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Aberrant: Dead Rising - Daniel Hawkins: Waking Up [DR Ending] [FIN]

Dan Hawkins

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He opened his eyes and saw the fires still burning. Violet was beside him sleeping in the bed still. He got up and strode across the room, suiting up in his gear again for another run. They'd been fighting the zombies for years now. They'd finally found ways to attract them just where they wanted and it was easy enough for one super to slay a hundred zombies with minimal effort,especially if it either him, Fox, or Nuri. Thoughts of the FlameBender made him smile. She was a hellcat he'd always think of warmly. She showed him how to go further with his own powers, what was truly possible. He heard Violet sneaking up behind him but let her encircle his body with her arms. "Always the soldier Daniel?"

"I can't ask the others to do what I won't. Having your arms around me and your body pressed against me reminds me why I always come back though." She chuckled and he turned within her embrace, taking her in his arms and kissing her.

"Now I'm ready to fight them all."

He left and soon was over one of the kill Zones. Each of the Supers had their own zones and this time the Zombies had come to his. He charged himself with Electricity and dropped in amongst them, and several hours later all of them were gone. It was largely true he could have done things faster, but displays of the super's godlike powers weren't genearly looked upon well. It really made the regular folk nervous.

He emerged from the zone and smiled to the three guards who'd watched his display. "All done boys."

Abruptly the dream of a previous time ended, as Jennifer's hands began working their way across his body. She managed to tickle him abit and his hands reached up to grab hers. "You were having what looked like such a good dream, I was wondering if I could help." On the wall there was a picture taken of Himself, Jennifer and Jill, and four children of various ages, from infant to six. The picture next to it was with Violet instead of Jennifer, and the same look of happiness.

"Believe me my love, you've helped me more than you'll ever know. Waking up next to you is all any man should ever want. These last eight years have been the best of my life, even with the zombies still out there, all because I have you and our family."

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