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Aberrant RPG - What do we know about Pax?


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The answer is "not much".

He's called Shelby Eisenfaust, he's american and apparently erupted in 1998 (maybe even before?).

He's a founding member of T2M, and in 2008 he's the leader of T2M Central and Director of the whole teams.

He's a Q6 nova, with a major control over kinetic energy.

He's also apparently well aware of Proteus existence, and willing to help this organisation in achieving their goals.

He's also almost obsessed about reps and spin, always trying to appear as the biggest and meanest powerhouse in the neighborhood (wich he unquestionnably is in 2008).

He's apparently NOT gay (he didn't condone Ragnarockette's QNA sympathies and even spied her about it - too subversive). I guess he's even very conservative.

He was severely wounded by Pursuer during Equatorial Wars (he probably was less powerful at this time), and still looks for a way to even the score with the DV elite.

Many of his fellow T2Mers find his ego too overwhelming. Splash even attended T2M Asia/Pacific for this reason.

Of course he's a media lover, even if he's by no means the most popular nova (something he probably storms about).

Well... That's all folks, for cannon at least, and IMO that IS a pity.

But Chosen wrote something more about the guy, here is the link. It's not cannon but I use some of this indications in my own campaign.


I didn't describe Pax and Divis Mal battle in 2010 because I guess everyone know about it.

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Also that he's very probably Q7 by 2015.

And maybe it's just me, but I always assume that Pax was the dude who was mentioned in the Project Utopia book in that news clipping about the guy being saved from the train. For some reason I always had it in my head that Shelby was a pre-Galatea nova, albeit not by long.

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One of the developers said she'd been told that Pax had Node 5.

He was severely wounded by Pursuer during Equatorial Wars (he probably was less powerful at this time), and still looks for a way to even the score with the DV elite.
I've thought about this, and if his big protection at the time was a Forcefield, and we assume he didn't have mastery on it at the time, then there's a good chance he was out of juice at the time and thus didn't have it up. If all you have is stamina soak and eufiber it's not a good thing to run into a BFG. He could even have had INV:Physical and it wouldn't have made up the difference.
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As I recall one of the developers said the plan (or "a" plan) was for him to get really bitter about losing to Mal, and there were going to be several re-matches of that, ending pretty much the same way. Then right before the war Mal would finally kill him.

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What do we know about Pax? Well... I know THIS!

Birth Name: Shelby Eisenfaust

Alias: Caestus Pax

Nature: Prick

Eruption: Preferably Div Mal’s, all over his face.

Allegiance: Team Tomorrow

Physical: Strength (Powerful) ●●●●●, Dexterity (Steady) ●●●●●, Stamina (Determined) ●●●●●

Athletics ●●●, Brawl ●●●●●, Drive ●●●, Endurance ●●●●●, Firearms ●●●● (Multiple Targets), Martial Arts ●●●● (Fighting Dirty), Melee ●●●● (Improvised Weapons), Might ●●●●, Pilot ● (Utopian Aircraft), Resistance ●●●●●, Stealth ●●●●

Social: Charisma (Genial) ●●●●●, Manipulation (Authoritative) ●●●●, Appearance ●●●

Command ●●●●● (Tactics, Field Command, Political Leadership), Etiquette ●●●, Interrogation ●●●●, Intimidation ●●●●● (Implied Threats), Perform ●●●● (Oration), Streetwise ●●●, Style ●●●, Subterfuge ●●●●● (Deception)

Mental: Perception (Patient) ●●●●●, Intelligence (Pragmatic) ●●●●, Wits (Shrewd) ●●●●●

Academics ●●●, Arts ●●●● (Sculpture), Awareness ●●●●, Biz ●●●, Bureaucracy ●●●● (Rumors, Utopian), Computer ●● (Divis Mal Porn Sites), Engineering ●●● (Construction, Energy Sources), Intrusion ●●●, Investigation ●●●●, Linguistics ●●●●●, Medicine ●● (First Aid), Rapport ●●● (Intent), Science ●●●, Survival ●●●●●

Backgrounds: Allies ●●●●●, Attunement ●●●●, Backing ●●●●● ●, Cipher (Canon) ●●●●●, Contacts ●●●●●, Dormancy ●●, Eufiber ●●●●●, Followers ●●●, Influence ●●●●● ●, Mentor , Node ●●●●●, Resources ●●●●●

Mega-Attributes: Strength ●●●●● ●●, Dexterity ●●●●●, Stamina ●●●●●, Perception ●●●, Intelligence ●●, Wits ●●●●, Charisma ●●

Enhancements: Strength (Crush, Lifter, Shockwave, Thrower, Thunderclap), Dexterity (Accuracy, Catfooted, Enhanced Move, Fast Tasks), Stamina (Adaptability, Durability, Hardbody, Immovable Object, Regeneration, Resiliency x2), Perception (Blindfighting, High-End Electromagnetic Scan, Ultraperipheral Perception), Intelligence (Administrative Prodigy, Eidetic Memory, Speed Reading, Strategic Prodigy, Tactical Prodigy, Taint Resistance), Wits (Artistic Genius (sculpture only), Enhanced Initiative x 2, Multitasking, Quickness x 3, Synergy), Charisma (Commanding Presence, Inspiration)

