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  1. Dec, Kyria and Kornan touched down on Rakor's world one of Yiu's agricultural worlds soon to be hit by Anubis' forces. The ship was cloaked and sitting within a couple hundred yards of one of the largest buildings on the planet, which happened to be a grain silo for storing something that looked a lot like rice. Attached to the building was what ammounted to a fortress for protecting the grain. It was meant to house 25 jaffa, but currently housed four times that ammount. It was the most likely target for any Kull warriors sent to the planet. The real battle of course would take place in space between the two fleets, but since the value of this world was it's produce, it wouldn't make much sense to blast the silo from orbit. So between the two specialists and the tok'ra this was picked as the best place for an ambush. The basic plan was for Kornan to stay aboard the ship which was pointed toward the silo guns trained on the area where Kull would have to approach. If Dec couldn't take one in hand to hand, Kornan would finish the job. Two days passed, in growing anticipation before Anubis' fleet arrived and the assault began. The battle above raged for the better part of three hours before the System Lords ceded the planet and retreated. Then the kull moved in... Five total each wearing black metal armor and as massive as an Unas they strode implacably toward the fortress not even bothering to dodge the staff blasts directed at them. The jaffa knew themselves to be deadmen and were doing their best to sell their lives at the price of as many Kull as they could take out, but so far they were not having any luck. The kull just raised their wrists and small dual white bolts flashed out towards the fortress and each pair hit and killed a jaffa, burning holes in their armor. In only moments a good half of the jaffa were already dead and only one Kull was down. It seemed the jaffa had a smart leader who had now directed his men to concentrate fire on a single target at a time. This was having effect; as a Kull became the focus of so many weapons at once it would slow to little more than a crawl and stop firing it's weapons in favor of whatever defenses their armor provided. Unfortunately, the remaining three kull were free to continue killing unabated. It was a race that the defenders would not win.
  2. March 1st 2005: A week had passed since Waki's surprise inclusion to the ranks of the Specialists and although the team was officially back on duty no one expected to be called to the Briefing room for another week or so. Hawke had been assured they would have at least a couple weeks to work on integrating the specialists into a cohesive team. Unfortunately situations have a way of coming up and interfering in well laid plans. Carter stood in front of the whiteboard writing down information: Ba'al Mot Astarte Population 1500 Devout Harkin Tel'nak Winter As the team was finally assembled she stopped writing and turned to face everyone. "We have a situation and you are the best option to resolve it." It was a bit unlike Carter not to start with pleasantries... Hawke and those familiar with her mannerisms knew that meant it was serious indeed. "SG17, Major Lorne's team, is trapped on P3Y-709, called Truskat by the locals. The world is part of Ba'al's domain and the people are devout followers. For whatever reason they seem to follow him out of true religious fervor rather than fear. That has made things difficult for the major. He and his men are in hiding in the hills surrounding the valley where the Stargate lies. The gate is guarded by a contingent of Jaffa. Nothing that the Major couldn't handle, but he's suggested that we might be able to turn these people against Ba'al. That's where you come in." She looked around the table as if measuring the individuals there. "It seems that the people believe that Ba'al protects them from the evil god Mot. In reality Mot is one of Ba'al's under lords, he is in residence on the planet and occasionally abducts people and torments them. Ba'al makes an appearance once in a great while and cast's down the evil god as a show to the people. Ba'al's high priest is a man named Harkin, he is in on the joke according to what major Lorne has found out. Most times it is the high priest that rescues the victims in the name of Ba'al." "Your mission is to kill Mot. He's about as nasty as they get, and killing him in such a way that it was obviously not Ba'al's doing should weaken his hold on the planet." She let that sink in. So far the specialists had not been sent out specifically to kill an enemy even a Goa'uld. "There are two complications, "Astarte is another of Ba'al's under lords and also visits the planet regularly on Ba'al's behalf. There is a naquadah mine there and it is very important to him. She is sent to pick up shipments and deliver orders. She is expected to arrive soon. Her first Prime Tel'nak has come ahead to announce her pending visit. Second, it's winter there, and Major Lorne is running low on supplies. One of his men has frostbite on his right foot and I am hoping Yseult might be able to save it if you can rendezvous quickly enough." "Questions?"
  3. Olivia’s return home brought some changes. A military base was no place for a baby, so some of Olivia’s hard-earned cash was diverted to a down payment for a house. It was a house with ideas: there were four or five bedrooms in the place and a large yard. Wakiki thought it was too much, but Olivia wasn’t deterred. “Mom and Dad can have a room here,” she said, “something permanent of their own. And if Aradia wants to have a room here, she can, too. And there’s room.” “Room?” Wakiki looked at her with disbelief. “Room for what?” Olivia had smiled a secret smile, one that she’d developed after her pregnancy. Wakiki started to push, but decided that it wasn’t a good idea. He wasn’t sure he wanted to know what that smile meant. Getting her settled into her new home took a lot of his free time – Aradia’s, too. It wasn’t that his sister meant to drive them so hard; it was that everyone felt that there was a time limit involved. Olivia was over half-way to the point where she shouldn’t be screwing around with anything too physical and she wanted to be involved. They always said that they’d just spend an hour or two at it, then stop. But then one of them saw that there was “Just one more thing” and they’d decide to do it. Then after that, there was ‘just one more thing, won’t take long and then it’ll be done’. After a solid week of his spare time spent with his sister and his girlfriend working on Olivia’s ‘new toy’, Wakiki was ready for a night off. He said as much to Olivia, only to have her tell him that she could use some time off, too. As if he’d been pushing her along! He was too eager to have a night off to point out who was the slavedriver here. He called Aradia immediately. “Hey, babe, the Masta is hanging up her whip for the night,” he laughed into the phone. “Wanna collapse at my place for a while? If I remember right, I think we're dating and I've totally forgotten what that feels like.”
  4. Vinny's death had been horrid. The funeral had been worse. For the first time in her life, Kyria had cut herself completely off from the minds around her. And then there was the mind she couldn't cut off, the one she couldn't shut out or keep her own emotions from. Not completely. Which was why she was standing out in the woods three miles from the Beta Site either very late at night or very early in the morning depending on how you wanted to look at it, with Declan pacing a few feet away. "So...." He rubbed the back of his neck and stared up at the moons above them, "So....what? It's not like ya' to start a line and not finish it. What're we doin' out here?" "We need to talk." "Huh. Y'know, that's not a string o' words most men want to hear. It usually start right before 'just friends' or 'it's me, not you'." She smiled for the first time in days, just briefly. "It's nothing like that. I quite enjoy being more than 'just friends'. It's just...." She shrugged and laced her hands together, nervously. "I wanted to talk. Out loud. About...everything. About what we're going to do. About where we go from here."
