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Aberrant: Stargate Universe - Finding Flight, Getting Heavy and Light [FIN]


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{After Razor’s Edge}

3 am in the SGC and Gwyn once again drifts around the place, literally, as he checks the few rooms large enough to try to get some flight practise in. First he checks the pool, if only because it tends to be quieter at this time in the morning. The few other Specialists who might still be up are more likely to be working out in the gym. Finding the pool empty, he lifts up towards the ceiling and 30 lengths of the room as fast as he can before slowing for a series of convoluted turns, twists, dives and climbs around, over and under the various boards. Finally after a good half an hour alternating between the two he settles to the bottom of the pool.

Concentrating on the feeling of the energy flowing through him he tries to trigger the increase in density with as little energy as possible, but it never seems to change. After half a dozen attempts at that he has a couple of goes at feeding more energy into it. This works every time, and indeed it seems to take almost twice the energy without the feeling of pushing it that Omar called a powermax. Next came the one with the weirdest feeling, going less dense. Perhaps doing it in the pool was a mistake, but it felt right. Less dense than the water around him now, he walks across the bottom to the vents and pushes himself through it into the pipe beyond. Squeezing himself along he lets himself out at the next vent then walks along to the one after that. He continues alternating between the pipes and walking along the bottom for several circuits of the pool before climbing out of the pool his sodden but low density clothes having the vast majority of the water simply fall out of them. Walking back to his room around 4 am he is still early enough that very few people are about to get freaked out by him squeezing himself under or around any door that has enough of a gap to let him.

Arriving back to his room he dries off and changes clothes before settling into a zazen meditation position. Resting his hands on his knees he feels the energy flow as they get harder and denser, there is even some small signs that the fingers might be getting more pointy. At the moment he concentrates on how this differs from the feeling when he goes dense all over. Next he tries the new thing, attempting to use the feeling of increased density over a limited area/volume from his hands but combining it with the all-over projection to try to make just a layer at or just under the skin go dense to form a protective layer without having to go all dense. Three attempts later he is starting to flag, what with his earlier power use as well, but he thinks it actually might have worked for a second or two on the last attempt.

Getting to his feet he stretches and twists for a few minutes, then runs quickly through half a dozen katas to get any kinks out from the attempts to make a dense skin layer. Happy that he is back on form he returns to his zazen position and meditates until his alarm goes off to tell him it is time for breakfast with the team.

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