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Exalted: Shards of Hope - The Shards of Hope: Character Bios

Dave ST

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Place general information about your character here. Although I have included a section for stats please know that you are not obligated to post them. Just 'Quote' this post and delete what isn't needed. All the UBBCode will copy over and save you some time.

Birth Name:




Place of Origin:











Anima Banner:


Strength Dexterity Stamina

Charisma Manipulation Appearance

Perception Intelligence Wits

Virtues: Compassion ; Conviction ; Temperance ; Valor

Virtue Flaw:


Dawn- Archery, Martial Arts, Melee, Thrown, War

Zenith- Integrity, Performance, Presence, Resistance, Survival

Twilight- Craft, Investigation, Lore, Medicine, Occult

Night- Athletics, Awareness, Dodge, Larceny, Stealth

Eclipse- Bureaucracy, Linguistics, Ride, Sail, Socialize






Join Battle:



Health Levels:

Dodge DV: Willpower:


Personal: Peripheral:

Other Notes:

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Birth Name:Mei Ying (unknown)

Aliases:The Magic Eater


Age: 20

Place of Origin: Pangu, The Blessed Isle

Gender: Female

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 128lbs

Hair: Black, long

Eyes: Jade green

Occupation: Scholar/Fugitive

Motivation: Gain knowledge and power, found institution of learning for all.

Background: Unlike most Solars, Mei-Ying's Exaltation was the result of careful planning by her mentor, the Scholar of the Archive Sao Si, who was in reality a Sidereal Exalted of the Gold Order himself. In the stars he foresaw that he would find her, and that if events played out a certain way, she would fulfill a destiny that pleased him greatly. So, Sao Si the great scholar prepared. He ventured forth from the vasty Annex Archive of the Library of the Blessed Isle at the correct time, and found the baby still alive in the wreckage of a hut in a town that had been...chastised for harboring fugitives. He raised her in the Annex itself, teaching her languages forgotten and new, and lore from forbidden books he had hidden away.

The stars turned; the time was right. On the day of inspection, Sao Si saw to it a contraband book was found. Furious, the inspector and his two guards began flinging these books into a pile for burning. When Mei-Ying came upon the scene, she found her mentor in irons, and her precious books starting to burn. She flung herself into the fire to knock as many books out as she could, though flames licked her, and the pain was great. Yet...after a moment the pain was gone, though the flames remained. Flames that now emanated from -her-. As she fought and killed the two guards, the Inspector fled out into the street.

In moments, the Hunt would be at the door. Sao Si was prepared. The fire was doused, and he took her to the back room, in which there was a secret chamber where he had stored some things she'd need. He explained what had happened, and who he was. Two items of oricalchum he had painstakingly gathered and saved over the years, kept away from the eyes of the Empire. Books of lore. Supplies. And one final gift; a First Age relic that was nearly destroyed, but that had one last usage left to it. It would bear Mei-Ying hence from the Blessed Isle to a far corner of the Realm, where she would find safety for a time.

It was there she met Sao Si again; this time to learn from him the secret of sorcery. A gate with five locks, each one she passed through, until the lock of sacrifice. The final and most important. Sao Si created a fire, and looked at her, and Mei Ying realized what he meant her to do. She had rescued several texts...one of a kind accounts of the First Age, and of knowledge that might be lost forever. It was three nights before she could bring herself to put those works info the fire, and she sobbed as she watched them burn. Maybe it was this great cost that infused her with her great valuing of magical lore.

When Sao Si left her again, Mei-Ying had mastered the magic of the Earth, the Terrestrial Circle, and learned a couple of spells to help her on her way. She left the Realm entirely shortly afterward, and encountered other "anathema." In time, she saw fit to join a Circle, and merge her fate with others...whatever fate that might be.

Appearance: Mei-Ying is an uncommonly beautiful woman, freshly blossomed from girlhood. She has a slim, pleasing figure and an oval face to which the last vestiges of childish roundness cling. Her hands have long, delicate fingers well-suited for flipping pages, or creating the complex mudras of sorcery. Her long, glossy black hair has recently been cut to an almost boyish length to help avoid recognition by roaming agents of the Realm.

She tends to keep a low profile, posing as a lowly itinerant scholar of the Realm most of the time. Such are common throughout, taking census, analyzing crop outputs, and otherwise coming up with numbers for the great bureaucracy back at the Isle. A shirt of light orichalchum chainmail is under her robes and gown at all times though, and an enchanted sling is folded in her sleeve or belt.