Powers: Elemental Mastery (Kinetic Energy) ●●●●● ●●, Flight ●●●●● ●, Hypermovement (Flight) ●●●●● ●●, Invulnerability (Physical) ●●●●● ●●, Invulnerability (Energy) ●●●●● ●, Psychic Shield ●●●●, Quantum Bolt (Concussive Force) ●●●●● ●●, Telekinesis ●●●●● ●●

Extras: Elemental Mastery(Crush, Enhance/Diminish, Imprison, Shaping, Sphere, Storm, Wall, Shield, Reduced Quantum Cost, Mastery), Flight (Reduced Quantum Cost, Underwater, Mastery), Hypermovement (Reduced Quantum Cost, Mastery), Invulnerability (Broad Category, Impervious, Mastery), Invulnerability (Broad Category, Impervious, Mastery), Psychic Shield (Impervious), Quantum Bolt (Spray/Jet, Mastery), Telekinesis (Reduced Quantum Cost, Mastery)

Willpower: ●●●●● ●●●●●

Quantum: ●●●●● ●●

Quantum Pool: ●●●●● ●●●●● ●●●●● ●●●●● ●●●●● ●●●●● ●●●●● ●●●●● ●●●●● ●●●●● ●●●●● ●●●●● ●●●●● ●●●●● ●●●●● ●●●●● ●●●●● ●●●●● ●

Taint: ●●●●● ●

Aberrations: Bald, Blue Anima Banner, Vulnerability (Divis Mal’s Love)

Merits & Flaws: Eufiber Attunement ●●, Large Size ●, Iron Will ●●●●● ●, Natural Leader ●, True Love (Divis Mal) ●●, Enemy ●●● (Pursuer), Enemy (Divis Mal) ●●●●

Hope that helps improve a few gaming tables this weekend!

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In three words, "Mal shows off".

Mal stands there and lets Pax attack him, then hurts him bad enough so he feels it. Then we repeat that. At full power Pax can throw hills at people or throw them through moutains, pushing himself he's quite litterally a walking nuke. It doesn't help. At the end (after beating him up) Mal dorms down Pax (yes, really), showing that he could have killed him at any time. And all this is in front of cameras.

Given the rules that we have and the description that we have, even a low end Mal could effortlessly beat a dozen Paxes. I'm a lot more conservative for building these sorts of things and my rough calcs keep coming up with north of 300 soak for Mal. So he can Puny Human a nuke and fry anything without effort.

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No. He had an embelished story. Mal won simply because he was supposed to. Pax could have been Q10 with 1,000 years ahead of Mal but since Mal was suposed to win, he did, and they made sure it was as hammed up as possible.

The entire Aberrant sub-plot is absolute crap. Samuel Haight has more NPC credibility then Divis Mal and Pax combined.

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As has been discussed on other threads, Mal isn't really an NPC, he's a plot device, same as Sophia Rousseau, Antaeus, et al. He's there when you have a deus ex machina moment. Just the hints that Aberrant has about these people shows that no one is supposed to beat them. Mal can incinerate cities from orbit, Antaeus can alter entire species, etc. The writers had their view of how the plot was supposed to go, and had demigods to boot. Complaining that it's unrealistic is just silly. By Trinity canon, certain things had to happen. Mal did dominate the Aberrant period because Trinity canon said he did. Mal was the first and most powerful nova because Adventure canon stated he was. If you don't like any of that, then use ST power and change it for your game.

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About the battle:

In 2010 Corbin decided to surrender and expose the whole Proteus conspiracy.

He did it in Bahrain. Every faction heared about it and tried to protect/kill/dissuade Corbin.

Of course Pax as T2M leader showed up, and Mal decided to make a PR operation : he just smashed hte poor pax guy, and even dormed down him as Courier said.

About Pax between 2010 and 2061:

Nobody really knows, for all I know there is no real cannon about it, maybe authors notes at best.

Personally I think, due to his Bravo Nature and completely lack of empathy, he might end viewing humanity (and even lesser novas)as clearly inferior to him, and as taint's growing, embrace (at least) some aspects of Mal's philosophy. Moreover this would be a very dramatic twist IMO.

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... embrace (at least) some aspects of Mal's philosophy.
Not that he'd ever admit it. Mal treating Pax as a football in front of cameras was the best way to make sure he always would want to kill him and would *never* "get it". IMHO this is one of the better pieces of evidence that Mal just isn't dealing with a full deck of cards.

IMHO Pax is going to want a rematch. He'll push himself to Q8 and then try again. Of course, given their themes he'll lose again as well. Mal wants equals who choose to worship him of their own free will. He'll have to kill him when Pax gets strong enough to be something like a potential threat.
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Originally Posted By: Catalyst
Okay, what do know of his view point about Utopia? As what does see the role of Utopia is on the global scale?

He's with Proteus. He's one of the main Utopian novas that allows Proteus do what they pleae because he's covering for them.

What does he do in the war?


What does he do after the war?

Kinda just sit there... cuz he's dead.

What does he do to Thorn after the failed raid?

He gets incredibly pissed of at Leroy Jenkins, spends 4 hours on a school night recovering his corpse, spends waaaay to much paying for a Rez so he gets back the lost EXP, quits his guild and joins one that takes this whole Nova thing seriously!

But at least Leroy got his chicken.
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The basic options are:

1) Killed by Mal.

2) Killed by someone else.

3) Turned against humanity and/or melted via taint.

I view #3 as unlikely. I think it extremely unlikely that he would survive the war and then hide in orbit or flee the planet. Pax is all about adoration from the masses, and with that and being a Bravo he wouldn't hide or flee very well.

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