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Aberrant: Dead Rising - Dan Hawkins: The Last Zombie [DR Ending] [Fin]

Dan Hawkins

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The truth of theZombie virus had staggered Dan. It was a truth only one other person had known, before their death. They'd killed the regular zombies for years, to the point that they were all gone. One by one all the supers died. Now he alone remained. He'd largely stepped out of the public view when Violet died, taking their child with her. Most people saw him as an anachronisim a throwback to a time where the world lived in fear.

He sat alone on the ridge overlooking Fox City, the bustling community that had once been the refuge. He Finished writing in the worn leather book on his lap and closed it.

He Thought back to the first one, argueably the hardest. John fought him hard, but in the end isolation and the fact he was a trained marine won the day. It was also the only other time in his life he'd murdered a human when he broke his assistant's neck.

Next was Myfwany. She was such a kind and gentle woman. She'd been the only one capable of Identifying who killed John, necessitating her early elimanation.

Morgan was strong, he'd trusted him. Dan had gladly save him and vice versa numerous times. He remembered holding Morgan's hand, smelling the burning flesh as thousands of volts and amps coursed through him, until he was little more than a pile of ash.

James had been the culmination of years of badblood, and had actually been ruled self defense in the courts.

Priest was unique in that he knew. He knew EVERYTHING. When it was his time he sat still, and said only to let his daughter see him again. To that end Dan had simply halted all the electrical impulses in Priest's brain. He died quickly as his whole body shut down, but he looked as if he'd died in his sleep.

Violetbeen the one that pained him most, the one he ruined everything for. The crash had been more than enough to kill her, and their son. Nobody knew how much that had hurt.

One by One, Jules and Zeke, Ira and Cassandra, and all the other supers of the world died.

He sat there quietly awaiting sundown, contemplating the other article he had with him, the 9mm he'd killed his own men with.

The sun was fading fast and he placed the barrel beneath his chin. Only a sliver remained. "I'm ready to say goodnight." With that he smiled a final true smile and pulled the trigger.

The dream of normality would go on for humanity. Hope was restored. The handgun roared in the silent twilight, heard by several campers nearby.

They called the police, who came out and found the remains of Daniel Hawkins, once a hero, now a Judas and pariah beyond all others.

The found his little notebook, inside details of the zombie virus written by John, detailing its many forms, its treatments, and the startling truth. The supers were the ultimate zombies, hiding in plainsight, each one feeding in their own way on others around them.

It detailed and confessed each murder, hundreds in all, including his own.

The last words were simple.

"If you will burn my body and scatter it to the winds. The book I leave to you, a legacy of our folly. destroy it if you wish, Demonize it if you wish, but now I leave the choice to you, to all humanity. Were it I, I would burn this book, so that humanity never knows how deep into the Dark we can truly go."

The last Zombie was dead, that's what was really important, Humanity was finally free from at least that one past folly.

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