  5. Aradia made her way down the hallway, pulling her damp, tan-streaked brown hair into a simple ponytail as she walked. The summons from her new C/O, Ryan Hawke, had come during one of Aradia's frequent workouts. Indeed, it hadn't taken the messenger long to find her at all, because the base knew that the gymnastics equipment was where the ex-acrobat specialist spent most of her on-duty, off-assignment time. She'd taken a quick shower to wash away the sweat of her workout, and then dressed in military-issue fatigue pants and a matching tan t-shirt. Even in such simple clothes, the stunning specialist turned heads wherever she went. With Kyria gone, it was mainly her and Yseult that drew the attention of the heavily-male military personnel these days, and the gorgeous doctor spent a lot of her time in the labs or with her family. Word around the base was that Aradia was dating Jennings-Izumi's brother, but hearing and seeing were two different things, and it didn't do much to stop the stares or wolf-whistles. Aradia was starting to adjust to the attention, though it wasn't necessarily something she enjoyed, and spent most of her time blatantly ignoring anyone who made any kind of overtures related to her enhanced appearance. Finally, she reached the new C/O's door, and rapped sharply, wondering why the hell she'd been summoned. "Major Hawke? It's Specialist McConnell, you wanted to see me?"
  6. Olivia wished that it wasn’t her last day on Langoria. She did miss her family, but she’d come to enjoy the people here and their company. Not all of them were perfect, by any stretch of the imagination, but they were, as a whole, good people. And she would miss them, even as she enjoyed being back with Aradia, Wakiki and the other members of the SGC. “You’re very quiet,” Jonas remarked, touching her arm were it wound through his. He now never failed to offer her physical support, and hadn’t stopped once he’d seen her ‘baby bump’. It was a little larger than average, but the Asgard had warned her that the baby was ‘built’ big. They’d tried to give her a full genetic rundown during her three months in the time chamber, but she refused to hear any details that weren’t related to potential health problems or abnormalities. They didn’t anticipate any, which was comforting. That was one less thing to worry about with the little one. Olivia had shifted to some looser clothing for her trip home; she wanted to tell people about her condition before someone divined it and spread it around the base. She’d already put together a list of who to tell and in what order: Aradia and Wakiki first, then Yseult, Kyria and Declan and finally the brass and everyone else. She needed to call Mom and Dad, too. Olivia put a gentle hand on her belly, feeling the life within her body. “I was just thinking about what I have to do when I get home.” Jonas chuckled. “I’m sure you have quite the list,” he said agreeably, clearly amused. He sobered a little and said, “If you need anything, please call.” “You know I will. And the same – I owe you big time,” she told him. He’d done more than help her through the grieving process; he’d been by her side throughout the entire process of impregnation, even the really disturbing part where the Asgard had teleported the zygote into her. Olivia had tried to explain why that had been so off-putting, but she didn’t think they understood. They’d seemed shocked by her instructions on how she would have implanted the zygote. To them, it made no sense to insert it through the birth canal when they could just beam it directly into her. “Nonsense,” Jonas said, “I was just being a friend.” He seemed about to say more, but a soldier ran up to them. “What is it?” Jonas asked, his arm tensing under Olivia’s hand. “Sir, two visitors from the SGC,” the officer said. “They say they’re here to pick up the doctor.” “Huh, wasn’t expecting that,” Olivia said softly. “Let’s go see who it is,” Jonas replied, relaxing again. “I’m sure one is Aradia,” Olivia guessed. “The other… Daniel, or maybe Ryan.” She was correct on her guess about Aradia. But when they entered the chamber with the StarGate, Olivia stopped dead. “Wakiki?” she asked in disbelief, even as a smile spread over her face. Jonas released her as she hurried forward and hugged her brother with one arm and her ‘sister’ with the other. “How… why… Oh, it’s good to see you! But how did you get here, Wakiki?”
  7. (Set two weeks before the current mission) General O'Neill paced on the bridge of the Prometheus. He was more than happy to have the ship back. It had cost several billion dollars to make and it also had the Asgard core and upgrades that made more advanced than anything the Goa'uld could field. Having it and the Asgard warship gave Earth a strategic advantage that made a lot of people breath easier. So he was pleased. But, the ship had been reported as destroyed along with Colonel Mitchell and Major Wright. Had the other specialists been suspect in the destruction of the Ancient device? According to Mitchell's message they had been ignorant and he had acted alone. He slammed one fist into the palm of his other hand. He wanted to hit a bulkhead, but knew better. It was a good thing that Mitchell hadn't returned, he would have had to court Marshall him and he had liked the man. He was a good officer, but he seriously disagreed with the man's decision. Not that he didn't believe that the IOA couldn't be trusted, but if the device could have been controlled then they could have enhanced all of the SGC personnel in minor ways, not the big crazy ways the Specialists had been, but just the simple things... stronger, faster, and tougher, and not to superhuman levels either, just enough to give them better survival chances. As far as O'Neill as concerned, any SGC member that died on a mission from now on would be on Cameron's head. He had taken away the possibility of them surviving. He took a deep breath and sat in the Captain's chair and waited for the Specialist's to arrive. He needed to see their faces and see their reactions to Cam's message. Where they in league with him on this? Not that it mattered now, the device was gone and two men were dead, but he needed to know if they might pose a future issue with other technologies. Back on base each of the Specialists received a summons. General O'Neill would like to meet with SG1 in the briefing room in 10 minutes. Click to reveal.. Go ahead and post your arrival in the briefing room then I'll transport everyone aboard the Prometheus.
  8. Olivia snapped her phone shut with a loud 'pop', then stood still, trying to calm down. With effort, she put her phone down without throwing it across the room. "I shouldn't have said anything," she muttered. Exhaling angrily, she yanked her hair back into a ponytail and changed into workout clothing. One habit that Vinny had infected her with - one that could be considered positive, anyway - was working out excess energy in the gym. Olivia was still pulling on her gloves when she got into the room, and she marched straight over to an open punching bag. Unlike the other specialists, she didn't have to use one of the reinforced bags, which suited her since there were more of them available. People took one look at the anger on her face and stayed clear of her; Olivia wasn't known for her temper, but it was always the quiet ones. Plus, most people figured she must have some kind of biting tongue to keep up with Vinny. Olivia was just as happy to be left alone; she didn't want to talk to people, not with her world turning on its head for no reason. She drew back and hit the bag, just like she'd been taught. The excess violence wasn't helping. Each time her fist hit the bag, she heard those words again. Waste of time. Scowling, she hit the bag harder, but all it did was make the words louder. People were staring at her, in part because she wasn't paying attention, and they could stare, and in part because they'd never seen her so fired up about something before. Panting and sweating, Olivia stopped, pressing her hands into her knees. "Damnit," she muttered to the floor, then straightened and headed for her room. Once inside, she stripped again and took a shower, trying not to think about the phone call. But her mother's voice was there, in her head, and with perfect clarity, she heard her again. "Fiction? That's a waste of time. Livy, when are you going to give up this bizarre crusade and come back to academia? Just admit you were wrong, and you could write a real book, and a few articles, about real scholarly subjects. Then you wouldn't have to work for the military. You could have a real career and stop wasting your time." Olivia leaned against the wall of her shower, listening to all the noises coming through her walls and under her door, or through her pipes. She could see the tiniest cracks in the mortar, or feel the slight bumps from imperfections in the bricks. She could tell you exactly how far the water fell when it left the shower head to land at her feet, or on her body. There was no going back, and no way to tell her mother what was happening to her. And yet, that wasn't the worst part. The part that had Olivia fuming was her mother's rejection. Even when she'd disapproved of what Olivia did, she'd never actively discouraged her, even when her father did. For Delayah to do such a one-eighty was shocking and hurtful to her. Her mother had always been Mrs. Supportive. So why not now? She groaned as she suddenly realized the final insult to the entire episode; she'd forgotten to tell her about Vinny. "Damnit!"