Caste: Twilight

Anima Banner: Elaborate geomantic circle


Strength ●● Dexterity ●●● Stamina ●●

Charisma ●● Manipulation ●●● Appearance ●●●●

Perception ●● Intelligence ●●●● Wits ●●●●●

Virtues: Compassion ●●; Conviction ●●●; Temperance ●●●; Valor ●●

Virtue Flaw: Heart of Flint (Conviction)


Dawn- Archery, Martial Arts, Melee ●●●, Thrown ●●●, War

Zenith- Integrity ●●, Performance, Presence, Resistance ●●●, Survival

Twilight- Craft, Investigation ●●●, Lore ●●●, Medicine ●●●, Occult ●●●

Night- Athletics, Awareness ●●●, Dodge, Larceny, Stealth

Eclipse- Bureaucracy, Linguistics ●●●●, Ride, Sail, Socialize

Languages: Low Realm (native), High Realm, Old Realm, Riverspeak, Forest-tongue

Backgrounds: Familiar ●●●, Mentor ●●, Artifact ●●, Resources ●●



Charms: Melee- Essence Triumphant (Melee), Dipping Swallow Defense, Bulwark Stance; Thrown- Essence Triumphant (Thrown); Occult- Terrestrial Circle Sorcery, Spirit Detecting Glance; Resistance- Ox-Body Technique (-1, -1), Body Mending Meditation

Spells Known- Stormwind Rider, Summon Elemental


Join Battle: 9


  • Perfect Knife – Spd 5, Acc 8 (8 w/thrown), Dmg 6L, Parry DV 4, Rate 3, Tags T
  • Orichalcum Sling of Deadly Prowess - Spd 5, Acc 9, Dmg 8L, Rate 2, Rng 200
  • Punch – Spd 5, Acc 4, Dmg 3B, Parry DV 3, Rate 3, Tags N
  • Kick – Spd 5, Acc 3, Dmg 6B, Parry DV 1, Rate 2, Tags N


  • Natural Soak - +1L/+2B
  • Orichalcum Chain Shirt - +7L/+5B (Hardness: 4L/4B)
  • Total – 8L/7B/7A (4L/4B Hardness)

Health Levels: –0 O, -1 O O O O, -2 O O, -4 O, Inc

Dodge DV: 3 Willpower: ●●●●● ●●

Essence: ●●●

Personal: 16 Peripheral: 33 (38, 5 Committed)

Other Notes: Artifacts: Orichalcum chain shirt concealed under clothing. Sling of Deadly Prowess concealed in sleeve or belt. Mundane items: Perfect knife (+1 Accuracy, +1 Damage, +2 Defense) at belt, ordinary clothing, pouches, umbrella, flint and steel. Familiar: Snowy owl named Hu. Intelligent, provides reserve Essence (5), and can share senses within 100 yards. Mentor: Sao-Si, Sidereal Exalted. Powerful, but has many responsibilities and can rarely appear.

Pic Links: Experimental


I like this one's outfit a lot. Hair's the wrong color.


This could easily be her First Age incarnation...


Too bad Rysha doesn't use a spear!


Ordinary, but nice clothes. Casting a nifty looking spell. smile

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Birth Name: Callum Uallas

Aliases: Bloodfinder

Titles: none

Age: 30

Place of Origin: Haltan Republic near Chanta

Gender: male

Height: ~5'7"

Weight: ~183 lbs

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Occupation: Tracker, scout, woodsman

Motivation: protecting the weak, tracking and eliminating enemies to the realm

Background: I used to have a pretty good life. I had a beautiful wife and three children, twin boys and a baby girl. I was respected in my little town. I was an accomplished tracker and wilderness guide. I was also a respected physician specializing in herbal and holistic cures. I had a modest home outside of town and a loving family to fill it ... god I miss my kids and my wife so much ...

Yeah so my life was pretty decent, I can’t complain. Of course that all changed 5 years back when the Empress vanished. Oh I supposed I shouldn’t go and bother saying that if she was still around then my wife and my kids would still be alive. Fact is the Empire pretty much never extended anywhere near here. Let’s be honest, the Haltan Republic never did much more than pay lip service to the empire even before the empress disappeared. Yes, well the Republic is hardly near the center of the world, and while Chanta itself is built in the arms of the great redwoods a great deal of the smaller communities, such as mine, are merely nestled in the roots of the great trees.

