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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Nexus Earth - Saito: At What Cost Victory?

Justin OOC

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The creatures upper arm blades came down in a scything arc aimed at severing both of the Meteor's arms at the shoulders.

The Meteor quickly raised its shield to block the downward swinging claws. The claws impact the alloy shield sending vibrations throughout the mecha, but the shield holds, even as the second lower set of blades comes arcing upwards, again trying to deprive the Meteor of its arms. Saito sensed the second attack and reflexively lowered the Meteor's sword in an attempt to block the attack. The massive claws were met by the sword wielded to such lethal effect in so many situations. Now the two foes were locked in a death bind, the winner would would have a decided advantage. It was the inhuman might of the creature fighting against the physical might and strength of will of the pilot driving the Meteor.

The Creatures arms start to move as the sheer drive to win spurred Saito forward. Damning the specs, Saito shifts every erg of power into the arm servos and throws back both sets of blades, breaking the bind and gaining a momentary opening.

Saito raises the Meteor's blade and slashes downward across the creatures chest ina lighting quick slash. The creature doesn't quite bring it lower arms up in time, but it gets them there with enough time to absorb the blow, even though it sends one of the three meter blades whirling off into space.

It quickly follows with a cross slash of its own upper left-handed blade , followed by a blast of spines from its mouth. Saito easily parried the left handed blade with his own upright blade in preparation for another literally "disarming" attack. Knowing that the spines was the more deadly attack, Saito covered the Meteor's body with its shield. He managed to stop the slash, but the spine attack manages to partially penetrate his defenses. Dozens of spines impale the shield, but several others do core into the left torso of the Meteor's chest and shoulder pauldron.

Saito could feel the spines as they penetrated the Meteor's armor as if they penetrated his own skin. He felt no pain, but he could feel exactly where his machine had been damaged.

"IT SEEMS THAT YOU ARE QUITE TOUGH, I NEED TO END THIS FIGHT RIGHT NOW!!" Saito's Battle roar filled the broadcast waves.

It was barely comprehensible, but the creature spoke, in a deep rumbling voice that cored to the soul of almost everyone listening. "TTTaaaalllkkk....CHhhheeaaaappppp."

Saito dashed backwards until he had the perfect attack vector. When he knew that he had the best possible shot he threw the throttle forward and commanded the Meteor to dash forward with all the power the thrusters could muster. The sword was drawn shoved forward like a battering ram. It was clear he was going to impale the monster.

The creature rared back its three remaining arms and lunged forward, behind it, a massive scorpionlike tail trailing out, began curling to strike.

Almost instinctively, Saito knew the voice command to initiate this maneauver. "FINNNNNNAL CHARRRRRRRRGE!!!"

All three of the creature's blades impact, severing the Meteor's right and left wing, and the left leg. The scorpion tail spears straight through the Meteor's faceplate, shattering most of the head assembly and sending Saito into darkness.


The Charge however had also worked, and the twin edged sword speared straight up to the hilt int the monstrous creature. With the last bit of cosciousness, Saito pulled on the controls, drawing the sword up, bisecting the alien monster. It went through its abdomen, its torso and head, and even the slowly retracting tail.

The Zero system had cut out in the nick of time, sparing Saito the ensation of his head exploding, but he was now without means of communication, and means of propulsion. He was done for this fight, with so much left to do.

Darkness encroached upon him quickly,and he seemed to almost casually slap the Emergency distress Beacon before unconsciousness claimed him.

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At the time that Saito had lost consciousness his mind was racing with a number of different thoughts and emotions.

Saito suddenly found himself in a black void surrounded by nothingness. When suddenly he heard a voice, a voice that belonged to his father.

"Saito, you cannot be possibly be this weak. You are MY son after all and my son is NOT WEAK!!"

"Father, I am sorry. I let you down."

"Do not worry Saito, I know how to make you stronger."

At that moment, Saito found himself in the cockpit of the Meteor on an approach vector with the Ascendent Victory. Saito slowly raised the Meteor's rifle at the flagship. As much as Saito resisted, he could not control the actions of his machine or his own body at the controls. The laser shot from the rifle toward the Ascendent Victory. Saito could see the faces of his comrades being destroyed by the beam on after another until the ship was destroyed. Saito could hear his friends call out in pain as they were killed. Saito then heard the voice of his father once again.

"Now Saito, you have the potential to grow even stronger."

Saito was breathing heavily in the cockpit.

"Make me proud Son."

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