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Michael was nervous. He had seen so little of his adopted father since they arrived on this earth, that he wondered if he had been dumped in boarding school and abandoned. When the headmaster told him that his 'uncle' Omar was coming to see him, he almost shouted in glee. Omar was the one shining light in his life since his parents died in that explosion 2 years ago. The big man had taken it upon himself to care for the young teen. Now, at 15, he found himself anxious and figity waiting for Omar to arrive.

In his pocket, he had the key Omar gave him shortly after arriving. Supposedly, it was to a safety deposite box in which the location and keys for a secure storage facility were held. Omar had told Michael that he would return at some point and get the key. Even if that was the reason for Omar's visit, Michael was still happy that he had come.

Michael could only guess about what was in storage, having not seen them when they came in. It was not until Omar gave him the key some several weeks after they had arrived, that he pieced together that the several large containers and duffel bags were coming with them. What made these items an even bigger mystery, were that they were things from a part of Omar's life that he never experienced. Like this time, Omar had put him into boarding school and left. But unlike this time, he disappeared for almost year without even a letter or phone call. Later, Omar told him snippets of his travels across the stars and timelines and his century living as an icon of Earth. He was envious of Omar at times. Other times, he questioned his adopted parent's sanity, as it sounded so unbelievably fantastic. One day, he would have to get access to those items, so he could verify the tales.

A large figure blocked out the light coming in through the windows of the oaken double doors. His heart began to race. The familiar baritone of Omar's voice confirmed that it was him. As the doors started opening, Michael jumped to his feet and rushed to meet the large Iraqi. By the time the doors had opened all the way, Michael had his arms around Omar's waist. The large hand that Omar laid on his head was both reasuring and awe-inspiring.

Michael noticed that Omar was still his imposing self, yet he had seemed lessened since their transit here. He knew that the beings who had sent them here had altered Omar because a being of his strength was an imbalance they were not willing to allow. Still, to Michael, Omar was still Omar- whether he was the giant with the glowing aura who strode across the stars, or a simple traveller in search for a place to start over.

"I'm happy to see you looking well," omar's voice echoed in the old wooden building. "You get bigger everytime I see you," he said with a smile.

"not as big as you," Micheal ribbed. They both chuckled and turned towards the exit.

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Omar made lunch reservations for the two of them at a small Italian bistro in Poughkeepsie, New York. The place was known for its lasagne, which Michael ate heartily. Omar on the other hand, preferred chicken Fetuccini Alfredo. Fortunately, his large size gave him an excuse to order two servings. He would have preferred 4 servings, but didn't want to draw too much attention. The meal was really just an opportunity for Omar to speak with Michael and catch up on things. One of those, was the key he had given to him several months earlier.

Due to the non-disclosure agreement that both of them had to sign, they were precluded from speaking about Omar's work with the SGC or of his previous journeys. Even Omar's status as a Nova was to be kept in the strictest of confidences. Violation of any of the the NDA's bylaws, meant life in Federal prison. While Omar knew he could evade capture, his ward could not. So instead, they spent most of lunch talking about Michael's schooling and hobbies. Apparently, and much to Omar's surprise, Michael had a girlfriend- Tess.

Eventually, Omar steered the conversation to the key and the safety deposite box.

"I need the key from you" Omar said.

Michael knew this day would come. There were too many things from their past that Omar had sequestered because too many people would not understand and would seek to use them to their own advantage. Not even the people at SGC knew what was in there- Omar had made sure that nobody did. He had these items sent to a separate location ahead of time.

"Ok, Uncle, but why now?" Michael pressed, curious if Omar would tell him.

"I need to make an inventory of everything." Omar said. "There are photographs of friends and family members I wish to keep with me."

Michael understood why Omar wanted them. With the SGC and the threats to earth, he would be going on dangerous missions and a photograph would give you something to fight for. Even if they were universes away. Michael handed the key over to Omar, his face saddened.

Reassuringly, Omar gave Michael a smile. "Don't worry, I'm not planning on keeping it." As Omar rose from the table, after leaving a generous tip, he paused. "Is there anything I can get for you? I did bring your things."

"Can you bring me that picture of my mom and dad in Mexico?"

"Sure kid, not a problem."

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He picked the place because of its secure facilities and privacy policy. As long as he paid the fee, they would make sure that only the person with the entry card and secruity PIN would get in. They also protected the privacy of all their clients, keeping the identities secret. And short of using explosives, noone would be unable to gain access- should they happen to learn it was his space.

He slid his card in the slot and punched in his 8 didgit alpha-numeric code. There was a clanking of cylinders and a whirring of a magnetic lock. Slowly, the door opened with a hiss. Inside the large metallic vault, there were several large crates, a duffelbag, and a briefcase. Omar sat down with a pad and pen and began to inventory his colleced history.

He knew what was in the large crates, but he checked the contents to make sure. 1...2..3....50. 1...2...3..50. 2 crates of 50 each- Check Omar made a mental note to start using them when the appropriate time came.

The duffel bag had his eufiber. Unlike Kyria, he didn't think it appropriate to wear it in front of SGC when they made first contact. And Unlike Kyria, he had actually worn something other than Eufiber in his life. He didn't blame her for wearing it. For her it was a second skin. Nevertheless, Omar realized, he would have to come to her with his proposal. It might take a year or ten, but he would be a wealthy man again. He stuffed it back in the duffelbag and slung it over his shoulder. It was going back with him.

The briefcase had his most valuable posessions. In it were photos, and letters from family. Michael's stuff was in there too. As Omar began to go through each picture, he found himself brought to tears. He missed his family. His wife, passed all those years ago. his children, grandchildren. They all meant so much to him. They were a universe away and he knew he would ever see them again. The Watchers told him it was a one way trip. He picked out the picture for Michael and one of his family for himself.

Near the bottom of the briefcase, he came across an envelope that had been placed in there without his knowldge. He picked it up and read the note on the cover:


I thought you might need this some day. smile



Inside was an 8 x 10 glossy of the whole crew, including Lorien. They had diligently signed the reverse. There was also a small item at the bottom of the envelope. He reached in and pulled it out. It can't be! He placed it back into the envelope and locked the briefcase.

On his way back to the SGC, he kept telling himself that they could never know. They would never understand. They are not ready.

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