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  1. Omar moved like an angry bull, smashing Jaffa like they were porceline figurines in a china-shop. His speed and size made an attractive target as more of the enemy concentrated fire on him. He ran to the largest group of them and started to throw his weight around. He chops his meaty fists downwards into the first tow he approaches, and grabs a third, whom he throws. Click to reveal.. Activating QuicknessAction 1 Multiple action- two separate opponents -(target 1)(-2die for MA, +1 for Mult. opp spec., -1 for Multiple targets: Punch- (20:07:35) ChatBot: (Omar_Khudikias) rolls 8d10 and gets 4,2,1,4,9,1,7,6. (2 sux) -Damage for target 1: (20:16:11) ChatBot: (Omar_Khudikias) rolls 8d10 and gets 4,2,4,6,1,2,2,3. [10 bashing]. Can you botch a damage roll? -(target 2)(-3 die for MA, +1 for Mult. Opp, -1 for Mult targets): Punch - (20:18:50) ChatBot: (Omar_Khudikias) rolls 7d10 and gets 6,8,4,2,2,8,8. (3 sux) -Damage for target 2: (20:20:04) ChatBot: (Omar_Khudikias) rolls 8d10 and gets 3,5,6,7,10,4,4,7 [3 + 10= 13 bashing] Action 2: Throw (@ + 1 diff) (20:26:34) ChatBot: (Omar_Khudikias) rolls 10d10 and gets 1,10,10,2,7,5,8,4,9,3. (4 sux) Damage (+ KB): (20:28:30) ChatBot: (Omar_Khudikias) rolls 9d10 and gets 6,1,8,10,5,9,7,9,4. [5+10 = 15 bashing] QP: 18/22 WP: 6/6
  2. Dammit. I tried everything I could think of so you guys could see a pic of her, but the files are too large to upload here. I do have facebook, and they are posted up there. If you want a facebook invite, send me a PM and name. I never use Myspace anymore, and will delete it. I just got tired of the spam. Thanks Dawn, but I'm not sure how we would work that.
  3. Aside from sleeping 4 hours a day, great! How is it that she can sleep for 16 hour a day, but the parents for only 4, I'll never understand. It is worth every minute though, and I wouldn't change it for anything on this earth. Here is a pic of her: [email:http://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=2&ik...2rwozeb0&zw]http://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=2&ik...2rwozeb0&zw
  4. This is more like it. Even though it hurt, Omar was glad it had happened: He felt alive. The thrill of combat, the pain of an opponents shot getting through his defenses, the keening of his brain and senses. The world slowed as his training took over. He raced towards the nearest figure firing from behind a rock and slammed his fist into them. Click to reveal.. Activating QuicknessAction 1: Hyperrunning- (12:01:21) ChatBot: (Omar_Khudikias) rolls 7d10 and gets 6 7,1,2,2,7,5 (2 sux) Action 2: Hyperspeed strike @ target under cover (+3 diff) (12:07:46) ChatBot: (Omar_Khudikias) rolls 10d10 and gets 9,9,10,10,8,8,8,5,6,7. (8 sux - 3 for diff = 5 total sux) Damage: (+2 strike, +2 hypermovement, + 5 damage carryover) (12:11:53) ChatBot: (Omar_Khudikias) rolls 14d10 and gets 3,4,9,10,2,9,4,3,9,8,10,7,5,2. (7 + 10 = 17 bashing levels)
  5. In case you guys were not aware, I have been extremely busy at work (where I have no computer access), and at home (where I am preparing for the arrival of a newborn). So if you have questions as to why I am not devoting all of my free time to a GAME, please, by all means...ask. It's not like any of you have actually sent me a tell inviting me for any interaction anyways.
  6. Omar is not small. There is really no way he could fit anywhere but in a front seat. That his post came after the others does not eliminate the reality that Omar would have to sit somewhere he could fit. Unless you wanted him to sit with his knees jammed against his chest, where a simple stretch of his legs would destroy the seat in front of him (and injure its occupant too). Omar could always get out and run.
  7. Omar sat in the front seat of the first SUV. His seat was positioned as far back as it would go in order to accomidate him. He closed his eyes and tried to get some sleep. The trip would be long and he was not in a conversational mood, especially when he thought about the final plan for the abduction. This is going to go horribly wrong. He thought. I hope I'm wrong, but my gut tells me that we are in for more trouble than we think. We are getting arrogant with our powers and abilities.