So where was I? Oh yes, my family. They were killed and my whole village razed to the ground. I barely escaped, thanks in part to my exaltation. I was able to escape, to hide and survive but I wasn't able to save my family. The house burned down around us. I was nearly overcome by the heat and the smoke, I knew my family was already gone, and then the Unconquered Sun came to me, said that I would be the eyes and ears of his vengeance. That with my skills I would guide his mailed fist to strike at the barbarians, the faerie, and the dead.

I don't recall how but I managed to escape the fire. I fled into the forest leaving the charred remains of my life behind. The forest healed me, gave me the strength to follow the strange fragmented memories in my mind. I wandered alone for months using my new gifts to track down the evil beings and people who would prey upon the helpless.

In time I came upon a cave behind a section of falls of the Meander River. Even before entering I could feel the power of creation flowing into the place. Within were a single wolf pup and her dead mother. The arrow that had killed her still pierced her side. I did what I could for the pup giving her succor before burying her mother outside near the banks of the river. As I carried her mother outside for burial she followed me as though she knew the significance of the act. The poor pup mewled as I buried its mother but quieted as it followed me back to the cave. That evening I named her Eilein after my daughter

I dwelt for a time in that place and in exploring the cave I found that which my memories had guided me here for. A bow wrought of orichalcum and a matching breast plate. The armor I still wear, hidden under the buckskin clothes of any other ranger. The bow I wrapped with thin leather to disguise its true nature from those who would understand.

During our time in that place the pup grew into a large young wolf, stronger and far more intelligent it was as if the essence within that place had bound us together and orphan and a man with no family. Finally one night I decided that our stay was over. I removed the hearthstone and placed it into the bow and together we left to find our destiny, to lead the Unconquered Sun to banish the evil and darkness from the world once more.

Appearance: Callum wears the leathers and furs of a woodsman. Both to identify himself when he enters towns and to hide the orichalcum breastplate beneath. As a woodsman Callum uses bows and axes, he carries a standard longbow and and a plain-looking but exceptional Axe, he also has and Orichalcum short powerbow which he can banish/retreive when the situation warrents or if he is not in town.

He's not very tall perhaps half a hand shorter than average but is compact with ropey muscles that speak of his endurance and hardiness. He wears a headwrap whenever possible but if asked will remove it. This helps to conceal the horrible scars on his face and neck (which continue down his back and part of his left side). He has dark skin and green eyes. His brown hair is gathered in a topknot as is traditional of his people.

Whereever he goes a large she-wolf follows him. Eilien has been his constant companion since she was a pup and Callum found her mewling by her dead mother's side. Callum will bring her with him into small towns but anything larger and he will have her stay outside of the town. His circle knows that Eilein is named after his daughter and that his scarring is a result of the fire that killed his family.

Caste: Night

Anima Banner: A wolf's head


Strength ●●● Dexterity ●●●● Stamina ●●●●

Charisma ●●● Manipulation ●●● Appearance

Perception ●●●● Intelligence ●● Wits ●●●

Virtues: Compassion ●●; Conviction ●●●●; Temperance ●●; Valor ●●

Virtue Flaw: Heart of Flint (Conviction)


Dawn- *Archery ●●●●●, Martial Arts, *Melee ●● (Axes +2), Thrown, War

Zenith- Integrity ●, Performance, Presence, *Resistance ●●●, *Survival ●●●● (Tracking +1)

Twilight- Craft, Investigation, Lore, *Medicine ●●● (Holistic +3), Occult

Night- Athletics●●●, Awareness ●●●● (Tracking +1), Dodge ●●●●, Larceny, Stealth ●●●●● (Wilderness +1)

Eclipse- Bureaucracy, Linguistics ●, Ride, Sail, Socialize

Languages: Low Realm (native), Forest-tongue, High Realm, Old Realm, Riverspeak

Backgrounds: Familiar ●●●●(Eilein), Artifact ●●●, Resources ●●, Manse ●

Merits: None

Flaws: Disfigured


Archery – Essence Arrow Attack, Phantom Arrow, Summoning The Loyal Bow;

Stealth - Easily Overlooked Presence Method, Invisible Statue Spirit;