  9. Cam strode down the passageway of the ship purposefully. He did everything purposefully these days; he had no choice. For a week or more after Vinny's murder he sat and tried to come up with ways he could go back. He had thought up and discarded dozens of scenarios, from claiming he'd escaped in and F302 before the explosion to being rescued by and Ancient. No matter what he claimed or even if his friends believed him, he would still know the truth. And the truth was that no matter what, he could never face his friends again. So for the last few weeks he had thrown himself into his work. Perhaps if he succeeded and his work saved a million lives he might someday forgive himself for what he'd had done. Perhaps. He had used the device on himself twice more in the time since his self imposed exile began, but no one would know by looking at him. Physically his appearance hadn't changed a bit, except that he'd taken to wearing the solid black BDU's instead of the regular Stargate green. Black combat boots, black baggy pants tucked into the boots and a black t-shirt and no name, rank or unit insignia to be seen. The one accessory to his outfit was the pistol holster attached to his right hip and strapped to his thigh. He was on his own out here and even though he was pretty sure he was well hidden he wanted to be ready instantly if someone found him. Where the real changes lay were mentally. He had pushed his intellect as high as the device would allow. After the second treatment he discovered that it had a failsafe preventing him from going too far. He thought he could override, but assumed the ancients knew what they were doing and didn't want to end up the Lawnmower man. Despite the limitations he found that he was picking up Asgard language and science at an accelerated rate, and he had an idea of how to learn it even faster, but that would involve some risk. The risk of something going wrong was small, but if it did, it would be catastrophic. He'd been reviewing the records of SG1's interactions with the Asgard when he came across the first encounter directly with them, when O'Neill had had the Ancient database downloaded into his brain. He had subconsciously built the tools necessary to reach the Asgard because without their help he would have died. Well, he had an Asgard core installed in the Prometheus containing all of their recorded history and knowledge, current up to the moment the team had left Orilla. Unlike O'Neill he wasn't limited by a regular human brain, his had been upgraded 4 times in total, he was Cam 4.0, maybe he could survive where O'Neill hadn't.... Just one problem, going to the planet with the Ancient Database mean either taking the ship there, a small risk, or leaving the ship and going by gate. Either way he would have to leave the Prometheus unguarded for a short time. He had access to all of the SGC's records and was reasonably sure the device was still there. No one from the SGC had returned for fear of what might happen to anyone else exposed to the device and that had been in the early days of the SGC. Since then they had learned a great deal about alien tech, but no one had thought to make another trip, and no Goa'uld had discovered it. "If they had, they'd be ruling the galaxy by now." He reached the bridge as the words left his mouth. He grumbled under his breath, Now I'm talking to myself... that's not a good sign. He sat in the captain's chair and keyed in the coordinates to Abydos. It was the one place he could think of that had a Stargate and no reason at all for anyone to be there since the planet itself had been destroyed. He just had to find the gate among the debris.
  10. {This is copied from Cam's story Finding Purpose to a separate thread so that you guys can learn about it IC and respond as you choose.} The Tok'ra sat in the chair in the briefing room. General O'Neill sat back but glanced out the big picture window down into the gateroom. There was a slight nostalgic look in his eyes as he did. When he turned back to the visitor he was all business. "You asked to see me and SG1?" Kornan sat forward in his chair, clasping his hands on the table before him, "We had heard that Colonel Mitchell had died, is this true?" General O'Neill had a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach, "Yes, we believe it to be true, the ship he was in returned to Earth on autopilot and it had a recorded message that he was dead." He did not ask the obvious, 'why'. Kornan nodded as if this had confirmed something he had believed. "General, I have news of your missing Colonel." He paused a moment as he saw the indecipherable look on O'Neill's face. "It seems that one of our agents in Yiu's capital noticed Colonel Mitchell enter the city, or rather when reviewing the records he noticed this image of the Colonel entering." The Tok'ra passed over a photo of Mitchell dressed in clothing reminiscent of one of Yiu's people, but clearly recognizable. "It took our agent two days to track where Mitchell had gone within the city. I am sorry to say that it took another day and a half for another of our agents to gain entry. It seems that the Colonel entered the estate of Yiu's eldest son and then dishonored him. Sadly, Mitchell was discovered and captured before he could make his escape." General O'Neill raised an eyebrow, "Dishonored how?" He dreaded the answer to that question, but had to ask. "Chun, Jao-long's wife seems to have 'invited' Mitchell to her bed, though she claims to have been dishonored. Jao-long naturally accepts her claim since doing otherwise would make him look a fool. Our agents have known about Chun's infidelities for some time and had thought to use them in some way, but alas, that is no longer an option. If she was true to form, she most likely threatened the Colonel to get what she wanted." O'Neill looked grim. "So my dead Specialist is making one of Yiu's son's into a cuckold?" Kornan shrugged, "Whether or not he did, doesn't matter, only the consequences. Jao-long discovered him and swore to make his death long and painful. Mitchell was tortured severely for three days before our agent could get to him. It was amazing that he still lived, but Jao-long's people were being very careful to prolong his suffering." He pushed another image of Mitchell across the table. He looked like a complete wreck, cuts and blood and bruises everywhere. "Our agent offered to help Mitchell escape, but all he asked for was to be told when Jao-long would return. He wanted to walk out of the dungeon as the Goa'uld returned. It seemed he wanted to confront Jao-long in front of his men." "We don't understand how he did what he did, but when he was ready he somehow released his bonds and walked out of the room and into the guards barracks just as Jao-long returned. The Jaffa were so amazed that Mitchell was able to walk they did not immediately fire on him. He called out a challenge to Jao-long's godhood, one that he couldn't deny before his assembled men." Kornan gave an intense look at General O'Neill, "The Tok'ra