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Aberrant: Stargate Universe - Trip to the Library [Dead]

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[This fic is dead. Fox, feel free to use the idea as a plot for a mission.]

Vinny often inspired her to have great ideas in bed, but this was an unusual one. It had started with a bit of post-sex chatting, just casual conversation. Olivia had started to talk about the Tok’ra, which led the conversation to Jacob Carter – “Fuckin’ closest thing to a good snake-head.” – and eventually to the time that Vinny had gotten to lift from him. In turn, that spawned a couples chat about ‘where would you go if you had your own spaceship.’ Vinny wanted to go to a world where he could get drunk again. Olivia wanted to visit Library World. After that, they teased each other about their choices, which led to sex, and then to sleep, for Olivia.

While she was asleep, she had a dream about visiting that library, and woke up halfway through reading a book on Everything. Of course, when she woke up next to Vinny, she couldn’t remember a word from the book. As she rolled over and nuzzled against him, she was hit with sudden insight – there was a great library, one that had been lost for a long time.

With a hasty kiss for Vinny and a promise to make this sudden departure up to him, she dressed and hurried back to the base. There, she indulged in four hours of research, laying out the plan budding in her mind. Slowly, the pieces came together as she worked out each step of the plan. She put it down on paper, then went to see General Landry. She had to wait a bit to see him, but he was happy to see her. He was happy until she laid out her request.

“This is highly unusual,” Landry said. “We could just send an SG team.”

“You could, but Captain Wright and I could assess the situation and make the attempt to recover it,” Olivia said, smiling. “And to be frank, I came up with this plan, and I’d like to follow up on it, in my own way.”

“I’m sure you’re aware that I’ve hear rumors of your relationship with Captain Wright.”

“He’s an engineer who breathes water, and I can copy his talents and double his abilities,” Olivia pointed out. “If the library is submerged, we’ll be able to retrieve it. And this is a great way to show the IOA and SGC what we’re capable of. If the two of us can retrieve the library, it’ll be impressive. A chance to shine, as it were.”

Landry stared at her for a moment, then nodded. “Alright,” he said. “It is irregular, but you’re a specialist, and have done some incredible things for Homeland Security as a civilian. I’ll make the call, set up your ride.”

“Thank you, sir,” Olivia said, grinning. She was sure that Vinny would seize the chance to get away from SGC for a while, especially with her. She wasn’t as sure he’d be happy about the third wheel, but that was just the price they’d pay for getting away from it for a while. Rising, she thanked the general and went to get the gear they’d need together – and tell Vinny about their working vacation.

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"He fuckin' what?!" Vinny exclaimed, disbelief dominating his facade as the unlit cigar hung limply from his mouth. "Darlin', that brain of yours is golden. Be nice to get away from all this ass-tardary."

"Well, there is a catch." Olivia responded, her eyes shifting away from his as she sat on his bed.

"Oh?" Vinny's forehead drew down in a familiar frown.

"With the Gate buried, we had to request assistance from our allies." "Uh huh..." "They will be assisting us...well not they...or is it they? Anyway," Liv said, shaking her head, "Jacob is taking us."


"Fine. Assume we're meetin' him off-world somewhere?"

Still a fuckin' snake.

"Yeah...on PGU-668." Olivia said, her ear cocked to the air slightly. "In two hours."

"Holy Fuck, better get our asses in gear."


The familiar swoosh guaranteed the connection of the wormhole and within seconds Vinny and Olivia were stepping through the 'puddle', finding themselves on a non-descript world. The Chappa'ai ramp was surrounded by a sea of grass with forested mountains encased in clouds in the far-off distance.

They barely had time to take in the vista before the roar of a descending Goa'uld cargo ship arrested their attention. As it came to a rest the back hatchway opened and the familiar liaison stepped out, dressed in the utilitarian clothes of the Tok'ra.

"General Carter, Sir." Vin said with a lazy salute.

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"Lieu- Captain Wright," Jacob Carter said, smiling easily and offering his hand. His movements and gestures were so human and modern, it was hard to think that he was fundamentally alien.

"I'm Dr. Olivia Jenings-Izumi," Olivia added at the right moment, smiling and offering her hand.

"Oh, yeah, Sam mentioned you a couple of times," Jacob said, nodding. "It's nice to meet you."

"And she talks about you a lot," Olivia said, subtly searching to see if she could sense the symbiote inside of him. Disconcertingly, there was no hint of what lurked within. "It's great to finally meet you."

"Thank you," Jacob said, then looked past them at the loaded FRED. "This your gear?"

Olivia looked back at the machine, packed high with stuff they might need. Of course, some of it they would need; the unmarked boxes were extra food. If Jacob saw that, he might question how long they planned to be out there, but part of Landry's orders including not informing the Tok'ra about the existence of the specialists. No one questioned that the Tok'ra would start seeking them for hosts; Olivia had heard rumors that suggested the Tok'ra might set aside their feelings about willing hosts for a prize such as a specialist. Olivia wasn't sure she believed that; regardless, she had her orders.

"That's our gear," she said, nodding. "Shall we load up?"

It didn't take long to transfer the supplies, and then Jacob took the pilot's seat. Olivia slipped into the other seat, giving Vinny the 'I got shotgun' smirk. As the ship lifted off the ground, she asked, "How long will this take us?"

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"Assuming we don't run into any unexpected guests, then it will be just over a day. We are deep within Anubis' growing territory, but this area of space is away from contested borders and any inhabited planets." Jacob answered as his hands moved across the console and then took the ship up and into the atmosphere.

"The Tok'ra are just as interested in what you might find as the Tau'ri." Selmak said, taking over the body. "Anubis is consolidating power too quickly and too easily. We hope that you might find something to defeat him."

Fuckin' snakes. Vinny thought, uneasy with even the 'good' snakes.

"Right there with ya. Just depends on how well the temple weathered the fuckin' storm and how long'll take to get in and see what's left. Don't have a lot of hours clocked in underwater engineering."

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Olivia jumped a little as the double voice boomed out of this kindly-looking old man's mouth. She had to remind herself that he was on their side, but she didn't realize that she had instinctively covered her neck with her hand. "More than me," she started to add to Vinny, but realized that it might seem odd that they sent a civilian along without proper training. "I don't have many either," she said, leaving out that her hours of underwater engineering were effectively zero.

She changed the subject back to the Library. "I think we'll find something to use against Anubis," she said, her voice confident. "Dr. Jackson was only able to get a tiny portion of the Library recorded onto a second-hand medium. The contents of the Library itself should yield some wonderful information. Plus our understand of Ancient technology is greater than before."

"Are you always this confident?" Jacob asked, but in a kindly, inquiring way.

"No," Vinny said gruffly and without elaboration.

Olivia agreed, "No, but I am when we're talking about knowledge." Vinny nodded as Olivia added, "Comes with the territory."

"What territory is that?" Jacob asked.

"Librarian," Olivia told him, secure that after Daniel's presence on SG-1, he wouldn't think that was odd. "And historian." Jacob nodded in understanding.

After that, the conversation drifted to life on Earth. That disappointed Olivia, who had hoped to pick his brain for information on other worlds. But she heard the note of homesickness in Jacob's voice, and understood why. So she indulged him, talking on and on about their shared home with the retired General.

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