Awareness – Essence Overwhelming (Awareness), Keen Sight Technique, Keen Hearing and Touch Technique;

Dodge – Essence Overwhelming (Dodge), Shadow Over Water


Join Battle: 8


  • Exceptional Axes – Spd 4, Acc 10, Dmg 9L, Parry DV 4, Rate 2, Tags T
  • Orichalcum Short Powerbow - Spd 6, Acc 12, Dmg 6L+Arrow Type, Rate 2, Rng 300
  • Punch – Spd 5, Acc 4, Dmg 3B, Parry DV 3, Rate 3, Tags N
  • Kick – Spd 5, Acc 3, Dmg 6B, Parry DV 1, Rate 2, Tags N


  • Natural Soak - +2L/+4B
  • Orichalcum Breastplate - +8L/+6B (Hardness: 4L/4B)
  • Total – 10L/10B/8A (4L/4B Hardness)

Hearthstone: Stone of Healing (+3 to Medicine)

Health Levels: –0 O, -1, O O, -2, O O, -4 O, Inc

Dodge DV: 5 Willpower: ●●●●● ●

Essence: ●●

Personal: 12 Peripheral: 24 (30, 6 Committed)

Other Notes:Mundane items: Exceptional Axes (+1 Accuracy, +1 Damage, +1 Defense). Eilein the wolf-familiar looks much like this ...

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Birth Name: Rysha

Aliases: Song of Blades, Dawn's Edge

Titles: none

Age: 17

Place of Origin: Harborhead, and more recently the far east gladatorial circut

Gender: female

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 145 lbs

Hair: Black, straight, hip length

Eyes: Violet

Occupation: Duelist, fugitive

Motivation: Prove herself the greatest warrior in creation

Background: ???

Caste: Dawn

Anima Banner: An elemental dragon of brilliant gold whose eyes burn with violet fire.


Strength 3; Dexterity 6; Stamina 2

Charisma3; Manipulation 1; Appearance 3;

Perception 2; Intelligence 2; Wits 5

Virtues: Compassion 2; Conviction 3; Temperance 2; Valor 5

Virtue Flaw: Fanatical Focus (Conviction)

The character feels that not enough progress is being made towards a goal she feels is important, and she becomes obsessed with pursuing it. She will neglect all other duties and responsibilities, not to mention trivia like sleeping and eating, in order to make up for lost time, and will become angry or even violent if others try to keep her from her pursuit. The goal that the character pursues need not be world altering, but it should be something which will be difficult to achieve, and which has personal importance to her. "Liberate my sister's ghost from the clutches of the Silver Prince," "Unmask the Vermilion Highwayman's true identity," or "Prove that I am the most masterful Go player in all of the Blessed Isle" would all be reasonable examples of such a goal. This limit break lasts for a number of days equal to the character's Conviction.

Trigger: People or events conspire to keep the character from pursuing an important goal.


Dawn- Archery , Martial Arts 3; (Single Combat +2), Melee 5, Thrown, War

Zenith- Integrity 3;, *Performance 3;, Presence 1;, *Resistance 2;, Survival

Twilight- Craft, Investigation, Lore ●, Medicine, Occult

Night- *Athletics 5, *Awareness 3, *Dodge 5;, Larceny, Stealth 3; Eclipse- Bureaucracy, Linguistics 2, Ride 3, Sail, Socialize 3

Languages: Flametongue (native), Low Realm, Riverspeak

Backgrounds: Artifact 2 (Morning's Edge, Orichalcum Daiklaive), Artifact 2 (Brush of Mars's Grace, Orichalcum Hearthstone Bracers), Resources 3

Merits: Legendary Attribute [Dexterity] (4 pt), Prodigy - Martial Arts (2 pts), Ambidextrous (1 pt).

Flaws: Throwback (4 pt), Permanent Caste Mark (2 pt), Unusual Appearance (1 pt), Known Anathema (1 pt), Wanted (3 pt).


Mastery of Small Matters, Body Mending Mediation, Ox-Body Technique (two -1), Call the Blade, Summoning the Loyal Steel, First Melee Excellency, First Dodge Excellency, Shadow Over Water, Seven Shadow Evasion, Graceful Crane Stance.