would like to know of the technology he used to perform his tricks. They seemed to be more advanced than Goa'uld technology... but I am getting ahead of myself. Mitchell called Jao-long a false god and claimed that he himself was more powerful. His first act was to make his clothing reform and repair itself and even reshape into more elegant attire. I assume this was nano-technology of some kind, but it is of a kind that our agent had never seen and from his descriptions it sounds quite beyond anything that we possess. As he did he straightened and stood proud although still covered in blood. It was a move gesture that resonated with the Jaffa who honor that kind of strength to stand in the face of impossible odds even at the last extremity of physical endurance. Yes, a very strong cultural significance to them, it put them immediately into a receptive mood." "Jao-long could see the mood and though he was angered and shamed into accepting the challenge he was no fool. But what Mitchell did next was completely outside anyone's comprehension. He commanded one of the Jaffa to fire his staff weapon at one wall of the chamber. The man did, and then Mitchell commanded that the man fire that same weapon at him." Kornan looked around at the people assembled at the table, "Understand that this is all directly from our agent who was present at the challenge. Jao-long laughed and thought he understood the ploy and spoke, 'I see, you are seeking to end your suffering for the dishonor you did me.' He was about to order the man not to shoot but he saw that his Jaffa were very much of a mood to honor the Colonel's noble request thinking that their master was correct and that their prisoner was seeking an honorable way to end his life. So the solder was allowed to proceed. He brought his weapon up in a sharp salute to Mitchell's courage and wisdom in outsmarting their lord, then he lowered the weapon to fire. Mitchell made a gesture with his hand and the man's staff weapon powered down. The Jaffa stood confused for a moment and tried again to power up his weapon but to no avail." Kornan had a quizzical look as he continued, "Then comes the part that baffled our agent. Mitchell exclaimed, 'I have done this. I have the power to make your devices dead. Now turn the staff on Jao-long and fire at him. If he is truly a god then he will not be effected by it.' I tell you now, that I do not know how he did this, but you must share the technology with us. It could be invaluable to the cause... but I digress, The false god stood confident and though he did not understand how his prisoner had managed the trick he acquiesced. He simply pressed the shield button on his Hara-kesh, hand ribbon device, and waited for the staff blast to ricochet off his defenses." The Tok'ra had just the hint of awe in his voice as he continued, "Just as the Jaffa fired Mitchell made his hand gesture again and Jao-long's shield disappeared. The staff blast caught him square in the neck killing the Goa'uld and host instantly." He shook his head at the audacity of Mitchell's victory. "The assembled Jaffa went to one knee and saluted the man who until a few moments before they looked on as a dead man. They declared Mitchell a true god and more powerful than Lord Yiu and swore to serve him to the death. To his credit the Colonel immediately denied godhood saying, 'I do not say there are no gods, but the Goa'uld are all false gods who rely on devices to trick the Jaffa into following them. I am no god either, I am simply more powerful and have better tricks than the Goa'uld. If you still wish to follow me, I accept you, but you must go now and gather your wives and children for I am leaving this world and they would be treated harshly by Yiu for your betrayal.' He then walked to Jao-long's headless corpse and took from it his Hara-kesh and other items of power. 'Ten of you will accompany me to the shipyards, the rest will meet there at dark. We will take the best Ha'tak, Alkesh and cargo ship available. In these three ships we will go to another planet where I will establish my home. Do not bring anything more than your wife and children can carry in their arms. We may need to take the ships by force and you must not be burdened with possessions. Do not allow anyone you do not trust with your lives to know of this or your families will suffer. Anyone not with me would betray you.'" "So Mitchell survived and acquired a small following of Jaffa to apparently create his own little kingdom." Again he gave O'Neill the intense calculating look, "What are you playing at General? Does Earth seek to replace the Goa'uld in lordship of an empire of slaves?" It was perhaps not the best thing to say to a man who was getting progressively redder and redder in the face as the story went on. He burst out in a near yell, "Mitchell is supposed to be dead! When I get my hands on him he will wish he had died at the hands of Jo-ling!!!" O'Neill's next words to Colonel Carter were the thing that Cam, had he known of them, been dreading since he first stole the Prometheus. "Colonel Mitchell is hereby declared to be a renegade and awol. Make sure that all SG teams keep an ear open for any word of his wearabouts. When he surfaces I want him taken. He has a great deal to answer for." He turned to Kornan and shook a finger at the man, "The same goes for you, got it? If any of your spys hear anything I want to know about it immediately!"
  11. Somewhere in a reality not quite similar to the SGC we know... "Shit." Major Damien Caine, U.S.A.F and field team leader of 'Specialist' squad SG-21, was not a man who cursed easily. But a staff-weapon bolt through the thigh that took away a chunk of the meat there was enough to tax the strongest self-discipline. He tore away the leg of his BDU's, staunching the partly-cauterised wound before grabbing up his P-90 once more and looking over the top of the low line of rocks that were so far sufficing as a wall. The humid air was heavily laced with dawn mist, but the shapes of the Jaffa were clearly visible as they advanced on him and Gwyn. Caine glanced at the Welshman, the perspiration dripping down his face, and saw that Gwyn was just about played out. The battle had raged for nearly an hour, and whatever reserves of 'juice' he had were dangerously low. "Gwyn, you okay?" "Fine." The other replied tersely as he raised his MP-7 and squeezed off a tight burst of high-velocity slugs. A scream from the enemy position testified to his accuracy, as did the furious volley of return fire. Zat blasts and the occasional whining scream of a staff-bolt chewed at the rocks around Gwyn. "Kerrr-IST!" he yelled, ducking down as chips of rock slashed at his face and hands. "Fuck! Fucking fucking fuck! My goddamned eye!" he screamed out, partly in pain but mostly in sheer rage, one hand clapping to his face. Caine could make out blood streaming down the right side, and felt sick with his own helpless frustration. He keyed the radio again. "Sergeant Perault! This is Major Caine. We are under heavy assault and