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Aberrant: Stargate Universe - SG1 reborn

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Mitchell was a little nervous, not that he would show it on the outside. To the rest of the world he gave his normal cocky smile, but this was going to be an important meeting. It had been just over a week since he'd been assigned to the SGC and he'd had the time to officially look over the mission records, or at least enough of them to get a good idea of what he wanted to do next. The day he had arrived he'd been escorted into General O'Neill's office and given a brief but intense briefing on the situation along with a promotion and a Medal of Honor and a Purple Heart. He had been pretty surprised at the promotion. He hadn't thought he'd be due for one for at least a couple more years. Apparently being almost fatally wounded in a secret battle to defend the human race combined with becoming a super soldier moved your name up in the list. Seems the President himself had read about his case and been briefed by none other than the IOA's, US representative, Brian Lord. No doubt Lord's intent had been to convince the President to intervene on Cam's behalf so that they could test the device in combination with the ATA gene therapy. The President in turn either because of or in spite of Lord's recommendation had decided that Mitchell deserved to be recognized for his sacrifices.

Cam for his own part didn't trust Lord as far as he could throw him, but definitely respected the President. Hayes was the no-nonsense buck stops here kind of man they had needed for a long time. Sure he was a politician himself but he seemed to be one who had some integrity.

During that first meeting O'Neill had asked what Mitchell had done to gain the favor of someone like Lord. He had responded, "Sir, I had a dog once when I was a kid that I fed one day when he was a stray and he wouldn't leave my side for anything after that. Had to lock him in the dog run on the farm to keep him from following me to school." A couple seconds passed as Mitchell paused for effect, "I didn't feed Lord, sir. I swear! No idea why he followed me home." Both men had a good chuckle over that.

"Seriously sir, I don't want to speak ill of a superior, even a civvy politician, but I believe he thinks I'll be grateful for him for saving my life. At least I think that's how he wants me to see it, like I owe him a favor or something. Truth is he used me as a guinea pig to test the alien thingy, and the fact that it saved my life was incidental. That doesn't inspire much appreciation from me even if it did save my life." As his superior and someone he felt he could trust he had gone on to tell the General about locking down the artifact and how it could be unlocked."

For his part O'Neill understood the feeling. "Look Mitchell, the President has let me know that you should be given any position within the SGC that you want as a reward for your service. Take a week or two to get your bearings then come back and talk to me again."

Cam was seriously tempted to request the command of the next ship to be commissioned, but that would mean not getting to explore different worlds and spending a good chunk of his time ferrying supplies back and forth between here and Atlantis. An important position no doubt, but not as much as being on the SG teams, specifically SG1, and right now SG1 was without a leader. He hoped O'Neill didn't get strange over Cam requesting the lead of his old team, but there was no way to know but ask.

He entered the office when invited and snapped a formal salute then stood at ease until the General offered him a chair, "Sit Colonel and tell me what you've decided."

Cam smiled and took a seat relaxing somewhat. "Thank you Sir. I actually have two requests. First, I would like to make a few forays through the gate in search of some Goa'uld tech." He paused to see what O'Neill would say to that.

"We've been doing that for the last few years, but you know that from the reports. I take it you have something specific in mind?" The general waited to hear what it might be.

"Yes sir. I would like to try acquiring some Gou'ald hardware. As you know I was downloaded with a lot of computer related knowledge and I'd like to get my hands on some of their computer tech. I know we have quite a bit squirrlled away in Area 51, but the eggheads won't let loose of those without a major fuss, and that kind of request would have to go through channels which would mean it would come to the attention of the IOA. That's something I'd rather avoid with your permission sir."

O'Neill's eyebrows drew down in something close to a frown, "I don't have to tell you that you can't keep anything for your own collection do I? Anything that is found out there is for the benefit of the human race, not one person."

Cam grinned, "No sir. I understand that completely, but I am afraid that if my interest in alien tech were to be made known to the IOA they might look more closely at that other matter we discussed before."

O'Neill's eyes narrowed for a brief second before his face opened up in typical Jack O'Neill smile, "Just had to make sure you understood. I think that can be arranged, but for your first offworld mission I'd like you to accompany SG21 on their next assignment."

Now it was Cam's turn for his eyebrows to draw down, but he didn't express any disappointment, it would be fun to head through the gate with 21, but it did lead to his second request. "Sir, that brings me to my second request. For my permanent assignment I'd like to command an SG team, specifically SG1."

Surprise passed across the General's face. "SG1?" He chuckled, "Funny, I had you pictured for command of a starship."

Cam's grin became a bit sheepish, "Well, I did consider it sir, but that would mean being tied to the command chair unable to go through the gate to explore and see what's out there. Although, that would be my second choice if you don't feel I should command SG1."

"No, I believe you would be an excellent leader for SG1, do you have a team in mind?" O'Neill's grin became wider, "You will have big shoes to fill."

Cam's eyebrows drew down in real confusion, "A team in mind? Yes Sir, I would like to lead SG1 like I said."

The General's smile faded, "You do know the former members of SG1 are all on other assignment now right? Teal'c is off gate hopping trying to solidify the Jaffa opposition to the System Lords. Daniel is on his way to the Pegasus Galaxy aboard the Prometheus. Even Sam is about to be transferred to Area 51 for a stint at doing research. Right now it's an empty team."

Cam was practically deflated by the news. SG1 had been the team that time after time was on the front lines of the greatest discoveries and regularly stood between Earth and destruction. "I see." Those two words conveyed a weight of disappointment, but quickly recovered his mind racing with the possibilities. "Sir, may I make a request about the makeup of SG1? If it is an empty team now, would it be possible for me to pull members from other teams for specific assignments. Let the team roster remain officially empty, pending the possible return of the original members. In the meantime I'll pull people in depending on what I need to complete mission objectives?"

O'Neill considered for a long moment then nodded. "The President said to let you pick your assignment so I think that will fly. For now I won't put SG1 on the regular duty roster and you can schedule the missions as you determine them. Anything else?"

Cam grinned, "That's great Sir. I look forward to starting."

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