Combos: None

Join Battle: 8


  • Morning's Edge - Spd 5, Accuracy 15, Damage 11L, Rate 4
  • Short Sword - Spd 4, Accuracy 14, Damage 8L, Rate 3
  • Hammer - Spd 5, Accuracy 13, Damage 15B/4, Rate 3, O, P
  • Cesti - Spd 5, Accuracy 9, Damage 8B, Rate 3, M
  • Kick – Kick (with boots) - Spd 5, Accuracy 9, Damage 11B, Rate 2, M


  • Natural Soak - +1L/+2B
  • Exceptional Chain shirt - +4L/+2B
  • Total – 5L/4B/4A

Hearthstone: None

Health Levels: -0 O, -1, O O O O, -2, O O, -4 O, Inc

Dodge DV: 9

Parry DV: 7

Willpower: 8

Essence: 2

Personal: 17 Peripheral: 32 (41, 9 Committed)

Other Notes:Rysha often wears an exceptional chain shirt (soak +4L/+2B, mobility -0, fatigue 0); she also carries a perfect short sword (Speed 4, Accuracy +3, Damage +3L, Defense +3, Rate 3) and a perfect hammer (Speed 5, Accuracy +2, Damage +10B/4, Defense +1, Rate 3, Tags - O, P). Her boots have also been reinforced for fighting (equivalent to iron boots), and she often wears cesti.

Unspent XP Total: 23

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Birth Name: Ledaal Akryruh

Aliases: 'Axe'

Titles: None (yet)

Age: 19

Place of Origin: Arjuf, The Blessed Isle

Gender: Male

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 180 lbs

Hair: Light Brown

Eyes: Amber

Occupation: Solar Exalted

Motivation: To return the rule of Justice and Law to Creation.

Background: Akryruh was born to a life of wealth and privilege, in the Ledaal stronghold of Arjuf on the Southern edge of the Blessed Isle. Two years from entering secondary school, his parents informed him that he would only be allowed the leniency they had shown his older sister in her choice of learning unless he were to show the blessing of the Dragons. When the Dragons did not see fit to grant their blessing on demand, Akryruh was sent to the House of Bells, a school for which he had shown no small aptitude.

The years passed and as it became less and less likely that the Dragons would bestow their blessing at all, Akryruh began to change. His parents and teachers took it as rebellion for not Exalting, in truth, he was beginning to think for himself and he found that he disagreed with much of what he was taught. Though he absorbed all he was taught of tactics and leadership, he saw different ways of reacting to tests that clashed with the Realm’s Traditions. Though he studied as hard as he always had, these divergent opinions brought lower marks from his instructors. He finished respectably in his class, but far lower than his ability should have indicated.

So it was that Akryruh was inducted into the Legions. He served a month in the personal guard of the Ledaal family where his relatives taught him to be an Officer from House Ledaal. After that month, he was assigned as a Scale Captain in a Legion that was being rotated out into the Threshold. No longer in school, taunted or bullied by the Exalts with whom he had once been peers, Akryruh regained much of the good cheer and friendliness that had seemingly disappeared over the years. His unit came to like and respect their young leader who sought them out to learn from their experiences in real combat, as opposed to the simulations and practices the instructors at the House of Bells had shown them.

It was several months into their tour that they came to the village. Not facing any major threats, the Legion was split into its individual Dragons to better cover the area. The Dragon’s normal commander was on leave competing in a fencing Tournament in Pangu, his adjutant was in charge and he had been force marching the dragon through their patrol for two days trying to reach their eventual destination, a large city in which they would relax while keeping the peace and then move on to rejoin the rest of the legion. They were taking a well deserved rest break when an old woman approached, trying to speak to the Commander.

She was sent away, but as the legion was preparing to decamp, a pretty young woman began moving among the small camps pleading that a prophecy of doom was upon the village and they must save them. Several of the officers, including Akryruh approached the Commander about staying and helping the people, but he would not hear it. The Legion decamped but Akryruh and one other scale Captain turned back towards the village. That night slavers slavers attacked the village seeking to take prisoners. Unprepared for real resistance after the legion’s departure the attackers were killed or captured..

The acting dragonlord however, had discovered the disobedience of two of his officers and marched back to find and discipline them, killing the villagers responsible for causing his troops to disobey orders would send the right message and make him feel better. None of the troops took it well, Akryruh took it worst of all. His face froze in disbelief. Images from the past started to flash past his eyes as golden light erupted into a blazing corona around him, a golden double circle standing out on his brow. His face clouded with rage as he ordered the dragonlord’s men to remove him from duty, so moved were the troops present that some began to follow Akryruh’s order.

