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Aberrant: Stargate Universe - Omar Khudikias


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Name: Omar Abraham Khudikias

Occupation: Formerly an Olympic wrestler, Amateur historian, Traveller, Statesman, Businessman, Paragon. Former member of the Cabal. Currently team leader and Captain of SG24.

Marital Status: Widowed

Known Relatives: None.

Group Affiliation: SG24

Weight: 320 lbs.

Height: 6'9"

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Age: 135 (appears to be in his 30's)

Known Powers/Abilities: Armor, Hyper-running, Enhanced health and regenerative abilities.

Personality: Omar is a bit of a show off. He knows he is big and tough and he is always looking to remind others of that fact. He is also a nice guy who is easy to hang around (if you can tolerate him showing off one in awhile), and he is fiercly loyal. He will put the lives of his friend above that of his own and is very aware of his capabilities.


Omar Khudikias was born in Mosul, Iraq to a Christian family. There, he enjoyed an uneventful childhood in a peaceful, religously mixed neighborhood. As he got older, his size was noticed by the local Baath party leaders, and he was sent away to be trained as a wrestler. He enjoyed wrestling, and soon excelled to become the top in his nation.

During his second Olympic Games in 2000, at the age of 20, he was disqualified for using an illegal throw which seriously injured his opponent. It was a mistake, and not intentional, as his opponent moved unexpededly and he was already into his move. Nevertheless, his actions humiliated himself and his nation. For that Saddam had him thrown in prison where he was tortured and humiliated of 18 months. He never relented or surrendered. After the 18 months of what the government called 're-education', he was released to go home.

When he arrived, he found that his family had been punished as well. His father was forced to pay all his money to Saddam for Omar's 'room and board' during the time of his incarceration. When his father could not make the payments, the local Baath Party members took his sisters as payment. His brothers, however, did not take the brutality of their sisters lightly and they sought to correct the wrongs against his family. Saddam had them executed and his family was billed for the bullets used to kill them.

For the next 6 months, Omar helped his father pay the bills by teaching wrestling to young children in his native town. It eneded, much to Omar's relief when the American liberated his country from the clutches of Saddam. He immediately applied for asylum in the US and was granted a visa. Once in the US, he took advantage of the opportunities given and studied history at the University of Texas while training with their wrestling team.

It was at this point, that life took a strange twist.

Omar found himself outside an art gallery when it exploded. In his haste to save the wounded, he erupted, growing to gigatic proportions. Similarly, several associates he had met did too. They all found themselves amidst a conspiracy that would take them into space and eventually across time to different universes with the aid of a ship name Lorien. She was created by an ultra powerful group of beings know as 'The Watchers'.

It was on one earth, that he and his comrads stayed, in the hopes to correct humaities greatest horrors of the 20'th Century. Once they did, they sought to shape society for a better future. To achieve those goals, they formed a group called the Paragons, made up of Nova and Psions alike. Omar became the team's leader, while his friend Joani, became it's head and spokeswoman. They succeeded beyond what they had imagined.

After almost a century living in the alternate earth, it was decided that they let humaity grow on it's own. It did, but with a glitch. One of their allies, Micheal Donnighal, had been manipulating them and brough humanity under his tutelage and influence. It was not a malicious or evil intent, but one in which Michaels believed he saw best.

Eventually, they did find the Watchers. A single one in fact, and it told them about it's history and about their beginnings. These beginnings, on the original earth, were what started the journey in the first place. Omar was impressed, but he also missed being a pargon- a defender of earth. It was here that the Watcher gave him an opportunity. he could go to a new reality, where neither watcher, nova or alien he knew of existed. He gladly went through the portal, and found himself in the gate room of Stargate Command. He also found that the Watcher had altered him. Stripping him of most of his power and altering those that he had.

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