have taken wounds. Come in, Dec." He released the transmit button and listened intently. Nothing. Once more the Major cursed, this time at the lush vegetation that contained, according to Gwyn's earlier analysis, a substantial amount of metals. Substantial enough to interfere with radio frequencies as well as most known forms of sensors. Naturally it was on this world, designated PX-1264, that SG-18 had gone missing eight days ago and SG-21, having one of the best trackers in the SGC, had been sent to find out what had happened to them. That had been six days ago. With typical efficiency, Caine's team had found the remains of SG-18's reconnaisance camp about five klicks from the Gate and could readily discern what had happened to them. Mainly through first-hand experience. PX-1264, it had turned out, was predominantly rainforest, with the occasional mountain range to break the monotony of endless towering primeval jungle where the smaller trees were the size of an Earth sequoia. The temperature was maybe 10 degrees celsius hotter than that commonly found in Earth's equatorial rainforests, hot enough to be potentially dangerous to un-enhanced humans if they neglected their hydration. For Specialists it was uncomfortable, but not life-threatening in and of itself. The air contained more oxygen than back home as well, but that too wasn't a danger. It was pretty much everything ELSE about this world that was dangerous, it seemed. Starting with the insect and plant life and working up from there. The entire ecosystem was a finely-balanced network of predator and prey, and every organism fell into both categories at one point or another in the chain. SG-18 had been foreign organisms to this chain, but PX-1264 had welcomed them with open jaws. The campsite had been trashed, but some audio logs combined with Dec's tracking skills had done a good job of reconstructing what had happened. One of the team members had disappeared while on watch, leaving only their gun and, ominously, their forage hat behind. The team leader had led half of the remaining men on a search party, leaving four to guard the camp with orders to return home if the search party wasn't back by morning. They hadn't returned. At some point, the camp had been attacked by some sort of three-clawed predatory beasts, at least six that Declan could discern. There weren't many remains, and those had been picked clean. The three-clawed predators had attacked SG-21 too. Seven of them this time, they were quadripedal and vaguely reptilian in aspect, with greenish skin that became a crest of orange spines running along their back. When they attacked, the crest of spines lifted and flushed vibrantly, turning a deep red, and their shrieks were terrifying. Obviously they had gotten the notion that the strangely skinned two-legged creatures were good easy food. Specialists didn't really fit into the food chain, though. After SG-21 had killed five of the creatures with almost contemptuous ease, the remainder had lowered their crests and fled. Caine had made the decision then to follow the search party, to see if any of them had survived. Travelling with the tireless ease of the enhanced, SG-21 had come upon the remnants of a large battle. A beast, nearly two storeys tall and reminiscent of a hairless bear with a barbed tail and sweeping horns, had all-but wiped out the search party, dying itself from the wounds they had managed to inflict. But there had been one human survivor of the battle, wounded to judge by the blood trail, and so SG-21 had pressed on. Only to run into a huge force of Jaffa led by a goa'uld. They had cleared a large area of the hostile jungle, a massive transport spacecraft serving as their headquarters building. Eavesdropping, the Specialists had determined that the Goa'uld was here looking for the Gate. Worse, they had a pretty good idea where it was and would be moving out to secure it soon. This changed the situation dramatically. SG-21 couldn't abandon the chance of recovering another SGC member, but they couldn't let their line of retreat be cut off either. So Caine had made what he believed to be the best of a poor selection of tactical decisions. He and Gwyn would harry the Jaffa scouting parties, employing ambush tactics and guerrilla warfare to slow their advance on the gate. In the meantime, Livy and Dec would push on and recover either the wounded Airman... or his dog tags. And so had begun a five-day running firefight with the Jaffa force. Which left him and Gwyn here, with their backs to the Stargate and the Jaffa drawing closer. Even Specialists have limits, it seemed. They were out of grenades, out of explosives, almost out of ammunition, and out of time. "Sergeant? Olivia? Can you hear me?" Caine tried again, a hint of desperation in his voice. His heart leapt as he heard a crackle in his earpiece and a voice. Dec's voice! "...Caine...ate your sit...ver?" "Declan! We're at the gate. How far out are you?" Caine didn't bother to warn Declan away from the Jaffa. If there was one thing this team member was trained, schooled and enhanced specifically for, it was combat and survival. That had been the reason he'd sent Dec with Livy: if anyone could get the two of them back alive, it was him. Now Caine was second-guessing his earlier decisions. What if he'd sent Gwyn? But Gwyn wasn't the tracker Dec was. Maybe he should have kept them all together and tried to punch through the Jaffa line on their return. Shoulda, woulda, coulda. Caine was smart and seasoned enough to know that he was only wasting time mulling that over. "We.... mountain.... clearer? Estima.... five days, over." Damien's heart sank as he keyed his mic again. "Declan. Listen. We are almost overrun. We can't hold that long. You understand? Gwyn is wounded. I am wounded. We cannot wait. The goa'uld will take the Gate soon!" There was a pause, during which both Gwyn and Damien took the opportunity to lay down some suppressing fire on the cocky Jaffa. They dived for cover, and the two Specialists ducked back down again. Then Dec answered, the transmission coming through clearer. "Go. Get... lear, Maj..." There was a short pause, then another crackle. "Go!" "Listen to me! Declan! Listen! Keep alive! We WILL come back, you read me? You and Livy, stay alive!" Damien yelled into the mic, then called across to Gwyn to dial in the gate. Declan's response came back, typically stoic. "...oger that, boss." "Caine out!" Damien killed the radio and cursed again as the Gate exploded into life. The Jaffa were charging now. Gwyn hooked an arm under his and propelled them both through the portal, bolts of energy exploding around them. * * * * * * * Miles and miles away on a craggy mountainside Dec turned to Olivia, his mouth set in a grim line. She didn't need an explanation; she'd heard everything, had agreed with everything. Brown eyes met dead silver and the two Specialists knew that, for the foreseeable future, there was no way back home. They were cut off, and despite the assurances of their CO, perhaps cut off for good.
