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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Nexus Earth - "You want me to do What?!

Justin OOC

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((This Thread is open to all PC's to overhear, there are 2 exits to the room, though the Captains don't leave through them. You may interact and discuss what's been said so far. It takes place 1 week into the two months.))

"Kai we need to talk."

Akina's tone left no room for argument and instead he just followed her. He was led to a room on base where Masane was waiting for him, as were Captain Ishiyama and Amane.

Raisho took the lead. "Kai, you are for all intents and purposes, the Leader of House Amaha. That makes you the Owner, head, and controller of Satoshi Heavy Idustries. Further Kai, that makes you the ruler of the nation of Japan. You have certain obligations now beyond being student.

Amane nods, though there's uncertainty in her eyes. "Do we have to discuss this with him? From everything I've heard things are going fine as it is."

Akina's eyes narrowed. "They are. However, there are some issues that must be addressed."

She spears Kai with a look that he's never seen before. "Kai up till now, I've allowed you to go and do whatever you liked. I've even died once to help you." He winced as she made reference to that.

"That said I'm prepared to continue doing so, but not without certain considerations. You have to think of the future Kai. If you die, So does the Amaha lineage." She daw his eyes look to Masane. "Yes we have Masane, but if she actually carries a child, then she will be forced to give up the witchblade, and we have no one to actually wield it. Currently we have a need of her power, so that's not an option I'd be willing to explore."

Masane nods. "The one exception Akina, is that I'd be willing to give up the Witchblade if it was to continue the Amaha Lineage. I had no children in my time, so there's no chance Kai is descended from me, and I'm the only current female member of the Clan."

Kai looks at Masane. She looks to him. "For the Clan and for you Master, I hold bck nothing."

He couldn't reply, his feelings a swirling vortex of confusion.

Akina nodded. "That would be acceptable." She looked to Kai. "Honestly Kai, you need to provide heirs. honestly you and Lieutenant Tanaka and the other fifteen Kage we still have in our ranks. I've finished the registry now and that's all we've got. Fifteen trained Kage, and probably three thousand people who are members by blood, but their connction is weak."

"None of them are Amaha, you, Masane, and Takashi are the last."

Raisho nods. "I realize you're in a relationship with the princess, and while that can certainly serve to form a strong bond with the ruling family of the Empire, You have many other options. I know Masane, Amane, and I'd heard that Valerie declared her affection for you. All of them are human."

Akina nods. "Feel free to do as you want Kai, but before we let you go somewhere dangerous again, or take in another Circinus stray, you will acquiesce to my conditions. I'll even volunteer to paricipate if that's required."

"You can't force me to do this Akina, you can't keep me here."

"Do you really want to test that Kai?"

Masane moved up between them. "Back Masane. I won't hurt him, but Raisho can and will take you down."

The brunette looked at the male Captain who's holy blade hummed at his side. Kai laid a hand on Masane's shoulder. "It's alright Masane. I'm flattered by your offer, so you know, but there will be no fighting amonst ourselves."

"Can I have some time to make my decision Akina?"

"Of course Kai, Do what you feel is right by all means."

She looks around. "The rest of you are dismissed, unless Kai wishes to speak with all of you."

He shook his head and one by one they all vanished, leaving only Kai in the room with Masane.

"This is insane Masane."

"You know they're right though. You've died twice. we can't afford the Clan to die."

"I understand that, but telling me I have to provide an heir... I've never even done that with a girl."

"I could teach you."

He looks at her. "I love Lily. If I choose anyone it would be the woman I love."

"It wouldn't involve actually doing it, Master, though I'd prefer that one."

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