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Aberrant: Stargate Universe - Post Timeline

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I've heard a couple of people asking about this, and there is a lot going on. So I complied one, with the following caveats:

-Sometimes, I didn't know where stuff went. Please let me know if I got something wrong, and I'll fix it. The background stuff that didn't involve my character were all pretty much guesses. I'm happy to work with everyone to get them settled right.

-Only the background stuff has names, so we know who is responsible. wink

-The carots mean that something happened immediately following the previous fic. Hence, "Smoke Break" is followed by a caroted "Back to Work". I inserted as many carots as needed to indicate the proper order.

-The asterisks that are together are happening at the same time as another fiction. That's why these two look like this:

*The Once Wild Ones

*Talking with Your Fists

Please don't post in this thread; PM me or catch me in chat. I'm trying to keep this just about the timeline.

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June 1917 - NPC

Summer Roads - Jenings-Izumi/McConnell

Too Hot to Handle – Jenings-Izumi/Wright

Heroines - Caine

The Trek - Caine

Night Terrors – Jenings-Izumi

Walkabout – Wright

It Can Fly - Wright

Sins of the Tool – Wright

Operation Wild Boar - Jones

Why Oh Why Didn’t I Cut the Blue Wire? – Wright

Never a Crossword - Wright

Fair Trade – Wright

Cover’s Story – Hadley’s Hat (Wright)

Harvey – Jenings-Izumi

1975 – Jenings-Izumi

Just Chillin’ – Wright

Mud Hut - Wright

Fair Game - Jening-Izumi

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Training Time (1 Month):

The Briefing Room

*First Meetings: SG-21

*First Meeting: SG-22

*SG23 Getting to Know the Team

*First Meeting: SG-24

One Bright Morning (SG-21)

Shedding the Path of Peace

Meeting of the Minds

Letter from the (Un)Departed

The Price of Power

Doing What We Do

Smoke Break

>Break’s Over, Back to Work!

Unequal Treatment

Flight School

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Between First and Second Mission (2 weeks):

Places to Go and Tedious Things to Do

>What Happens in Caine’s Office, Stays There!

>>The Extra Man

Oh Pool Boy

Geeks United

Too Smart

>Officers Are Arseholes

How to Dance a Razor’s Edge

Mental Jeopardy

Doing Carter’s Bidding


A Snake in the Garden


Envy Burns

Finding Flight, Getting Heavy and Light

Happy Birthday

Polished Bonding

Working LAte

Through a Glass… Redly

Strange Proposition

The Cynic’s Celebration

>Slipping Under

Random Problems

New and Improved SG-22 Meet and Greet

The Hot Seat

*The Once Wild Ones

*Talking with Your Fists

The Why of It All

Reliving The Past

Security Risk

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Between Second and Third Missions (Three Weeks):


'Noted' Conversations

Ice Cream Confessions


Snake in the Garden: The Other Shoe

One Man Throwdown

Settling In



A Smile for a Favor

Chasing Ghosts (starts)

What Comes Naturally

The Hot Seat (continues)


An Unexpected Arrival

Envy Burns (continues)


War Games


One Touch Away from Death


Familiar Strangers in a Strangely Familiar Land

>*Asian Slumber Party

>*The Long Drive Home...


Who Wants to be Teacher's Pet?

*Orb of Attraction (starts)


Secrets and Revelations


SG-23 Meet and Greet Mk II

Building a PC (starts)


Help Wanted



Building a PC (ends)

>Playing with Alien Toys


Orb of Attraction (continues)


Nothing Like a Little Work to Put a Body Right

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Event Timeline:


Henry Hayes elected president.


General Hammond reassigned to be Presidential advisor on Stargate Made directory of Homeworld Security.

Battle of Antartica Cameron Mitchell shot down and severly injured, left in coma.

Anubis left stranded in space following battle


Ba'al becomes dominant system lord.

Jack O'Neill placed in charge of the SGC and promoted to General.

Atlantis mission departs for Pegasus Galaxy.

Wraith awaken from their slumber prematurely.

Anubis makes it back to Earth by possessing a russian cosmonaut and escapes through earth's stargate.

Omar and Kyria arrive in SGC but are kept under observation and questioning before agreeing to join SGC.


SG4 discoveres Ancient artifact on RL1137, but is captured/killed.

NID begins to experiment on people trying to create super soldiers.

6th - Alien plant infestation of the SGC, SG1 attempts to raid Anubis' planet.

Carter proposed to by boyfriend. Accepts.


SGC mounts rescue of NID captives.

Two weeks of 'Basic Training' passes for the 'Specialists'.

Mission 1 for the three new SG teams

Downtime for the Specialists


Oct 3rd - Mission 2

Oct 4th - Downtime #2 for Specialists begins


Dec 1st - Mission to save the Asgard begins

(relative time, nearly 2 months pass for the Specialists)

Dec 15th - Odyssey is lost, Vinny dead, and Cam presumed dead.

Dec 16th - General Landry replaced as head of SGC. Colonel Carter temporarily in charge.

Dec 22nd - Funeral held for Vinny and Cam.



Jan 5th - Most Specialists reassigned to other projects outside the SGC.

Remaining: Major Hawke, Sgt Cole, Livy, Aradia, and Gwyn.

The remaining Specialists assigned to SG1 under the command of Major Hawke, but team is placed on Administrative Leave until March 1st.


Mar 1st - SG1 is assigned it's first mission since their return.

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