  8. (OOC: Was Omar able to activate his hyperspeed prior to entering the gate?) Click to reveal.. ( initiative) (01:00:54) ChatBot: (Omar_Khudikias) rolls 1d10 and gets 2. 2+10= 12
  9. The others understood waht he was saying and he was glad they took his suggestion seriously. He needed to let the others know what they could and couldn't do with regards to hie engagements. "Since Gwynn brought up ranged fire and lines of fire, I should probably be the one rushing in and taking the brunt of the hostile fire." Omar wasn't bragging, just stating a fact. "If they are preoccupied with me, the rest of you can throw whatever you wish into the fray. I doubt a grenade will do much damage, and even if I does, I should be able to heal it fairly quickly. That would be the fastest way to eliminate a large group. I gather them into a scrum and you light it up." Omar smiled as he imagined the scene.
  10. Omar munched on an apple, noticing Aradia's newly acquired beauty. They are changing. I wonder what they will become? In some ways, he felt like a parent; trying to guide and mentor them. Some of them, he was sure, needed little or no help. Others, however, he knew needed guidance. He would wait for them to come to him. 'When the student is ready, the teacher will come.' Even if it was true, would they even want my help? "We have a large group here, and that can be a liability in a mission like this." He might piss off some, but he hoped they would understand. "From what I understand, there will be combat and it might get bad. While I know that all of us have power and capabilities beyond normal people, not all of us are designed for a combat environment." Omar's hands genuflected as he enunciated his points: "If we are assaulted by a large group of Jaffa, I'm talking about 30 or 40 of them, would it make much sense if half our group had to worry about protecting the other half? Let me give an example: If Vinny was to toss one of his trademark 'mortars' at a group of Jaffa who managed to get within our peremeter, how many of you could survive the blast? Or what if you are flushed from your hiding spot and shot with a zatt or even a staff weapon. Could you survive? What about firing at a group of Jaffa. would you hold your fire if one of us was amongt them- If you were the one in the group, would zatt or small arms fire hurt you?" Omar became less animated. "If you answered yes, then you might be a liability working in a foreward combat position. In such a position, we are better off being on the offensive and not on the defensive. I would suggest that the less combat oriented people hold back at a FOB, while the combat groups lead forays into enemy held areas." Omar sat down and waited for the inevitable flurry of resentment and anger. Hopefully some would understand and even agree with his statement.
  11. Omar watched in silence, listening to the others discuss weaponry and tactics. Eventually he spoke. "Those of us with super-strength have the ability to pull punches. It isn't something that you can do with ease, but if you are worried about killing something, then, with some focusing, you can minimize the damage you do." The response was directed to Gwyn and to anyone else who was interested. "If you are concered about needing range, there is always a 'powermax'. Of course a zat would work as well." Omar left and returned with only his eufiber and a pack filled with MRE's and a book.
  12. "I'd have to leave the stealthy entries to the rest of you" Omar had been pacing as he listened to Cam and O'Neill. "My way of entry would be to run through the walls, grab him, then the computer, and smash my way out." Pausing, he seemed to chuckle to himself. "Though if he has a Goa'uld/Nova hybrid, it might be useful to have a Hawke, Vinny or myself present. Maybe several of us."
  13. Omar pushed aside his frustration at the cloak and dagger mission they were engaged in. While he would have preferred to muscle his way into the shipyards and steal one of them, he understood that the others were not as hearty as he was and were vulnerable to both staff weapons and zats. Omar moved a little closer to the two guards, his face storming with anger. He made it a point to make himself intimidating. He also hoped that Cam would notice what he was doing and react appropriately. These constant delays were annoying. Activating Awe Inspiring Click to reveal.. ( Intimidation) (14:17:47) ChatBot: (Omar_Khudikias) rolls 8d10 and gets 8, 6,3,7,6,4,6,7. {4+1= 5 sux}
  14. ,,Quote:"Perhaps next time we should issue you with an Instar version of a staff weapon." "You know, that would increase our firepower in a team greatly. I should be strong enough to hold one." Omar grinned at the idea. "Though truth be told, I am far more effective without any firearm, staff weapon or zat. A chokehold is silent." Omar listened to the others for awhile, then spoke again. "A zat is fine, when your are dealing with the average Jaffa and their human allies. But what about novas like us? I have been hit by a Zat and it didn't do anything other than hurt. It really just pissed me off and I pulped the guy's head for it."
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