon into delivering the coup de grace after the party (heavily injured) had KO'd him.) And Merlin was no good-guy.

One of the leaders of an anti-nova cult was, himself, a nova ::rolleyes by the name of Mohammed Mohammed. (A former PC created by our groups' idiot.) He had a group of a few hundred strong, in a compound in southern Texas. Most of them were hyped up on Mite and other drugs, and armed with nova-killer shotguns, when three of us charged the compound. (We were doing pretty well, too.) After I took out the leader, I found out the hard way that he'd prepared for his own little apocalypse by setting up nearly two tons of C4 underneath the floor of their sanctuary, and I had character death. (Oh, for two more points of soak. ::glare )

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My favourite has to be "The Professor".

Basically my game is non-canon, ish. The PCs started out as university rent-a-cops. They got involved in an explosion caused by a malfunctioning cyclotron. The operator of the cyclotron, a friendly and slightly nerdy academic by the name of Professor Clive Hammersmith (hoho) helped them learn their abilities and in the process became the worlds foremost quantum physicist.

He strove, mostly without the rest of the group knowing, to re-create the "Hammersmith Experiment" (as it became known). Eventually he succeeded, killing his two lab assistants in the process.

Gifted with high super int, and quantumy powers such as node spark, quantum leech, disrupt, etc that give him control over other nova's, he went a bit loopy. He killed the groups (NPC) precog and left to form his own nova rights group (IMS he coined the term Nova too). The precog of course, had forseen his own death, and now sends the group letters from beyond the grave, via the medium of his lawyers (he wrote the letters before he died and instructed his lawyers on when to send them). These letters usually help the group, but often the group resent his casual disregard of human life, a little unfairly, since he is playing for the long term and is happy to allow hundreds to die to save thousands later.

The professor has started dominating television and radio networks via a cyberkinetic ally and has broadcast several diatribes in favour of Nova/human seperation.

Basically he is Divis Mal but at the same level of power as the players and not ancient.

The betrayal, by a guy that the players quite liked, plus his murder of the pre-cog, really got to them and they have a real hatred of this guy.

Due to several terrorist incidents (the professor uses quantum accelerators to create nova's, but its an imprecise method and only about 5% of people hit by it become novas, the rest die, horribly, or become horrific beasty mutant beast things. Ironically for an advocate of nova solidarity, these beasty things often kill some of the new born novas that don't immediately get a handle on their more combat focused abilities.

This is the only way that Novas are created in my game and the biggets creation so far was when The Professor turned a Blimp mounted quantum cannon onto the crowd at the new Yankee stadium, creating about 800 novas and about 45,000 scary, insane, mutant monsters. That was a bloody battle let me tell you.

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