  12. January 13th, Thursday 2:33pm Colorado Springs, Co. USA Earth Waki was having a difficult time with the melody of the latest song he was working on. It had started out great, the first two phrases flowed and they were hella catchy, but after working on the chorus he was having a tough time with the next bit and making it fit with the melody. He picked out the notes on his keyboard, trying to recapture the muse. In the back of a van parked half way up the street one black suited man turned to his partner and rolled his eyes. "He just needs to add an ascending chord in G flat and he'd have it. It's frustrating to sit here listening to it and not tell him." His partner chuckled, "That's what you get for getting a minor in music in college. Shoulda gone with straight Poli-sci and criminal justice like all the other spooks. I'm sure you're working off some karma or something." "Seriously, why are we still sitting here, we've got enough on this guy's girlfriend to have her locked away. She clearly broke her NDA and we've got plenty of tape to prove it." The first man frowned and took a drink from the small mini-fridge under the console. "This is one hell of a boring assignment." His partner just shrugged and didn't answer, but smirked as spook number one began to hum Waki's melody with the correction. ---- January 12th P36-995 SG16 combed through the ruins looking for anything of value. So far there had been days of nothing. The place had once been a world occupied by Neerti and she had destroyed nearly everything before she was driven off by Anubis' forces. Scorched Earth, or scorched P36-995 in this case. The settlement was devastated and had obviously been bombarded from orbit. A few zats and staff weapons were the extent of the team's finding so far. Neerti had pulled out in haste it seemed. Dr. Nigel Hendricks, on loan to SG16 from Area 51, was the man who discovered the energy signature. It was so faint that he almost missed it even standing directly on top of it. There were rings buried under the dirt and they had been deactivated manually. Only a faint residual charge remained in one of the crystals, barely enough, but once discovered it was nothing to hook up a naquadah generator and power them up. Germanski the team's scout was notified to report back to the SGC in the event something nasty happened when they activated the rings. Despite some cringing and flinching on the part of the scientists nothing bad happened. Hendricks was whisked down into an underground lab that was completely powered down. Like the village it looked to have been abandoned in a hurry. There were three 'bodies' in unpowered stasis pods along the walls and an ancient style console in the center of the room. The air was palpably thick with decay. Even by the light of a flashlight the Doctor knew immediately what they'd found. He reactivated the rings and excitedly radioed back to Germanski at the gate, "We found another one of Neerti's labs, and it looks untouched. Inform the SGC. I'll be down there trying to get the equipment back online." --- January 12th 4:40pm Colonel Carter's office. Carter had mixed feelings about the report from P36-995. Neerti's lab could contain invaluable technology that could lead to the curing of major diseases, or more likely it would be the cause of major suffering and death for someone. Everything that snake had touched seemed to be poison from her experience. Cassandra was the only exception and even she had been a trojan horse with a bomb intended to destroy the SGC implanted in her body. Only Carter's own instincts had saved the day on that one. Her face registered an expression between a smile and a grimace as she hit enter on the keyboard. Her report was sent and it was in the IOA's hands now. The new directives had been extremely clear about the priority of reporting immediately on new technology finds. She looked at her watch. She would give odds that she'd have a phone call in under 15 minutes from some IOA flunky, probably Woolsey. Right on time he phone rang as she sat down with her cup of coffee. "Colonel Carter?" Woolsey's voice was unmistakable. "Mr. Woolsey, I was expecting your call." There was a smirk on her face and it communicated in her voice. "Yes, I'm sure. I understand your SG16 has discovered an important find? An untouched laboratory belonging to the Goa'uld Neerti? According to your report it appears to have one of her gene splicing devices?" Carter restrained herself from heaving a sigh, "Yes Mr. Woolsey, that is what my report said. Dr. Hendricks sent back pictures and it appears nearly identical to some of her other experiments we have encountered. I believe it is likely to be fully functional, but I would caution you to proceed slowly. Her equipment has been known to be booby trapped in the past." "I see. Thank you. I am sure my superiors will be in contact with you soon. Good day Colonel." Woolsey hung up the phone and Carter imagined he was reporting up his chain of command without pause for breath. --- January 13th 2:50pm Colorado Springs, Co In the back of a van up the street from Waki's apartment. Spook #2 answered his encrypted cellphone and just listened as the voice of his boss. "Yes sir." He frowned as the voice continued giving instructions. "Now sir? There are only agent Carlson and myself present, no backup." Another pause and then, "Yes Sir, immediately." Spook #2 looked at his partner. "You get your wish. No more surveillance. We've been ordered to move in and pickup the package."
  13. She didn’t recall much of what happened in the days immediately following Vinny and Cam’s deaths. She remembered all of it, but some of it was not noticed by her; the bliss of shock and grief. Olivia remembered Cam’s funeral; his weeping family, the pretty blond woman who looked as stunned as Olivia felt. She remembered murmuring something to them, something trite and expected. When it was her turn to receive trite and expected, she was barely able to handle it. Each condolence was just another nail in Vinny’s literal – if empty – coffin. The sun shone that day, a mockery from the very universe. She felt like it should have been pouring rain – as her mother said about another death, “To wash away the footsteps of the death person from the earth.” But nothing came to wash away Vinny’s footsteps; Olivia still felt them, still felt him. She needed to see a body in order to know; without it, some stupid, hopeful part of her, the part that just wouldn’t let go, waited for him to walk into rooms, cigar in his lips and smirking. There was a rough-looking woman in a shiny new dress and handcuffs; it took Olivia five minutes to realize what that meant and who she was. Olivia considered talking to her, but wasn’t sure what to say. They had one thing in common and that was gone. There was a tattooed, skinny man who smoked throughout the ceremony and looked like he wasn’t sure he should be there. It was only after he slipped away that Olivia pieced together his features and realized that it was Andy. She realized she should have tried to find him and talk to him, but again, what would she say? She’d never met these people; due to Vinny’s isolation from his family, they had no idea who she was. And it was easier to let it go than pursue it, honestly. Things should have gotten back to normal. But there was no normal for her; her normal had included raunchy emails and surprise hugs from behind with only the faint trace of cigar smoke for warning. Every time normal failed to be normal, she felt a new wave of grief. The third time Daniel found her with her head in her arms, weeping, he suggested she take some time off. It was something she should have considered herself. It just hadn’t occurred to her. General Landry had already spoken to Caine and to Daniel. By the time Olivia decided that she was going to take Daniel’s advice and had decided what she was going to do, he was more than willing to hear her request. “I need some time,” she said softly. Landry was already nodding. “As I said the day after you got back, I understand you might need to take some time off.” Olivia frowned. “I don’t remember that,” she murmured softly, a little shaken by this failure of her perfect memory. “I’m not sure you heard,” Landry said, his voice surprisingly gentle. “You were in shock, still. How much time do you need, Doctor?” “I don’t know,” Olivia said honestly. “I just… I keep expecting to see him here…” “Two months,” Landry said. Olivia blinked. “So much?” “It’s not going to be enough,” he told her softly, his voice full of painful knowledge. “But it’s the maximum I can spare you.” “Thank you,” she said, hesitating. “I have another request.” “I’m listening,” Landry said. “I’d like to take my leave off-world, please.” That gave the general a momentary pause. Of all the Specialists, Dr. Jenings-Izumi offered the least amount of flight risk. Her close ties to her family guaranteed she’d return to Earth. Normally, two months off-world was only offered to the most trusted of SGC members, someone like Dr. Jackson or Col. Carter. But Dr. Jenings-Izumi had proven herself, and Landry made a rapid decision: if this is what it took to get her back, it was worth the risk. Landry nodded. “I think we can arrange that.” -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-The necessary arrangements had been easily made, and the next morning, Olivia hugged Yse, Kyria and Aradia. As the three told her to take care, Olivia nodded. “I will,” she promised, lifting her bag higher on her shoulder. “I’ll be home before you know it.” As they watched her go, she walked up the ramp and entered the wormhole, its cool sensation tugging at her nerves and pulling at her skin. Then she was stepping out into the sun on an alien world. She put up a hand to shield her eyes, immediately spotting her host. She walked forward, fighting tears. “Vinny’s dead,” she said, her voice cracking as she began to cry. “I know,” Jonas Quinn said and opened his arms. Olivia collapsed into the comfort he offered, weeping the choking sobs of the broken-hearted.
