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Star Trek: Nemesis Review/Rant.


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Sometimes maturity can suck.

Yep. That's the drawback to growing up. Sure you get your own place, your own car and money and the means to realize your dreams any way you wish. You're not dependant on anyone for much of anything anymore, save maybe companionship, friendship and love. But there's a tradeoff too. When you grow up, you have to sometimes say goodbye to certain things. Which is where I'm sitting right now.

I've been a diehard Star Trek/Star Wars geek since way back. I used to play Star Wars in the backyard with my brother and neighborhood kids. When I discovered Star Trek in the form of the original series in syndication on CBC, I was hooked. Since then, Star Trek and Star Wars have served as a gateway for me into the world of Science Fiction and Fantasy, which has lead me to awesome writers like Heinlein, Asimov, Bradbury, Moorcock, Burroughs, Lovecraft, Howard. . .I could go on and on. As the years went by, my tastes refined but I never let go of my affection for the two brands that started it all for me. And in a way I never will.

But last night. . .was the end in a sense. I watched Nemesis, I liked it. It was a good movie, if a bit long in places. But it just wasn't. . .mine anymore. I tried to pin down this slightly nagging feeling and I realized the one other place I'd felt it was when I was watching Attack of the Clones. This sensation that yes, what I was watching was perfectly acceptable. . .but it wasn't -good-.

Remember the Empire Strikes Back? Good God, what a movie. Or how about Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan? These were giants of film, they were fun SF/Space Opera romps. They didn't have any sense of weight behind them, no pompousness or feelings of self-importance. They were -fun-. That's what's missing. Fun.

Lucasfilm and Paramount have become corporations. They want to sell t-shirts and toys and collector plates and all sorts of crap. They don't care about getting down to business  and telling a good story anymore. If they did, someone would've taken Lucas's pen from his hand and said " George, God knows we love you, but you can't write romantic dialogue worth a damn. Let's find a writer out there who can help, like Leigh Brackett did in Empire. " Or approached Rick Berman and said " Look, we know you want to Out-Khan Wrath of Khan, but if you do, actions have to have consequences. You can't leave back-doors in the plot if you're going to shake up the status quo. And what's with this rehashing of the Evil Twin scenario? That's older than time. . ."

Look, I don't mind sitting down in a theatre with my popcorn and pepsi and losing myself in fantasy for awhile. But I want my entertainment to offer me a little respect. Don't gloss over things I've learned elsewhere, don't beat me over the head with things I already know, and don't insult my intelligence. We'll all get along better for it.

I guess that's why I'm so pumped for The Two Towers. I remember sitting in the theatre for Fellowship and just being blown away. This was a movie that was fantastic, it was epic. . .and it was -fun- dammit. Good lord was it fun. Lord of the Rings is the last, best hope for decent fantastic entertainment in cinema. It doesn't have a corporation behind it, Peter Jackson doesn't have a Joseph-Campbell-wannabe complex, and it's not entertainment by commitee. It's one man trying to show us his vision of J.R.R. Tolkien's classic. I don't know about you, but it's a vision I enjoy.

As for Star Trek and Star Wars. . .I'm letting them go. Perhaps the next generation (pardon the pun) will find merit in these new visions and be inspired. But it's not for me anymore. It's like visiting a childhood haunt as an adult. It's been paved over, sanitized, made "safe" or you just don't fit into the swingset anymore. Sucks, but what're you gonna do.


Jaded, but still in the game.  ::sly

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I don't think its you...its the actual movies. LOTR IS a great movie(s). The director actually cares about good acting and a good story. Anyway, here's a good article which answers questions on why Lucas now sucks...No one has the guts to tell him he sucks anymore...

I used to think Kershner was the only genius behind Empire Strikes Back...Guess Kurtz has a hand in it too.

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You make a good point Def.  More and more often we are given the corporate schtick of Product X which cashes in on a bunch of things that are 'guaranteed' to draw Y demographic.  James Bond, Triple X, Pop bands, Product Placement.  Grrrrr.

On the other hand - Comic Books are better now.


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