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Aberrant: 2011 - Devin 'Jaunt' Jauntson (Removed From Play)


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OOC Info

Real Name: Devin Jauntsen
Nicknames: Loser, Dork, Asshat (any of these usually precede his face being slammed into a locker)
Occupations: School, Professional Super Hero
Legal Status: Citizen of the United States with no criminal record.
Identity: Secret
Aliases: Jaunt
Place of birth: Avondale, Arizona
Age: 16
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Carl Jauntsen (Father, 36), Misti Jauntsen (Mother, 35), Jenna Jauntsen (Sister, 16)
Group Affiliation: None
Eruption: Coma
Height: 5 foot 10 inches
Weight: 192 lbs.
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown
Distinguishing Marks: None
Strength Level: Devin possesses super human strength, which enables him to lift (press) 1 ton with little difficulty, his maximum press has been known to reach a phenomenal 1,230 tons!
Known Quantum Powers: Devin is a nova with the rare power of precognition, the ability to perceive in his mind's eye the events of a possible future. Speculation states that Devin’s MR Node mentally scans the probability spectrum of alternate futures.

He also possesses the ability to teleport himself, the clothes he is wearing, and, within limits, a certain amount of additional mass that is in contact with him. His teleportation functions by accelerating himself to a speed that literally shifts him into a separate pocket, or tunnel, allowing him to manipulate the space between two points. He accelerates through it, and then returns to his own ‘reality’, at a certain distance from his point of departure. Although Devin controls his co-locative ability with his conscious mind, his power to teleport is not temporal in nature. He can however co-locate his senses temporarily, but the range is very limited.

As he disappears when teleporting, Devin leaves behind only a rigid blur as his body accelerates to a speed that cannot be detected, even by nova senses. His teleportation is invariably accompanied by the echoed sound of a strong wind through a large tunnel. This sound is a small portion of the atmosphere from the tunnel that escapes while the aperture is open.

Devin retains full control over his momentum and range of motion throughout the process of teleportation: he can arrive at a destination sitting, crouching, or in full sprint with whatever amount of inertia he left with or none at all. He may not gain more momentum than he is naturally capable of achieving on his own (normal running speeds), unless he uses other means (like teleporting into the sky and free falling).
Abilities/Special Skills: Devin is an excellent artist and gymnastics prodigy.
Personality: Just your average kid trying to make it through High School without someone giving him a hard time. Devin is witty, fun to be around and prideful to a fault.
Personal Interests: As an artist Devin spends most of his time sketching. His favorite past time is to ‘people watch’ and sketch them as best as he can using only what he remembers after seeing them only briefly. He is very picky about his work and analytical, although capable of work at mastery levels (Arts 5), most of Devin’s work remains in the competent range (Arts 3).

Birth Name: Devin Jauntsen (Prounounced: 'Johnson')
Alias: ‘Jaunt’
Nature: Caregiver
Eruption: Coma
Allegiance: None

Physical: Strength (Well-Built) ●●●●, Dexterity (Nimble) ●●●●, Stamina (Enduring) ●●●●
Athletics (Gymnastics) ●●●●●, Brawl ●●●●, Endurance ●●●, Might ●●●●●, Resistance ●●●, Stealth ●●●●●

Social: Charisma ●●, Manipulation ●●, Appearance ●●●
Streetwise ●

Mental: Perception (Observant) ●●●●●, Intelligence ●●●, Wits ●●●
Academics ●●, Arts ●●●●●, Awareness ●●●●●, Computers ●●, Rapport ●

Backgrounds: Attunement ●●●●●, Cipher ●●●●●, Node ●●, Resources X (part-time job, less than $2,500 if liquidated)

Mega-Attributes: Mega-Strength ●, Mega-Dexterity ●, Mega-Perception ●
Enhancements: Strength (Lifter), Dexterity (Physical Prodigy), Perception (Blind Fighting)

Powers: ESP ●, Pretercognition ●, Teleport ●
Extras: None

Willpower: ●●●
Quantum: ●●●●
Quantum Pool: 28
Taint: None
Aberrations: None
Health Levels: Standard
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