The dragon’s scales turned on themselves as the dragonlord tried to reassert control. Townspeople roused from their beds scattered seeking safety as the soldiers began to fight one another. Into this chaos came those who had come to stop it, but they could see they were too late. The Wild Hunt moved in working their way towards their quarry. The screams of fear and pain as the Dragonblooded cut into the mass of troops drew Akryruh’s attention and they eerily matched some of the last images he had seen minutes earlier, they were here to kill him.

Akryruh called for more allies and horses stampeded into the fray ignoring the commands of their riders many of whom were thrown in the initial charge. Akryruh took to one of the horses sounding a retreat, some of his most loyal troops following as he fled the battlefield at high speed. Other troops that had fought with him merely scattered. As they rode, he told his men that it might be better if they were to simply strike out on their own; they’d likely be killed for desertion, if not for siding with him.

Hours later, Akryruh stopped racing away. None of his men had been able to keep up, their horses growing exhausted or lamed as he and his horse had sped on and on. He returned to the village a few weeks later after wandering and trying to determine who he was. The village was gone, not a single stone stood. Not far from where the village had been was a mass grave. Doom had indeed come to the village.

Appearance: Akryruh has light brown hair and amber eyes like his mother and sister. Like many in his family, his skin is bronzed by years spent out in the sun and elements. The years have weathered his appearance a bit leaving him somewhat ruggedly handsome, but somewhat plain given the standards of the Realm. He is tall and fit, but not overly muscular.

Equally comfortable in courtly clothes, rugged clothes for work or the outdoors or armor Akryruh can blend in some ways into nearly any environment. His heritage as a Dynast and training as an officer of the Realm however tend to shine through whatever garb he wears lending him an air of authority and keeping his posture and mannerisms far too disciplined to really pose as anything other than a noble or soldier. His ready wit and willingness to laugh, even at his own expense softens this gravity and makes him more likeable.

He has been working over the past months to hide his posture and mannerisms while a fugitive from the Realm so as to better fit in among a peasant population. To date he is largely unsuccessful.

Caste: Eclipse

Anima Banner: Scales balancing upon a sword.


Strength ●● Dexterity ●●● Stamina ●●●

Charisma ●●●● Manipulation ●●●● Appearance ●●●

Perception ●●● Intelligence ●●● Wits ●●●

Virtues: Compassion ●●●; Conviction ●●; Temperance ●●; Valor ●●

Virtue Flaw: Red Rage of Compassion


Dawn- Archery, Martial Arts, *Melee ●●●●, Thrown, *War ●●●

Zenith- Integrity ●, Performance, *Presence ●●●●, Resistance ●, Survival ●●

Twilight- Craft, Investigation, Lore ●, Medicine, *Occult ●

Night- *Athletics ●●, Awareness ●, Dodge ●, Larceny, Stealth

Eclipse- Bureaucracy ●, Linguistics ●●●, Ride ●●●●, Sail ●, Socialize ●

Backgrounds: Artifact ●●●●, Influence ●●, Resources ●●●

Merits: None

Flaws: Known Anathema ●●●

Charms: Melee- Essence Triumphant, Dipping Swallow Defense; War- Essence Overwhelming, Rout Stemming Gesture; Ride-Essence Overwhelming, Master Horseman’s Technique (#4); Presence- Essence Overwhelming, Majestic Radiance Spirit; Survival- Friendship With Animals Approach; Resistance- Ox-Body Technique (1 –1, 2 –2)

Combos: None

Join Battle: 4


  • Fire of the Sun’s Judgment – Acc 12, Dmg 6L, Parry DV 5, Rate 4


  • Natural Soak – 1L/3B
  • Orichalcum Breastplate – 8L/6B (4L/4B Hardness)
  • Total Soak – 9L/9B/8A (4L/4B Hardness)

Health Levels: –0 O, -1 O O O, -2 O O O O, -4 O, Inc O

Dodge DV: 4 Willpower: ●●●●● ●

Essence: ●●●

Personal: 15 Peripheral: 22 (30, 8 Committed)

Other Notes: Reaper daiklave (Fire of the Sun’s Judgment), Orichalcum Breastplate, Torc of Dawn’s Cleansing Light

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