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Aberrant: Stargate Universe - Random Problems [Complete]


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6 am.

Steve got up. Showered, brushed his teeth, and rolled some dice. A long time ago he’d realized odd sided dice could be useful.

Six sided die first. A ‘1’ or ‘2’ would mean… yep, a ‘2’. The Oracle said there would be a serious problem today.

He rolled the six sided again. A ‘1’. Damn. He still hadn’t recovered from the last ‘1’. Steve closed his eyes and considered re-rolling. But random meant random.

He rolled another die. 80. Illegal value, roll again. 37. Acceptable.

He considered rolling a twelve sided… but he had power training today. There wasn’t a point. The event would happen then.

Breakfast. Physical Fitness. Power training.

He’d already faded during power training so he didn’t need to do that. No cameras. No records. At exactly 9:37 he deleted any mention of himself in the payroll computer. Data simply vanished as if it were never there. Checks would be cut tomorrow. The odds of him getting nailed by this little mishap, *again*, were pretty high. :Sigh: He'd be hours fighting this.

Humans recognized patterns. The people around him weren’t fools. Humans built patterns, even if they tried to choose things at 'random'. So... no pattern. But he really did hate rolling a one on that second die.

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