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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Nexus Earth - Interlude: Taste of things to come....

Justin OOC

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Things that might become excerpts...

"All things come to an end, just as new things begin. It is time for the cycle to break."

"Time, Please stop."

..."Prelate Shion, They are coming." "Let them, there will soon be no way for them to make a difference."

"Did you really think this pitiful Genetrash could take our place? Randomness will never triumph over perfection!"

"You cannot Fight the crushing weight of Fate. You will fail, you will Fall, and I will Rise."

"I told you I would return."

"In the Darkness there is Light, In the Light there is hope. Goddess of the Purest light, She that reigns over all, give me the strength to Save those in Need, to bring balance to the shadow..."

"More Machine than woman, you belong with us, not with them. Join us,I can give you what you desire most, What's truly in your heart. Let go of petty morality, do as logic demands."

"Death cannot claim me, not anymore." "Let us Test that theory, Reap the Field Clean, Kusanagi!"

"You knew they were there, What would happen. He trusted you, more than anyone? Look at him now! Take a good look..."

"Charging that ship alone is Suicide." "I'm the only pilot we have."

"Darkness beyond blackest pitch.

Deeper than the deepest night.

Lord of Darkness, who shines like gold upon the sea of chaos.

I call upon thy power, and swear myself unto thy name.

Let all fools who stand before me be destroyed by the power you and I possess, now, GIGASLAVE!!!!!!!!!"

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"You can't do that It will kill you!"

"For my master, there is nothing I would not do. BANKAI!"

"A world burns either way. Yours, mine, theirs, it doesnt matter anymore. The fires of war will not subside until something is consumed, and it is we who are to blame."

"Get out of my head..."

"Face it once infested you are one of us."

"I have provided you a new body, and new troops to command..."


"And nothing! You belong to me now...."

"I will not fail you Father!"

"I told you I'd make the impossible possible."

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