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[FAQ Discussion] Quantum Recovery

Warren Verona

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NEW 16: Do you recover quantum while maintenancing a power?

This is both a yes and no situation. For the purposes of N!Prime, quantum recovery is measured in terms of hourly increments. Thus, to recover any quantum requires a full hour of rest - you do not recover it in "fractional" increments during the course of the hour. Interruptions during an hour that would require the use of quantum - such as maintenancing a power, prevent any quantum from being gained. However, at higher-levels of quantum, maintenance extends from turns to hours (and longer), quantum could be recovered during such durations. This type of recovery requires Mastery on the power being maintenanced, so is only available to novas at quantum 6 or better.

This is a general question open to Chosen, The Directors, and any players who wish offer their two cents.

In the Player's Guide it touches base on an optional rule called 'Where's The Juice?" that permits novas with higher quantum scores to regain quantum faster. Quantum 4 novas recover quantum every half hour, and Quantum 5 novas may recover every 15 minutes, so on and so forth.

Does N!Prime consider this legal? Considering that most battle fictions (which are far too few my fellow gamers!) are usually sans quantum pool (since we'd run out before we started having any fun) could the optional "Where's The Juice" be a justifiable solution to the age old question 'Are you guys keeping track of quantum?' or at the very least help to explain why some novas are back and ready for action before others?
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