  14. It was a weary crew that arrived in Earth orbit. Landry summoned the Specialists to debriefing immediately. It was quite possibly the most difficult debriefing in the history of Stargate command. For the people left on Earth only a few days had passed since the Specialists had left, and all had been well at the time. For the crew, week's had passed and only a few hours before they had lost two of their number to a tragic accident. For most it was the first death they had experienced since joining. Ironically, the two of the three men trained to deal with such loss were themselves the ones lost. The mood in the briefing room was grim and raw. In light of the situation General Landry did not go into detail about the seriousness of taking the Ascension device and how upset the IOA was. After getting the full story from Major Hawke and the others he dismissed the Specialists with orders to remain on base for the time being. Later that day Landry was summoned to Washington to debrief the President and the IOA. In his place Colonel Carter was assigned to hold down the fort as the senior ranking officer. Over the course of the next week word leaked out that Landry had been reassigned. Apparently, he had gone too far in some of the choice words he expressed to the IOA's new committee. For the moment Carter would be the SGC commander until someone more senior could be found to take her place. A week after the Specialist's return a ceremony was held in the gateroom for Vinny and Cam. A flag was committed to the event horizon for each man. Lacking a body, it was the best that could be done under the circumstances to give a sense of closure. Just after the ceremony Kyria and Dec announced privately to the other Specialists that they would be leaving. They had a mission to check up on the Tok'ra that Kyria had saved before the trip to Orilla and would use that as a means of getting off Earth. They wouldn't be coming back for some time, if ever. The IOA's rules and methods were just too much for the young nova to bear and Dec would not be parted from her. This too added to the IOA's distrust of the Specialist, but this time General O'Neill stepped up and had a few choice words of his own to the committee. Surprisingly, his words carried enough weight and with the President's backing, the IOA chose to let the pair go without pursuit, but there would be standing orders that any SGC personnel would report word of them, but not try to detain them. However, they would also not be allowed back to Earth. There were several consequences of these events. First, most of the Specialists were assigned to projects outside the SGC as a way for the US to maintain control of it's 'assets' without international interference. Second, the Asgard ship was parked in orbit and had scientists crawling all over it trying to unlock it's secrets. It would not be used in combat unless the fate of Earth was at stake and maybe not even then if the IOA had it's way. Third, the Specialists remaining with the SGC would be assigned to a single team under Major Hawke, but were placed on leave for three months pending a full investigation of the events that lead to the loss of two officers, Earth's most powerful warship, and the Ascension device. In reality, this was a way to give the survivors a chance to recover from their loss. After the questioning that did occur the IOA was not entirely satisfied and suspected everyone involved were not being completely forthcoming, but could not prove anything and the loss and grief being displayed was clearly not faked, so they dropped the matter. It helped, that in place of the lost ship and Ascension device, Earth now how it's very own top of the line Asgard warship designed to fight an enemy more powerful than the Goa'uld. Click to reveal.. You have 3 months of downtime after your return to Earth. You may leave the base but will be required to wear a tracking device. This sounds offensive, but SG1 also wore tracking devices once they were developed. It is a tiny piece of metal under the skin of your arm that contains a rare element that can be scanned from orbit. If you go off world you will be required to wear a small subspace transmitter. You may write fics as normal set during that 3 month downtime if you wish, but it isn't required. As noted in one of the other threads, if you do write anything during that downtime please keep in mind what I've posted here.
  15. The morning after the team returned from the mission Yseult was disturbed from her rest and answered the phone a touch gruffly, "Yes hello?" "General Landry would like to see you in his office at 08:30 please." The general's aide offered no more information. An hour later when Yseult had finished an impatient breakfast she entered the office. "Good Morning Doctor, please have a seat. I have spoken with the President directly and his new pick for the IOA committee and they've given me an answer to your request."
  16. It had been an eventful week. They'd cooked meals, spent time together, shown Nashi some of the local sites. Aradia had put in more than her share of "impress the boyfriend's mom" hours. But she couldn't say too much around Wakiki without Nashi insisting on knowing what they were talking about, so she still hadn't gotten the opportunity to talk to him about the things she'd wanted to discuss - much less ask him what Nashi thought of her. But now they'd given their goodbye hugs, put her back on the plane to Japan, and picked up their recovery dinner - complete with booze. Now they were back at Waki's apartment, relaxing on the couch with cheap Chinese and cold beer, and she finally had her time. It's not chicken to ask him the obvious stuff first. It's more like.. a gateway question, really. He's totally expecting it anyway. Gotta be. Might as well ask. It'll start the conversation. "So.. how'd I do?" She leaned closer and reached over to his bowl, plucking a piece of beef from his stir-fly with her chopsticks and popping it into her mouth. "Did she hate me?"
  17. ((This is the place to post interesting rumors that might be going around the base. Please don't post anything that could effect the game in a negative way without checking with me first.)) Rumor: The Specialists have been jump-started along the path of Ascension and could ascend at any time. Once they do they will be able to protect Earth from all her enemies.
  18. Goodbyes were said with the Asgard as well as thank yous. The recriminations for Loki's behavior and hostility were left unsaid in the interest of future relations. He might be a real jerk, but he was still an Asgard and only one voice among them where the vast majority not only liked the humans but appreciated what they had done and felt obligated. This shiny new ship was just one outward sign of that new friendship and obligation. There was perhaps a sneaking suspicion in Cam's mind that it was being given to them in part because with their new bodies this ship was not really suited to their new stature and physiques. He suspected that all of their ships would be either retrofitted or scrapped before long in favor of newer designs. He barely fit in the Captain's chair and didn't think a heavier man would have. Anyone assigned to command this ship would have to be a small man or in very good shape. As the rest of the crew got settled Cam set a few safety protocols in the new ships systems. It would take months to adequately understand the Asgard tech but with the ships command codes, or the alien equivalent, it wasn't too hard to do a basic job. As people started filtering onto the bridge Cam set course for the Milky Way towing their lower tech Earth ship behind them. Seeing that the accommodations on the bridge wouldn't be a comfortable place to chat so he moved everyone down to the galley and took a seat. "So, I think we all need to talk. I know some of you have concerns with what to do with the Ascension device. I'm concerned too. Now that I can manually operate it at least in the crude way that we can, we could literally make an army of super strong, super tough soldiers, or we could could have it set so that anyone that touched it automatically was cured of cancer. That's a lot of power to put into the hands of anyone ourselves included. It's capable of great good or great evil depending on how it's used." The group that sat around the tables was unusually grim as he continued, "My first question is who are we to decide? What right do we few have to make this decision for all of humanity? The only answer I have is that it is in our hands, and that makes it our responsibility whether we have a 'right' or not. If we give it over to the IOA and they were to use it for evil purposes we'd indirectly be responsible because we chose to give them the power. On the other hand, who are we few to deny humanity an instant cure for all congenital diseases? What are your thoughts. This is something that can't be decided based on Military structure. We all have a stake in what happens."
