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Aberrant: Stargate Universe - Fresh Welcome [Fin]


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"Off-World Activation." the klaxon blared into the control room. Sergeant Harriman glanced up to General Hammond and stated, "It's SG-4's signal, sir."

He received the nod. "Open the iris." came the usual command from the General.

Lieutenant Dana Eckhart was the first through the gate, which was unusual enough as it was, but since she was coughing and holding her t-shirt up over her nose, General Hammond rushed down to the embarkation room to determine what was going on.

As he neared her, the rest of the team finished stepping through the Stargate, also coughing and holding their shirts over their faces. Dana turned to Vinny, "Really Vin, how many times have you paid dearly for that? What's the one thing that really shoulda stuck out, especially in this situation?"

"Don't eat anything!" Mat finished for her, glaring at an increasingly amused Vinny.

"What's going on?" inquired General Hammond.

"General, I regret to inform you that it has become apparent that something has died within Lieutenant Wright." Major Hadley informed the befuddled General, smirking.


The next sound that was heard in the Gateroom was something that only could be described as a wet hissing whine. Then the General noticed that Hadley, Rea, and Eckhart promptly put as much distance between themselves and Vinny as they could. The next thing General Hammond noticed was his eyes watering and the worst odor he has ever experienced assailed him.

Sheepishly, Vin raised his hand, acknowledging his responsibility. The security defense team suddenly took several steps back and dropped their weapons to cover their noses like the rest of SG-4 was doing.

"Oh, Gawd, Lieutenant, that came from you? What did they feed you?"

"Sorry, General, looked so much like my Grandma's Famous Beans... just couldn't resist." Vinny said, trying not to laugh.

With murder in his eye, General Hammond ordered, "If you don't get to the infirmary immediately, I will personally give the location where Dr. Frasier will find the industrial air freshener to give you an enema with."

Sergeant Harriman, having observed all this from upstairs, decided that he was suddenly very glad that his station was in the control room and not in the Gateroom or anywhere near the infirmary.

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