  19. Landry wasn't pleased. This morning he'd received an urgent request for aide from the Tok'ra. A very important tok'ra spy had crash landed on one of Anubis' worlds and they wanted help rescuing him. "So that's why I've asked you here. This mission is volunteer only. The only access to the world is by gate. Any ship that approaches is hit by some kind of beam that disrupts it's systems. Our objectives are first, rescue Hal'kurir, and secondly to disable or better yet capture the device they are using to bring down ships that approach the planet. Needless to say that could be very handy for Earth in the event of another invasion attempt. The Tok'ra believe that Anubis abandoned the planet before his first defeat thousands of years ago so the hope is that the planetary defense is automated, but there were rumors that some of the system lords were looking to all of Anubis' former worlds in an effort to defeat him. The Tok'ra spy had followed one of Ba'al's Ha'tak to the planet, both ships when down." Landry looked around the room to the gathered Specialists, "We expect that some of the Jaffa may have survived and they will be looking for the device as well. Besides that, the mission is dangerous. If Anubis abandoned this planet and left an automated defense system designed to knock ships out of orbit, what else could he have left to ambush those that might try to plunder the place?" "Now, if you would like to volunteer, please report to the armory in one hour. Dismissed."
  20. Dear Girls - Too much serious shit lately. This place is a drag. Let's go do something. Meet me in the garage, Friday night, 6:00 p.m. I demand fun. -Ari Aradia knocked at Livy's door, tapping her foot impatiently. She was dressed in the same white dress she had purchased on her first trip out with Yseult and the others, but she'd thrown on a blue patterned shrug over it, and topped the outfit off with typical Aradia-like chunky accessories and blue streaks. She waited for a minute, then knocked again, hollering to the other specialist through the door. "C'mon, we're gonna be late, Yseult and Kyria are probably waiting for us already!"
  21. Aradia lay on her bed, gazing up at the plain white military-issue ceiling, cell phone in hand. She was still dressed in her purple and blue flannel pajama bottoms and a clingy purple tank top that read "Acrobats do it on a Trapeze", even though it was two in the afternoon. She was totally, completely, mind-bogglingly bored. She thought about training, but that's really all she'd done this week other than work. She'd already hung out with Livy and the girls. She wasn't a reader, and it was depressing how little there was to watch on TV during the weekend. She lifted the cell phone she was holding, staring at the black screen for a minute. She tapped a button and the screen flared to life, glaring at her accusingly with it's digital readout. She sighed softly and flipped through her contacts list - about a dozen names, most of them work-related. Finally, she closed out the contacts page with a sigh, and lay there staring at the screen, even after it went black again for sleep mode. Then out of nowhere it rang, and Aradia jumped in surprise, letting out a little gasp. "Son of a - Jesus girl, it's just a fuckin' phone, chill the hell out." She sighed as she saw Waki's name pop up on the screen, and drew in a deep breath before answering it. "Hey you."
  22. ((This thread takes place in the week following the Washington mission.)) With the return of the Prometheus came Heimdal and an answer to the genetics questions that had been posed to the Asgard. Kyria, Yseult, Gwynn, and Cam along with anyone else they chose to bring were invited up to the ship for a meeting with the little grey alien. When they arrived Heimdal seemed positively cheerful compared to his normal dry way of speech. He blinked more often and there was an ever so slight quirk at the side of his mouth that might have been a smile and his first words were, "Good morning." Cam raised an eyebrow and smiled in amusement but said nothing while he waited for the others to get comfortable. When everyone did seem situated the Asgard continued, "I have results from the DNA analysis we performed. Let me begin with the easiest answer first. "Specialist Kyria, your DNA is only slightly different from that of the other Specialist DNA we have now studied. Some of the imperfections in the strands seem to be missing from yours. That appears to be the only difference. However, of course you are a clone and that was to be expected." Turning to Yseult, "The small sample of the substance known as Eufiber could be cloned, however, it will take some time to perfect the process. While it is not as complicated as a human being, the substance does have some rather unique properties." Heimdal raised his hand and above the console a small glob of whitish substance shimmered into existence. "Here is the sample that we used for the analysis. Further study can be simulated." "Finally, Specialist Kyria, we will continue studying your DNA in hopes that it might assist the Asgard with our own cloning problems. At a time when you are able to visit our homeworld, we would appreciate your direct assistance with this."
  23. Yseult tucked a loose strand of honey-blond hair behind her ear with a gesture that was growing habitual since she had been forced to trade bodies with a NID agent. Her unusual eyes were locked on a pair of monitors, reading the information displayed with inhuman speed, lips curved into a faint smile of determination. Soon, she would find answer to the toxin the goa'uld symbiotes released, and then the SGC would no longer need to rely on the Tok'ra to remove them from their hosts. She was examining some promising binding agents when a sudden tone rang through the PA system, indicating an emergency announcement. "All medical personnel, please report, immediately, to the infirmary," Dr. Janet Frasier requested, her voice urgent, but controlled. "SG team thirteen returning from a mission with severe injuries. I can use all the professional help I can get here, people." Yseult saved her work, then stood up and almost ran to the infirmary. She scrubbed in then entered the infirmary. "Janet, what is seeming to be the nature of their... injuries..." The pulchritudinous scientist's cool voice trailed off as she took in the abattoir of blood the infirmary had become, the four men on cots pieced with a multitude of spines and sheathed in vivid red.
  24. Gwyn stared at the email on his screen for a substantial fraction of a second - a long time for him the way his mind seemed to keep developing since his encounter with the Ancient device. With a slight smile he punched some familiar numbers into the phone while starting to call up a number of websites. After a few rings the phone was answered, "Quartermasters. Corporal Pritchard speaking." "Hi Denise, Gwyn here. I'm hoping you'll be able to help me out." "Oh, hi. Sure Gwyn, I can give it a try. What do you need?" "Well I just got an email saying that my stuff will be arriving from England in a few days, but I reckon there will be too much stuff to fit in my room here. Should I get them to take it straight to a storage place or is there somewhere here I could put it while I sort out what will come into the room and what will have to head to storage?" "Sorry Gwyn, you'll have to find a storage place, we don't have enough spare room for a house full of stuff while you go through it. I could recommend a place or two if you want though." "Ok, thanks Denise, that would be good. If you could email them down to me I'll check them online then go take a look at them." "Sure Gwyn. See you for coffee about 1500?" "'Fraid not today Denise, I'll be in the lab with Bill, but I could catch you for dinner maybe about 1800?" "Ok, see you then." A few days later Gwyn could be seen walking down the Specialist accomodation corridor with a stack of 2ft crates in one hand and a couple of bags in the other.
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